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US Terrorize The World – 25 Safar 1428 H (15.3.07)

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 15, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Take No Prisoners – War Criminal

Another proud moment in U.S. Military History. U.S. Marines execute an Iraqi to the cheers of fellow marines

Basic U.S. policy underlying the treatment accorded EPW and all other enemy personnel captured, interned, or otherwise held in U.S. Army custody during the course of a conflict requires and directs that all such personnel be accorded humanitarian care and treatment from the moment of custody until final release or repatriation. The observance of this policy is fully and equally binding upon U.S. personnel, whether capturing troops, custodial personnel, or in whatever other capacity they may be serving. This policy is equally applicable for the protection of all detained or interned personnel, whether their status is that of prisoner of war, civilian internee, or any other category. It is applicable whether they are known to have, or are suspected of having, committed serious offenses which could be characterized as a war crime. The punishment of such persons is administered by due process of law and under the legally constituted authority. The administration of inhumane treatment, even if committed under stress of combat and with deep provocation, is a serious and punishable violation under national law, international law, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Violations of this policy, and the laws and regulations may result in an individual being prosecuted as a war criminal. Anyone observing a violation of law, or suspecting one has happened, has a positive legal obligation to report it to appropriate authorities. Failure to do so is a violation in itself. Continued

2. Convention (I) for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field. Geneva, 12 August 1949.


War Criminal : GI ‘ordered to kill Iraq prisoners’

A US soldier has testified that his commander ordered him to kill three Iraqi detainees, then cut him with a knife to make it look as if there had been a struggle.

Specialist William Hunsaker told a court martial for Ray Girouard on Tuesday that the staff sergeant ordered him and another soldier to free the men, then shoot them as they ran.

“They’re going to cut the ties, tell them to run, shoot them,” Hunsaker quoted Girouard as saying.

Girouard, 24, is the last and most senior soldier from the 101st Airborne Division to face trial in the killings, which occurred during a May 9 raid on a suspected fighters’ camp near Samarra.

Hunsaker and Private First Class Corey Clagett have already pleaded guilty and co-operated with prosecutors. They were sentenced to 18 years in military prison.


Psychopath War Criminal : US officer “upset” Iraqi suspects taken alive, court hears

A US military officer sounded “pretty mad and upset” that a group of soldiers had taken suspected Iraqi insurgents alive during a raid in which they had been told to kill all military-aged males, a court was told Tuesday.

A soldier who has pleaded guilty to killing those detainees told the court that he shot them because his squad leader told him to do it after having been reprimanded when he radioed back to base to say he had prisoners to transport.

Private William Hunsaker showed little remorse for his crimes, saying he had only agreed to an 18-year sentence because “I got tired of lying to everybody and I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life in prison for — in my eyes — killing three terrorists.”

Hunsaker was testifying at the court-martial of Staff Sergeant Raymond Girouard, 24, the highest-ranking soldier among four charged in the May 9, 2006, incident and the only soldier who did not plead guilty.

He described how Girouard gathered the squad in a house, told them that the officer at the command post was “pretty mad and upset” that the prisoners were still alive and then told them how to cover up the murders.

“He tells us to cut the ties, let them loose and shoot them,” Hunsaker told the court before describing how he aimed his gun at the heart of one of the prisoners.

After the three men were dead, “Girouard boots me over, flips open his pocketknife and said ‘it’s got to look good'” before cutting Hunsaker’s face and arm to make it look like he was injured in a struggle as the prisoners tried to escape, Hunsaker told the court.



The U.S. Marines are incredibly adept at killing people. Most know 1,583 methods of killing somebody and re-arranging the victim’s body parts within five seconds. However, some were not taught a basic trait that encompasses all of humanity: when to keep your mouth shut.

Yesterday, the Chairman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff (U.S.), Marine General Peter Pace, made some statements that prove he does not know when to keep quiet. I suppose he feels that an 18-star general has the right to publicly berate individuals. They also have the right to practice an act that is not illegal in the U.S.: stupidity.


