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US Terrorize The Whole World by “War on Terror” – 8 Rabiul Awal 1428 H (27.3.07)

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 27, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


=== News Update ===

Deaths In Iraq Have Reached 1 Million : US WarCriminal

Grim claim on fourth anniversary of conflict. THE number of deaths in Iraq since the start of the conflict could be as high as one million, it was claimed yesterday.

On the fourth anniversary of the invasion by Allied troops, an Australian scientist insisted the true death toll dwarfed previous estimates. Dr Gideon Polya said: “Using the most comprehensive and authoritative literature and UN demographic data yields an estimate of one million post-invasion excess deaths in Iraq.”

His figure is far higher than the biggest previous estimate of 655,000.

A spokesman for the Stop The War Coalition said the figure was “astonishing”, adding: “Four years after the start of the conflict in Iraq, we can now see what a disaster the war has been.

“Everything we predicted would happen has taken place, but it has been far worse than we feared.”


One million post-invasion Iraqi excess deaths ignored – Silence of Mainstream media

MWC NEWS readers may have encountered a recent article of mine in which the post-invasion excess deaths (avoidable deaths, deaths that did not have to happen) in Occupied Iraq were estimated at 1 million (ONE MILLION). This estimate was based on the very latest medical literature and UN Population Division data sources that were carefully documented in the 2 February 2007 article.

Accordingly I have RE-CALCULATED the “post-invasion Iraqi excess deaths” as of March 2007, making 5 ESTIMATES using 4 INDEPENDENT SETS OF DATA as set out below. The key sources are UNICEF, the UN Population Division and scientific papers from the top US medical epidemiology group in the World’s top Public Health Department (the Bloomberg School of Public Health) at the top Johns Hopkins University and published peer-reviewed in the top medical journal The Lancet (for further details and detailed documentation of what follows see MWC News and HERE ):


The 9/11 Lie Is In Critical Condition

There was a time, not long ago, when daring to question the official account of 9/11 was risky business. One was almost guaranteed to be attacked as a “crazy person” or a “traitor” or a “terrorist sympathizer.” Times have changed. At this point, less than 20% of the population believes they were given the full truth regarding 9/11. Logically one might ask: “Why is that?”

It wasn’t for lack of trying that the government failed in its propaganda campaign. It wasn’t for lack of “helping hands” in the mainstream media. (Though even that support has begun to fall apart.) No, it was one thing and one thing only that caused hundreds of millions of American citizens to openly question the official account of 9/11; the evidence.

In short, the evidence that we have been shamelessly lied to regarding the events of 9/11 is irrefutable. There is an enormous body of circumstantial evidence, there is an enormous body of physical evidence, and there is an enormous body of historical evidence. Perhaps most damning (at this point) is the ongoing cover up itself. -The deliberate attempt to obstruct an open discussion of the facts. Evidence of that grows by the hour, but not to worry…


9/11 : Government Misconduct, Not Truthers, Most Insulting to 9/11 Heroes, Victims

A popular tactic to shut down debate on behalf of debunkers is to claim that asking questions about the official 9/11 story is insulting to the victims, and yet it is the progenitors of that myth, the government itself, that through its post-9/11 actions has inflicted the most misery and suffering upon ground zero heroes and victims.

Frothing Neo-Con attack dogs like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, along with high profile 9/11 truth TV and newspaper hit pieces put out by the BBC and their ilk, have all regurgitated the emotional rhetoric that having skepticism towards the official 9/11 fairy tale is a direct attack on the memories of those lost on 9/11 and their loved ones.

As is usually the case with arguments put forth by debunkers, the exact opposite is true.



1 Out of 680 Americans a Suspected Terrorist: Terror Database Has Quadrupled In Four Years

U.S. Watch Lists Are Drawn From Massive Clearinghouse

Flashback: New Anti-Terror Training Manual Says ”Property Rights Activists” Are TerroristsEach day, thousands of pieces of intelligence information from around the world — field reports, captured documents, news from foreign allies and sometimes idle gossip — arrive in a computer-filled office in McLean, where analysts feed them into the nation’s central list of terrorists and terrorism suspects.

Called TIDE, for Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment, the list is a storehouse for data about individuals that the intelligence community believes might harm the United States. It is the wellspring for watch lists distributed to airlines, law enforcement, border posts and U.S. consulates, created to close one of the key intelligence gaps revealed after Sept. 11, 2001: the failure of federal agencies to share what they knew about al-Qaeda operatives.

