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US Terrorize The World – 16 Ramadhan 1427 H (9.10.06)

Posted by musliminsuffer on October 9, 2006


In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

White terrorists don’t make news in the UK

If this was a muslim man, half of Burnley would have been cordoned off, and it would have been all over our media for days. But in this case… silence.

This is like the cases here in the US of Irv Rubin (who was arrested for plotting to blow up a US Congressman) and Dr. Robert Goldstein (caught with maps to 30 Mosques and enough explosives to destroy most of them), neither of which were ever referred to as “terrorists” in those very few US media stories that even bothered to report the arrests.


Incitement to hatred

Politicians and the media are creating an ominous climate by exploiting fear and ignorance of Muslims,,1889674,00.html


TORTURE SCANDAL : Guards describe Guantanamo prisoner abuse

Guantanamo guards described physically and mentally abusing detainees, including slamming one’s head into a cell door and denying them privileges merely to anger them, a U.S. Marine said in a document made public on Friday.

“Examples of this abuse included hitting detainees, denying them water, and removal of privileges for no reason,” the Marine Corps sergeant stated in a sworn affidavit sent to the Pentagon’s inspector general’s office for investigation.

And hey, courtesy of Congress having passed the Military Commissions Act, this is all fine and dandy: these are simply “agressive measures” applied in the name of getting information.

Makes you really proud to be an American, doesn’t it?


9/11, Our Satyagraha (Message to the Anti-war Movement)

The whole ordeal in the first Gulf war made me realize that things are not always what they seem to be. Yet, a decade later, on the morning of September 11th immediately after the towers fell, even though I intuited that the Bush administration was behind the attacks, I chose to believe the official story, because I did not dare to believe otherwise.

It wasn’t until the Bush administration started incessantly insisting that Iraq had WMDs, that I realized that something was not right.


Our Journey to Fascism

By way of a ceaseless bombardment of advertising imagery, we exist in a nonstop, holographic, corporate Nuremberg rally of the collective mind. We need not participate in old school, torch-lit processions of Brown Shirts through the streets: This brand of all-media penetration proto-fascism has been internalized.


A special comment about lying : Keith Olbermann on the difference between terrorists and critics

“The president of the United States – unbowed, undeterred and unconnected to reality – has continued his extraordinary trek through our country rooting out the enemies of freedom: the Democrats.”


The Age of Terror – a landmark report

With chaos stretching from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean, we have never lived in a more dangerous time. Over the next 15 pages and 7,000 words, our man in the Middle East looks back over a lifetime of covering war and death, and lays out a bleak future for all of us – one that even those living in the comfort of the Home Counties cannot escape.


“Capitol Crimes”

Video – “The scale of corruption still coming to light dwarfs anything since Watergate. In one sense it’s the age-old tale of greed, but greed encouraged now by the way our system works. Deep in the plea agreements of Jack Abramoff and his cronies is the admission that they conspired to use campaign contributions to bribe politicians; campaign finance is at the core of the corruption.


Europe’s Roma Ask U.N. To Recognize Them As Holocaust Victims

Europe’s Roma, or gypises, asked the United Nations to include them in Holocaust commemorations and to be recognized as victims of the Nazis.

Watch how Israel reacts to this.


Bush’s America Had Been Telling the World to F#%K OFF. The American News Media “Forgot” to Mention This to You!


MAINSTREAM MEDIA LIE : How the NY Times Misreports

While arguing that paying attention to international law would contribute to a better editorial policy at the Times that in turn would produce better journalism, we present a number of case studies to argue the point, including to some degree Judith Miller’s reporting on Iraqi WMD. Though her reporting had little to do with international law per se, her news pieces on Iraq’s WMD helped to demonstrate that the Times’ journalistic standards as applied to Iraq from 2002-03 were very poor, and that such standards could be improved by invoking international law where appropriate. One effect in the case of Iraq would have been to show that, even if Iraq had WMD as the Bush administration asserted and had violated UN Security Council resolutions as a result, these would not have been grounds under international law to invade Iraq under the circumstances.


The Secret Letter From Iraq

an unidentified farmer in a fairly remote area who, after being asked by Reconnaissance Marines if he had seen any foreign fighters in the area replied “Yes, you.”,8599,1543658-1,00.html


Iraq: At least 56 killed in another bloody day of U.S. occupation

U.S. and Iraqi troops said they killed 30 “gunmen” on Sunday in the southern city of Diwaniya during an operation to detain a “high-value” suspect


Medic says marines murdered Iraqi

A Navy medic has told his court-martial in California how US marines seized an Iraqi civilian, threw him into a hole and shot him in the head 10 times


America ponders cutting Iraq in three

AN independent commission set up by Congress with the approval of President George W Bush may recommend carving up Iraq into three highly autonomous regions, according to well informed sources.,,2089-2393750,00.html


Britain tried to curb U.S. on Iraq war- ex-minister

Blunkett: Britain was incapable of stopping war plans by Cheney, Rumsfeld


Hidden victims of a brutal conflict: Iraq’s women

Abduction, rape and murder are the punishments for any woman who dares to hold a professional job. A month-long investigation by The Observer reveals the terrible reality of life after Saddam,,1890260,00.html


U.S. Casualties in Iraq Rise Sharply

Last month, 776 U.S. troops were wounded in action in Iraq, the highest number since the military assault to retake the insurgent-held city of Fallujah in November 2004, according to Defense Department data. It was the fourth-highest monthly total since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003.

