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Dutch MP‘s Provocation Working, a report by John Berlin

Posted by musliminsuffer on February 28, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Dutch MP‘s Provocation Working, a report by John Berlin

2008-02-27 | Ed. Note. We have just received a new report on more religious hatred being instigated by Dutch extremists.While the vast majority of Dutch citizens and residents of The Netherlands firmly believe in Human Rights, there are a very vocal few who do not. One remembers the same mentality rose to prominence, during the Second World War when the target group was Jews. Now, it’s Muslims.

Although it is difficult, those who incite religious hatred should simply be ignored and left to wallow in their own ignorant bigotry.

Nevertheless, we must be aware of these madmen and constant in our refusal to heed their venomous vitriol. Threats give them the attention they crave and reactions merely strengthen their position

Please read a report from John Berlin.

John Berlin: Dutch MP “condemned to death”

THE HAGUE – Islamist extremists have issued a death sentence against Dutch right-wing parliamentarian Geert Wilders, and are calling upon “believers” to kill him as well as to “terrorise” the Netherlands to prevent the soon-to-be-expected publication of Wilders’ anti-Islam film.

Wilders is producing a short film about the Koran. Sources say the film will show images of decapitations emanating from the Koran, as well as an image of the prophet Mohammed to which something “unfavourable” happens. The film is expected to be published in March.

On, an “al-Qa’ida”-related website, a message was posted saying “In the name of Allah, we ask you to bring us the throat of this infidel who insults the prophet and Islam.” The posting also refers to murdered filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, and contains suggestions about the Dutch “not wanting Islam to exist in their country”.
Intelligence sources say the internet posting is viewed as a “real, credible threat” against Wilders, but they declined to comment on the specifics of the credibility.

Recently, it was leaked that the Dutch government put police, intelligence services and army special forces on the highest alert, citing expectations of “severe public disorder” in connection to the publication of Wilders’ film.

Wilders, who is the leader of a small right-wing party in the Dutch parliament, is well-known for suggesting that generally Muslims are a threat to civil, Democratic society, and for making these suggestions in a way that is considered insulting and condescending by many. Wilders lives in a safe-house and has received full-scale protection from the Dutch government. He received many death-threats before, but his film appears to make things much more serious. Behind the scenes, high-level government employees have strongly urged Wilders to tone down his inflammatory speeches.

Wilders has in recent years advocated the abolishment of the Koran, named Islam a “retarded” religion and has called for changes to the principles of religious freedom and of equality as embedded in the Dutch constitution.

John Berlin
U.N. OBSERVER & International Report


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