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US Terrorize The Whole World by “War on Terror” – 20 Rabiul Awal 1428 H (8.4.07)

Posted by musliminsuffer on April 8, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Deaths In Iraq Have Reached 1 Million : US WarCriminal

Grim claim on fourth anniversary of conflict. THE number of deaths in Iraq since the start of the conflict could be as high as one million, it was claimed yesterday.

On the fourth anniversary of the invasion by Allied troops, an Australian scientist insisted the true death toll dwarfed previous estimates. Dr Gideon Polya said: “Using the most comprehensive and authoritative literature and UN demographic data yields an estimate of one million post-invasion excess deaths in Iraq.”

His figure is far higher than the biggest previous estimate of 655,000.

A spokesman for the Stop The War Coalition said the figure was “astonishing”, adding: “Four years after the start of the conflict in Iraq, we can now see what a disaster the war has been.

“Everything we predicted would happen has taken place, but it has been far worse than we feared.”


One million post-invasion Iraqi excess deaths ignored – Silence of Mainstream media

MWC NEWS readers may have encountered a recent article of mine in which the post-invasion excess deaths (avoidable deaths, deaths that did not have to happen) in Occupied Iraq were estimated at 1 million (ONE MILLION). This estimate was based on the very latest medical literature and UN Population Division data sources that were carefully documented in the 2 February 2007 article.

Accordingly I have RE-CALCULATED the “post-invasion Iraqi excess deaths” as of March 2007, making 5 ESTIMATES using 4 INDEPENDENT SETS OF DATA as set out below. The key sources are UNICEF, the UN Population Division and scientific papers from the top US medical epidemiology group in the World’s top Public Health Department (the Bloomberg School of Public Health) at the top Johns Hopkins University and published peer-reviewed in the top medical journal The Lancet (for further details and detailed documentation of what follows see MWC News and HERE ):


Yvonne Ridley: Australian media is hostile to Muslims, several MPs wanted her banned from country

British firebrand Yvonne Ridley has accused Australia’s media of being hostile towards Muslims, as Labor demanded to know why the Islamic convert was allowed into the country.

The former investigative reporter, in Melbourne for a major religious conference, was quoted in news reports today saying Australians were among the world’s worst Muslim haters.


Robert Fisk: The true story of free speech in America

This systematic censorship of Middle East reality continues even in schools.

Laila al-Arian was wearing her headscarf at her desk at Nation Books, one of my New York publishers. No, she told me, it would be difficult to telephone her father. At the medical facility of his North Carolina prison, he can only make a few calls – monitored, of course – and he was growing steadily weaker.


Film on “RadicalIslam” Tied to Pro-Israel Groups promoting anti-Muslim hatred

WASHINGTON – A controversial documentary on the threat of radical Islam, promoted by the two most-watched U.S. cable news networks, was marketed and supported in part by self-described “pro-Israel” groups, according to an IPS investigation.

Abbreviated versions and segments of “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” ran on FOX News and CNN, but neither station disclosed the film’s connection to HonestReporting, a watchdog group that monitors the media for allegedly negative portrayals of Israel.
URL to article:


9/11 A Child in War: Detaining Omar Khadr Violates Our Moral and Legal Principles

That was in November 2004, a few months after the Supreme Court had ruled, in Rasul v. Bush, that detainees at Guantánamo had a right to have access to lawyers and to the U.S. courts.

Omar and his family, all Canadian citizens, lived in Kabul at the time the United States took military action against the Taliban in Afghanistan in October 2001. He was separated from his parents and siblings as they tried to make their way to Pakistan, and he was taken into U.S. custody in July 2002. He was severely wounded in a confrontation with U.S. and U.S.-supported troops during which a U.S. soldier died.

He was 15 years old when captured, a child by any measure. He spent the first several months of his detention at the U.S. air base at Bagram, Afghanistan, where he was aggressively interrogated, including questioning on a hospital stretcher and without the benefits of pain medication. Then he was sent to Guantánamo in October. Brutal and virtually continuous physical and psychological interrogation continued after his transfer and throughout most of 2003.


