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Bismi-lLahi-rRahmani-rRahiem. Assalamu\’alaikum Warohmatullahi Wabarokatuh!

The bloodthirsty US thugs’ war against Iraq

Posted by musliminsuffer on October 30, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Remember how the US Media  whores laughed at “Baghdad bob..”
Let the US’ whores laugh now!
Extracts from Al Sahhaf historic declarations, which turned to be true,
about the bloodthirsty US thugs’ war against Iraq.

Bush is a criminal idiot!

Don’t believe a thing! We shall pursue these debased thugs until London!

Bush, Blair and Rumsfeld, are a troika of happy baboons.

When we will finish these debased thugs out, we shall declare everything in numbers based on truths!

Who is this dog Tom Franks in Qatar?

Now what we want is to wear them out until our Command decide of the time and the way to clean our region from their filth!

Bush is very stupid indeed. The US people is no stupid.. but rather clever.. I really can’t understand how such an intelligent people can elect such an idiot.

About Bush and Rumsfeld: These deserve only to be kicked out with filthy shoes!

Bush the mad rampaging midget!

Bush is the world chief gangster!

When they will cut and run, our Iraqi fighters shall kick their butts and they will slam these gangs on their ugly faces!

We shall drag these crooks and these mercenaries into the quagmire.

When we Iraqis were establishing laws, writing literature and inventing mathematics.. Bush and Blair forefathers were scribbling and doodling on the caves’ walls!

We shall drag drunkard Bush’ nozzle into the desert of Iraq.. Bush and his poodle Blair.. There is in Iraq 26 million Saddam Hussein!

Yesterday we slaughtered them! (at Baghdad airport battle) – The US used at Baghdad airport mini nuclear bombs after the Iraqi combatants inflicted their armies at least 2000 US dead- a translator’ notice)

Their forces, are committing suicide by the hundreds.. The battle is fierce and God has given us victory.. The fight shall go on!

Isn’t this hilarious! A super power like the US dropping cheap fliers printed in Kuwait..

What they claim about entering Najaf is a mere ruse. They send their war jets to fly very low and to shake these holy shrines.. They want to destroy the buildings through low flights.

The Iraqi fighters in Um Qasr, are giving the US and Brit mercenaries the poison of the death.. We did indeed drag them into the quagmire and they shall never ever get out of it.

I ascertain to you that these debased thugs will understand and discover in the right time the extent of their stupidity and how they claim things which never took place.

Their military attempts have become a laughing stock for the whole world.. They are withdrawing from every where..

The US is a debased wild beast.

The United Nations are a brothel run by the US.

This W. Bush is a criminal, and we will see how he shall be taken for a trial.

Huge explosions! Remember they said that their strategy is to terrorize innocents. The US colonialists forces started to drop bombs to frighten the people for their shock and awe strategy.. The US thugs and mercenaries will be slaughtered! They will collapse and they shall be defeated..

We shall slaughter Bush the criminal and his globalist debased terrorists.

They are sending their debased army to be slaughtered in Iraq.

Concerning these US thugs who approached Saddam International airport..I think most of you have watched the film Wag the Dog ! They used some of their Hollywoodian ways yesterday..

The shock and awe boomeranged against them! They are absolutely shocked with what they have seen..

No body welcomed them with candy.. They were confronted with bombs, bullets and filthy shoes on their empty heads.

Now the game is uncovered. Form now on these explosions don’t frighten us.. We hunt their Cruise missiles, like fish in the river. Two days ago we destroyed 196 of them before reaching their targets.

They will find themselves encircled  from every corner.

Concerning those who surrendered, they are not Iraqis.. Where the US thugs did get them from ?

Yes! The US forces have advanced, but this will facilitate our mission to defeat them..

At the airport we squashed them.. We cleaned all the area from their filth..

Yes indeed! We slaughtered them at the airport.

We shall kill them all.. All these US thugs and yobs..

We shall burn them!

We shall embroil them..

In fact when they will reach Baghdad ramparts, we shall encircle them and slaughter them where ever they hide or wherever they go. Baghdad will be their graveyard..

By the hundreds the US thugs are committing suicide on Baghdad ramparts.

These US thugs reckon that they can occupy a country of 26 millions Iraqis.

They are encircled in Basra; in Nassirya, in Najaf.. They are hiding and encircled every where!

They are like a viper.. we shall piece this US poisonous viper!

I speak English better than this rampaging US idiot Bush.

We shall welcome them with bullets and filthy shoes!

Britain is worthless than a pair of filthy used shoe!

We are encircling them in their tanks.

Am I afraid..? Not at all!

You must not be afraid!

I blame Al Jazeera, for they repeat the US propaganda..!

What I feel ? As usual, we shall slaughter these bloodthirsty US thugs!

God will roast their filthy stomachs in the ever burning Gahanna!

*Translated by Abu Assur.


-muslim voice-

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