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US Terrorize The World – 18 Safar 1428 H (8.3.07)

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 8, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Who Gave America the Right?

Who granted America the right to be international judge, prosecutor, and executioner in the name of self-preservation? Who granted America the right to make the sound of bombs louder than the voice of the law?

Is there any mercy, pity, etc. left in the armies of communications and information experts, who have been used and are still being used to brainwash the public until there’s nothing but misguidance, deceit, duplicity and lies? All that seems to matter is the implementation of plans to discipline anyone who takes a stand against America.

Indeed, the policies that the world leader (America) commits today don’t rise above barbarism and inhumanity. And all of these are implemented right under the ears and eyes of international organizations.


Seven Countries In Five Years : An interview with General Wesley Clark

“This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir.


The War Against the Third World: What I’ve Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy: Video

CIA covert operations and US military interventions since World War II. A video compilation of footage and speeches recorded in the 1980s


What Did Israel Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks?

There is sufficient reason ­- from news reports, statements by former intelligence officials, an array of circumstantial evidence, and the reported acknowledgment by the Israeli government -­ to believe that in the months before 9/11, Israel was running an active spy network inside the United States, with Muslim extremists as the target.


9/11 A CIA Cover Up: The Kuala Lumpur Deceit

The possible link between pre-9/11 Israeli warnings and the watch-listing of the hijackers Mihdhar and Hazmi was pointed out in late 2004 by a retired top corporate lawyer named Gerald Shea, who compiled a 166-page memo detailing the alleged operations of the Israeli groups in New Jersey, Florida and elsewhere.


9/11 Morons and Magic: A Reply to George Monbiot

In “Bayoneting a Scarecrow The 9/11 conspiracy theories are a coward’s cult.” (Guardian, February 20), George Monbiot accuses members of the 9/11 truth movement of being “morons” and “idiots” who believe in “magic.” Having in his previous attack—“A 9/11 conspiracy virus is sweeping the world,” Guardian, February 6—called me this movement’s “high priest,” he now describes my 9/11 writing as a “concatenation of ill-attested nonsense.”


9/11 : Rudy & McCain Grow Hymens

‘While I believe Madam Speaker would serve tea to the 9/11 hijackers, piss and shit on the American flag, and drown every American veteran since the Spanish-American War in boiling oil, it’s not her patriotism I’m questioning, it’s her judgment.’


In the World’s Eyes the US has become Amerika

US casualties (dead and wounded) have now reached 27,000 in a war that was supposed to be a “cakewalk” over in a few weeks. If what four-star general Wesley Clark, former supreme commander of NATO, told Amy Goodman in a March 2 interview is correct, US casualties are yet in their early days.


Taking Democracy Seriously

American: So you mean that if you Australians don’t vote, you get a fine? Australian: Yeah, and when you Americans don’t vote you get George W. Bush.


Murder Of The Law

A commentary on BBC 2 ‘Dr David Kelly – The Conspiracy Files’ ­ Dr David Kelly’s unnatural death of the 17th of July 2003 broadcast on the 25th of February 2007.


Two FBI Whistleblowers Confirm Illegal Wiretapping of Govt Officials

Sibel Edmonds has got her hands on an explosive official report from an FBI agent which demonstrates that the US Government was illegally spying on “high-profile U.S. public officials”


The benefits of U.S.-style democracy

The achievements of U.S.-style democracy which the current U.S. administration has tried to apply in Iraq are numerous. The benefits Iraqis have gained from these achievements have prompted the administration to try and spread them throughout the Middle East, taking Iraq as a small experiment.

And here are a few examples of these achievements and their advantages in case you have not yet heard of them or have not experienced them for the bad luck of not being able to live in Iraq. The U.S. democracy has interrupted power supplies and caused chronic fuel shortages.

Iraqis have given up even dreaming of going on a picnic to their once beautiful tourist spots like the Habaniya Lake or the ancient Akarkouf.

Iraqis now dread to go to the cinema – if there any cinemas left in the country. Eating out is a dream of the past and taking the children for an outing is unthinkable.

Under the U.S. democracy in Iraq you must be a prisoner of your own house or you risk being killed, injured or kidnapped.


3 U.S. troops killed NW of Baghdad

Three American soldiers were killed Wednesday by a roadside bomb, and attacks on Shiite pilgrims showed no sign of easing, with at least 11 slain as they streamed toward a Muslim shrine ahead of a weekend holiday.


