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US Terrorize The World – 1 Muharam 1428 H (20.1.07)

Posted by musliminsuffer on January 20, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful






=== News Update ===

Rogue State America

What exactly are we doing in the horn of Africa, where we have encouraged the Christian government of Ethiopia to invade Somalia and replace its Islamic government? As far as I can tell, we have violated international law, committed war crimes, helped Al Qaeda recruit new members, and involved ourselves in a guerrilla war that could last decades.


Where Is the Consistency in the War on Terrorism?

WASHINGTON — It would seem safe to assume that individuals who have fired a bazooka at the United Nations headquarters in New York, served time in connection with the first state-sponsored act of terrorism in the United States, or actively participated in secret groups that claimed responsibility for dozens of bombings in New York, New Jersey and Florida, would raise many red flags when coming into this country.


War Criminal : Truth is Speaking….Is Power Listening?

Deep crimson stains mottle the pages of humanity’s history. Untold numbers of souls who were skewered, decapitated, eviscerated, or obliterated in anonymity scream out for recognition as one peruses humankind’s memoirs. While our historical manuscript is also generously dappled by the milk of human kindness, much of our narrative is dominated by tales of man’s savage cruelty to man.


“The Fastest-Growing Humanitarian Crisis in the World”: Iraq’s Refugee Nightmare

The US occupation of Iraq is generating one of the largest refugees crises in decades.

Reports from Refugees International, Human Rights Watch and the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) document in terrifying detail the desperate plight of Iraqis forced to flee their homes. Close to two million Iraqis have already fled the country, and the rate of the exodus — currently at as many as 100,000 a month — shows every sign of increasing.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Another 1.7 million Iraqis have been driven by sectarian violence to leave their homes in integrated areas to live in an ethnic community inside Iraq. This internally displaced population is expanding by 50,000 each month, and the UNHCR predicts it could reach 2.7 million people by the end of 2007.


Washing War Crimes at the Washington Post

You can read all about the nasty business of washing war crimes at the Washington Post. They start with fixing the headline “Death in Haditha” — not “Mass Murder in Haditha” or “Another American Atrocity in Iraq.” Next, forget the damning details, screw the truth and give the perpetrators all the room in the world to blame their conduct on “mistakes” made in the heat of battle amidst the fog of war.


Cruelty and xenophobia shame and stir the lucky country

John Pilger returns to his homeland, Australia, and described the social regression of a once proud liberal democracy and says that the flag-waving “values” of the neo-con prime minister may be coming unstuck in Guantanamo Bay.


You ain’t nothin’ but a dog

Where is that fascist french bitch brigitte bardot ? I need her in Baghdad now! Someone find her for me. Otherwise contact the animals lovers in england or america. Call the society for the protection of animals, greenpeace, the ecological movement, or any “liberal” “progressive” whose heart melts at the sight of endangered species.

Since they are not moved by the death or the maiming of humans maybe this will move them. I would not bet on it though. It’s an Iraqi dog. Another Arab dog. A limping, injured, dog being “taunted” by american tiny pricks called soldiers. Threatening to kill the poor thing for “fun”.

Killing as a sport, killing for rest and relaxation-your famous R&R, killing for pleasure, killing for leisure….killing coz you are so afraid of both, life and death. Cowardly bastards.


The battle to save Iraq’s children

“Sick or injured children who could otherwise be treated by simple means are left to die in hundreds because they do not have access to basic medicines or other resources,” the doctors say. “Children who have lost hands, feet and limbs are left without prostheses. Children with grave psychological distress are left untreated,” they add.


The Letter: ‘Sick or injured children, are left to die in hundreds’

We ask that all the revenues from Iraq’s oil now pass directly to the Iraqi people, and that illegal contracts entered into by the Coalition Provisional Authority are revoked.


U.S. Marine admits to shooting defenseless Iraqi

A U.S. Marine pleaded guilty on Thursday to shooting a defenseless Iraqi grandfather dragged from his house in the middle of the night in what his squad informally called “Operation Vigilante.”


War Crime : Solider to Plead Guilty in Iraq Rape

EVANSVILLE, Ind. – The second of five 101st Airborne Division soldiers accused of raping and killing a 14-year-old Iraqi girl along with executing three of her family members last year in Iraq has reached a plea agreement with prosecutors, his attorney said Thursday.

Sgt. Paul E. Cortez, 24, of Barstow, Calif., is expected to plead guilty to rape and premeditated murder during a hearing next month at Fort Campbell, attorney William Cassara said.,13319,122385,00.html


War Crime : 2nd soldier to plead guilty in Iraq rape

EVANSVILLE, Ind. – The second of five 101st Airborne Division soldiers accused of raping and killing a 14-year-old Iraqi girl along with executing three of her family members last year in Iraq has reached a plea agreement with prosecutors, his attorney said Thursday.


