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Dont be afraid to say of this group (ahmadiyya) “Thou art kafir”

Posted by musliminsuffer on May 7, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

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Dont be afraid to say of this group (ahmadiyya) “Thou art kafir”

MMN Note: It is most important to speak out against those who call themselves Ahmadiyya and the followers of the apostate Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. This group has for years attempted to gain legitimacy in the Muslim community(and most recently in Indonesia) but it is important to study what they really teach. Every major scholar of Islam rejects this group and procalims them non-Muslim (see: Please refer to the following links for tons of background information on this cult. Don’t be fooled by the big beards, Muslim sounding names and Indo-Pak so called “Sunnah” dress-code.

Study and learn:
Qadianism Exposed: Mirza Ghulam Qadiani (the founder of the Ahmadiyya cult)

And tons more of information exposing this cult:


-muslim voice-

16 Responses to “Dont be afraid to say of this group (ahmadiyya) “Thou art kafir””

  1. humayon said

    whats wrong with ahmadis

    • sallu said

      Wat’s wrong ? Everything! things like they claim that Mirza Ghulam Qadiani is also a prophete … even though Quaran says Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) is a last prophete of allah …. so conversation ends here ….. you should just whatever allah tought you through Quran … not what you think is right ….. whoever claims that he is prophete is kaafir and whever follow him also kaafir…

  2. Qadiyanism is a movement started in a town called Qadiyan in India by a man called Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. It later split into two factions, one of which called itself after the founder, hence the name Ahmadiya. Both, however, share the same deviant beliefs which ascribe the status of Prophethood to their man. It is well known that Qur’an makes it clear that Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the last in the line of prophets. This is stated clearly in Verse 40 of Surah 33, entitled Al-Ahzab or the Confederates [or the Clan]. In this verse God describes Muhammad as “God’s messenger and the last of all prophets.”

    The Ahmadis and Qadiyanis claim to be Muslims, alleging that their movement is the second mission of the message of Islam and their man, Ghulam Ahmad, is God’s messenger.

    They try to reconcile this with the above quoted Qur’anic verse by saying that the Arabic word denoting ‘last,’ in the above verse means ‘seal,’ which means that Muhammad serves as the seal which endorses every new message. This is twisted logic, by a person who has tried to justify his false claims by giving a special meaning to the words of a language he did not speak. The Arabic word does have the connotations of a ‘seal’ but in the sense of ‘putting an end to something, or bringing it to completeness that admits of no additions.’ It is like a letter that has been signed and put in an envelope which is then sealed. You cannot add anything to that letter unless you break its seal.

    The origins of the Ahmadiya go back to the day of the British rule in India, when the British colonial power sought to counter the notion of jihad among Muslims. This is the basic difference that the Ahmadiya brought.

    The assigning of Prophethood to Mirza and the removal of the notion of jihad, which is a basic principle of the faith of Islam, takes them out of Islam altogether. They are not considered Muslims by any Muslim country or any Islamic authority. However, they are very active in preaching their falsehood and they have followers in different countries, particularly in Africa. They have gathered a momentum of their own and they are dedicated to their falsehood in a way which makes one sorry for them. Had they shown similar dedication in promoting the message of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, without trying to alter or distort it, they should have achieved much. In their misguided enthusiasm, they only turn people away from the truth and they earn God’s displeasure.


    According to Qadiyanies’ faith & writings they have been prohibited from having any type of contact with the Muslims. Even they have forbidden from participating in Muslims’ marriages & funerals. They have been stressed to boycott the Muslims. Some of the thoughts of Mirza Qadiyani about Muslims are as follows:

    1. It is not our duty, not to take non-Ahmadies as Muslims, nor should we say prayers with them, because they deny one of the God’s Apostles (mirza qadyani himself).

    2. While the non-Ahmadies are infidels, so their six-month old children are also infidels. And as infidels they cannot be buried in the graveyard of the Ahmadies.
    (Akbhar Paghm-e-Sulah: 16th of Aug 1936)

    3. I’m hearing the echo of the world of the Promised Christ (Mirza Qadiyani himself). He has said that it is not that our only difference with other people lies in just the dispute about Christ’s death & such other issues. He has said that we have differences with others about God, Muhammad (Sallalla–ho–aleh–hi–Wassallam), Holy Qur’an, Prayers, Fasting, Hajj, Zakat etc. (Khutba mirza Alfazel: V: 19, N: 13)

    4. Did Christ not separate himself & his followers from the Jews & made a separate class? All the Prophets have formed their distinctive classes & group. Have they not separated themselves from others? So, if keeping the demand of prophet hood hazrat mirza sahib, who is a Prophet, has separated himself from others, what new there is . . . (Alfazel).

    5. Whoever is not sure of our success is in fact, a bastard. He wouldn’t be a legitimate man. (Roohani Khazain: V: 18, P: 31)

    6. My opponents were named as the Christian, Jews & the Infidels.
    (Roohani Khazain: V: 18, P: 382).

    7. Every Muslim values and appreciates my books, gets knowledge from those & confirms & accepts my message (‘dawat’). But only the issue of the Prostitutes didn’t confirm & accept me. (Roohani Khazain: V: 5, P: 547-548)

    8. Our enemies become like the swine of fields & their woman become worse than bitch.
    (Roohani Khazain: V: 5, P: 153).