Closing the gap between torturer and victim

In Andrew Cockburn’s new book, Rumsfeld, the gap between rampant power and its faraway victims is closed. Donald Rumsfeld, US secretary of defence until last year and a designer of the Iraq bloodbath, is revealed as personally directing from his office in the Pentagon the torture of fellow human beings, exploiting “individual phobias, such as fear of dogs, to induce stress” and use of “a wet towel and dripping water to induce the misperception of suffocation”. Cockburn’s documented evidence shows that other Bush mafiosi, such as Paul Wolfowitz, now president of the World Bank, “had already agreed that Rumsfeld should approve all but
the most severe options, such as the wet towel, without restriction”.

You would not know this on either side of the Atlantic unless you studied carefully. The propaganda that converts a lively, open democracy to an “authoritarian” dictatorship is written on the rusted crosses of Salvador Allende’s comrades, of whom the same was said. It is disseminated by the embittered effete whose liberal hero was Blair, until he made an embarrassing mess, and who now claim the respectability of “the left” in order to disguise their mentoring by the likes of Wolfowitz, their promotion of Dick Cheney’s ludicrous “world Islamic empire” and, above all, their passion for wars whose spilt blood is never theirs.

Rumsfeld: his rise, fall and catastrophic legacy ” by Andrew Cockburn is published in the United States by Scribner


9/11 : 12-Year-Old Detainees at GITMO

As for the juveniles, there were at least three boys in Camp Iguana between 12 and 14 years old. There were at least 6 others, by the way, who were 15 or 16, definitely younger than 18, in general population. The three in Camp Iguana I met weekly. We were led to believe they were “hard core terrorists” but this was utterly ridiculous. The guards in charge of them would frequently discipline them with “time-outs” just as many American parents discipline their own children.


Islamophobia : Behind Burqa, Student Gets An Education In Bigotry

COLCHESTER — Caitlin Dean was raised not to discriminate against others because of their race or religion. But as a white suburban teen of Italian and Irish descent, she often wondered what it would be like to be the target of such abuse. She found out “behind the burqa.”

The 15-year-old freshman volunteered with a few other students to wear traditional Muslim clothing to school for an entire day in February after a Middle Eastern Studies teacher at Bacon Academy announced that she was looking for students to promote her class by wearing the garb. Caitlin covered her slender frame and short brown hair with a periwinkle burqa, which concealed her face.

The hateful and abusive comments she endured that day horrified teachers, the teen and many of her classmates. The remarks underscored a persistent animosity toward American Muslims that is driven largely by the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. But they also opened up an important dialogue that could help teenagers in Colchester and across the state view the Muslim culture differently.

“Hey, we rape your women!” one upperclassman said as he passed Caitlin in the hallway.

“I hope all of your people die,” another sniped.

“You’re probably going to kill us all” and “Why do they let people like this in the country?” were other remarks she heard on Feb. 1.


Just and Unjust War

There are some people who do not question war. In 1972, the general who was head of the U.S. Strategic Air Command told an interviewer, “I’ve been asked often about my moral scruples if I had to send the planes out with hydrogen bombs. My answer is always the same. I would be concerned only with my professional responsibility.”

It was a Machiavellian reply. Machiavelli did not ask if making war was right or wrong. He just wrote about the best way to wage it so as to conquer the enemy. One of his books is called The Art of War.

Granted that we have started in this century with the notion of just war, we don’t have to keep it. Perhaps the change in our thinking can be as dramatic, as clear, as that in the life of a French general, whose obituary in 1986 was headed: “Gen. Jacques Paris de Bollardiere, War Hero Who Became a Pacifist, Dead at the age of 78.”

He had served in the Free French Forces in Africa during World War II, later parachuted into France and Holland to organize the Resistance, and commanded an airborne unit in Indochina from 1946 to 1953. But in 1957, according to the obituary, he “caused an uproar in the French army when he asked to be relieved of his command in Algeria to protest the torture of Algerian rebels. In 1961 he began to speak out against militarism and nuclear weapons. He created an organization called The Alternative Movement for Non-Violence and in 1973 participated in a protest expedition to France’s South Pacific nuclear testing site.