This video is a statement for history showing clearly that Khomeni and the fanatic aytollahs are the ones who started the Iraq-Iran war not the late Saddam


Video: Alshaikh Al-qardhawy about the hero Saddam Hussain


Video: Three generals speak against Iraq surge


Iraq War Costs Going Through Stratosphere

The cost of the Iraq War in addition to costing thousands of American and Iraqi lives is bleeding the American treasury at dangerous levels.


Auditors Report Billions in Reconstruction Waste and Fraud in Iraq

President Bush is asking for another $1.2 billion for rebuilding and jobs in Iraq. But with so much uncertainty, the committee chairman wants the government auditors to return in two months with estimates on how much money has been wasted in Iraqi reconstruction.


Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 18 January 2007.

  • Iraqi Resistance sharpshooter reportedly kills US Marine in ‘Anah Thursday morning.
  • Three US troops believed killed in Resistance attack on US vehicle in ar-Ramadi Thursday morning.
  • US Marine reported killed in Resistance sharpshooter attack in ar-Ramadi Thursday morning.
  • Resistance rocket strikes US base in al-Karmah Thursday morning.
  • Resistance bombards US base in as-Saqlawiyah Thursday morning.
  • Resistance bomb destroys US Humvee on patrol in al-Fallujah.
  • Resistance ambushes US patrol, sparking nighttime gun battle in al-Fallujah.
  • Iraqi Resistance men kill high-ranking puppet Intelligence officer, Badr Brigade official in Thursday evening attacks in Baghdad.
  • Resistance fighters kill colonel in puppet “Iraqi Intelligence Service” in Baghdad’s as-Sayyidiyah Thursday evening.
  • Iraqi Resistance sharpshooter kills official in Badr Brigade organization in Baghdad.
  • Resistance bomb kills two puppet “National Guards” in southern Baghdad.
  • University professor reported murdered by pro-Iranian Shi’i sectarian militias Wednesday.
  • Resistance blasts puppet “National Guard” checkpoint with mortars Wednesday night.
  • Resistance bomb explodes by puppet police patrol in southwest Baghdad Thursday.
  • Fate of puppet Municipal Administrator of al-Mansur in Baghdad still a mystery.
  • Resistance sharpshooter kills truck driver hauling supplies to US forces in ad-Durah.
  • Eight acknowledged killed in Resistance attack on US National Democratic Institute representative’s convoy in Baghdad’s al-Yarmuk district on Wednesday.
  • Resistance sharpshooter kills Jaysh al-Mahdi commander in Zuyunah on Wednesday.
  • Resistance bombards US base in Tikrit at dawn Thursday.
  • US troops, Iraqi puppet police carry out raids, searches, arrests in ad-Dawr at dawn Thursday.
  • Resistance Grad rocket blasts puppet “Shock Troops” headquarters in Samarra’ neighborhood.
  • Resistance demolishes puppet “Iraqi National Guard” headquarters in al-Latifiyah midday Thursday.
  • Resistance bomb kills four puppet “Iraqi National Guards” in al-Yusufiyah.
  • Resistance group takes responsibility for attack on British supply convoy near al-Basrah on Wednesday.


Swedish human rights worker viciously attacked by Jewish extremists in Hebron

November 18th, 2006 | Posted in Reports, Hebron Region, Photos


Report can also be read at:

see also: Apartheid Road grows and farmers lose more land


Israel’s ethnic cleansing policies in Palestine

Audio: Nora Barrows-Friedman reports from inside Israel and documents the ethnic cleansing that is going on in Palestinian areas.


How Israel Enforces “Demographic Separation”

One of the main forecasts of the book was that Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line — those who currently enjoy Israeli citizenship and those who live as oppressed subjects of Israel’s occupation — would soon find common cause as Israel tries to seal itself off from what it calls the Palestinian “demographic threat”: that is, the moment when Palestinians outnumber Jews in the land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.


Palestinian girl dies of wounds from Israeli fire

A 10-year-old Palestinian girl has died of wounds suffered after Israeli border police fired on demonstrators in a village outside Jerusalem this week.

Her death brings to 5,627 the number of people killed since the outbreak of the Palestinian uprising in September 2000, the vast majority of them Palestinians, according to an AFP count.

Ethnic cleansing, one Palestinian kid at a time. That IDF soldier who killed her must be damned proud.



The Israeli invasion of Lebanon was justified on the capture of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah. The little detail never mentioned is that the Israelis were inside Lebanon at the time.


Jordan will develop nuclear power

Jordan aspires to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes and believes that unless all sides move quickly toward a peace settlement in the region, the recent confrontation in Lebanon is only a hint of disasters to come.


Medical Apartheid

The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present


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