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US Terrorize The Whole World by “War on Terror” – 13 Rabiul Awal 1428 H (1.4.07)

Posted by musliminsuffer on April 1, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


=== News Update ===

Taken off plane, 6 imams sue airline : Islamophobia

MINNEAPOLIS // Six Muslim men removed from a plane last fall after being accused of suspicious behavior are suing the airline and threatening to sue the passengers who complained – a move some fear could discourage travelers from speaking up when they see something unusual.

Some lawyers worry suit against travelers may discourage pointing out unusual conduct. The civil rights lawsuit, filed earlier this month, has so alarmed some lawyers that they are offering to defend the unnamed “John Doe” passengers listed as “possible defendants” for free. They say it is vital that the flying public be able to report suspicious behavior without fear of being dragged into court.,0,6329559.story?coll=bal-nationworld-headlines


The REAL Face of War: The images that the media won’t show you

War has been romanticized in innumerable books and movies, and made fortunes for those who exploited the subject well. (Clint Eastwood is still at it, among others, with his latest opus, Flags of Our Fathers). In most movies—at least until recently—soldiers died “beautifully”—no hideous wounds, no real gasping fear in their eyes, they even got to say a few noble words for posterity, proof of a charitable destiny that, despite assigning them death, did not deny them their fifteen seconds of centerstage.


Halabja and the chemical weapons

Aziz praises ‘hero’ Saddam at Iraq trial
Tariq Aziz: Iran gassed the Kurds
Report Suppressed: Iran Gassed Kurds, Not Iraq
What Happened in Kurdish Halabja?

Ex CIA Analyst: Saddam Did Not Gas The Kurds !
What Happened at Halabja?
Saddam never gassed his own people


Ringleaders and participants in sectarian massacres in Tall ‘Afar reportedly seeking refuge in an-Najaf

In a dispatch posted at 7:22pm Makkah time Friday evening, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that men who took part in the massacres of Sunnis in the northern Iraqi city of Tall ‘Afar on Tuesday – in which some 70 people were murdered – have arrived in the Shi‘i holy city of an-Najaf in the south of the country.

The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported residents in the an-Najaf districts of al-Qadisiyah, al-Mu‘allimin, and al-Hannanah as saying that 24 men believed to be members of the pro-Iranian Shi‘i sectarian Jaysh al-Mahdi militia, arrived on Friday morning in the city. The men have come to the Shi‘i holy city to escape arrest by US occupation forces who are attempting to bolster the credibility of the Shi‘i sectarian puppet regime by making a show of pursuing and prosecuting the sectarian killers.

The owner of the al-Imam al-Hujjah Hotel in an-Najaf, Khayun Jabbarah, reported that the men arrived in the city from Tall ‘Afar and were received by religious leaders in an-Najaf. Jabbarah said that ‘Ali al-‘Afari, Qasim Mijbas, and Husayn Mudallil are the leaders of the group that carried out the mass murders in Tall ‘afar in which nearly 100 Sunnis, among them women and children, shot to death following bombings that targeted Shi‘i parts of the city. Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the al-Qa‘idah organization has reportedly taken credit for the attacks on the Shi‘ah.


Video : Killing the Children of Iraq – War Criminal

The immediacy of the unfolding tragedy in Iraq at times makes one forget that prior to the war, the nation had already endured twelve years of devastation sanctions, where the highest price was paid by the children of Iraq. According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, 567,000 children had died already by the end of 1995 from the effects of the sanctions. Two courageous officials — Dennis Halliday and Hans von Sponeck — resigned their posts at the UN because they were unwilling to carry out a genocide masquerading as foreign policy.

To the American secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, this price was “worth it”. Here is, “Paying the Price: Killing the Children of Iraq”, John Pilger’s moving portrait of the devastation wrought on the Iraqi society by the UN on behalf of US and UK.


Over 20 people killed, wounded in U.S. shellfire on Iraqi village

BAGHDAD, March 30 (Xinhua) — More than 20 people were killed and wounded when U.S. troops pounded a village east of Baghdad early on Friday, a well-informed police source said.


