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US Terrorize The World – 24 Dhul-Hijjah 1427 H (14.1.07)

Posted by musliminsuffer on January 14, 2007


In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Hate Crime : Rage over anti-Islam rally

Controversy filled a west Windsor church where the lecture of a purported former Muslim terrorist warned that Islam is a religion of war being brought to Canadian soil. In a speech at Campbell Baptist Church on Thursday night, 49-year-old Zachariah Anani said that Islamic doctrine teaches nothing less than the “ambushing, seizing and slaying” of non-believers — especially Jews and Christians.

“Violence keeps going on,” said Anani, a Lebanese-born convert to Christianity who came to Windsor in 1997.

‘No Prisoners’

The hour-long talk, entitled The Deadly Threat of Islam, described the religion as worshipping a god who “fights and kills” and “strikes with terror,” and allows no prisoners in battles against non-believers.

“That’s how Islamic doctrine obliges its followers to conduct in war time,” Anani said.


CAIR-CAN and Windsor Muslims Ask Police to Investigate Possible Hate Speech


(Ottawa, Canada – Jan 13, 2007) The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN), Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), Windsor Islamic Association, Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), and Al Hijra Mosque and School, are asking the Windsor Police in Ontario to investigate the lecture series, “The Deadly Threat of Islam,” as a possible forum for hate speech. The talks, sponsored by Windsor’s Theological Institute in association with the Campbell Baptist Church, are taking place each Thursday until February 1.



Israel constantly denies that its Arab citizens are treated any differently than its Jewish ones. In plain, simple English… that is nothing but a lie.

The following report that I have linked HERE is from the Electronic Intifada, it is true… I have seen it happen at the airport, I travelled with Palestinians and witnessed their harassment while I was allowed through security without a problem… simply because I am a Jew. The Palestinians I speak of are Israeli citizens, carrying Israeli passports.

Yet, the State of Israel denies these antics…. makes one wonder what else they might be lying about.

Read the report by clicking the following headline… :
Suspected Citizens: Racial Profiling against Arab Passengers by Israeli Airports and Airlines
Report, Arab Association for Human Rights and Center Against Racism, 12 January 2007


Culture of War: Source of Human Suffering and Death

If the US President was not born and raised in a culture of war, he would have never dreamt in a million years to invade a nation that posed no threat whatsoever to the United States.


Reading Bush : “If you are afraid to speak out, you are not in America any more” – ‘unknown’

The United States, once known as the beacon of democracy, finds itself in a dilemma. It is faced with a President that is deaf to the people. In his address to the nation on January 10, 2007 he left little doubt that he means to rule over the people he was ‘elected’ to serve.


How many lies can one presidential speech hold?

A critique of Bush’s address to the nation


Cry Iraq

the voice-with-a-smile of democracy announces night and day “all poor little peoples that want to be free just trust in the u.s.a.” e. e. cummings, “thanksgiving,” 12

The upshot is that the US program for the Arab world has become the same as Israel’s for Palestine. If the Iraq of yesteryear stood for an Arab identity par excellence, today, it represents the loss of that very identity. The aim of the invasion was to reshape the Middle East so that Palestine will become Israel, Jordan Palestine, and Iraq the Hashemite Kingdom.


America Cannot Win the War in Iraq

The situation in Iraq is deteriorating, maybe even spiraling out of control towards all out civil war. The insurgency movement in Iraq is growing, making nation building on the part of America and its allies ineffective. The U.S. military finds itself stretched excessively thin, with many members serving unprecedented two and three tours of duty in Iraq. Casualty counts, both civilian and military, are on the rise and expensive, but delicate, military hardware is grinding to a halt under the stress of combat in such a rugged environment. America has poured vast sums of its fortune into Iraq, hoping to kick-start a new nation. On the home front and throughout the world, support for the war is waning. Moreover, in Iraq itself, the very people America purports to have liberated from Saddam Hussein now clamor for liberation from what they believe is an occupation by meddling Westerners.


An urgent plea from the people of Haditha.

Peace be upon you, I am one of the residents of Haditha, a city under siege for two months now, by the American and Iraqi forces. We have serious shortages of food stuffs and medical supplies. Movements within the city itself is restricted and there are many isolated communities running out of food and fuel.

The situation is dire, I beg you, help us make our voice heard by the good people of the world, Alert your representatives and government officials. Help us avert a humanitarian disaster and put an end to the harassment and humiliation we are currently suffering.


NGOs to sue US over WMD claims

30 non-governmental organisations in Niger said overnight they are going to sue the United States for nearly two billion dollars for “unfairly accusing” Niger of selling uranium to the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.,20867,21057247-1702,00.html


Why Do War Attacks Suddenly Stop for Three Days Following Announcement of Every New Bush Policy on Iraq?

For the third consecutive day, the main corporate media units in the US-EU have not published news about the US war in Iraq, no attacks on US forces, no so-called Shi’i-Sunni sectarian violence or civil war.

