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US Terrorize The Whole World by “War on Terror” – 25 Rabiul Awal 1428 H (13.4.07)

Posted by musliminsuffer on April 13, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

In case you missed it: Afghan Massacre – The Convoy of Death

In Afghanistan, filmmaker Jamie Doran has uncovered evidence of a massacre: Taliban prisoners of war suffocated in containers, shot in the desert under the watch of American troops.

The film has been broadcast on national television in countries all over the world and has been screened by the European parliament. Human rights lawyers are calling for investigation into whether U.S. forces are guilty of war crimes. But no U.S. media outlet has broadcast the film.

It tells the story of thousands of prisoners who surrendered to the US military’s Afghan allies after the siege of Kunduz. According to eyewitnesses, some three thousand of the prisoners were forced into sealed containers and loaded onto trucks for transport to Sheberghan prison. Eyewitnesses say when the prisoners began shouting for air, U.S.-allied Afghan soldiers fired directly into the truck, killing many of them. The rest suffered through an appalling road trip lasting up to four days, so thirsty they clawed at the skin of their fellow prisoners as they licked perspiration and even drank blood from open wounds.


How the FBI framed a Muslim charity : Islamophobia and Racist

YET MORE evidence of the government’s persecution of Arabs and Muslims since September 11 has come to light.

More than five years ago, the Bush administration shut down the Dallas-based Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, the largest Muslim charity in the U.S. The Feds labeled Holy Land a “specially designated global terrorist” and charged seven former foundation officials, including six U.S. citizens, with funneling money to overseas charities controlled by the Palestinian group Hamas, which the U.S. also has designated a terrorist organization.

Much of the government’s case against Holy Land was based on FBI “summaries” of thousands of hours of classified wiretapped conversations­including one of a 1996 conversation involving charity officials.

But in late February, lawyers for the foundation revealed that much of the government’s “official summary” of that conversation appears to have been fabricated.


Documents show new secretive US prison program isolating Muslim, Middle Eastern prisoners – Program in apparent violation of federal law

The US Department of Justice has implemented a secretive new prison program segregating “high-security-risk” Muslim and Middle Eastern prisoners and tightly restricting their communications with the outside world in apparent violation of federal law, according to documents obtained by RAW STORY.

Documents obtained by RAW STORY show that the CMU program, instituted Dec. 11, 2006 — shortly after the mid-term elections in which Democrats won both chambers of Congress — is being implemented at Terre Haute Federal Correctional Institution in Indiana.

Under the CMU program, telephone communications must be conducted using monitored phone lines, be live-monitored by staff, are subject to recording, and must be in English only. All letters must be reviewed by staff prior to delivery or sending. Visits must be non-contact only, live-monitored, and subject to recording in English.


Bush has “near dictatorial power”

So apparently, the American Founders risked their lives and fortunes in order to wage war against Great Britain and declare independence from the King — all in order to vest “near dictatorial power” in the American President in all matters of foreign policy and national security. And, of course, for the Michael Goldfarbs of the world, “war” and “national security” — and the “near dictatorial power” vested in the President in those areas — now encompasses virtually every government action, since scary and dangerous Muslims are lurking everywhere, on every corner, and the entire world is one big “battlefield” in the “War on Terrorism,” including U.S. soil.


Occupation turf war sheds new light on the Nick Berg case – US contractors ‘tortured’ for talking to the FBI

The case of Donald Vance, an American citizen secretly imprisoned by the US military in Iraq after making accusations against an Iraqi-owned security company for which he worked, has revealing parallels with the 2004 disappearance of Nick Berg, a US contractor whose murder is officially attributed to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

The Nicholas Berg execution:
A working hypothesis and a resolution for the orange jumpsuit mystery
23 May 2004
Why was Nick Berg wearing a US prison “jumpsuit” when he was apparently executed on video by what are claimed to be al-Qaeda-linked terrorists? Something fishy there, but there was an elegant explanation. This was my first work on the case, later elaborated by …

New evidence and observations on the Berg case
18 July 2004
A close comparison of frames from the Berg video and pictures from Abu Ghraib prison reveals more evidence that the execution video was recorded in the notorious prison complex. Also, a refinement on the issue of the orange jumpsuit, which was actually a two-piece US prison uniform. And for an “off camera” view of a videotaped interrogation like the one seen in the opening 13 seconds of the Berg execution video, see the postscript to this piece. WARNING: disturbing images.