9/11 facts on the Sudden Implosion of WTC Building 7 are inconsistent with official Muslim conspiracy scenario

Everyone remembers the Twin Towers exploding at 9:59AM and 10:28AM EDT on September 11, 2001. Comparatively few people can recall that there was a third massive skyscraper, also a part of the World Trade Center, which fell very rapidly to the ground on that day. This was World Trade Center Building 7.1

One reason that few remember WTC Building 7’s collapse is that after September 11th it has been treated, both in the media and in The 9/11 Commission Report, as if it didn’t happen.

“The total collapse of the third huge skyscraper late in the afternoon September 11th was reported as if it were an insignificant footnote… most people never saw video of Building 7’s collapse… Incredibly, it is virtually impossible to find any mention of Building 7 in newspapers, magazines, or broadcast media reports after September 11th.” 2

“The Commission avoids another embarrassing problem – explaining how WTC 7 could have collapsed, also virtually at free-fall speed – by simply not mentioning the collapse of this building.” 3

The collapse of Building 7 at 5:20PM EDT was in itself a major event; the sudden and unexplained fall to earth of a 47-story steel-framed skyscraper is certainly news. Why has there been almost no mention of this in the U.S. corporate mass-media, and why was there no mention of Building 7’s collapse in The 9/11 Commission Report? These are questions of great significance, and they cry out for answers. To be able to approach any kind of explanation, however, first some pertinent and verified facts of the Building 7 aspect of 9/11 need to be scrutinized.


9/11 : Guantánamo Follies

There has been much speculation about the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear an appeal from a group of Guantánamo Bay inmates until they have exhausted their legal options. Was the court signaling that the appeal had no merit? Were the court’s liberals waiting for a better chance to review President Bush’s unconstitutional detention system for “illegal enemy combatants”?

Whatever the justices’ intentions, we saw one clear message in their decision, and we hope that Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker, and Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, saw it too. It is past time for Congress to undo the grievous damage done by President Bush’s abuse of the Constitution when he created his system of secret prisons and public internment camps to detain selected foreigners indefinitely without any real legal challenge.


9/11 Truth Movement: Only Growing Stronger – And the Media are Frightened to Death!

The corporate media have launched a desperate attempt to eliminate all discussions about the official body of evidence related to the events of 9/11. Just watch how they are trying frantically to get Rosie O’Donnell fired from ABC’s The View. Also think back to when the media launched a broad based attack against the character of Charlie Sheen for daring to publicly question the official story of 9/11. Rosie, however, is a much greater problem for the criminals in the media. She is on a daily network TV program with a large audience that doesn’t even know that questions and disturbing facts about 9/11 exist.


The Brutality of Rudy Giuliani

What is often forgotten and ignored is the well worn streak of brutality and totalitarianism that runs like a river through both his public and private actions. Let us look back to before the 9/11, to 1999 and Giuliani’s dramatic reforming of the NYPD for both the better and the worst.

He feels no doubt and would not hesitate, as Bush continues to “feel no doubt” about his decision to attack, invade and occupy an unarmed Arab nation?

This “lack of doubt”, his self-righteous and authoritarian nature is exactly why he continues to be the rights true darling, and why should he succeed in claiming the Republican nomination he should be opposed by all who abhor neo-con fascists at all costs.


War Criminal : Pentagon report debunks prewar Iraq-Al Qaeda connection

Declassified document cites lack of ‘evidence of a long-term relationship,’ although No. 3 Defense staffer called contact ‘mature and symbiotic.’

A declassified report by the Pentagon’s acting Inspector General Thomas F. Gimble provides new insight into the circumstances behind former Pentagon official Douglas Feith’s pre-Iraq war assessment of an Iraq-Al Qaeda connection — an assessment that was contrary to US intelligence agency findings, and helped bolster the Bush administration’s case for the Iraq war.

