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9-11: THE FLORIDA CONNECTION, The Israeli MOSSAD Network in Florida

Posted by musliminsuffer on May 27, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

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The Mossad Network in Florida & 9-11

May 21, 2008

Solving 9-11


The Israeli Network in Florida

Part 1
Florida was the central networking base and staging area for the “false flag” terror attacks of 9-11. Fifteen of the nineteen Arabs allegedly involved in the hijackings, for example, lived and had their base of operations in South Florida.

“False flag” means a crime which is designed to be blamed on others in order to achieve a strategic and political goal for the real perpetrator of the crime. To understand how this strategy is used in false flag terror operations I recommend reading The Little Drummer Girl by John Le Carré and watching the movie by George Roy Hill. Victor Ostrovsky’s books about the Mossad are also recommended reading.

The Little Drummer Girl was written with input and advice from many Mossadniks, including a former head of Israeli military intelligence. Most of the book deals with the way Mossad creates a completely false history for a Palestinian “terrorist” by leaving a trail of traces across Europe.

This false history is exactly what was created in Florida, albeit on a much larger scale, with the 15 Arabs “hijackers” whose identities were used to create a false history for them prior to the attacks of 9-11. There are, however, obvious flaws in this history, which will be taken up later.

That a false history was being laid was quite clear from published reports: “At least six of the suspected terrorists had two sets of driver’s licenses issued by Florida, which would have allowed two or more people to use the same identity,” the Sun-Sentinel (Florida) reported on September 28, 2001.

“Many of the suspected terrorists, it is becoming increasingly clear, swapped identities as part of their preparations for the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, according to a Sun-Sentinel review of documents, interviews and published reports.”

But why, and by whom, were the “hijackers” identities being swapped? Were these Arab suspects even aware that their identities were being used by others?

Fifteen of the 19 Arabs alleged to have been involved in the hijackings of 9-11 “lived” in South Florida in the months prior to the terror attacks. All ten of the “hijackers” from the World Trade Center, for example, had lived in the area around Hollywood, Florida. At least 6 of them had duplicate licenses, which were apparently used to leave false tracks and create false histories by Israeli intelligence agents who were probably Arabic-looking Sephardic Jews.

“These guys were just committed zealots and willing to give it up for the cause without really being key members of the network,” Larry Johnson, former deputy-director of counter-terrorism for the U.S. State Department, said. “They were told what to prepare for, what to train for. They were not the ones calling the shots.”

“They were, however, extremely well organized,” Johnson said. But who was really “calling the shots” if not them? Are we supposed to think that Osama Bin Laden or Khalid Sheikh Mohammed were truly the brains behind this organization?

“We don’t have anything in history to compare with this,” Johnson said. “The only thing that comes close to it is a former Soviet intel [intelligence] operation.”

So who was really running the terrorist network in Florida that resembled a Soviet intelligence operation?

A preponderance of evidence indicates that Israeli military intelligence was the master organization behind the “Arab” terrorist network based in Florida.

My discovery that the current Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, made a secret visit to New York City on the eve of 9-11 has provided significant pieces to the puzzle about the Israeli intelligence network in Florida and its role in the terror attacks.

Due to the complexity of the material, this chapter will be divided into parts to facilitate understanding and the addition of new information.


I have experienced several remarkable coincidences related to the events of 9-11. The first was my wife’s vivid dream about our family being attacked by airplanes, which she experienced a few days before the actual aerial attacks occurred. What is most remarkable about this coincidence is that Helje related her dream to me as we drove through New York City in the early morning hours of September 11, 2001, about 7 hours before the first plane struck the North Tower.

Another remarkable coincidence happened during a trip to Miami in February 2006. We had flown in from Germany and were staying at the Monaco Hotel on Collins Avenue. The Monaco is in a part of North Miami Beach that is now called Sunny Isles Beach. We had arrived at night and simply driven north on A1A until we found a suitable hotel.

The Monaco Hotel is one of the few old fashioned low-level hotels that remain in that area. The surrounding buildings are monstrous 55-story skyscrapers built right on the beach, the tallest oceanfront condominium towers in the United States. These would be the Trump Palace, the Trump Royale, the Trump Grande Ocean Resort and the Trump International Sonesta Beach Resort in Sunny Isles.

At the time, most of these awful skyscrapers were still under construction and the fences around the site were plastered with even more frightful posters of the developers, or “the visionaries”: Donald Trump and his Israeli partners, Michael and Gil Dezer.

Michael Dezer, Donald Trump, and Gil Dezer are partners in the obscenely greedy high-rise developments in Sunny Isles Beach, an Israeli dominated town in North Miami Beach. Sunny Isles is 2.5 miles long, 3 blocks wide, and as corrupt as the day is long.

