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US Terrorize The World – 14 Safar 1428 H (4.3.07)

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In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===



USA War Criminal :

Silence of Mainstream media : One million post-invasion Iraqi excess deaths ignored

MWC NEWS readers may have encountered a recent article of mine in which the post-invasion excess deaths (avoidable deaths, deaths that did not have to happen) in Occupied Iraq were estimated at 1 million (ONE MILLION). This estimate was based on the very latest medical literature and UN Population Division data sources that were carefully documented in the 2 February 2007 article


Number Of Iraqi Civilians Slaughtered In America’s War On Iraq – At Least 655,000 + +

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’sWar On Iraq 3,169

The War in Iraq Costs $405,070,880,466 – See the cost in your community


America on its Knees Before Tyranny

Today’s America is no democracy — it’s a degenerating tyranny, disfigured by its military-industrial-governmental cancer. Our people are increasingly ashamed and terrified of their government, and rightly so, because we have no control over it, and it’s become a deceitful monstrous danger to us and to the health of the planet.


Support the UN Resolution 242 & 338 Consensus to End the Israelis Occupation

242 ( conclusion of the first stipulation)

The most important issue addressed by UN Resolution 242 is the “inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war.” The first stipulation mandates, “Withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict.” Since that time however, Israel has continued to occupy territory seized during the conflict and is even constructing a wall around some of these areas.

338( excerpts of original)

The three-line United Nations Security Council Resolution 338 (S/RES/338), approved on October 22, 1973, called for a cease fire in the Yom Kipur War in accordance with a joint proposal by the United States and the Soviet Union. The resolution stipulated a cease fire to take effect within 12 hours, no later than 6:52PM of that day.



Terror expert: Insurgents have won ‘hearts and minds’ of Iraqis

An expert on the Iraqi insurgency says that Sunni forces fighting the American military have already won the “hearts and minds” of the Iraqi people.



Macho Males – The Brutal Rape and Murder of a 14-year old Girl and her Family

As the Texas decider swaggered across the White House lawn, five of his Best-of-Baghdad troops were brutally raping and murdering a 14-year old girl and her family and then leaving them in a blaze of kerosene. Is this why the American commander-in-chief needed a troop surge — to free up more of our glorious invaders to satisfy sexual perversities with the youngest teenagers of Baghdad?



Department of Veteran Affairs: 205,000 US soldiers …

… are being treated for wounds and injuries sustained in Iraq.

Hmmm … where is the US media? Still rummaging in Ann Nicole Smith’s casket?
America go watch some of the special reports which embarrass your government.

Watch the ABC report which shows that 10% of US soldiers sustain head injuries – 150,000 possibly, says ABC.



Iraq : How Easy it is to Put Hatred on a Map

Our guilt in this sectarian game is obvious. We want to divide our potential enemies.




Blame the Victims, Blame the Iraqis

AS THE people who talked the United States into the Iraq war try to talk their way out of the blame for the mess they made, one dominant theme has emerged: blame the Iraqis. Our intentions were good; we did our best to help; but the Iraqis are vicious, incompetent ingrates who would prefer to kill one another than seize the freedom we brought them. It’s not our fault that it turned out so badly.

It has turned out rather badly, hasn’t it? President George W. Bush will go no further than to say that he is “disappointed by the pace of success,” and his British sidekick, Prime Minister Tony Blair, still insists that “We will beat them [the Iraqi resistance] when we realise that it’s not our fault that they’re doing this.” But practically everybody else in the US and Britain knows that the invasion of Iraq was a huge disaster.


Too Much Blood : On being the subjects of a military economy

A country that feeds itself through the manufacture of war technology is bound to view peace, nonviolence and mercy as seditious concepts. It will create policies first and then people to fit its machines, finding wars to fight and creating killers to fight them.



It Seems to Me…Iraq

…War is supposed to be hell and we are going to make sure that this reputation is not tarnished by our troops. Our troops are taught that dying for one’s country is not an objective; making the enemy die for his is…

It seems to me that America is being given a ringside seat at what can be termed a calamity for civilization through our “association” with Iraq and the Iraq War. We are being allowed to witness the inhumanity that lurks within each of us individually and all of us collectively. We have been allowed to see how little “coaching” it takes to turn a “people” from a definable human society into something so subhuman that no animal species could be accused of allowing this to exist in their “culture”. For those Americans with an “eye to see or an ear to hear”, Iraq today represents everything any human could imagine as being something he “wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy”.



Iraq : See Hillary Run

Run, Hillary, run. But your race towards the White House will never outpace the hypocrisy and duplicity inherent in your decision to vote for war in Iraq.



Iraq Puppet Gov’t : Another rape

Islammemo reported that six members of the so called Iraqi army raped a 12 year old girl from Shamar tribe in Diwaniya province – south Iraq.

Shamar tribe members and the girl’s family are preparing themselves to attack the Iraqi Army headquarter in the province.



Update on actions to stop the execution of three Iraqi women

On 14 February we launched an appeal to halt the summary execution of three Iraqi women. Hundreds signed our statement, including numerous organizations, and demonstrations have taken place in Istanbul, Ankara, Rabat, Berlin and Stockholm, among other cities.

Wassan Talib (31), Zainab Fadhil (25) and Liqa Omar Muhammad (26) were reportedly sentenced to death on charges that amount to supporting the legitimate and legal popular resistance to occupation in Iraq.



Outrage over Imminent Execution of Iraqi Women

Three young women accused of joining the Iraqi insurgency movement and engaging in “terrorism” have been sentenced to death, provoking protest from rights organisations fearing that this could be the start of more executions of women in post-Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.