The report, which was made public in summary form in February, was released in full on Thursday by Sen. Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. In a statement accompanying the 121-page report, Senator Levin said: “It is important for the public to see why the Pentagon’s Inspector General concluded that Secretary Feith’s office ‘developed, produced and then disseminated alternative intelligence assessments on the Iraq and al-Qaeda relationship,’ which included ‘conclusions that were inconsistent with the consensus of the Intelligence Community.’ ”


Video War Criminal : Mossad In Iraq – Facts of Zionist Terrorism

This film present the israeli Mossad training in northern Iraq to the “Peshmerga,” Kurdish forces, to push them to carry out killing and destruction of the Iraqis and downs of the Iraqi resistance to tarnish its image.


APRIL 9 : US War Crime

Four years ago, many of us awoke to see Saddam Hussein’s statue being torn down in Baghdad. The media ate it up. This was as eventful as the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, George Bush stated. Iraq was free, most pundits wrote or spoke. The U.S. proved its naysayers to be wrong. Baghdad had fallen with a minimal loss of U.S. lives. A democratic Iraq was just over the horizon.

What you saw wasn’t real. Saddam’s statue was not torn down by Iraqis. The event was staged and well-rehearsed by the U.S. military.

It appears that the “experts” who assessed the implications of the statue coming down were all wrong. The U.S. military was not met with a flower-throwing public; almost 3500 U.S. soldiers, 1000 U.S. civilian “security” personnel; and hundreds of other foreign nationals have been killed since April 9, 2003. Tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers have been severely wounded since that date. There is no democracy in Iraq. There is no government in Iraq. There is no peace in Iraq. It looks like the experts were a little premature in their basking in glory.


U.S. air strike hits volatile Iraqi city

DIWANIYA, Iraq (Reuters) – U.S. forces launched an air strike in Diwaniya on Saturday as U.S. and Iraqi troops fought for a second day to overcome Shi’ite militias and bring the city back under government control.

A local hospital source and a resident said six people, including two children and a woman, were killed in the missile strike on a home in the centre of the city, 110 miles south of Baghdad.


America’s Broken-Down Army

For most Americans, the Iraq war is both distant and never ending. For Private Matthew Zeimer, it was neither. Shortly after midnight on Feb. 2, Zeimer had his first taste of combat as he scrambled to the roof of the 3rd Infantry Division’s Combat Outpost Grant in central Ramadi. Under cover of darkness, Sunni insurgents were attacking his new post from nearby buildings. Amid the smoke, noise and confusion, a blast suddenly ripped through the 3-ft. concrete wall shielding Zeimer and a fellow soldier, killing them both. Zeimer had been in Iraq for a week. He had been at his first combat post for two hours.,8599,1606888,00.html


Saturday: 1 GI, 64 Iraqis Killed; 53 Iraqis Wounded

At least 64 Iraqis were killed or found dead during violent activity today; another 53 were wounded, and ten Iraqis were kidnapped south of Kirkuk. Several explosions around the country resulted only in property damage. Also, a U.S. soldier was killed by a roadside bomb in west Baghdad yesterday. Two British soldiers were wounded in a bomb blast west of Basra.


We did not lose in Iraq!

Believe it or not, what is happening in Iraq today is very much okay with democrats and republicans. No worries bro, access to oil will always be there!!!

If we accept what is obvious; instability as the core of American foreign policy in the Middle East, then we are winning.


Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Friday, 6 April 2007

  • US attack kills 10 civilians near al-Fallujah Friday morning.
  • Mysterious bomb kills seven family members in ‘Amiriyat al-Fallujah Friday morning.
  • US, puppet troops arrest 22 in dawn raids near al-Fallujah Friday.
  • Whose interests is al-Qa‘idah serving? Iraqi Resistance organization issues statement in response to activities and demands of al-Qa‘idah in Iraq.
  • US troops kill Iraqi civilian in Baghdad Friday afternoon.
  • US admits soldier killed Thursday in at-Ta’mim Province.
  • Truck bomb targets puppet police checkpoint in ar-Ramadi Friday.
  • Mortar shells target Sunni mosque just after Friday prayers in continuing effort to drive Sunnis out of Baghdad district.
  • Three puppet troops wounded in Resistance attack on checkpoint.
  • Mortar shells wound civilians. US troops kill Iraqi civilian in Baghdad Friday afternoon. Shooting reported.
  • Al-Mahmudiyah, Civilian wounded in mysterious mortar attack.
  • Resistance bomb blasts US Humvee in ad-Diwaniyah, midday Friday.
  • US locks down city of ad-Diwaniyah for mass raids and searches Friday.
  • US admits soldier killed Thursday in at-Ta’mim Province.
  • Car bomb targets Peshmergah headquarters in al-Mawsil.
  • Tribal shaykh gunned down in drive-by shooting in al-Mawsil Friday afternoon.
  • Third attack in two days targets Qur’an School in al-Mawsil Thursday night.
  • US announces its forces arrested 179 people in two days of raids in Ninwa Province.