Killing from on High

In reality, “Death from Above” means nothing less than mass murder from 15,000 feet. It means daisy cutters, bunker busters, cruise missiles, napalm, and white phosphorous. It means depleted uranium and cluster bombs littering the landscape for decades. It means rubble, destruction, the ruination of lives by the hundreds, by the thousands and more. It means Dresden, Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. It means “shock and awe.” It means 9/11. It means more than space allows me to explain, yet it’s perfectly normal for an American to slap a “Death from Above” decal on his/her vehicle…right next to “support the troops” sticker.


April 2007: The deadliest month of the Iraq occupation

We’re more than a third of the way through April now, and I haven’t seen this actually reported in the media anywhere, but unfortunately this has been the deadliest month for the U.S.-led coalition forces — on an average daily basis — of the four-year occupation of Iraq.

So far, according to, 47 American troops and six British soliders have died in the 11 days of April so far — an average of 4.82 coalition deaths every day. And — looking at the month to month statistics — no month has been that high since Baghdad fell on April 9, 2003.


An April Fool ?

April 11, 2007 – On April Fool’s Day, 1st April, Senator John McCain went for a stroll in Baghdad’s central, sprawling Shorja Market. There were “encouraging signs”, he said “progress” was “evident”. The man whose 2004 book is entitled: “Why Courage Matters – The Way to a Braver Life”, wore body armour and was reported as accompanied by one hundred soldiers, three Blackhawk helicopters and two Apaches. The Iraq debate in Congress “has an Alice in Wonderland quality about it”, he comments on his website ( ). So did his market visit, where the “warm” people even refused money for his “souvenirs”. Probably because a very proud people would not take an invasion supporter’s cash if it was the last on the planet.


Refugees Speak of Escape from Hell

“America is the reason why Iraq was invaded, so we would like the American administration to give aid to us refugees,” she added. “I would like people to read this and tell Bush to help us.”


Payment sought in murder of Iraqi and Afghan civilians by US. occupation forces

The military has paid more than $32 million to Iraqi and Afghan civilians for non-combat-related killings, injuries and property damage. That figure does not include condolence payments.


Kurdistan’s Covert Back-Channels : Iraq Muslim ‘s Traitor

How an ex-Mossad chief, a German uberspy, and a gaggle of top-dollar GOP lobbyists helped Kurdistan snag 15 tons of $100 bills.


Who’s behind the attack in parliament?

Several other lawmakers also said they saw the limbs, believed to be those of the bomber.

Earlier in the day, security officials used dogs to check people entering the building in a rare precaution — apparently concerned that an attack might take place.

But a security scanner that checks pedestrians at the entrance to the Green Zone near the parliament building was not working Thursday, Abu Bakr said. People were searched only by hand and had to pass through metal detectors, he said.

La ballah! It didn’t work on the very day a suicide bomber got through? COME ON. Who did this? El gringo, of course. And buddy Mehdi.


Green Zone Down: Bomb Hits Parliament As Bush Moves to Make Baghdad a Prison

The Bush-McCain “surge” is working so well that now the very heart of the American-installed, American-protected Iraqi government has been struck by a bomb, killing at least two legislators, as the Washington Post, AP and the Guardian report.


4 Years On, the Gap Between Iraq Policy and Practice Is Wide

WASHINGTON, April 11 — Four years after the fall of Baghdad, the White House is once again struggling to solve an old problem: Who is in charge of carrying out policy in Iraq?


Iraq policy ‘spawned new terror’

The British and US policy towards Iraq has “spawned new terror in the region”, a think tank report has said.


