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US Terrorize The World – 2 Dzulqaidah 1427 H (23.11.06)

Posted by musliminsuffer on November 23, 2006


In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

The Power of Israel in the United States

Petras explains the root of the Lobby’s power lies in the high proportion of Jewish families who are among the wealthiest and most influential ones in the country. He cites Forbes magazine that reported 25 – 30% of the wealthiest families here are Jewish despite the small percentage of Jews in the population overall. They include billionaires with enormous influence, and along with all others comprising the pro-Israeli Lobby, have created a “tyranny of Israel over the US” with consequences grave enough to threaten world peace and stability, the global economy, and the very future of democracy in this country.


Dictatorship : Bush’s Only Real Victory

George Orwell warned us, but what American would have expected that in the opening years of the 21st century the United States would become a country in which lies and deception by the president and vice president were the basis for a foreign policy of war and aggression, and in which indefinite detention without charges, torture, and spying on citizens without warrants have displaced the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution?

If anyone had predicted that the election of George W. Bush to the presidency would result in an American police state and illegal wars of aggression, he would have been dismissed as a lunatic.


The news not in the news: Baghdad is surrounded…

“Baghdad is under siege. Sunni insurgents have cut the roads linking the city to the rest of Iraq. The country is being partitioned as militiamen fight bloody battles for control of towns and villages north and south of the capital.”


3,709 Iraqi civilians were killed in October alone

GENEVA — The United Nations said Wednesday that 3,709 Iraqi civilians were killed in October, the highest monthly toll since the 2003 U.S. invasion.

The toll came in the latest UN report on human rights in Iraq, covering September and October, according to Said Arakat, spokesman for the U.N. Assistance Mission in Iraq. The new toll exceeds the previous monthly high, of 3,590 in July. That earlier figure, an average of more than 100 a day, was termed “unprecedented” by the UN.


Rumsfeld and a mountain of misery Wednesday

Torture is a noxious, heinous practice and should not be tolerated.

I would doubt that the legal cases by detainess will actually get traction, but people in the US, in the heartland of this country, really need to know what has been done – and continues to be done – in their name.

Previous to this administration, this country’s name had been to large part synonymous with human dignity and the rule of law, but not any more.


Going Long In Iraq

Last week, the situation in Iraq took another major turn for the worse. That might seem impossible, since the level of carnage and destruction is so immense already that it’s hard to imagine things getting worse. But get worse they did, when the ministry of the interior -the death squad-dominated, Shiite-run agency that has become a factory for torture and murder-announced that it was seeking the arrest of Iraq’s top Sunni cleric, Harith al-Dari, who heads the Muslim Scholars Association.


Iraq: BBC Reporters Bombed By F-16 On Accident

Reporters from the BBC are covering a story when an F-16 bombs the area they are in by mistake.


Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Tuesday, 21 November 2006.

  • Resistance bomb leaves US soldier reported dead in al-Qa’im.
  • US soldier reported killed by Iraqi Resistance sharpshooter in al-Hadithah on Monday.
  • Iraqi medical professor from Babil University murdered, Kirkuk University administrator gunned down on Monday. Mossad widely blamed for mysterious deaths of hundreds Iraqi intellectuals since US occupation.
  • US helicopter hit by ground fire over ar-Ramadi Tuesday afternoon.
  • Resistance mortars pound US troops in their base in Hit during the night; Tuesday morning Americans impose curfew begin mass raids and searches in city.
  • Resistance bomb destroys US Humvee in an-Nazal neighborhood of al-Fallujah Tuesday morning.
  • Resistance blasts joint US-Iraqi puppet army command post in al-Fallujah early Tuesday afternoon.
  • Monday night bomb destroys puppet “Iraqi National Guard” Humvee in al-Fallujah.
  • Mortar shells hit predominantly Sunni area in Baghdad.
  • Resistance mortar shells blast puppet “Health Ministry” building Tuesday morning.
  • Puppet police officials shot to death in al-Ishaqi area Monday evening.
  • Resistance missile blasts US base in al-Mahmudiyah.
  • Resistance bombards US base in al-Musayyib Monday evening.
  • Resistance fighters kill puppet policeman southwest of Kirkuk.
  • Puppet police lieutenant colonel killed in al-Mawsil Tuesday afternoon.
  • Resistance fighters ambush puppet police in al-Mawsil Tuesday morning.
  • Two barrages on Monday night and Tuesday morning targeted British occupation headquarters in the southern city of al-Basrah.


US proposes doubling Afghanistan troops US proposes doubling Afghanistan troops

But with US troops stretched to the breaking point, and other NATO countries highly reluctant to offer more troops, just where are these troops supposed to come from?


Globe and Mail editorial accuses Syria for Pierre Gemayel assassination without offering any proof

The assassination of Lebanese cabinet minister Pierre Gemayel smacks of involvement by Syria, which is determined to pull the pins out from under Lebanon’s fragile democratic government, broaden its influence and bolster the fortunes of its political allies, including the terrorist Hezbollah group. Moderate governments are the only hope of stability and eventual peace in the Middle East. If they are allowed to fall at the hands of Syria, Iran and their terrorist partners, the already volatile region will explode.


Israel issues last permits to foreigners, splitting families

All foreign passports of spouses and children of Palestinian ID-holders who had applied for visa extensions were marked recently as “last permit” by the Israeli authorities. 105 passport holders are required to exit from Israeli controlled entry/exit points before the end of the year. The Israeli Ministry of Interior (MoI) office at Beit El began returning the passports on November 19 after a six-week strike by Israeli MoI employees. Those who overstay their allotted time will be considered “illegal” and are subject to immediate deportation from the Israeli occupied Palestinian territory (oPt). In an effort to avoid being considered “illegal” and threatened with arrest by the Israelis, some families are opting to relocate abroad. The pattern of refusing visa renewals for family members is part of an overall Israeli effort that denies entry to foreign nationals seeking access to the oPt.


The Great Thanksgiving Hoax

The official story then has the Pilgrims living more or less happily ever after, each year repeating the first Thanksgiving. Other early colonies also have hard times at first, but they soon prosper and adopt the annual tradition of giving thanks for this prosperous new land called America.

The problem with this official story is that the harvest of 1621 was not bountiful, nor were the colonists hardworking or tenacious. 1621 was a famine year and many of the colonists were lazy thieves.

To rectify this situation, in 1623 Bradford abolished socialism. He gave each household a parcel of land and told them they could keep what they produced, or trade it away as they saw fit. In other words, he replaced socialism with a free market, and that was the end of famines.


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