Michael Dezer is a veteran of the Israeli Air Force who immigrated to the United States in 1962. The Dezers and Florida Friends of the Israel Defense Forces hold annual poker tournaments “to benefit the soldiers of Israel.”

“The Visionaries” of shady Sunny Isles: Donald Trump and the Dezers from Israel.

We went for a walk along Collins Avenue the next evening after dinner and stopped in a large beach store called “Wings,” about a block north of our hotel, looking for a bathing suit for my daughter. The logo for the store reminded me of the “wings” an Israeli pilot wears on his chest.

The logo of Wings, the Israeli-owned chain of beach stores.

The “wings” insignia of the Israeli Air Force on the uniform of Aluf Ido Nehushtan, Commander in Chief of the Israeli Air Force. In 2000, the year prior to 9-11, Nehushtan commanded the Intelligence Squadron.

My wife noticed that the screen saver on the computer behind the counter was an Israeli flag that covered the entire screen.

While my family browsed around the store, in which we were the only shoppers, I talked to the young Middle Eastern looking man behind the counter. I recall asking him in Hebrew if he was from Israel, which he was, and then asked him if the store was Israeli-owned. That turned out also to be the case.

As we turned to leave I remember saying to my family that these were the people who had pulled off 9-11. This was my gut feeling. This was my intuition speaking and it must have been based on what I had noticed in and around the store. I felt very strongly about this.

Having visited Florida, California, and the Caribbean I have seen all kinds of surf and beach stores but this store was something else. The Wings store at 17700 Collins Avenue is a very large free-standing building with a high ceiling and a huge windowless space behind the store. There were two trucks parked in the store’s parking lot on the side of the building. The huge windowless warehouse space behind the store seemed way out of proportion for a simple beach store. How much space is required to store bikinis, Tee-shirts, and sea shells? Most beach stores get by with very little storage space — but not Wings.

Every time we walked by, the Wings beach store was always empty. This made it seem very suspicious because they must have very high overhead costs. Nothing about this store made sense. It seemed more like a logistics base that operated the beach store as a front, not unlike the shuttered Urban Moving Systems (UMS) outfit I had visited in Weehawken, New Jersey.

UMS was the fake moving company, across the river from the World Trade Center that was exposed as an Israeli intelligence (Mossad) front. The five dancing Israelis arrested on 9-11 after being observed photographing and celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Center worked for that Mossad operation. Dominic Suter, the head of UMS, was allowed to flee the United States shortly after 9-11 although he was considered a suspect by the F.B.I.

Apart from the young man working inside the Wings store there always seemed to be an Israeli man of military age coming or going near the store. This seemed very strange for a beach store in a very quiet part of town. Most beach stores in Miami are small boutiques run by women or retired people. The staff is always female. Young military age men from Israel are the last people one would expect to find running a bikini boutique in Miami.

It turns out that Wings has a whole chain of stores in Florida and up the East Coast, as well as in Texas and on the West Coast. The store in Sunny Isles is just like the rest of their stores.

The presence of military age Israeli men around the Wings warehouse reminded me of another Israeli company, Moishe’s, a moving company I visited in Jersey City, New Jersey, shortly after 9-11. Moishe’s has moving vans and a huge storage facility that serves the New York area. There I talked with the young Israeli men who told me that they worked for Moishe’s without having working visas for the United States. The men also told me that they had been hired in Israel, to work in New Jersey.

What is most interesting about my experience at Wings is that this chain of beach stores is owned by the two Israeli men that met with Ehud Olmert in New York City on September 10, 2001. The founders of L&L Wings are Shaul (a.k.a. Shual) and Meir Levy, two Israeli Jews of Syrian origin.

I discovered that Ehud Olmert had made a secret visit to New York City on the day before 9-11 in an article in the Jerusalem Post about the Likud’s football club, Betar:

Three years ago, Betar was sold to a four-man consortium (US businessmen Meir and Shaul Levy, local businessman Meir Finegel, and Jerusalem real estate agent Sasson Shem Tov, who pulled out a few weeks ago), following a meeting in New York with then-mayor Ehud Olmert on September 10, 2001. There were no other potential buyers.

The day before 9-11, the men that own the L&L Wings chain of beach stores met with Ehud Olmert, then mayor of Jerusalem, in New York City. Other than what I have written, this has not been reported or discussed in the media, mainstream or alternative.

According to the website of Wings, the company’s corporate office and warehouse is on the second floor at 2800 NW 125th Street in Miami, where Shaul Levy is the registered agent. What’s interesting about this address, near the Opa-Laca Airport, is that it is also the location of a company called Empire Art Products, Inc.

