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US Terrorize The World – 5 Dzulhijah 1427 H (26.12.06)

Posted by musliminsuffer on December 26, 2006


In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

9-11, Iraq, PNAC , All roads lead to Israel

Some of the “911 was an inside job” camps like to lay out 4 scenarios. Briefly they go as follows:

1. Is the official story.

We got caught with our pants down and terrorists did 911. And the wars in the Middle East are part of the greater war on terrorism.

2. The incompetence excuse

There was information available about the coming attacks but because of our incompetence we failed to see it. Terrorists attacked the US. And the wars in the Middle East were based on mistakes (more incompetence) but now we got to stay.

3. They let it happen

They knew full well about the coming 911 attacks but allowed it to happen in order to use it as a pretext to go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan as it was in military and corporate interests (particularly oil) to do so.

4. They made it happen. (They meaning just vaguely the Bush Admin)

The Bush government either helped protect the terrorists or simply used them as patsies, and assisted the plane crashes effects with bombs placed inside the towers prior to 911. The wars in the Middle East were about oil.


The Power of Nightmares, part 1


Number Of Iraqi Civilians Slaughtered In America’s War? More Than 655,000

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In Bush’s War 2950

The War in Iraq Costs $351,444,838,962 – See the cost in your community


Iraq : The Warmonger’s Brigade

It appears the Bush administration has a real problem on its hands – the war effort is not going well at all and the military is on the verge of “breaking.” I do believe I have a plan, which if implemented right away could provide the needed relief Bush is desperately searching for. Desperate times call for desperate measures. If this country is indeed in danger of having to fight the enemy on our soil, it is time to pull out all stops. If the Bush administration is serious about “protecting our freedom” and this is not a war started on lies to increase the bottom line of companies from the Military Industrial Complex, it is time to deploy the Warmonger’s Brigade.


‘Regional power’ behind Iraq kidnappings

IRAQ’S interior minister has accused an unnamed regional power of being behind a recent spate of mass kidnappings in Baghdad and has promised to reveal more details in the coming days.,21985,20972437-5005961,00.html


British troops attack Iraqi police station in Basra

Hundreds of British soldiers assaulted a police station in the southern city of Basra on Monday, killing seven gunmen, rescuing 127 prisoners and ultimately reducing the facility to rubble.

When British forces eventually gained control of the facility, they found the prisoners being held in conditions that a spokesman, Major Charlie Burbridge, described as “appalling.” He said that more than 100 men were crowded into a single 9-meter by 12-meter cell, or 30 feet by 40 feet, with two open toilets, two sinks and just a few blankets spread over the concrete floor.


British troops kill seven in Iraq police station raid

British forces demolish Basra police station to protect 127 prisoners feared would have been murdered.


UK troops storm Iraqi police HQ

Last time the Brits attacked a police station, it was because the police had arrested British undercover operatives caught planting bombs while dressed as Arabs.


Iraq massacre: US Marines ‘will point the finger of blame at senior officers’

Lawyers for eight Marines charged with involvement in the massacre of Iraqi civilians in Haditha 13 months ago have warned that they will point the finger much further up the chain of command if it means preventing their clients from being scapegoated.


Dec. is 2d-deadliest month for US forces in Iraq in ’06

BAGHDAD — Insurgent attacks have killed five more US servicemen, the military said yesterday — making December the second-deadliest month for American forces in 2006.


Suicide bomber kills seven Iraqi policemen

One soldier killed in Diyala, 16 others wounded when two roadside bombs exploded in Khanaqinid.


Iraqi police deaths ‘hit 12,000’

Some 12,000 police officers in Iraq have died in the line of duty since the US-led invasion in 2003, Interior Minister Jawad Bolani said.


6 U.S. troops die in bloody Iraq weekend

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Some 12,000 Iraqi policemen have been killed since the ouster of

Saddam Hussein, the country’s interior minister said Sunday, as clashes, a suicide bomber and weekend explosions killed more than a dozen Iraqi officers and six American soldiers.


Four U.S. military personnel killed in Iraq

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Four U.S. military personnel were killed and two were wounded in two separate incidents in Iraq on Saturday, the U.S. military said on Sunday.


Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 24 December 2006.

  • Five US troops reported killed in Resistance attacks in Baghdad Sunday.
  • US soldier reported killed in Sunday morning Resistance bombing in Baghdad al-Jadidah.
  • Resistance bomb in Baghdad’s ar-Ridwaniyah district leaves three US troops reported dead Saturday.
  • The Resistance also set off four more bombs in Baghdad Sunday, targeted on puppet security forces.
  • Resistance fighters assault puppet army checkpoint in northern Baghdad Sunday.
  • Resistance sharpshooter kills Iraqi puppet army soldier in Baghdad Sunday morning.
  • US troops arrest more than 20 men in Baghdad’s al-Yarmuk section Sunday morning.
  • Resistance fighters kill Jaysh al-Mahdi commander in Baghdad’s al-Bayya’ district Sunday morning.
  • Resistance bomb targets puppet “National Guards” in Baghdad Saturday afternoon.
  • Three women students of al-Mustansiriyah University, abducted by the Jaysh al-Mahdi, found raped, murdered in Baghdad Saturday.
  • Resistance fighters ambush US column near market in al-Ghazaliyah.
  • US troops arrest woman to try to force husband to surrender.
  • US F-16 warplanes kill 11 Iraqi villagers in al-Latifiyah area Sunday morning.
  • Separate US air strike kills three villagers in al-Latifiyah.
  • US troops open fire on civilian car killing driver in al-Khalidiyah, Sunday morning.
  • Resistance blasts US camp in al-Karmah with heavy mortars Sunday.
  • Resistance bomb rips through Iraqi puppet “National Guard” patrol in al-Hadithah.
  • Resistance ambushes US patrol in ‘Anah Saturday afternoon.
  • Resistance bombards joint US-Iraqi puppet army base near Hit Saturday afternoon.
  • Resistance fighters attack Iraqi puppet army patrol near Iranian border.
  • Resistance bomber kills six puppet policemen in al-Miqdadiyah Sunday morning.
  • Resistance attack kills pro-American Badr Brigade activist in al-Basrah.


Lights of Hope Shine Out in Bethlehem, Thanks to Hamas

While our President lights menorahs in the White House of a predominantly Christian country, Muslims in Bethlehem donate money to honor a Christian holiday in a predominantly Muslim town. But for the brain-dead Christian Zionists, all Muslims are “terrorists” and the Jews are our friends. Yet our Jewish “friends” fight tooth and nail to abolish Christmas here in the U.S. Will they ever figure this out?


Why Condemning Israel and the Zionist Lobby is so Important

The question of the power of the Lobby over US policies of war or peace, authoritarianism or democracy and over who defines the interests served by US foreign policy obviously go far beyond the politics of the Middle East, the Israeli-colonial land grabs in Palestine and even the savage occupation of Iraq. The playing out of Zionist influence over the greatest military power in the world, with the most far-reaching set of client states, military bases, deadly weapons and decisive voice in international bodies (IMF/World Bank/United Nations Security Council) means that the Lobby has a means to leverage its reach in most regions of the world. This leverage power extends over a range of issues, from defending the fortunes of murderous Russian-Jewish gangster oligarchs, to bludgeoning European allies of the US to complicity with Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine.


Crime of the Century: Are Bush & Cheney Planning Early Attack on Iran?

The idea of hitting Iran may make sense from the Bush-Cheney bunker, where the only consideration is not what’s good for the country, but what’s good for Bush and Cheney. After all, if you’re losing your war in Iraq, and if you have hit bottom politically at home (Bush’s ppublic support ratings are now down in the 20s, where Nixon’s were just before his resignation, and Cheney’s numbers have been in the teens for months), and if the public is clamoring for an end to it all–and maybe for your heads, too–expanding the conflict and putting the nation on a full war footing can look like an attractive even if desperate gambit.


Iran criticizes hypocrisy of Security Council over Israeli WMDs

Iran denounced UN sanctions imposed on its nuclear program, accusing the Security Council of double standards for ignoring Israel’s recent admission of its nuclear capabilities.


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