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US Terrorize The World – 11 Safar 1428 H (1.3.07)

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 1, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

How The War on Terror Made the World a More Terrifying Place

New figures show dramatic rise in terror attacks worldwide since the invasion of Iraq. Innocent people across the world are now paying the price of the “Iraq effect”, with the loss of hundreds of lives directly linked to the invasion and occupation by American and British forces.


US Turnabout? Engagement and Confrontation in the Middle East

Gradually but emphatically the facts of the U.S. policy of first igniting the sectarian divide in Iraq then playing the emerging sectarian protagonists against each other are unfolding by the day to reveal the context as well as the real goals of the American strategy in the occupied country.


U.S. Hypocrisy in the Middle East

Hundreds of thousands of American troops already occupy Afghanistan and Iraq, a number that is rising as the military surge moves forward. The justification, given endlessly since September 11th, is that both support terrorism and thus pose a risk to the United States. Yet when we step back and examine the region as a whole, it’s obvious that these two impoverished countries, neither of which has any real military, pose very little threat to American national security when compared to other Middle Eastern nations. The decision to attack them, while treating some of region’s worst regimes as allies, shows the deadly hypocrisy of our foreign policy in the Middle East.


“Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic”

In his new book, CIA analyst, distinguished scholar, and best-selling author Chalmers Johnson argues that US military and economic overreach may actually lead to the nation’s collapse as a constitutional republic. It’s the last volume in his Blowback trilogy, following the best-selling “Blowback” and “The Sorrows of Empire.” In those two, Johnson argued American clandestine and military activity has led to un-intended, but direct disaster here in the United States..


9/11 ONCOVER :

Another Smoking Gun? Now CNN Jumps the Gun: On 911 CNN Announced WTC 7 “Has Either Collapsed or is Collapsing” Over an Hour Before it Fell

Both before and after 9-11, no steel-framed building had ever collapsed from a fire. The First Interstate Bank building in Los Angeles had, as one example, burned right down to the frame without collapsing.

So who was telling BBC and CNN that the building was going to collapse, and how could they possibly know that, absent a deliberate demolition? ( )


9/11 Uncover : Time Stamp Confirms BBC Reported WTC 7 Collapse 26 Minutes In Advance

Both the announcer in the clip and the lower third banner report the collapse of WTC-7. The time stamp shows 21:54, or 9:54 PM British Time. (During the summer, British “summer” time is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean or “Universal Time”.)

Since the US is also on “Daylight Savings Time” in September, 9:54 PM British Time is 4:54 PM East Coast Time. That is roughly 20 minutes before WTC-7 actually came down.

What seems to be emerging here is that Flight 93 was planned to crash into WTC-7. When Flight 93 had to be shot down instead because the crew regained control, WTC-7 still had to come down or the pre-placed explosives inside would have given the whole game away. What seems likely is that a time was set for the demolition and sent out to agents in the media, but there was an unexpected delay to clear responders from the building, which is why WTC-7 is seen still standing behind the female announcer even as she reports the building as destroyed.


9/11 Uncover : BBC reports on WTC7 collapse 20 minutes before it collapsed!

So far the BBC’s response has been :

a) the BBC couldn’t have known and therefore they couldn’t have reported it. This is a patent falsehood, as the BBC very clearly DID report on it before it happened, as shown by the video,


b) that the BBC has lost it’s archive footage from that day and so of course they can make no comment.


BBC Responds to Building 7 Controversy; Claim 9/11 Tapes Lost

Pathetic five paragraph blog rebuttal does not answer questions as to source of report that Salomon Building was coming down, BBC claims tapes lost due to “cock-up” not conspiracy.

The BBC has been forced to respond to footage showing their correspondent reporting the collapse of WTC 7 before it fell on 9/11, claiming tapes from the day are somehow missing, and refusing to identify the source for their bizarre act of “clairvoyance” in accurately pre-empting the fall of Building 7.



Two broadcast standard copies of all transmitted/published TV, Radio and BBCi output – one to be stored on a separate site as a master. One browse-quality version for research purposes, to protect the broadcast material

So, BBC’s claim that they lost the 9-11 tapes and are unable to confirm the exact time they reported the collapse of WTC-7 is (drum roll, please) another lie.


BBC’s 9/11 Conspiracy Files: Points Which Were Ignored

On February 18, 2007 the BBC aired the documentary 9/11: The Conspiracy Files. A brief summary of the programme:

The USAF could not prevent the attacks because transponders in the hijacked jets were turned off. Explosives in the twin towers were “debunked” by Popular Mechanics (now there’s a joke). The demolition of WTC 7 was also “debunked” by the ever reliable Popular Mechanics. The rest of the programme was dedicated to straw men. Was the Pentagon was hit by a plane? Did Flight 93 crash in Pennysylvania or did it land elsewhere? Did 4000 Jews skip work in the WTC on 9/11? Were the attacks predicted in the pilot of the “Lone Gunmen” TV show? Finally, the programme finished with an irrelevant piece on pre-9/11 warnings which were missed.