Why would a multi-millionaire Israeli businessman, who owns spacious properties on both coasts of Florida, New York, Texas, and California, share a low-rent building in an industrial park with a company that deals in art products? Is Shaul Levy involved in selling art products? Was he the source of the paintings that were being sold by the Israeli intelligence agents who were posing as art students as they tried to penetrate U.S. government offices from 1999 to 2001?

The Zionist Money Boys Behind 9-11 & Ehud Olmert

Ehud Olmert’s Secret Meeting on Eve of 9-11
with B’nai B’rith Fund Raisers
By Christopher Bollyn
15 May 2008

The Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, seen here hugging and laughing with the president during his visit to Israel, made a secret visit to Toronto and New York City on September 9-11, 2001. This article discusses Olmert’s secret trip and the people he met with in Toronto.

Ehud Olmert hugs Bush on May 14 as Shimon Peres looks on.

Ehud Olmert and George Bush at Masada on May 15, 2008

One of the most peculiar things about investigating 9-11 is that a whole slew of Zionists, a group of people clearly involved in the terror attacks in one way or another, is completely ignored by the controlled media. The accepted history of 9-11, based on the controlled media’s interpretation of events, completely ignores the evidence that Israelis and high-level Zionists in the United States played key roles in the terror attacks.

As George W. Bush visits Israel to meet with Shimon Peres, the godfather of Israel’s illegal nuclear arsenal, and the beleaguered prime minister Ehud Olmert, I am compelled to point out a few of the most obvious connections between the Zionist criminal network I call the “Elders of Zion” and the terror attacks of 9-11.

Bush’s visit to Israel is to mark the 60th anniversary of the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. It should be remembered that Israel was created on top of the rubble of some 400 Palestinian villages and towns, which were “ethnically cleansed” and the rightful inhabitants forced into exile. Today, 60 years later, there are some 7 million Palestinian refugees (according to Al Jazeera; 4.5 million according to BBC) living as refugees inside and outside Palestine. Israel refuses to allow these people to return to their houses and lands, as UN resolutions and international law require.

Zionists don’t want to live with Palestinians; they want to live instead of Palestinians. The Zionist logic of Olmert and Likudniks like him dictates that the Palestinians disappear from the scene and become something else. This will not happen. The displaced Palestinians, in Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and around the world, have the inalienable right to return to their homes.

The Zionists gangs, armed with American weapons and planes smuggled to Palestine by Shimon Peres, committed numerous atrocities across Palestine in 1947-1948. Many of the Zionist terrorists were veterans of the Soviet Red Army. Terrorism was the primary tactic used by the Zionist gangs that invaded, plundered, and occupied the Holy Land. Entire villages were slaughtered, but this frightful chapter of modern history is not widely known in the United States.


The American view of this history is slanted to favor the Zionists. History as propaganda is not new. The Roman senator Cornelius Tacitus, the historian of the 1st Century A.D., realized that most of the contemporary history of Rome was propagandist.

“His task, it seemed to him, was to denounce implicitly or explicitly the grosser lies of partisan historians,” Kenneth Wellesley, the Latin scholar, wrote in his introduction to The Histories by Tacitus.

Like Tacitus, I feel compelled to denounce the “grosser lies” of our own partisan and propagandist history. Nineteen centuries have passed since Tacitus wrote about the Roman Empire, but there are striking similarities that can be seen between Rome in the 1st Century and the United States in the 21st Century.

” Italy itself fell victim to disasters which were quite unprecedented,” Tacitus wrote. “… Rome suffered severely from fires that destroyed its most venerable temples, the very Capitol being set alight by Roman hands.”

Sounds a bit like 9-11, doesn’t it?


About six months ago, I discovered that Ehud Olmert, the current Israeli prime minister, had visited New York City the day before 9-11. While I have no information about where Olmert was on 9-11, I suspect he was in New York City on the day disaster struck. In the same way Yitzhak Rabin was in Dallas when President John F. Kennedy was shot and Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu was in London on July 7, 2005. The presence of senior Israeli terrorists at the scene of the crime is not coincidental.

Olmert was the right-wing Likudnik mayor of Jerusalem when he made his secret visit to New York City on September 10, 2001. This is extremely odd, something I have previously pointed out to my readers. The mayor of Jerusalem, New York’s sister city, visits on the eve of the worst terror attacks in U.S. history and nobody even notices? How can that be? Are we to believe that Rudy Giuliani and the New York Police Dept. were not aware that Olmert was in New York? Am I living in a dream – or a nightmare?