How many more have to die and get wounded in this military misadventure?


Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Saturday, 7 October 2006.

  • Massive bomb east of Hit leaves six US troops reported dead.
  • US locks down ad-Dulu’iyah after high-explosive Resistance bomb reportedly kills two American troops.
  • Resistance sharpshooter’s bullet reportedly kills US soldier in Ba’qubah Saturday morning.
  • Resistance pounds US base in al-Hadithah with rockets and mortars Saturday night.
  • Resistance bomb blasts US patrol in ar-Ramadi.
  • Resistance fighters battle massive US force in al-Fallujah Saturday night.
  • Resistance blasts joint US-Iraqi puppet headquarters in al-Karmah Saturday.
  • Bodies of 53 more victims of pro-American security forces and Shi’i sectarian gangs found tortured and murdered in 24 hour period in Baghdad.
  • Resistance bomb targets US patrol in Baghdad’s al-A’zamiyah district.
  • Resistance fighters assault puppet army checkpoint in al-Ishaqi Friday evening.
  • Resistance bombards joint US-Iraqi puppet headquarters in Samarra’ Friday morning.
  • Resistance bomb blasts puppet “National Guard” patrol near al-Hillah Friday afternoon.
  • US launches campaign of mass raids, arrests near Kirkuk in northern Iraq.
  • Resistance car bomber blasts puppet army patrol in Tall ‘Afar.


COVER-UP/DECEPTIONS : Taliban official warns of Ramazan attack on US

The head of the Islamabad-based Al-Quds Media Centre has received an audio message from Karl Rove, er, ummm, I mean ‘a senior Taliban leader’, yeah, that’s it, ‘a senior Taliban leader’, in which he asked Muslims living in the US to leave the country as soon as possible “because God’s punishment would fall on America just before the elections. Yeah, that’s it. Sure, sure. Yeah. ”


Afghan violence worst in five years

Figures released by the Nato occupation force say the attacks are part of an intensified Taliban “insurgency” that has brought the worst violence since 2001.


Marine statement indicates Guantanamo guards bragged about beatings

A 19-year-old sailor referred to only as Bo “told the other guards and me about him beating different detainees being held in the prison,” the statement said.


Guantánamo defense lawyer forced out of Navy

The Navy lawyer who took the Guantánamo case of Osama bin Laden’s driver to the U.S. Supreme Court – and won – has been passed over for promotion by the Pentagon and must soon leave the military.


UK: Police and social services may be exempt from death-in-custody Bill

The police and other official bodies could escape prosecution for the death of people in police custody, army barracks or prison or local authority care, if exemptions to a new Bill are agreed this week.


Contractors in Afghanistan are making big money for bad work



Canada Need Not Follow The US

The lessons the US has failed to learn after 15 years of misadventure in Viet Nam, may be willing to learn after 5 year long misadventure in Afghanistan and 3 years of destruction and terror in Iraq. It appears that the US administration is now considering to negotiate with the Talibans, just what NDP leader Jack Layton and many other sensible people in Canada have been saying all along.


Haniyeh promises right of return

During Hamas support rally in Gaza, PA prime minister promises thousands of supporters: We won’t give up, you will yet return to Palestine, al-Aqsa. Haniyeh nearly collapses during speech due to Ramadan fast and heat, but quickly resumes speech,7340,L-3311891,00.html


A million killers in waiting

Hostilities may be over, but over one million unexploded cluster bombs continue to threaten Lebanese lives


The mystery of America

happens once every few months. Like a periodic visit by an especially annoying relative from overseas, Condoleezza Rice was here again. The same declarations, the same texts devoid of content, the same sycophancy, the same official aircraft heading back to where it came from.


The Struggle for Palestine’s soul

Israel has always found reasons for oppressing, destroying and killing in Gaza, whatever the circumstances. Let us not forget that Israel’s occupation began four decades ago, long before anyone had heard, or dreamt, of Hamas. Israel’s rampages through Gaza have continued unabated, even though Hamas’ military wing refrained from retaliating to Israeli provocations and maintained a ceasefire for more than a year and a half.


Just Another Mother Murdered

Neighbors report that Israeli soldiers had been beating her husband because he wasn’t answering their questions. Foolishly or valiantly, how is one to say, the 35-year-old woman had interfered. She tried to explain that her husband was deaf, screamed at the soldiers that her husband couldn’t hear them and attempted to stop them from hitting him. So they shot her. Several times.


Witnesses: IDF troops beat two handcuffed Palestinians at Nablus checkpoint

Israel Defense Forces soldiers brutally beat two Palestinian brothers at the Hawara checkpoint near the West Bank city of Nablus early Sunday morning.


Israel’s Lebanese Allies At Risk

Israeli troops have left southern Lebanon, but some of their former Lebanese allies are refusing to go back to their own villages. Hated by Hizbollah who regard them as traitors, they’re part of a rebel force which once fought alongside Israel.,,31200-lebanon_p21864,00.html


US terror agencies get easier access to airline data

Anti-terror agencies in the US will gain easier access to the personal data of European airline passengers under a streamlined information-sharing deal hammered out by Washington and the EU.,,3-2392074,00.html


Film on Pedophile Priest Revives Focus on Cardinal

A documentary film featuring an extraordinarily candid interview with a former priest convicted of molesting children has heightened interest among law enforcement officials here in considering a criminal case against Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, says a prosecutor who has been investigating sexual abuse cases involving priests.


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