It remains to be seen how many people in our time will make that journey from war to nonviolent action against war. It is the great challenge or our time: How to achieve justice, with struggle, but without war.


Damn Right, We’re Angry

We’re angry because of what has happened to our country, because of how we’ve been treated, and because of the innumerable crimes the conservatives have committed. We’re angry at the president, we’re angry at the Congress, we’re angry at the news media. And we have every right to be.

Yes, we’re angry at George W. Bush. We’re not angry at him because of who he sleeps with, and we’re not angry at him because we think he represents some socio-cultural movement we didn’t like 40 years ago, or because he hung out with a different crowd than we did in high school. We’re angry at him because of what he’s done.


‘Iraqi resistance winning, but it will be a long war’

New Delhi, March 14: Drawing an analogy with Vietnam, a long-time Iraqi dissident says the armed resistance in his country against the US is winning, but it will take a long time to make the American troops go home.


ABC Unmasks “Curveball” Four Years Too Late

ABC News is surprised, simply flabbergasted. In a “special report,” Brian Ross tells us about the Curveball “intelligence failure” and quotes flummoxed officials, including an outraged Collin Powell, who will go down in history as the fool who presented a passel of neocon lies and fairy tales in dog and pony show format before the United Nations, thus providing a transparent pretext to invade Iraq and systematically slaughter more than 650,000 of its citizens.


Fake Iraq War Reason : ABC’s Brian Ross unmasks ‘Curveball’

Curveball, the Iraqi defector whose fabricated claims that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction were used by the administration in its case for war, remains in the protection of the German intelligence service, reports ABC News’ Brian Ross.

Intelligence gathered from Curveball became the centerpiece of then Secretary of State Colin Powell’s address to the United Nation, urging military action in Iraq. “It was almost that which made the whole case seem effective. It was just so dramatic,” said Powell’s chief of staff Col. Lawrence Wilkerson.

But a CIA official who headed European Operations at the agency, Tyler Drumheller, said that he warned both the State Department and the CIA that Curveball was a fabricator and lacked credibility. “We said, ‘This is from Curveball. Don’t use this,'” Drumheller revealed.


Iraq War : Fake Congressional Opposition to War

The US electorate sent a clear, unequivocal message in the November mid-term elections. End the Iraq war and bring home the troops. Many supporting war in the 109th Congress lost out to more moderate voices taking over their seats because voters want change and expect new faces to deliver starting with the top issue on voters’ minds in recent polls – Iraq. A majority of the public demands it, protests and heated rhetoric continue building over it, and the Congress is about to disappoint again proving getting into war is easy but even an act of Congress can’t get us out because doing nothing is less risky than taking a stand against the prevailing view in Washington.


Iraq : The first casualties are children

Inside Iraq, according to UNICEF there are an estimated one in 10 children under the age of five who are underweight and one in five children are suffering reduced growth for their age. This means that some 4.5 million children in the country, are currently malnourished.


Fu’ad Ahmed, Iraq, “I have no job, no food, no home and no respect”

BAGHDAD, 14 March 2007 (IRIN) – Fu’ad Ahmed is a 47-year-old Palestinian father of two who has been living in Iraq for the past 18 years.

“My children grew up here [in Baghdad] and we always had good relations with all Iraqis but in the past few years my situation in this country has become terrible.

“My daughter, Hanan was married to an Iraqi but was forced to divorce him because his family didn’t want to have Palestinian blood in their future children.

“My son Waleed and his wife were killed in July 2006 by militia men who accused him of participating in the insurgency but he was a good boy. Since his death my wife has developed serious psychological problems. Because I am unemployed, I cannot afford medical treatment for her.


U.S. soldier goes on trial for murder; accused of ordering men to murder Iraqis

FORT CAMPBELL, Kentucky: The question at the heart of U.S. Staff Sgt. Ray Girouard’s murder trial is this: Who ordered the killing of three Iraqi captives?


