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US Terrorize The Whole World by “War on Terror” – 14 Rabiul Awal 1428 H (2.4.07)

Posted by musliminsuffer on April 2, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===


I reviewed the many dubious scientific arguments of the “official story” and noticed a glaring omission. Let us assume –FOR THE SAKE OF ARGUMENT – that 9-11 fires caused WELDED AND BOLTED steel trusses to “weaken” and the floors to “pancake”. Pray tell, what on earth happened to the solid steel cores of the two towers? ???

Try this. Get two empty aluminum cans. Place a 5 inch long bolt upright in one can, and leave the other empty. Squash the empty can with your foot. Then, try to stomp on the cans with the erect steel bolt. OUCH! Your foot would be impaled. Trust me! Even if you used a sledgehammer, the can with the bolt would offer far more resistance than the can containing just air.

To give u an idea of exactly how mighty the core was, consider; we all saw those planes slice, INTACT, through the WTC walls like a knife through paper, leaving a gaping hole. Even after penetration, they had to still be traveling a few hundred miles per hour. The towers were only 200 feet wide, so we would expect at least some of the plane’s nose/fuselage to exit, or least partially penetrate through the opposite side, in a fraction of a second. Instead they disappeared AND THE OPPOSITE SIDE WAS NOT PUNCTURED. What became of the large planes?? THEY WERE OBLITERATED – STOPPED DEAD IN FLIGHT – UPON REACHING THE CORE. Think about it. That’s how INDESTRUCTIBLE the inner core was.


The War On Terror: The Greatest Hoax Of All Time?

When one examines the history behind the current ‘war on terror’, government sponsored myths begin to unravel.


9/11 : Detainee says he confessed to stop torture

The terrorism suspect contends he was forced to admit to a role in the Cole bombing. A military law expert isn’t surprised.

A detainee accused of being Al Qaeda’s Persian Gulf operations chief said in court that his U.S. captors tortured him for years and forced him to falsely confess to the bombing of the U.S. destroyer Cole and to many other terrorist plots, according to a Pentagon transcript released Friday.

Abd al Rahim al Nashiri , a Saudi of Yemeni descent, told a military board at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, that he had nothing to do with the bombing of the warship in Yemen in 2000 — or with any other terrorist activity.,0,7408256.story?coll=la-home-nation


Why Saudi Arabia sees US presence in Iraq is an occupation?….suddenly

Funny that the White House panicked when King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia called the US presence in Iraq is an occupation while nobody gave a shit about Talabani saying “occupation has negative implications” in his speech in the Arab summit, and that explains why Chevron announced a month ago that they will produce documentaries propaganda [Arabic] about the historical progress achievements in Saudi Arabia [watch video] [Not to mention the new Arab gas line] (for sure Chevron will not show you this part of Saudi Arabia, warning: very graphic video).

Was King Abdullah’s remark a hint to the US companies to abandon Bush because of the mess he created in the Middle-East? the destroying of Iraq?, keeping the Iranian threat alive to empty-milk the Gulf states?…..I guest it is…. and that’s caused the panic in the White House.

Ya Libnan reported that Arabs see both Iran and the USA the biggest threat on the Middle-east stability.


‘Cruel, Callous, Inhumane and Unacceptable.’

An Open Letter to the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, M.P.

Standing in Afghanistan, you called the Iranian holding of fifteen British sailors who it is likely strayed in to Iranian waters: ‘Cruel, callous, inhumane and unacceptable.’ Breathtaking.Compared to the behaviour of the UK and US troops, their treatment in Iran is seemingly a health spa.

‘Cruel, callous, inhumane and unacceptable’, is the total destruction of the country you were standing in. The boiling to death of several thousand prisoners, held in metal trucks in the sweltering summer, under the watch and very possibly at the hands of our American allies (complex accounts differ.) It is the bombing of village after village, of wedding parties and funerals, of goatherders, farmers, shepherds. It is reducing the country to a radioactive nightmare, where families bombed out of their homes have been found living in contaminated bomb craters – and suffering all the signs of radiation poisoning, according to the Uranium Metal Research Project, bleeding from all orifices with other accompanying appalling symptoms.


Zionism And The Birth Of Middle East Terrorism

Ilan Pappe’s book, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, is the most important work on the history of Palestine that has appeared in decades. Its central focus is the manner in which the Zionists designed and executed a plan to expel the Palestinian people from their homeland, to erase the history of those people from the landscape of the new state of Israel, and to create an ersatz history of the region to tell a false Israeli story. Pappe’s history, told with integrity and clarity, provides an essential framework for understanding the birth and development of Middle East terrorism and insurgency.