Troops accused of killing suspects

Corpses lay unclaimed in deserted streets of central Baghdad yesterday and accusations of extrajudicial execution hung over the US-trained Iraqi Army after the most intensive gun battle in the capital since the American military launched its last-ditch security plan to prevent the collapse of the city.


Thursday: 52 Iraqis Killed, 86 Wounded; Iraqi Parliament Suffers Bombing

A bomb at the Iraqi Parliament building in the fortified Green Zone and another on a major bridge shook Baghdad today and underscored weaknesses in the security crackdown. Overall, at least 52 Iraqis were killed and 86 injured during violent attacks today. No foreign casualties were reported.


Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Wednesday, 11 April 2007

  • US admits two American troops killed in Resistance attacks in Baghdad Tuesday, Wednesday.
  • Explosion rocks area in al-A‘zamiyah Wednesday afternoon.
  • Islamic Army spokesman: US, Iran behind many car bombings in Iraq.
  • Resistance fighters assault puppet police at checkpoint in al-Miqdadiyah Wednesday afternoon.
  • Attacks target puppet police stations in al-Mawsil.
  • British troops report clash with “armed men” in al-Basrah.


Afghani mass grave hides 400 dead

THE bodies of nearly 400 Afghan civilians killed during the communist regime that ended in 1992 have been found in a mass grave in northeastern Afghanistan.

The grave was found by local farmers in a desert just outside Faizabad, the capital town of the remote Badakhshan province, deputy governor Shams-ul Rahman Shams said.


Two more Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan: Confirmed

Two Canadians have been killed and three injured in Afghanistan, a military official at CFB Gagetown says.


Zionist War Crime : “68 women gave birth on checkpoints, 33 infants and 4 women died”

The Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizens Rights (PICCR) reported that Israeli troops stationed at hundreds of roadblocks in the occupied territories barred dozens of pregnant women from crossing the checkpoints while in labor; 34 infants and four women died on their roadblocks.

The Commission reported that soldiers forced 68 pregnant women to give birth on road blocks after barring them from crossing as they were being transferred to hospitals and medical centers.


UN envoy on children says Israel broke international law in 2006 war in Lebanon

A UN envoy for children in conflict said Thursday she had been horrified by the destruction of a Lebanese village besieged by Israeli troops last year, and that many of Israel’s actions during the war against Hezbollah had violated international law.


On Video: Palestinian As Human Shield

International law, including the Geneva Conventions and Hague regulations, prohibits placing civilians in harm’s way during military operations.


Ex-FBI boss blasts MI5’s Ulster record

This is the first time that Freeh has so openly criticised MI5, which worked closely with the FBI in operations against the IRA while Freeh was FBI director.


White House Can’t Say If Lost E-Mails Include Firings

The Bush administration acknowledged that some lost White House e-mails might have dealt with the firing of eight U.S. attorneys, as a Senate panel stepped up demands for more information on the removal of the prosecutors.


Leahy Doubts Bush Aides on Lost E-Mails

President Bush’s aides are lying about White House e-mails sent on a Republican account that might have been lost, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy suggested Thursday, vowing to subpoena those documents if the administration fails to cough them up.,,-6552441,00.html


Awful Truth About Hillary, Barack, John and Whitewash

This year, with their virtually identical statements about “options” and “the table,” the leading Democratic presidential candidates – Clinton, Obama and Edwards – have refused to rule out any kind of attack on Iran. If you’re not shocked or outraged yet, consider this:


Rev Al Sharpton on FBI Tape – Drug Dealer &Snitch

A shocking FBI surveillance tape shows the Rev. Al Sharpton discussing a major drug deal with an undercover agent posing as a South American kingpin.

The black activist was offered thousands of dollars as a cut for arranging bulk sales of cocaine on the 1983 videotape, which will be shown tonight on HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.”

“I can get pure coke … for about 35,000 a kilo,” says Victor Quintana, the FBI agent, as Sharpton nods during the sting operation. “But I gotta get, you know, more than one.”

“Right,” Sharpton replies.


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