Zionist Terrorism : Time for Israel to go back to 1967

SINCE the founding of the state of Israel, successive Israeli governments have done their best to ensure the question of a Palestinian state remains perpetually in limbo.

Commenting on Israel’s disengagement from Gaza, former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon’s spokesman Dov Weisglass said: “It supplies the amount of formaldehyde that’s necessary so that there will not be a political process with the Palestinians.”


Why is Arab criticism always labeled as conspiracy to destroy Israel?

The Arab-Israeli public recently marked “Land Day.” This event originated in 1976, when thousands went on strike and protested the government’s intention to expropriate land in northern Israel in order to establish Jewish communities. Six Arab citizens were killed during these protests, and since that time the Palestinian people and broad sections of the Arab people have been marking “Land Day” on March 30 every year as a symbol of the struggle against discrimination and aspiration for peace and equality.


IOF troops kidnap mother of two detainees to force them confess

QALQILIA, (PIC)– An IOF unit at dawn Saturday broke into the home of a Palestinian family in Qalqilia city and kidnapped the mother of two detainees to force them to confess, father of the detainees told PIC.


Israel’s Nazi Atrocities: The Dawud Story

Almost two weeks ago, my friend Dawud, a high school English teacher from Kufr ‘Ain, called me nearly in tears to report the checkpoint hold-up that had cost him his six-month-old son. Shortly after midnight on March 8th, my friend’s baby began having trouble breathing.

His parents quickly got a taxi to take him to the nearest hospital in Ramallah, where they hoped to secure an oxygen tent, which had helped him recover from difficult respiratory episodes in the past.

As the family was rushing from their Palestinian town in the West Bank to their Palestinian hospital in the West Bank, they were stopped at Atara checkpoint, where an Israeli soldier asked for the father’s, mother’s, and driver’s IDs.

Dawud explained to the soldier that his son needed urgent medical care, but the soldier insisted on checking the three IDs first, a process that usually takes a few minutes.


Israel launches deadly raid in Gaza

Residents said the helicopters fired at least two missiles at Palestinians near the Jabalya refugee camp early on Saturday.

An Israeli army spokesperson said the helicopters fired at a “group of militants” who had tried to plant an explosive device near the border fence.


US Dictatorship : 13-Year-Old Arrested In School For Writing On Desk

(CBS) NEW YORK In this day and age where young students are frequently charged for serious school offenses such as possessing weapons, dealing drugs, or assaulting other students on school property, one Brooklyn teen’s arrest may come as a surprise. A 13-year-old girl was handcuffed and placed under arrest in front of her classmates in Dyker Heights after she wrote “Okay” on her desk.

The “suspect,” Chelsea Fraser, says she’s sorry for scribbling the word on her desk, but both she and her mother are shocked at the punishment.

“I’m appalled, because here we have rapists, murderers, and you’re taking a 13-year-old kid? Wasting valuable manpower to arrest a child who wrote on a desk?” Fraser’s mother Diana Silva told CBS 2.


Iranians behind Sept. 11 attacks: Rudy Giliani

As for Iran, Mr. Giuliani said that “in the long term,” it might be “more dangerous than Iraq.”

He then casually lumped Iran with Al Qaeda. “Their movement has already displayed more aggressive tendencies by coming here and killing us,” he said.

Mr. Giuliani was asked in an interview to clarify that, inasmuch as Iran had no connection to the Sept. 11 attacks. Further, most of its people are Shiites, whereas Al Qaeda is an organization of Sunnis.

“They have a similar objective,” he replied, “in their anger at the modern world.”


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