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Musharraf has sold country for sake of dollars

Posted by musliminsuffer on July 28, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Musharraf has sold country for sake of dollars

Qazi Hussain Ahmed

Friday July 27, 2007 (2100 PST)

LAHORE, July 27 (Online): The MMA President and Jamaat-e-Islami Amir Qazi Hussain Ahmad has said that General Pervez Musharraf has sold out national independence and sovereignty for the sake of few US dollars. How can the military rulers stop US and Nato forces from attacking tribal regions of Pakistan since they themselves have been using their army to kill tribal people, he said while delivering Friday sermon at Mansoorah mosque. Qazi Sahib expressed sorrow that military rulers in order to justify their cowardice military operation against Jamia Hafsa made the worst kind of baseless propaganda on world media that “Lal masjid is being occupied by worst kind of foreign terrorists who have made women and children as their shield.” However, no foreigner was found from the mosque and even those declared as foreign militants were found to be locals the next day as their family members identified them. Qazi Hussain Ahmad said the confession by the government ministers of using Phosphorus bombs against Jamia Hafsa women and children by the army, is highly shameful and criminal .

Gen Musharraf’s foreign policy, Qazi Sahib lamented, had remained a total failure since the Pakistan friendly government in Kabul was overthrown and now pro-Indian administration in Kabul has established Indian missions in every Afghan city from where terrorists are operating inside Pakistani territories. Qazi said Gen Musharraf in order to follow US policies has been declaring as enemies those who enforced Islamic Shariat, while on the other hand those promoting obscenity and vulgarity are being presented as models of enlightened moderation. The MMA leader said that anti-Islam measures by the military rulers have left Shariah and Jihad as a curse while our army and establishment has been left unable to defend our independence. He said under these circumstances it is the responsibility of the people to disown such rulers in order to rid them and assemble under the banner of MMA so that the forces trying to make the country secular could be resisted .



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