Somalia : Seeds of Wrath: Bush Sows New Crop of Extremists

Not that anyone cares or anything, but the Bush-backed “regime change” war in Somalia – another of those quickie “mission accomplished” jobs like Afghanistan and Iraq that somehow never quite get accomplished after all – is still raging, with the worst fighting that the capital of Mogadishu has seen in 15 years. Or to put it another way, not since the last major American intervention into Somalia’s affairs – a bipartisan Bush-Clinton operation – in which US troops, taking sides once again in a hydra-headed civil war after the collapse of the regime of an American-backed dicatator, managed to kill around 10,000 Somalis in a few weeks’ time: a mass slaughter that was of course eclipsed by the death of 18 U.S. soldiers after their helicopters were shot down and some of their bodies despoiled by revengeful Somalis. (And speaking of revenge: AP notes that US forces killed almost 300 Somalis in just 12 hours following that “Black Hawk Down” incident.)


9/11 : Hicks case points up problems facing US ‘terror’ tribunals

The conviction of “Aussie Taliban” David Hicks before a US military tribunal has raised fresh questions about Washington’s experiment with “war on terror” trials in Guantanamo.

In the first case to come before the tribunals, Hicks’s plea deal was heavily colored by politics and renewed concerns among rights groups about the court’s independence, evolving rules and court evidence possibly based on abuse.

The outcome, in which Hicks was given a light nine-month prison term, had every sign of a deal produced by Australia’s lobbying of Washington, said Hina Shamsi of Human Rights First.


Iraq : McCain, Obama, and genocide

More than a half-million Iraqis have died because of the U.S. invasion in March, 2003; another million or so died in the decade before that thanks the U.S./U.K. (“U.N.”) sanctions. And in the light of all that, we can still, in this Alice-through the-looking-glass-world we live in, hear this from John McCain: “Failure is genocide.” And when asked by Wolf Blitzer to respond to that statement, here’s the stone-racist response from Barack Obama.

That’s what Barack Obama thinks has been lost in Iraq – hundreds of billions of dollars, and 3,200 lives. The actual genocide that’s taken place in the last 15 years? Sorry, neither he nor McCain nor Wolf Blitzer even acknowledges that that has taken place. The idea simply does not compute in their “the U.S. is a force for good in the world” brains.


US soldier killed INSIDE the Green Zone

A Lycoming County native has died in Iraq.

Army National Guard Sgt. 1st Class Sean Michael Thomas, 33, a 1992 graduate of Hughesville High School, was killed Tuesday when a rocket exploded over his head, his mother Diana Thomas, told the Sun-Gazette Wednesday.

Thomas was walking in the Green Zone in Baghdad when the missile struck, she said she was told.


Palestinians Cant be Forced to Salute its Murderer and Occupant

The Hamas organized a massive rally in Nablus city in commemoration of the birth of Prophet Mohammed, as well as the third death anniversary of their legendary leaders, Sheikh Ahmad Yassin and Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Rantisi.Tens of thousands of Palestinian people and Hamas supporters participated in the rally and chanted pro-unity slogans.Speakers in the rally, including Sheikh Sa’eed Al-Dwaikat of Hamas and Ghassn Al-Masri of the city’s council, stressed the importance of enhancing Palestinian national harmony and political pluralism, vowing not to recognize the Israeli occupation government.

In a statement issued on Friday, the Hamas Movement highlighted the importance of preserving Palestinian national unity regardless of the pains and differences that occurred in the past among the Palestinians. The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, pledged to the Palestinian people to close the painful past and to turn a new page in Palestinian relationship in order to confront the Israeli occupation government – with a united and strong front.


No Beauty in the Beast: Israel without Her Mascara

As a politically correct apostate I have rejected the religion of political correctness which has freed me from the dogmatic and confining requirement to please everyone all the time. This allows me to write what I like, when I like, and about whom I like without qualms. I am completely free of the self imposed limitations that an embrasure of the PC Agenda guarantees and I prefer it that way.


9/11 : Glenn Beck attacks Rosie O’Donnell, calls her a “fat witch”

You have to hear this to believe it. Glenn Beck, who has his own CNN prime time TV series attacks Rosie O’Donnell mercilously calling her a “Fat Witch”, “Whale” etc. This in response to her 9/11 views.

Here are some of his choice quotes:

“Do you know how many oil lamps we can keep burning on Rosie O’Donnell’s fat”

“Think about how much perfume we could make (on her fat)”

Imagine if someone made comments like that about a Jewish person. But it is okay for Glenn Beck to say it about Rosie?

I wonder if Rosie ever thought that the entire mainstream media would be so terrified of her.


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