    9. Every person who acknowledges Moses (to be a Prophet) but doesn’t Christ or acknowledges Christ but doesn’t acknowledges Muhammad(Sallalla–ho–aleh–hi–Wassallam) or believes in Muhammad(S.A.W) but has no believe in the Promised Christ(mirza qadyani) is infidel & has no concern with Islam.
    (Kalmatul Fasl: P: 110. By mirza bashir ahmad)

    10. I have been given the glad tiding that whoever opposes me after recognizing me, will go to Hell. (Tazkara Majmoa Ilhamat: P: 168. second edition)

    11. God has revealed me that to whom my message reaches & even then he doesn’t accept me am not a Muslim. (Tazkara Majmoa Ilhamat: P: 600, second edition)

    12.All those Muslims who haven’t taken the oath of allegiance to the Promised Christ (Mirza Qadiyani), though he was never heard of Mirza Qadiyani, are infidels & have nothing to do with Islam. (Ainae Sadaqat: P: 35. By mirza bashir-ud-din)

    13. Our observation is that the Promised Christ (Mirza Qadiyani) treated the non-Ahmadies as the Prophet Muhammad (Sallalla–ho–aleh–hi–Wassallam) treated the Christians. He made our Prayers separate from those of non-Ahmadies. He prohibited us from having martial relations with them & participating in their funerals. So, in all respects we have broken ties with them. There are two types of relations: religious & worldly err temporal. The greater source of religious relation is the common rituals of worship, while the greater source of worldly relation is the matrimonial alliances. And we have been prohibited from having both types of relations. (Kalmatul Fasal: P: 169. By mirza bashir ahmed)

    -muslim voice-

  3. Saba said

    Qadiani terroist kill a Muslim Muhammhad Malikh in nankna sahib Pakistan on spet 11 2008 killer Qadianis Ahmhhadi are still not Caught yet
    Plz send emhail and call Punjab govt to catch those Qdianis Ahmhadi who killed mhaalik

  4. Sohail Mirza said

    The Qadiyanis are confermed kafirs. In Pakistan the credit of officially declaring Qadiyanis as non-Muslims goes to the late Prime Minister of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. They even have a headquarter in Isreal. Pakistanis travel to Jordan and from Jordan they cross the border to Israel and out without exit and entry stamps in their passports, to keep their journeys secret.

    • jakiahamad said

      In the History of Islam no one has served like Mr.Bhutto & Gen.Zia for the cause of Islam by declaring qadiyani kafir.but one thing i dont understand why They met with miserable end and attested the truth of Ahmadiyyat. For me this is the truth of Ahmadiyyat.Pakistan is the only Country which have Ahmadiyya specific laws. After imposing the law the country is where the world knows (most unstable corrupted failed nation). What happened to your namaji cricket team,indulging in sex & crime. What happened to your actress Veena Mallik,a kept of Indian Hindu guy. Alas list is long. But you people are shameless. If you have guts go and prove me wrong what happened to Your hero Mr.Bhutto & Gen.Zia are wrong.

      • No, you totally wrong!

        Why these Pakistani’s leader miserable at the end, because of the corrupt, dictator and became the puppet of kufar country (USA).

        And the qadiani ahmadia is clearly kufar and it’s purpose is serving the imperialis Britain.

      • jakiahamad said

        Is Your Allah Not Sufficient For You? You Always Repeatedly Getting Defeated In the Hands of Your Enemy. Where as In Holy Quran, Allah Guaranteed Victory For Righteous.
        In which world you are leaving.
        Curse of Allah upon liars

      • A lots of promises from Allah in Qur’an to true believers about victory, jannah, etc. I don’t want to waste my time to explain to you, infidel!

        Only dumb and idiot, who will accept and believe in fake religion ahmadiyah!

      • jakiahamad said

        I know you people have no words except abuse.i have never came across in any where Holy Prophet Prophet Hadrath Muhammad SAS (Peace be upon him) have use this type of reply.
        But I have read in many accounts Holy ProphetHadrath Muhammad SAS(Peace be upon him) has listen many abusive languages from the bitter enemy of truth.

        Alhamdulillah it proves we are following the real Sunnah the path of Holy Prophet Hadrath Muhammad SAS (Peace be upon him).
        Left this topics you people are not made for this.go and kill the innocent humans.this is your way and deen.


        HE (pbuh) CALLED THEM AL KHAZHAB!!!



  5. crankthatskunk said

    I have a site dedicated to expose Mirza Ghulam, Muslim would find my articles useful. They are written on individual topics giving full attention and explanations on the issues, rather than bundling everything together and listing Mirza Ghulam’s outrageous writings. Many Muslims including the sites advertised were guilty of lumping it in one basket. Qadiani have done lots of research on each topic, it is necessary to open up their deceptions on each topic in precise and detail manner. These sites will be updated very soon with articles on the issue of ISA As from the Holy Quran and the writings of Mirza. This issue is one of the backbone of Qadianis. I will expose his lies in great details Inshallah.

    Peace to all Muslims.

    same material could be found on my blog

  6. ok said

    any body tell me can possiable
    GOD send one prophet have one lenguage one book for all of the world a lot of lenguages in this world every lenguage have own culture own tredetions own living style of life .how can possiable GOD think diffrent lenguage diffrent dress diffrent life style can chang in one lenguage in one living style of life….+971552657436

  7. mahmood said

    ahmadi are true . They bealive in true ( masih moud ) and true islam.

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