Matt Drudge rules their world…and spreads a Big Lie on Iraq

He rules their world, and yet on the very day that the U.S. Senate is starting a major debate on the future of American troops in Iraq, Matt Drudge is spreading a Big Lie.


Five U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

BAGHDAD, March 12 (Xinhua) — A total of five U.S. soldiers were killed and three others wounded in Iraq on Sunday, the U.S. military said on Monday.


Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Tuesday, 13 March 2007

  • Resistance bomb kills two puppet “National Guards” near al-Hadithah Tuesday.
  • Puppet “Iraqi Prime Minister” Nuri al-Maliki pays brief visit to ar-Ramadi amidst tight security.
  • Resistance bombards US headquarters in as-Saqlawiyah early Tuesday morning.
  • Resistance blasts puppet army headquarters in al-Karmah Monday.
  • Americans carry out mass raids on displaced people from al-Fallujah and ar-Ramadi, arresting more than 100 men and youths on Monday – Tuesday night.
  • US bomb raids, now in second day, kill eight villagers in al-Khalis.
  • Iraqi Resistance fighters opened fire on a car carrying a group of off-duty Iraqi puppet policemen in the Zuyunah area
  • Iraqi Resistance fighters ambushed a patrol of the puppet police near Baghdad’s Zuyunah district
  • Resistance attack kills three puppet policemen in Baghdad as mysterious bombs continue to explode.
  • US troops battle local fighters in predominantly Sunni al-A’zamiyah district of Baghdad.
  • Resistance fighters ambush puppet police collecting their pay in Khanaqin.
  • Resistance fighters ambush puppet police patrol in Ba’qubah Tuesday.
  • Resistance bomb kills four puppet policemen in Kirkuk.
  • Resistance mortars blast Kurdish separatist headquarters in al-Mawsil.
  • Resistance attacks target area of US “Camp Echo” near ad-Diwaniyah, Monday, Tuesday.


No chance of extremist government in Pakistan, says ex-CIA official

New York, Mar.14: There is no chance of an extremist government coming to power in Pakistan any time soon, and if something happens to General Pervez Musharraf tomorrow, another general would step in,” says former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official Robert Richer.


Video: 1967 mass murder of unarmed Egyptians by israelis – War Criminal

This ten minute video is in Arabic but includes clips from the israeli documentary at around 2:00 and again at around 7:30.

Unfortunately, there are no subtitles for either the Arabic portion or the part in Hebrew. But, the pictures say a thousand words.

israelis are cold-blooded murderers and they must be held accountable.


New Zionist lie: exchanging Arab and Jewish refugees

While some Jews were expelled from Arab countries, the majority left voluntarily, invited, enticed and even intimidated into going to Israel to swell the Jewish population as part and parcel of the Zionist program. Most of this happened not between 1947-1948 (the years of active violence that resulted in the Palestinian refugees being ethnically cleansed; see http:/ ? but in the 20 years after.

In any case, the Palestinian refugees did not expel Jews from their homes in Arab countries. In fact, some actions by Mossad and Zionist agents were needed to increase Jewish flight, according to documents analyzed by Tom Segev. Palestinian human rights should not be contingent on the actions of states (Israel or the Arab States) over which they had no control. There are Israeli Jews of Arab origin who do demand restitution for their property and Palestinians fully support their claims and internationally recognized right of return. The Israeli government, however, has never been willing to fight for their rights, because it knows that by doing so it would implicitly recognize that expulsion and dispossession are wrong, whether the victims are Jews or Palestinians. The governments of Morocco, Egypt, Iraq and Yemen (unlike Israel) always stated that those who left are welcome to return.


UNESCO to call for immediate halt to Temple Mount dig

The Paris-based United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) team will publish the conclusions in its report investigating the excavations near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Wednesday.