The conclusion of the BBC: the evidence doesn’t support conspiracy theories.

Okay, let’s take a look at a some facts which were “overlooked” by the BBC.


ESTIMATES BASED ON ESTIMATES : Tony Blair told the truth on July 18, 2004. Not one word in U.S. press.

The number of deaths attributed to Saddam Hussein by the West is incomprehensible. If you add them all up, it seems he killed more people than the number who inhabit Iraq. He had to work overtime and must have had advanced weaponry of which no one is aware.

Numbers and techniques abound: 182,000 during the Anfal campaign (Despite the numbers, not one body has been found. Maybe Saddam had a secret vaporizing ray); 5,000 in Halabja (About 300 bodies were found and there is much doubt as to the origin of the gas used against the Kurds); and hundreds of thousands in the south of Iraq.

In November 2003, word came out that more than 400,000 bodies had been discovered in mass graves in Iraq. “The whole country is a mass graveyard” was the slogan of the day. Finally, proof of Saddam being the Butcher of Baghdad was there for the whole world to see. Case closed.

Let’s go forward a few months from the discovery of the almost half million bodies. On July 18, 2004, the headline of the day for the British paper The Independent read, “British Prime Minister Admits Graves Claim Untrue.” How could that be? George Bush and Tony Blair don’t lie. If we can’t trust them, who can we trust? Certainly not Saddam, even though he told the truth about WMD. That must have been a fluke.


The language of Parrots.

Some years ago, I read a beautiful Sufi treatise by Farradin’Attar entitled “Conference of the Birds”. Like all powerful Sufi stories, this one stayed with me. The story, an allegory, is basically about a flock of different kinds of birds wanting to meet the Simorgh. The Simorgh being none other than the “highest” Bird. After a lengthy and torturous travel route, only a few made it to the Simorgh. Many gave up half way. Some got stuck in their own stories, others just dropped out from sheer exhaustion and others were afraid to venture beyond…

But only those that were earnestly seeking to meet Him, managed to make it and reached their final destination.
Of course, Farradin’Attar in his brilliant way, meant the Simorgh as a metaphor for Truth. Now, I have been receiving tons of mail, from all kinds of people…

Some write to me with the same old verbiage, regurgitated about a thousand times…

And it goes like this:” I am anti-occupation, but…Saddam was an Imperialist thug”…”I am against what is happening but you see, you have to understand, that Saddam was a tyrant”…”I really don’t like this, but frankly you guys brought it onto yourselves…after all he was a dictator”…” It is all because of him…he was nothing but a traitor”…” He was a CIA/Zionist…yeah that’s him”…


Iraq’s Superbombs: Home Made?

Where are Iraq’s superbombs coming from, really? The Pentagon is claiming — again — the the Iranian government supplied the deadly “explosively formed penetrators” (EFPs). But the more you study these devices — which use an explosive charge to a convert disc-shaped metal ‘lens’ into a high-velocity slug capable of smashing through thick armor at an extended range –- the more likely they seem to be home-made in Iraq.


U.S. Officer: Reports 18 Killed ‘False’ – Iraq

A report that 18 boys were killed this week in a car bombing in Ramadi is “false,” a senior U.S. military official said Wednesday.


At 180 a day, January attacks on occupation forces hit highest level

Attacks against occupation forces in Iraq averaged nearly 180 a day in January, the highest level since major combat operations ended and more than double the rate one year ago, according to intelligence officials.


Claim: Iraqi Terrorists Shoot Down Black Hawk Helicopter : Video

A Salafi jihad group in Iraq known as the Jaish al Mujahideen (Army of the Mujahideen) has released an 11 minute video in which they claim to show the downing of a U.S. Black Hawk helicopter. The video is posted below.


British Are Coming, British Are Fleeing

As usual media created big fuss about Britain’s decision to withdraw 1500 soldier from Iraq or you can say the same fuss created with the British decision to put their hand in the US hand and go together to the hell of the land of Two Rivers.


Cowards: Democrats Back Away From War Fund Plan

House Democratic leaders are backing away from a plan to scale back U.S. involvement in the Iraq war by using Congress’ most powerful tool – withholding money in the budget.,,-6445245,00.html


Democratic Leaders Revamp Anti-War Plan

House Democratic leaders are developing an anti-war proposal that wouldn’t cut off money for U.S. troops in Iraq but would require President Bush to acknowledge problems with an overburdened military.


Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Tuesday, 27 February 2007

  • Three US troops reported killed when Resistance sinks their gunboat on Euphrates River near al-Hadithah.
  • US bans use of hospital ambulances in ar-Ramadi.
  • US forces arrest about 15 in sweep through ar-Ramadi district following fierce battle Monday.
  • Resistance bomb in Baghdad’s al-Karradah kills US troops Tuesday afternoon.
  • Mysterious car bomb explodes in Baghdad’s al-Karradah district Tuesday.
  • Resistance fighters attack joint US-Iraqi puppet headquarters in Samarra’.
  • US troops arrest puppet police chief in al-‘Awjah.
  • Resistance bombards puppet police station in al-Mada’in.
  • Heavy fighting reported around al-Mada’in Monday, Tuesday.
  • Al-Miqdadiyah , US, puppet forces carry out mass arrests and raids.
  • Resistance bomb kills puppet soldier southwest of Kirkuk.
  • Resistance bomb kills puppet policeman in al-Mawsil Monday.


US imam jailed for supporting Hamas

A US judge has sentenced a Muslim imam to almost eight years in prison for giving support to the Palestinian group Hamas, which the US administration considers a terrorist organisation.


Pakistan makes a deal with the Taliban

The Pakistani establishment has made a deal with the Taliban through a leading Taliban commander that will extend Islamabad’s influence into southwestern Afghanistan and significantly strengthen the resistance in its push to capture Kabul.


Taleban has sent 1,000 suicide bombers to northern Afghanistan

Steeling for a spring offensive, the Taleban said today they had sent 1,000 suicide bombers to relatively quiet northern Afghanistan, a day after a suicide blast targeted Vice President Dick Cheney.


Attack near Cheney called sign war failing

A deadly daylight attack on the huge U.S. military base at Bagram, Afghanistan, during a visit by Vice President Dick Cheney underscores the diminishing American prospects for military success in the region, analysts said yesterday.

The suicide bomb attack at the base front gate – literally on the doorstep of the U.S. military command headquarters in Afghanistan – left the vice president unhurt. But the blast killed 23 people, including two U.S. soldiers, the Associated Press reported. The Taliban, which have mounted increasingly brazen attacks on U.S. and Afghan government troops and facilities, claimed responsibility.

The Afghanis see us as occupiers, not “liberators”, no matter what kind of bunkum comes out of the mouths of the talking heads on television or radio.,0,1409758.story?page=1&coll=bal-nationworld-headlines


U.S. intelligence chief offers bleak view of terror fight

The new U.S. director of national intelligence provided a somber analysis Tuesday of the situations in Iraq, Afghanistan and on the Pakistani border, saying that Iraq was at “a precarious juncture,” with security and political trends moving “in a negative direction.”


Pentagon’s number two suggests terror war will end in Oct. 2008

The Department of Defense’s number two official appears to imply in a memo that the Global War on Terrorism will end just in time for the presidential election in November 2008.


New Light Shed on CIA’s ‘Black Site’ Prisons : Dictatorship

On his last day in CIA custody, Marwan Jabour, an accused al-Qaeda paymaster, was stripped naked, seated in a chair and videotaped by agency officers. Afterward, he was shackled and blindfolded, headphones were put over his ears, and he was given an injection that made him groggy. Jabour, 30, was laid down in the back of a van, driven to an airstrip and put on a plane with at least one other prisoner.


Inside Navy’s secret brig : Dictatorship

Officials at the Navy’s brig in Hanahan developed elaborate plans to dodge public scrutiny of its operations to detain enemy combatants, plans that include destroying “critical info,” scrubbing public Web sites, and warning brig staff about the temptations of “high priced offers from news agencies,” a Navy report shows.


U.S. Warns Against EU’s CIA Flight Probe : U.S. Domination

A senior U.S. administration official on Wednesday warned that ongoing inquiries into secret CIA activities in the European Union may undermine intelligence cooperation between the United States and European nations,,-6446518,00.html


U.S. won’t extradite CIA agents to Italy : U.S. Domination

The United States will reject any request by Italy to extradite CIA agents for the first criminal trial over controversial U.S. “renditions” of terror suspects, a U.S. government lawyer said on Wednesday.


9/11 American Justice : Terror Suspect’s Brig Life Detailed

The exterior window in Jose Padilla’s 80-square-foot cell in a Navy brig was painted over. At times, he had to sleep on a steel bunk with no mattress. He went months without a clock and was sometimes seen weeping in his cell.


9/11 : False quotes shake up terror trial

The mystery of how and why a government wiretap summary falsely attributed anti-Jewish slurs to officials of a Muslim charity remained unanswered Tuesday as federal prosecutors pledged to look into the matter.?


Canada scraps anti-terrorism laws

The Canadian parliament has refused to extend controversial anti-terrorism legislation enacted after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US which allows for preventive arrests and compels testimony.


Mississippi jury refuses to indict for civil rights era murder : Racist

A last hope of justice over one of the most painful episodes in the racial history of the US was apparently lost yesterday when a Mississippi grand jury refused to issue an indictment for the killing of Emmett Till, the teenager whose murder 50 years ago galvanised the civil rights movement.,,2022997,00.html


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