4 Years Far Too Many — Help Make This the LAST Anniversary

Bush’s escalation in Iraq is underway, and the bloodshed continues; dozens of people are killed and hundreds wounded nearly every day. And yet Congress, and its numerous presidential hopefuls, continues to dither on cutting the funding for the war and setting a timetable for withdrawal. Elected with an overwhelming mandate for peace, they can barely find the courage to pass a non-binding resolution to oppose the escalation, let alone stand up to the White House on plans to attack Iran.


Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Tuesday, 6 March 2007

  • Iraqi Resistance fighters storm prison west of al-Mawsil, kill guards, set free 130 imprisoned Resistance fighters.
  • Puppet “Rapid Deployment Forces” raid Tikrit University, beating up and arresting students.
  • Resistance bomb reportedly kills three US troops near al-Huwayjah.
  • Splits begin to appear in puppet “al-Anbar Salvation Council” forces.
  • Resistance fighters assault US camp in al-Fallujah Monday evening.
  • Three bombs kill puppet police, civilians in Baghdad Tuesday morning, midday.
  • Resistance bomb kills four puppet “Iraqi National Guards.”
  • Resistance blasts US base with mortar shells Tuesday morning.
  • Resistance fighters ambush US patrol north of Bayji sparking hour-long battle.
  • US forces dissolve puppet security agencies in Bayji.
  • Resistance fighters hit US headquarters in Bayji with rockets.
  • Al-Khalis, Deadly bomb rips through US military vehicle.
  • Resistance attacks kill seven puppet policemen in al-Khalis area.
  • Mansuriyat al-Jabal, Resistance fighters assault puppet security checkpoint.
  • Resistance blasts US headquarters in al-Jalawla’ with S5K rockets.
  • US Apache helicopters strike areas near al-Miqdadiyah Monday.
  • Bombs kill 33 Shi‘i sectarian clergy, militiamen in al-Hillah.
  • Al-Iskandariyah, Puppet Iraqi Travel Board official assassinated.
  • Resistance blasts puppet police targets in Kirkuk.


Some Movements At ME Quartet in Berlin

“Israel’s power after 1947 was based on its military supremacy over its weaker neighbors. It is in the process of losing it – if it has not already. Lesser problems, mainly demographic, will only be aggravated if tension persists. It simply cannot survive allied with the United States, because the Americans will either leave the region or embark on a war that risks Israel’s very existence.”


Israeli army shoots two 12 year-olds

Israeli army attacks two kindergarten schools near Bethlehem. Four youth shot and injured near Wall in western Ramallah



The wall was built to prevent ‘terrorists’ from entering Israel. The wall was built to control the passage of who is allowed in. BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!

The wall was built to imprison the entire nation of Palestine and slowly starve them to death.

And Obama and Clinton don’t give a damn…..

THIS article from today’s Christian Science Monitor speaks of the food shortages…. SHAMEFUL!!!


Hamas to offer Israel truce for boycott lift

Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) has expressed willingness of offering ceasefire with Israel in exchange for the lift of boycott on the new Palestinian unity government, Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported on Wednesday


A Barack-star no more

Barack Obama used to inspire nothing but sympathy and affection. But recently he’s given pandering a bad name.


U.S. authorities punish Al-Jazeera cameraman for going on hunger strike

Reporters Without Borders today condemned the mistreatment of Sudanese cameraman Sami Al-Haj of the pan-Arab TV station Al-Jazeera by the US authorities at the Guantanamo Bay detention centre after he began a hunger strike on 7 January on completing his fifth year in US custody without trial.


Second al-Qaeda suspect ordered freed

Another immigrant accused of links to terrorism has been ordered released from custody and into house arrest by a Federal Court judge as Canada’s faltering security-certificate law continues to unravel.


Sidney Blumenthal: Libby lied, troops died

The Scooter Libby verdict is inextricably linked to Iraq: his lies were an attempt to cover up the disingenuous case for war.


Arianna Huffington: Why the Libby Verdict Is So Damning

Libby was found guilty not just of perjury but of obstructing justice — obstructing justice in order to encumber the investigation and keep secret the dark, ugly truth about how the White House sought to cover up its lies about Iraq and its efforts to intimidate and silence critics of the administration.


Washington Is Losing Its Grip on Latin America

“State of Denial” is the title of Bob Woodward’s famous book on the Bush team’s road to disaster in Iraq, but it would have served just as well for a description of their Latin America policy.


Feds: Airline Worker Used Security ID To Sneak 14 Guns, Drugs On Orlando Flight

A 22-year-old airline employee from Central Florida was arrested after he used his security privileges to smuggle a bag containing 13 handguns, an M-16 type automatic weapon and marijuana on board a Delta flight at Orlando International Airport, according to federal agents.


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