This Time, Israel Is Missing an Historic Opportunity

Fulfilling a 60-year old Israeli dream and an American unwavering strategy, the 22-member League of Arab states are now in consensus on a potentially groundbreaking Arab Peace Initiative (API), which pledges their collective and full recognition of the Jewish state and full-fledged permanent peace in return for withdrawing the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) to 1967 lines, the establishment of an independent Palestine with eastern Jerusalem as its capital, and “an agreed, just solution” to the Palestinian refugee issue in accordance with United Nations Resolution 194, but both Washington and Tel Aviv are not forthcoming.


Germany’s Schizophrenic Approach to Freedom of Speech

My God, if irresponsibility precluded people from being able to freely speak out, the entire Merkel and Bush governments would be forever silenced! Their irresponsibility knows no bounds. The German state just gave Israel another modern Dolphin submarine capable of carrying nuclear tipped cruise missiles knowing full well that the Israelis have had the capability since at least 2000. Are we really to believe that this was a “responsible” decision? Please. The Israelis are at present threatening Iran, a nation of 70 million souls with annihilation if they don’t disassemble their nonexistent nuclear weapons program. Will it be at all “irresponsible” or Merkel not to take “responsibility” for the mass murder of millions of Iranians should the Israeli’s decide on their Sampson Option?


UN to open permanent probe on Israel

The United Nation’s Human Rights Council is expected to place Israel under permanent investigation for its “violations” of international law in the territories – until such time as it withdraws to the pre-1967 border – according to Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch.

Since its inception, the 47-member body – which includes Cuba, Saudi Arabia and China – has continued to single out the Jewish State. It has issued eight anti-Israel resolutions, and none against any other nation. It has also held three special sessions on Israel.

Israel has been “singled out” is based on what it has done – and is doing – in the Palestinian territories.

And fortunately, in this age of instant communication, cell phone cameras, etc., these human rights abuses cannot be hidden any more.


U.S. allies in Africa may have engaged in secret prisoner renditions

NAIROBI, Kenya – A network of U.S. allies in East Africa secretly have transferred to prisons in Somalia and Ethiopia at least 80 people who were captured in Kenya while fleeing the recent war in Somalia, according to human rights advocates here.

Kenyan authorities made the arrests as part of a U.S.-backed, four-nation military campaign in December and January against Somalia’s Islamist militias, which Bush administration officials have linked to al-Qaida.

At least 150 prisoners, who included men and women of 17 nationalities and children as young as 7 months, were held in Kenya for several weeks before most of them were transferred covertly to Somalia and Ethiopia, where they’re being held incommunicado, the groups charge.


The mercenary’s guide to the “Arab Psyche”

Blackwater USA has an intriguing guide to Arab culture. Let me lay some of this on you:

“Arab behavior has a propensity for conflict.”
“The style of Arab parenting is responsible for much of their behavioral traits according to the noted Arab cultural expert, Dr. Raphael Patai who claims that Arab children have difficulty establishing a predictable pattern arid a differentiation between love and discipline. This fluctuation between a loving mother and stern disciplinarian father can add to the complexity of growing up and often fosters schizoid personality traits. Many Arabists have commented on the rapid change of Arab emotions and reasoning. Lawrence of Arabia spoke of this when he said that the Arabs view ‘everything black or white with no middle ground.'”

Comment : Oh that explains everything. Loving mother, deranged father = shizo Arabs. CBH now we know what your problem is.


Zündel verdict: 5 years in a German dungeon – Dictatorship

Europeans have a long and ignominious history of burning, tormenting and imprisoning “heretics.” Zundel is now numbered with Michael Servetus, Edmund Campion and countless other independent thinkers whose ideas could not be contested, so they had to be silenced.

Truth needs no laws to support it. Truth can survive examination and re-examination and re-re-examination. Truth can rest firmly on the facts.

Throughout history, from Galileo to Zundel, only lies and liars resort to the courts to enforce adherence to dogma.


Is America Headed for a Depression?

More recently, the sub-prime mortgage companies that recklessly financed the bulk of the industry’s business discovered a problem with delinquencies and foreclosures. This is the story that will finally push the stock market from Bull to Bear, and the economy into recession.


-muslim voice-

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