Olmert, who was in NYC on September 10, did not even express his condolences to the people of New York until 5 days after the attacks. Why did he keep his pre-attack visit secret? Here he appears with the mayor some 10 days later.

It needs to be pointed out that Ehud Olmert subsequently played a very conspicuous role in 9-11 events in New York City expressing his sympathy as an Israeli politician who knows all about terrorism. Of course he know all about terrorism, he grew up in a family of Irgun terrorists who lived in a neighborhood called Jabotinsky.

During a two-day solidarity tour of New York with Rudy Giuliani, Olmert was asked on September 21, 2001 if there was anything Israel could learn from the 9-11 terror attacks, Olmert said there wasn’t.

“Unfortunately, we are very, very, very experienced,” he said. (Tzipora “Zippy” Livni, Israel’s current foreign minister, is the daughter of the former head-of-operations for the Irgun terrorist organization.)

But nowhere did he ever mention that he had been in New York on the day before terror struck. Why not? If his visit was innocent, i.e. not connected to 9-11, why wouldn’t he say something like “I was here the day before it happened.”

Why would Olmert need to conceal his visit to New York on the day before the terror attacks? Where did he spend the night? Was he with Morris “Moshe” Talansky? I discovered that Olmert met with Shaul and Meir Levy of the beach store chain, L&L Wings, and their Likud partners on September 10, but where was he on the morning of 9-11? Why are none of the reporters at the New York Times or any of that city’s fine newspapers investigating this story?


The published records indicate that Olmert spent September 9, 2001, in Toronto, Ontario, helping the Zionist money boys at the United Jewish Appeal (UJA) celebrate the beginning of their annual fundraising drive. This was reported in the Toronto Star:

Israeli mayor ‘happy’ after racism forum
Toronto Star, September 10, 2001
Author: Morgan Campbell

“Olmert spent yesterday in Toronto helping the United Jewish Appeal celebrate the official beginning of its annual fundraising drive.”

I discovered that Olmert went to New York City on September 10-11. This information was contained in an article entitled “A fallen empire” by Daniel Ben-Tal of the Jerusalem Post (July 23, 2004) about the transfer of the Likud football club Betar to a group which included the Levy brothers, Israelis of Syrian origin living in New York. (The story about Shaul and Meir Levy and their connections to Israel’s Florida intelligence operation 9-11 is coming soon.)

What I want to bring attention to is the published report that Olmert was meeting with senior officials of the United Jewish Appeal in Toronto about 36 hours before New York City was bombed by false flag terrorists. Who are the people Olmert met in Canada that day?


The United Jewish Appeal (UJA) is the common denominator for many of the key players of 9-11. The key 9-11 culprits that I have already shown are linked to the UJA include Larry Silverstein, Frank Lowy, Lewis Eisenberg, Rupert Murdoch, and Sam Miller of Cleveland. These are major players in the events of 9-11. Is there a connection here?

Because Olmert’s visit to Toronto and New York has been concealed from the public, I assume that there must be a very good reason it has been kept hidden. If Olmert was on a normal and proper business trip, there would be no reason to hide his presence in New York City on September 10, 2001.

Why has the media hidden Olmert’s visit from the people of New York? To what degree is the media involved in the criminal cover-up of what really happened on 9-11? (It is evidently deeply involved, which is the main subject of my next chapter, “9-11 and the Elders of Zion.”)

The fact that Olmert met with the the UJA, the biggest fund-raisers for the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith and other Zionist causes during his covert trip to Toronto, raises suspicions about the people he met. The fact that the prime suspects in the false flag terrorism of 9-11 are the chairmen and board members of the UJA underlines that suspicion.

So, what is the UJA?

The standard description of the UJA from news clippings from the past describes it as the fund-raising arm of the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith (ADL).

The ADL is the militant wing of the Jewish secret Masonic society, formerly the International Order of the Benai Berith (the I.O.B.B. founded in 1843 in New York City), which now does business as B’nai B’rith International. (The Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith, which was founded in Chicago in 1913, was involved in the brutal attack by undercover police at my home in August 2006. The ADL has published libelous statements about me being “anti-Semitic” because of my 9-11 research since November 2001. My name was published on ADL watch lists that are circulated to local police departments across the U.S.)

Furthermore, Olmert is a former “business” partner and corrupt “treasurer” of the Likud party with the convicted Israeli criminal Menachem Atzmon, the foreign crook who ran “security” and passenger-screening operations at all international U.S. airports on 9-11. Isn’t that amazing?

None of this is coincidence.


More new information on Ehud Olmert’s secret visit to New York City before 9-11 will be contained in “9-11 and the Elders of Zion,” the next chapter of Solving 9-11.


-muslim voice-

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