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US Terrorize The Whole World by “War on Terror” – 26 Rabiul Awal 1428 H (14.4.07)

Posted by musliminsuffer on April 14, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

ACLU Releases Files on Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq

The files made public today are claims submitted to the U.S. Foreign Claims Commissions by surviving Iraqi and Afghan family members of civilians said to have been killed or injured or to have suffered property damages due to actions by Coalition Forces. The ACLU released a total of 496 files: 479 from Iraq and 17 from Afghanistan. The documents released by the ACLU are available online in a searchable database at

“Since U.S. troops first set foot in Afghanistan in 2001, the Defense Department has gone to unprecedented lengths to control and suppress information about the human costs of war,” said Anthony D. Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU. “Our democracy depends on an informed citizenry, and it is critical that the American people have access to full and accurate information about the prosecution of the war and the implications for innocent civilians.”

The ACLU pointed out that during both the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Defense Department has instituted numerous policies designed to control information about the human costs of war. These policies include:

  • Banning photographers on U.S. military bases from covering the arrival of caskets containing the remains of U.S. soldiers killed overseas;
  • Paying Iraqi journalists to write positive accounts of the U.S. war effort;
  • Inviting U.S. journalists to “embed” with military units but requiring them to submit their stories for pre-publication review;
  • Erasing journalists’ footage of civilian deaths in Afghanistan; and
  • Refusing to disclose statistics on civilian casualties.


The Baghdad Gulag : War Criminal

There were hundreds of thousands, perhaps more than a million Iraqi nationalists, waving Iraqi flags – with no room for a religious divide – responding to Muqtada’s call for “Occupation out!” The Shi’ite million-man march proved once again Sadrists rule the Shi’ite street – and are the most powerful political force among Iraqi Shi’ites.


Victim Recounts Iraqi Police Torture : War Criminal

Ala’a Emad Al-Dulaimi, a young man in his early twenties, sits in the living room of a friend’s house in a quiet Damascus neighborhood as he retells the nightmare of his arrest almost a year ago. The intensity of Al-Dulaimi’s experience is palpable, though his face remains dispassionate throughout most of the two hours it takes to detail the complicated maze of his encounter with Iraq’s corrupt justice system—one in which bribes and torture are so common even Donald Rumsfeld acknowledged them prior to his resignation.

In early 2005 Human Rights Watch reported that torture and abuse by Iraqi authorities were “routine and commonplace.” The Al-Maliki government promised reforms, but in July last year the Los Angeles Times reported Iraqi Interior Ministry investigations revealed over 400 incidents of police misconduct, which included “the rape of female prisoners, the release of terrorism suspects in exchange for bribes, assassinations of police officers and participation in insurgent bombings.” Most went unpunished.


Israel torturing Palestinian child prisoners : War Criminal

Appalling photographs of abuse and torture by American guards at U.S. military bases and detention facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan shocked the international community, but the Palestinians have been suffering harsher treatment inside Israeli prisons since the 1967 occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The Palestinians’ suffering at the hands of the Israelis is worse than in any other part of the world. Many of the Palestinian detainees are children, who are subjected to physical and psychological torture by Israeli interrogators and prison guards.

Mohammed Mahsiri, a 17-year-old resident of Dheisheh refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, was arrested by Israeli occupation forces almost a year and a half ago. “I was taken to a detention centre and interrogated…The interrogation would begin at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and would finish after eleven p.m. I was beaten all the time, especially if the soldiers did not get the answers they wanted,” he told IPS.


Swedish teen: U.S. troops ‘war criminal’ led operation

A Swedish teenager who was imprisoned for weeks with alleged terror suspects in Ethiopia said in an interview published Thursday that Americans in military uniform directed the Kenyan soldiers who took her into custody on the Somali-Kenyan border.


The bombing of Somalia – U.S. grabs for power in Horn of Africa : WarCriminal

Why is the U.S. Air Force strafing southern Somalia? Why is the carrier USS Eisenhower in the Indian Ocean? What possible threat is Somalia to the U.S.?

The White House claims the right to attack other countries to get suspected al-Qaeda members. But no al-Qaeda operatives were hit on Jan. 8, the first acknowledged U.S. military action in Somalia since 1994. Seventy nomads and their cattle perished. The herders were bombed at night as they camped around fires to deflect mosquitoes.


9/11 Revealed : Former Bush Speechwriter Hints at 9/11 Inside Job

A GOP insider, former Bush 41 speechwriter and close friend of the Bush family writes in his new book that before 9/11, the Neo-Cons in control of the Bush administration were eager to seize upon a manufactured provocation to go to war – just as LBJ had done with the Gulf Of Tonkin in 1965, and questions the official 9/11 story.

Gold confirms that war in Iraq was decided upon from day one, and that a fake pretext was readied and anticipated before 9/11 happened. Though Gold still pins the blame on Al-Qaeda, in acknowledging the fact that the Bush administration would have staged a false flag attack anyway had it not been for 9/11, he is one small step away from intimating that the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon were an inside job.