Deadliest bomb in Iraq war kills 152

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The Iraqi government raised the death toll on Saturday from a truck bomb in the town of Tal Afar to 152, making it the deadliest single bombing of the four-year-old war.

Interior Ministry spokesman Brigadier Abdul Kareem Khalaf said 347 people were wounded in Tuesday’s attack on a Shi’ite area. There was another truck bomb in the mixed northwestern town on Tuesday, but it was small.


Iraq the Model on being a House Arab

Remember the two Iraqi asshole brothers that Bush quoted the other day? The idiots over at Iraq “the Model”? Anyway, those two morons JUST had their homes raided by American soldiers. Would you believe that they offered the soldiers BBQ and beer? Can you believe that? How disgusting are they? How embarrassing for them. Those poor pathetic morons.

The most repulsive thing about the Iraq the Model House Arabs getting their homes raided and then them OFFERING to feed the soldiers are the comments from the lunatics that visit that blog. I mean there are comments from American redneck simpletons congratulating the ITM brothers for having a “GOOD ATTITUDE” while having their home raided. There is even some ex Marine on there who said he really appreciated it when people had “JOLLY” attitudes while being searched. Isn’t that great, guys?


One Third of the “Coalition of the Willing” are Mercenaries

A UN report published recently showed that the number of mercenaries working in Iraq has been steadily increasing and is now estimated that the number of such professional mercenaries to over 30%. Between 30,000 and 50,000 mercenaries are working in Iraq, making them the second largest military force there after the occupying United States.


Video : Iraq’s “Death Squads” supported by the US

As promised, the video clip from Dahr Jamail related to the previous video shows that the Iraqi version of “Death Squads” is not a big difference from the version in Ecuador both supported by the US.


Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Friday, 30 March 2007

  • Al-Fallujah under third straight day of total lockdown. Americans take advantage of curfew to hold “elections” for new city governor.
  • US forces in al-Anbar order 3,000 more concrete barriers for bases as Resistance attacks mount.
  • Three US troops reported killed in car bombing west of al-Fallujah Friday morning.
  • US admits 80 American troops killed in Iraq in period from 1 March through 29 March.
  • US Marine reported killed in Resistance sharpshooter attack near Samarra’ Friday morning.
  • Resistance blasts US camp in Samarra’ with Katyusha rockets.
  • US troops reportedly kill three brothers during searches near Samarra’.
  • Precision rocket attack on Kirkuk Airport leaves three US troops reported killed. American artillery reportedly retaliates by killing four Iraqi civilians.
  • Ringleaders and participants in sectarian massacres in Tall ‘Afar reportedly seeking refuge in an-Najaf.
  • Resistance car bomb explodes by US column in ar-Ramadi Friday afternoon.
  • After dining in “Green Zone” Tuesday evening, 100 puppet policemen fall ill.
  • US troops arrest at least 50 worshippers at Baghdad mosque during Friday congregational prayers.
  • Resistance bomb north of al-‘Azim kills puppet soldier.
  • Villagers battle armed attackers near al-Miqdadiyah Friday.
  • armed men in a moving car shot and killed two puppet policemen and wounded a puppet soldier in a village near the city of al-Hillah,
  • The 18 were in fact released, sparking an explosion of outrage among the local population who poured out into the streets on Thursday to demand an expanded investigation into the Tall ‘Afar Massacre.
  • Bodies of 25 more victims of violence found in Tall ‘Afar, bringing week’s death toll to 155.


Land Day : Zionist Occupy Palestinian Land

Today we commemorate Land Day March 30th to protest the continued Israeli process of land confiscation and other tools of ethnic cleansing (background and resources at Stop the Wall ). More people are waking up to the reality of the historical and ongoing injustice inflicted on the Palestinian people. Even more people are beginning to realize the centrality of this issue in the instability and mayhem that extended from Lebanon to Iraq, Iran and beyond. Elites and oppressors like Condi Rice are trying to keep the so called “peace process” alive (which is status quo) while they continue to murder any possibility of real peace. They sweep under the rug their own complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity.