But in addressing one problem, TIDE has spawned others. Ballooning from fewer than 100,000 files in 2003 to about 435,000, the growing database threatens to overwhelm the people who manage it. “The single biggest worry that I have is long-term quality control,” said Russ Travers, in charge of TIDE at the National Counterterrorism Center in McLean. “Where am I going to be, where is my successor going to be, five years down the road?”


The Moral Imperative

The United States Middle East policy is also intended to suppress the enemies of radical Zionism and to extend Zionist control of the region, as well as to prop up the sagging U.S. dollar against the strengthening euro. It is the continuation of Manifest Destiny; the foolish but stubborn believe that Americans are superior to everyone else; what historian Howard Zinn refers to as American exceptionalism.


Afghanistan Proves It

If only you could be strong and manly and Republican and a red-blooded ‘Murican through and though, you’d support a tough American foreign policy. With other people’s kids, of course. I mean, you wouldn’t actually have to do any fighting yourself. You just talk the talk, rack up the draft deferments, win the elections, and let the sons and daughters of lily-livered Defeatocrats do the actual killing and dying part.


Nothing But Fascists

Never in modern history has country been forced to pay for its death, torture, and destruction with its own money – its own oil revenues. Iraq has become a country where thieves are entrusted with its richness and where murderous gangs are entrusted with its security.


Democracy Dreaming

Every rebellion is waged because the benefits sought outweigh the risks taken. Jefferson and the other Founders knew that. Not fixing the government they gave us dishonors them and all the Americans that have died and sacrificed for their country. And it makes our lives miserable and penalizes future generations. Has time run out for restoring American democracy?


U.S. documentary shows everyday abuse of Abu Ghraib

The interrogations innocent Iraqis like Abbas suffer every day deserve as much attention as the now infamous photographs of abuse at Abu Ghraib, Tucker said .


Sunni Baghdad Becomes Land of Silent Ruins

BAGHDAD, March 25 — The cityscape of Iraq’s capital tells a stark story of the toll the past four years have taken on Iraq’s once powerful Sunni Arabs.

Theirs is a world of ruined buildings, damaged mosques, streets pitted by mortar shells, uncollected trash and so little electricity that many people have abandoned using refrigerators altogether.

The contrast with Shiite neighborhoods is sharp. Markets there are in full swing, community projects are under way, and while electricity is scarce throughout the city, there is less trouble finding fuel for generators in those areas. When the government cannot provide services, civilian arms of the Shiite militias step in to try to fill the gap.


Rocket hits Baghdad Green Zone

A ROCKET landed in Baghdad’s heavily fortified international Green Zone, rocking the US embassy but causing no casualties, witnesses said.

The blast took place just hours after outgoing US ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad told reporters that he was cautiously optimistic about the future in Iraq.,21985,21453600-5005961,00.html



Pictures: American dirty operations in Iraq


Five US soldiers killed in Iraq bombings

Bomb attacks killed five US soldiers in Iraq, the US military said on Monday amid reports that the outgoing US ambassador held talks last year with Sunni rebel groups in a bid to curb the country’s raging insurgency.


Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 25 March 2007

  • Zionist newspaper Haaretz opens bureau in occupied Baghdad, tries to recruit Iraqi journalists with high pay.
  • Jaysh al-Mahdi gunmen return to checkpoints; sectarian torture, murder resume in Baghdad after US publicity stunt of “cracking down on militias” runs its course.
  • US, puppet troops carry out mass raids in Baghdad’s al-‘Adl neighborhood Saturday.
  • Resistance bombs rip through American intelligence column, US patrol in Samarra’ Sunday morning.
  • Resistance ambushes US patrol in al-Fallujah Saturday afternoon.
  • Puppet forces arrest nine in raids in al-Khalis Saturday.
  • Two puppet policemen killed in Resistance ambushes in al-Mawsil Sunday morning.
  • Shipment of 54 bodies of Jaysh al-Mahdi gunmen arrives in an-Najaf for burial.


Netanyahu tells UN’s ban Arab peace initiative unacceptable

“Not a single refugee will return,” the Likud leader told Mr. Ban, referring the Arab demands that Palestinian refugees who left there homes in 1948 be allowed to return to Israel,7340,L-3381525,00.html


‘My son lived a worthwhile life’

In April 2003, 21-year old Tom Hurndall was shot in the head in Gaza by an Israeli soldier as he tried to save the lives of three small children.,,2042734,00.html


NATO’s potty rules shut out Afghans

Under a bizarre policy that echoes the days of segregation in the United States, Afghans who work at the NATO base at Kandahar Airfield must use separate toilets marked “local nationals only.”


US funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran

America is secretly funding militant ethnic separatist groups in Iran in an attempt to pile pressure on the Islamic regime to give up its nuclear programme.


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