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DISTURBING: Never before seen Abu Ghraib pictures including children being sodomized

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 4, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

DISTURBING: Never before seen Abu Ghraib pictures including children being sodomized … the slide show is very disturbing and shows seens of death, nudity and man whose skin has been removed from his knee.

Plus: …. Children sodomized at Abu Ghraib. Pentagon has videos.


-muslim voice-

19 Responses to “DISTURBING: Never before seen Abu Ghraib pictures including children being sodomized”

  1. Judas said

    uh the pictures at abu graib are disgusting, but the soldiers in question have been prosecuted. I know muslims are sexually repressed so showing naked people is horrifying to you, but the pictures of dead people though sickening, I ve seen much worse done by alqaeda and the videos are readily available on you tube from the perps themselves.

    have alqaeda perps been brought to justice? No!

    the video of children being sodomized amazingly can not be seen by us poor saps even though the reporter at the daily kos purports to have seen it. therefore, its what we call heresay and is likely a lie, particularly since in the desription they say the perps are actually Iraqi guards, so if it is authentic who is to say itsnt video from saddams regime?

    • Guy said

      Don’t be afraid to admit that we could do this. Hatred for enemies will produce these atrocities, and the cycle will continue until someone admits guilt and stops the torture.

  2. yeach …. idiot people like you, always denied the truth. The facts are americans barbaric troops sodomized the innocent iraqis childrens.

  3. anarchore said

    Al Queerda is a Zionist entity also.

  4. johnson said

    Were talking about children being sodomised by us soldiers and judas cites al qaeda killings as some kind of parallel what a twisted individual of course they werent prosecuted they couldnt have such publicity and anachore you said zionisms full of queers not me but i am not disagreeing either.

  5. mahawangsa said

  6. Vietbac Pham said

    US govt always talks on human right, freedom and much of thing “in God” that they trust. The photos from Abu Ghraib has described their value and their culture more than any thing. Hope the new US govt will bring Bush and his administration to the court and for them to face their own disgusting and horrifying dignity. The US people should learn from that not to compare to the other evil. In any mean, these are already photos of “civilized evil”.

  7. Muslimah_Sacramento said

    I’m really crying over this. It’s hard for me to decide whose side to be on. I am a Muslimah living in America. I was born in this country. I see constant bigotry towards Muslims on a daily basis, and now this. Who can hurt a child by sodomizing them? They are not human, they are demons. I can’t stand that people from my own country hurts Muslims like this. It’s unfair!

  8. dave said

    zionist animals,,

  9. muslim girl said

    us soldiers have done so much atrocity,but these people think that they will kill such innocent ppl and will get away with it,indeed in dis lyf mayb u can,but in da hereafter and even in ur grave ull learn da lesson of ur lives.u wont blv it until u die.and dat torture which dese killers will suffer will be never ending.muslims r facing all dis in all parts of da world and dis suffering will stand as a proof in da hereafter,so dat dese killers wont have any excuse infront of Allah.

  10. Can you please also post those photos documenting the collapse of the third building, World Trade Center 7? It would be particularly useful to see – from the air – the extent of impact damage to WTC 7 prior to its collapse.

  11. […] DISTURBING: Never before seen Abu Ghraib pictures including … Mar 4, 2008 … The photos from Abu Ghraib has described their value and their culture more than any thing. … […]

  12. Al Mahdi Solider said

    white evil bastards each and every single one as soon as the black flag flies we will rally to be on this side the jews christians and all u non believers will inevitebaly pay the price… for hurting my sisters and harming my brothers your blood wil flow just like Khalid Ibn Al Walled RA The Sword Of Allah did… then i will bathe myself in your blood and take solace that revenge is ours… die isreal, uk, usa, france, and every other country that helped these terrorists in their plans.

  13. bonaparte said

    what happened at al gharaib is no different than what happened in Vietnam, the holocaust, the great terror. it is also no different than what happens every day in prisons around the world. yes these would include Pakistanis, afghanis and incidentally americans. it is understandable why many people don’t understand why we blame ‘americans’ for their atrocities when we have so many of our own. in truth this IS due to the self-righteous and presumptious attitude they affect. which is why it becomes aggravating for us muslims. FINE we acknowledge what alqeada did, condemn it even. Problem is that your nation refuses to address and acknowledge your OWN atrocities and preach morality to US. kinda like pot calling the kettle black.

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