But humanity refuses to surrender and I am always amazed first at the resilience, adaptability, and amazing spirit of our people. I am also amazed at the refusal of so many people to play their assigned roles of passive consumers (consumers of products and consumers of propaganda).


How Palestine became “Israel’s Land” : Zionist Crime

For Palestinians, theirs is not the land of conquest, but the land of their roots going back to time immemorial. Such a lineage does not rely on a biblical promise like the Jewish claim that God promised the land to Abraham and his descendants, and is therefore, the historical site of the Jewish kingdom of Israel. It belongs to the people of Palestine by the simple fact of their continuous residence repeated through birth and possession going back to the earliest Canaanites and even those people living there before recorded history. They were there when the Israelites invaded the land, occupied it, and held it intermittently as wave after wave of other conquerors came and went, and they were still there when the Romans put an end to Jewish Palestine by destroying Jerusalem in 135AD. If a religious basis is sought, then the Palestinians can lay claim to being the descendants of Abraham’s son Ishmael who is regarded the forefather of the Arabs. But actually, Palestinian rights are enshrined in the universally accepted principle that land belongs to its indigenous inhabitants. Thus, the modern day struggle for this land by European Jewish immigrants who have no connection with Palestine other than through their religion is a colonial enterprise that seeks sovereignty for an “external Jewish population” to the exclusion of the indigenous Palestinians who, regardless of faith – Jewish, Christian or Muslim – have lived together for centuries.


Video : IOF filmed beating Palestinian youth and attacked by dogs

This is a sample of the IOF harassment to Palestinians. ‘Brave’ soldiers filmed beating and abusing a 17-year-old Palestinian at the West Bank village of Hawara, near Nablus. The teen was on his way home from school. The incident was documented by one of the local residents. Local residents say life in village has become nightmare due to Israeli Occupation Forces violence. [more from ISM]


Israeli army kills one Palestinian child as their forces invade a village near Jenin

Israeli forces invaded the village of Mothalath south of the city of Jenin in the northern part of the West Bank and killed one child on Thursday morning.

A massive Israeli force invaded the village and attacked and searched scores of houses. Israeli soldiers opened fire randomly at residents’ houses and civilians standing on the street.


Pro-Israel lobby robs US democracy of meaning

Dr. Paul J. Balles argues that pressure by the pro-Israel lobby in the USA has critically undermined US democracy. He calls for a return of the US government to the people.

Yesterday an Arab friend sent me an email full of photos of Americans holding up signs saying “We’re sorry.” These were people who felt guilty about what the American government has been doing around the world.


Worst fighting in Mogadishu for 15 years

Rebels shot down an Ethiopian helicopter gunship over Mogadishu on Friday as the worst fighting in the Somali capital for more than 15 years left dozens of civilians dead.

Clashes between insurgent fighters and joint Ethiopian and Somali government forces erupted across the city before the Mi-24 gunship was hit by a missile and came down on waste land in Mogadishu airport, killing both Ethiopian crew members.


Civilian deaths mount in Mogadishu

Earlier on Friday, armed groups shot down an Ethiopian helicopter [Reuters]

Violence has continued in Mogadishu, the Somali capital, for a third day, in what the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has called “the worst fighting in more than 15 years”.

Corpses lay in the streets on Saturday as ongoing fighting and mortar fire made it difficult to retrieve bodies or tally the dead.


9/11 : Guantánamo prisoner charges confession extracted through torture

A Guantánamo detainee has charged that he was tortured into confessing to a role in the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole. Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, 41, a Saudi national of Yemeni descent, said he faced years of torture following his arrest in 2002 and that he fabricated stories to satisfy his captors.

Al-Nashiri was one of 14 detainees moved by the US to the Guantánamo prison camp last September. These 14 “high-value” detainees were transferred following the exposure of a network of CIA-run secret prisons around the world and the Bush administration’s acknowledgement of the prisons’ existence.


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