Readers can check the main media units of the Zionist Empire (AP, Reuters, CNN, Fox, BBC, etc.) to see that they are abiding by this total absence of war coverage.

What’s going on?

In fact, it has become a pattern for observers to record and analyze. Everytime President Bush announces a new policy or plan in Iraq, news coverage of the war would not include any attacks for two or three days following the announcement. Al-Jazeerah has documented that before in red headlines, attracting readers’ attention to this fact.


U.S. warplanes bomb Baghdad as street battles rage

U.S. troops are deploying massive air and ground fire power against heavily populated residential areas in Baghdad as a prelude to the start of the campaign to retake the city they invaded nearly four years ago.

“The sky is burning,” one witness refusing to be named said of the aerial bombing of mainly Sunni-dominated districts of Haifa, Sheikh Omar and Alawi.


Why the US Is Not Leaving Iraq: The Booming Business of War Profiteers

The military-industrial-complex [would] cause military spending to be driven not by national security needs but by a network of weapons makers, lobbyists and elected officials. – Dwight D. Eisenhower

There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket. – General Smedley D. Butler


Puppet Govt Parrot : Al-Maliki reacts to new Bush plan

Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi prime minister, issued his first comment on the new US plan outlined on Wednesday, calling it “identical to our strategy and intentions”.


Iraq oil city rocked by attacks

KIRKUK, Iraq (AFP) – Iraq’s northern oil hub of Kirkuk has been rocked by attacks as insurgents shot dead two contractors and blew up a Shiite mosque under construction.

Gunmen planted explosives in the mosque in the Nida neighbourhood of eastern Kirkuk and flattened the building site, Captain Imad Jassim said Saturday.


Pictures of Iraqi Militants beating a civilian


Two killings hit British occupation forces

One British soldier has been killed in occupied Iraq and a British marine has been killed in occupied Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence has said.


Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Friday, 12 January 2007.

  • Twelve-year-old boy blows up self, US Marine in al-Khalidiyah.
  • Three US troops reported killed in Grad rocket attack on American patrol in ar-Ramadi Friday afternoon.
  • US troops storm houses, arrest 50 students in al-Fallujah Thursday night.
  • Resistance fighters blast US sniper post in al-Fallujah with Grad rockets Thursday afternoon, reportedly killing three US Marines.
  • Resistance bomb leaves US Marine reported dead in Samarra’ Friday morning.
  • Resistance bomb reportedly kills US soldier in al-Mawsil Friday morning.
  • Increased US forces deploy in Sunni areas on streets of Baghdad Friday.
  • US troops arrest 32 in extensive raids in western Baghdad Friday morning.
  • Puppet “National Guards” make mass arrests near Ba’qubah Friday morning.


Occupied Somalia declares state of emergency

Somalia’s parliament has declared a three-month state of emergency amid fears of a return to clan violence after weeks of war ousted Islamists


Somalia and Ethiopia to be Unified?

What the mainstream media fails to report about is the U.S.-backed Somali government’s attempts at merging Somalia and Ethiopia with unified borders, a single currency, joint management, a single passport, and a joint military force.


Instead of “al-Qaeda,” U.S. Kills Nomads in Somalia

As usual, it takes a few days for the truth to emerge, not that the corporate media here in America notices.


Clinton vs. McCain: Who’s really better for Israel?

For the first time since we started this project, we learn that most of the panel, in a two way race between the two leading candidates, prefers Hillary Clinton the Democrat over John McCain the Republican. This conclusion, though, doesn’t change the fact that on average McCain keeps getting higher marks from the panel.


Nicaragua – A Nations Right To Survive

In 1979, the Sandinistas won a popular revolution in Nicaragua, putting an end to decades of the corrupt US-backed Somoza dictatorship. They based their reformist ideology on that of the English Co-operative Movement, but was to prove too ‘radical’ for the Reagan administration.


9/11 : Computer disk drives from WTC could yield clues

An unexplained surge in transactions was recorded prior to the attacks, leading to speculation that someone might have profited from previous knowledge of the terrorist plot by moving sums of money. But because the facilities of many financial companies processing the transactions were housed in New York’s World Trade Center, destroyed in the blasts, it has until now been impossible to verify that suspicion.

Shortly after this article came out, Convar Systeme Deutschland GmbH was sold, and the WTC disk recovery project “went away”.


9/11 : Trapped at Guantanamo

Mustafa, a former karate champion who suffered months of facial paralysis from a brutal beating inflicted by Guantanamo camp soldiers, worries about his ailing mother in Algeria. With each passing day, it becomes more likely that he will never see her again.


Dictatorship : Official Attacks Law Firms on Detainees

The senior Pentagon official in charge of military detainees suspected of terrorism said in an interview this week that he was dismayed that lawyers at many of the nation’s top firms were representing prisoners at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and that the firms’ corporate clients should consider ending their business ties.


Dictatorship : Britons to be scanned for FBI database

Millions of Britons who visit the United States are to have their fingerprints stored on the FBI database alongside those of criminals, in a move that has outraged civil rights groups.,,1984496,00.html


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