“There would be regime change in Iraq,” writes Gold, “All that the Neo-Con war hawks, in the Bush administration and out, needed to bring it about was an excuse to invade. Looking back a half-decade and knowing what we now know, who could doubt that if al Qaeda hadn’t obliged the Neo-Cons with 9/11, the Kristolites would have torn a page out of history and, with Rupert Murdoch playing the role of William Randolph Hearst, given us a reprise of the sinking of the Maine?”


Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked : Another Dirty Work of CIA Revealed

A FORMER Scottish police chief has given lawyers a signed statement claiming that key evidence in the Lockerbie bombing trial was fabricated.

The retired officer – of assistant chief constable rank or higher – has testified that the CIA planted the tiny fragment of circuit board crucial in convicting a Libyan for the 1989 mass murder of 270 people.
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The police chief, whose identity has not yet been revealed, gave the statement to lawyers representing Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, currently serving a life sentence in Greenock Prison.

The evidence will form a crucial part of Megrahi’s attempt to have a retrial ordered by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC). The claims pose a potentially devastating threat to the reputation of the entire Scottish legal system.

The officer, who was a member of the Association of Chief Police Officers Scotland, is supporting earlier claims by a former CIA agent that his bosses “wrote the script” to incriminate Libya.


A Paradigm Shift: America as Proxy

While the US was the major power that often orchestrated proxy wars through clandestine tactics, as it did in Central America and various parts of Asia, Israel is now adopting a similar scheme. In most instances in the past, Israel managed to sway US administrations to behave according to the misleading mantra: “What’s good for Israel is good for America.” But a clash of interests here is unavoidable.


The True Face Of This Administration Fully Revealed

The article quoted a comment by a senior administration official that was outrageous. – I cannot imagine in any other democracy that the person who made this statement would not immediately be told to resign from his non-elected high office of influence.

Mr. Bush’s National Security Adviser, Stephen J. Hadley, said in an interview on “Meet the Press” on NBC that the White House has sufficient money under its control to deploy the troops as planned, and he suggested that once the troops are in place, Congress would be reluctant to cut off funding.

“I think once they get in harm’s way, Congress’s tradition is to support those troops,” Mr. Hadley said.


The Israel Lobby. Portrait of a Great Taboo : The Power of the Israel Lobby in the United States

A documentary program by the Dutch public broadcast organization VPRO, allows several interesting opinion makers to speak on the future of the American and Israel relationship and the reception of John Mearsheimers and Steve Walts article “The Israel Lobby and US foreign policy.”


War in Iraq “the Sharon war”?

Robert Novak: “I am convinced that Israel made a large contribution to the decision to embark on this war. I know that on the eve of the war, Sharon said, in a closed conversation with senators, that if they could succeed in getting rid of Saddam Hussein, it would solve Israel’s security problems.


Dark of Heartness – A Journey Into The (Reputed) Soul of Conservatism

I have been haunted this last quarter-century, and especially this last decade, by the darkness that has descended over the American political landscape, a long shadow unlike any I remember from the first half of my life.


Uranium dust

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories has applied for a permit to blow up as much as 450 pounds of depleted uranium in explosives tests west of Tracy this year.


In case you missed it: Poison DUst : Video

Poison DUst tells the story of young soldiers who thought they came home safely from the war, but didn’t.


Encouraging Ethnic Chauvinism – Kirkuk, Oil and the Kurds : Iraq Muslim’s Traitor

Before the end of this year, the residents of the city of Kirkuk (about 250 KM north of Baghdad) will partake in a referendum to choose their fate. At issue is whether the oil rich city will be annexed as part of so-called Kurdistan. The history of Kirkuk is emblematic of the greater history of Iraq: It is a city that has always been prone to invasion, has always been seen as a strategic point of defense against rival empires, is ethnically and religiously very mixed and, of course, has been both cursed and blessed by its enormous oil supply. In conforming to this narrative Kirkuk has once again become the focal point of strategic concerns and the current puppet regime in Iraq has agreed to “relocate” Arabs, by removing them from their homes, and “re-settle” Kurds in their place. Taking this action just before the referendum almost insures annexation and de facto Kurdish separation from the rest of Iraq.


“Suicide Bombings” – The Cover Story For US Military Ops In Iraq

Al-sarafiya bridge which, until two days ago, spanned the Tigris in Baghdad, linking Shia and Sunni neighborhoods of the city.

“Suicide bombings” are a daily occurrence in Iraq, and are the major propaganda tool used by the US government and its mainstream media to convince the world that there is still some “freedom and Democracy” work to be done by US troops in Iraq. But what if they are a cover for something else?


A bloody message from Iraq: nowhere is safe

Nowhere is safe. Insurgents struck in the heart of the Green Zone yesterday, one of the most heavily defended places in Baghdad. The symbolism – and the bloody message – was clear with this attack on the home to the US-imposed democracy.


Drug use, trafficking soar following US occupation; 24,000 Iraqis officially reported having used drugs, real number said far higher.