Operation Enduring Idiocy: The Deadly Child’s Play of U.S. Politics

Arthur Silber, as always, talks good and damning sense about the maddening moral idiocy of the entire American establishment and the whole “national debate” about the Iraq war. He limns with brutal accuracy the inability of our movers and shakers — and most of the public they manipulate so thoroughly — to comprehend the true nature of this bloodsoaked hell: that it is a monstrous crime, conceived in evil, steeped in murder, breeding death, brutality and corruption in everything it touches.



Iraq : 6 Sunni men killed execution-style

Gunmen stormed the home of a Sunni family threatened with death for meeting with local Shiites, separating out the women and children and executing six men on Saturday, Iraqi police and military officials said.



Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Friday, 2 March 2007

  • Hit faces crisis following imposition of new American restrictions.
  • Al-Fallujah, US, puppet forces arrest nine villagers, claiming they were funding the Iraqi Resistance.
  • Resistance bombards US military camp in al-Fallujah Friday morning.
  • Resistance sharpshooter reportedly kills US soldier at checkpoint in al-Fallujah Thursday.
  • Explosion targets stronghold of Jaysh al-Mahdi in Baghdad Friday afternoon.
  • Four leading Sunni tribal Shaykhs summoned to puppet army camp in south Baghdad suburb, then murdered and dumped by the roadside.
  • Puppet general arrested by Americans for selling Sunni prisoners to sectarian militias.
  • Two US troops reported killed in Resistance bombing north of Baghdad Friday morning.
  • Puppet “Shock Troops” loot, burn market in Samarra’ Thursday night.
  • After puppet “Shock Troops” abandon camp, mass grave of murdered Sunni youths found near al-Mahmudiyah.
  • British admit one soldier dead in past two days as mortar attacks strike three British bases around al-Basrah.
  • Resistance blasts joint US-Iraqi puppet forces headquarters in ‘Anah Friday morning.
  • Resistance sharpshooter kills puppet “Shock Troop” soldier in al-Mada’in Friday morning.
  • Ba‘qubah, Resistance fighters assault puppet police checkpoint Thursday evening.



Afghan Taliban says sending fighters to Iraq – TV

“We have very strong relations with the mujahideen in Iraq. The mujahideen stay in Iraq for a month for example then they come here,” he added in remarks dubbed in Arabic. “We also share intelligence.”



Pakistan: U.S. Can’t Target Militants Here

Pakistan vehemently denied Saturday the U.S. military’s claim that coalition forces in Afghanistan have the authority to pursue Taliban fleeing across the border into Pakistani territory.



Israel accused of rights abuses – Israel Uses Palestinians as Human Shields

An Israeli human rights group has accused the country’s government of using Palestinians as human shields during its raids on Nablus. The Israeli supreme court banned the practice two years ago.



Apartheid in Israel

The latest report published by the UN rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories compares Israel’s policies there to those of South Africa during the apartheid era.

John Dugard, a South African law professor and former anti-apartheid campaigner, called upon the international community to give “serious consideration” to his recommendation that the International Court of Justice in The Hague issue an advisory opinion on Israel’s policies and actions.




Israel and its apologists angrily reject the apartheid accusation, charge those who make it with being anti-Semites and call upon Israel’s friends to refute the charge. Amongst those whom Israel has tried to censure or smear are former US president Jimmy Carter and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu, former Anglican archbishop of Cape Town and head of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Other figures making the charge include Arun Gandhi, grandson of the Mahatma Gandhi; Winnie Mandela, former wife of South African leader Nelson Mandela; Michael Ben Yair, who served as Israel’s attorney general from 1993-96; Ami Ayalon, a former admiral in Israel’s navy and head of Shin Bet, the country’s internal security agency; Tommy Lapid, head of Israel’s Shinui Party; and Meron Benvenisti, former deputy mayor of Jerusalem.

Carter’s national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, warned that if a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict was not found, the two communities would be forced to dwell separately, with one living comfortably and the other in poverty. Brzezinski’s prediction has come true.




Israel has been a major, albeit covert, player in Southeast Asia since Israeli multi-billionaire tycoon Shaul Eisenberg began supplying weapons to Cambodia’s genocidal Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s. Eisenberg, a close business partner of China’s military, was also an early arms supplier to Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot. Eisenberg was active with Asia’s Jewish community during World War II, not as an compatriot of the Allies but as a close intelligence and business partner of Japan’s Imperial government, which was allied with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy in the Axis Alliance. Escaping Nazi-controlled Europe, Eisenberg settled in the Far East, making his primary bases of operation Japanese-occupied Shanghai and Japan itself.



Algeria says won’t host a U.S. base on its territory

Algeria said on Saturday its cooperation with Washington’s war on terrorism was “profitable” but it would never agree to host a U.S. military base on its territory.


Dictatorship : Secret unit hunts terrorists overseas

The Pentagon has turned a secret terrorist-hunting unit into a nearly self-contained command of more than 1,000 men and women who collect intelligence and track and capture America’s most–wanted enemies.



9/11 : CIA torture victim denied his day in US court

A U.S. federal appeals court has upheld a refusal to hear the case of a Lebanese-born German man who was detained and tortured by the CIA for five months.



9/11 : Kuwaiti court acquits 2 ex-Gitmo inmates

A criminal court on Saturday acquitted two former Guantanamo Bay prisoners of joining al-Qaida or the Taliban.



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