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Zionism Pimping Jewish girls out to America’s young men

Posted by musliminsuffer on July 10, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Zionism Pimping Jewish girls out to America’s young men

Khalid Amayreh,


Zionism lies and steals and murders. This is Zionism’s unholy trinity.

Occupied Jerusalem, July 8, 2007

In a brazen effort to make Israel’s Nazi-like oppression of Palestinians look romantic, seductive and sexy, the quasi- pornographic American magazine, Maxim, has featured a photo-spread of topless and semi-nude Israeli female soldiers, apparently in order to show Israel’s “human side.”

On the magazine’s on-line edition, the following introductory phrase ” Are the women of the Israeli Defense Forces the world’s sexiest? Yes, ” is printed next to a semi-naked IDF female soldier.

According to the BBC, the Israeli consulate in New York came up with the idea “as part of a public relations drive to improve the image of the country within the US.”

Maxim targets young American men and is believed to attract as many as 200,000 readers. Hence the obscene feat of utilizing the naked bodies of young Israeli women to trick young Yankees to “fall in love” with the Wehrmacht and Gestapo of our time, the Israeli occupation army.

According to Israeli officials in charge of hasbara (propaganda) efforts, the message behind the pornographic advertisement is to show America’s youngsters that the “Jewish” state is not only about violence, death and conflict.

Defending the undignified feat, David Saranga, Israel’s consul for media and public affairs in New York, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that Maxim was a “serious magazine,” and that his job was “to promote Israel as a normal country, particularly among the magazine’s young male readership.”

Another Israeli official said “we have to be frank about this. In America, sex sells.”

Well, maybe it does, for a brief moment. But in the long run, an act that only cheapens one’s people will undoubtedly boomerang.

The Nazi blondes, after all, were probably sexier and far more beautiful than their Israeli counterparts. But they failed to save the Third Reich. The same thing can be said about Israeli sex objects, whose evil state and evil army are no less than a reincarnation of Nazi Germany and its army.

Apart from the depravity of Zionist mentality, it is hard to understand how pimping young Jewish girls out to American “studs” will improve Israel’s image in the US and convince Americans, young and old, men and women, that Israel is “a light upon nations” and “the apple of God’s right eye,” as the Kookians of Gush Emunim keep telling us.

This is a question for Jews to answer and reflect upon.

Furthermore, it is well known that Americans have been breathing and consuming Zionist hasbara for many generations. So what has really happened to Zionism’s media empire in North America to necessitate the cheap utilization of Jewish women’s bodies to sell Israel?

The public selling of Israeli women’s flesh for political expediency is, of course, by no means a new invention. Israel and Zionism resorted to this cheap tactic from the very inception of Zionism.

During the two decades preceding the creation of the “Jewish” state, the Zionist movement relied heavily on the “whores of Zion” to trick Arab landowners into selling or ceding their land to the Jewish Agency.

The trick was simple. A young and extremely beautiful East European Jewish female would seduce an Arab mukhtar (clan notable) into sleeping with her, and in the process, she would ask him for a “small favor,” namely to cede some of his land as “proof” of his love for her.

In some cases, the usually intoxicated or sedated mukhtar would oblige and put his seal at the bottom of the previously carefully- prepared document.

The sleazy but effective tactic continues to be used by the Israeli state, especially the Shin Beth, Israel’s domestic security agency.

Indeed, since 1967, when Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, the Shin Beth used “Iskat” or sexual blackmail to recruit informers, middle-men whose main job is to purchase land and property from Arabs in order to transfer it later to Jewish ownership.

The mechanism has not changed much since the pre-state days when trickery and seduction were the main tools. Now, a third element has been added, namely “coercion.”

The “operation” starts with identifying a target, mostly an elderly Palestinian landowner who often happens to be conservative and unsophisticated.

Then the Shin Beth would arrest the man, give him sedatives, strip him of his clothes, and then bring in a prostitute who would play with him while “everything” was being filmed.

And when the “encounter” is over, and the man wakes up, a Shin Beth officer will try to blackmail him: either you sell us the land or we will expose you.!!!

Some, usually a few, victims, fearing being put to shame in their respective community, would succumb to the blackmail.

Others prove really defiant, preferring shame and disrepute over treason.

I personally know a man in the Hebron region who was arrested, sedated and filmed with a whore, and when the Israeli Shin Beth officer eventually sought to blackmail him into selling his land, the man stood bravely, telling the officer, ” do what you may, expose me, I don’t care, but I won’t give you my land.”

Of course, Zionism’s moral cheapness doesn’t stop at using the bodies of women to reap propagandistic and other benefits.

Zionism lies and steals and murders. This is Zionism’s unholy trinity. This is why it is very difficult, if not impossible, to make peace with Zionism. This is why Zionism must be dismantled before we can even dream of real peace in Palestine and the Middle East.


July 8, 2007 © 2007 Khalid Amayreh



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