In a dispatch posted at 3:25pm Baghdad time Thursday afternoon, the Association of Muslim Scholars of Iraq (AMSI) reported that the Reform Society for combating Drugs in Iraq announced that the number of drug users in the country is on the increase, as a result of the war and the chaotic security situation that has turned Iraq into a drug market. Some of the narcotics are consumed within the country; some pass through on their way to other markets.


War on Terror Looks Like a Fraud

It’s becoming pretty clear that Iraq has been ‘pacified’ solely for the purpose of economic aggression.

Contrary to the “patriots” who try to use the deaths of our soldiers in Afghanistan to stifle debate on Canada’s involvement in the War on Terror, I would say that as new evidence presents itself, we would indeed be cowards to ignore it simply because we’ve lost troops in the field and are therefore blindly committed to the mission.

And new evidence is piling up around us, arguably strong enough to declare the whole War on Terror an undeniable fraud.

“The key point of the law,” wrote Mother Jones’ Washington correspondent James Ridgeway on March 1, “is that Iraq’s immense oil wealth (115 billion barrels of proven reserves, third in the world after Saudi Arabia and Iran) will be under the iron rule of a fuzzy ‘Federal Oil and Gas Council’ boasting ‘a panel of oil experts from inside and outside Iraq.’ That is, nothing less than predominantly U.S. Big Oil executives.


A forbidden city inside Baghdad

The Green Zone is a forbidden city, a concrete fortress in the heart of Baghdad housing the Iraqi government, the US embassy, the British embassy and the Iraqi parliament. It is defended by concrete blast walls and well-fortified checkpoints.

From a distance, the first signs of the Green Zone are the cranes rising above the enormous new US embassy. They are impossible to miss because they are the only new cranes in Baghdad.

A closer view of the Green Zone reveals that it is entirely surrounded by grey concrete blast walls to stop suicide bombers or other attackers. These walls run along the right-bank of the Tigris river and then run inland, blocking main roads and slicing through neighbourhoods.


The most secure place in Iraq?

Ordinary people undergo a full body search. Dogs sniff for explosives, luggage and equipment are opened. Electronic vehicle scanners screen large cars and lorries.


The spectre of Saigon looms over Baghdad

That someone was able to pass through the security checks yesterday with explosives sufficient to inflict so much death and destruction means that the “green zone” can no longer be considered impregnable.


The Life Of An Iraqi Is Worth The Same As A Zebra

Yesterday’s NYTimes had a story about the US government paying up to but hopefully no more than $2,500 for every Iraqi killed.


3 soldiers killed near Baghdad

BAGHDAD (AP) — Three U.S. soldiers and two Iraqi translators were killed in two attacks south of Baghdad, the military said on Friday. Eight soldiers were wounded.


Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 12 April 2007

  • Iraqi Resistance bomber attacks puppet “Iraqi Parliament” inside top-security “Green Zone,” killing puppet politicians just after midday Thursday.
  • Bomb explodes in Baghdad’s al-Karradah district Thursday evening.
  • Resistance bomb rips through US Humvee in Baghdad’s al-Hurriyah district Thursday afternoon.
  • Bomb blasts rock Baghdad Thursday afternoon.
  • Eleven bodies found in Baghdad Thursday, more victims of Shi‘i sectarian torture, murder.
  • Bomb explodes in al-‘Amiriyah. Shi‘i club director killed.
  • Drug use, trafficking soar following US occupation; 24,000 Iraqis officially reported having used drugs, real number said far higher.
  • Truck bomb severs bridge in central Baghdad Thursday morning.
  • Mysterious bomb destroys bus in Kirkuk.
  • Powerful blast destroys two buildings in al-Mawsil Thursday evening.
  • US military camp in ad-Diwaniyah bombarded Thursday morning.


NATO Occupation Force Soldier Killed in Afghanistan, Bringing Week’s Toll to 12

A member of the NATO occupation force in Afghanistan died in combat today, bringing to 12 the number of foreign occupation force soldiers killed in the past week as the Taliban steps up attacks as part of a spring offensive.


Israel will not be transferring Palestinian funds

Israel preceded the Olmert-Abbas meeting by announcing Friday it will not transfer any funds to Israel.


Bush Administration Threatens Veto of Secret Prison Measure : Dictatorship

April 12 (Bloomberg) — Administration officials will advise President George W. Bush to veto legislation requiring him to provide lawmakers with details of the CIA’s secret prisons for terrorism suspects, a White House statement said.

The disclosure provisions are included in proposed Senate legislation that would set new requirements for giving lawmakers access to intelligence reports and set intelligence program funding for the fiscal year that ends Sept. 30.

The administration also opposed a proposal to reveal annual U.S. spending on intelligence programs, a figure that’s now classified, saying it imperils national security.


Australia censors terrorism books : Dictatorship

The new law would be targeted at removing the material from publication, rather than punishing its authors, and customs officers would be given much broader powers to confiscate books and films being imported into the country.


1984? – Homeland Security Developing ‘Hostile Intent’ Technology

The United States Department of Homeland Security announced in April that it is developing human factors technology able to screen people at borders for hostile intent. The tool will help screeners identify people who should not be allowed to enter the country


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