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The Lie That Justifies Mass Murder: “Hamas Hit Us First”

Posted by musliminsuffer on January 3, 2009

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

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The Lie That Justifies Mass Murder: “Hamas Hit Us First”

Charles E. Carlson  Jan 01, 2008

The White House’s press release is exactly the same as the Zionist Israel position, blaming the victims. It is imperative that we know why. Here is the official Israeli line, directly from Washington:

“It was “completely unacceptable” for Hamas, which controls Gaza, to launch attacks on Israel after a truce lasting several months, said Gordon Johndroe, a spokesman for the National Security Council. “These people are nothing but thugs, so Israel is going to defend its people against terrorists like Hamas that indiscriminately kill their own people.”

The reason the US Administration parrots Zionist Israel’s story is that there is a common agenda that calls for more war in the Middle East. As we have written for some years, ours is a war-based economy, and Israel plays a large part in it because the USA’s targeted enemy is Islam.

War, to those who direct our course from above and beyond presidential politics, is not about religion, but is a vehicle to force economic growth where there is now stagnation.  Broader, bigger and more permanent wars is a part or the “Dilution Solution” planned to save our economy, much as World War II was thought by many to be a planned solution to the “Great Depression.”

We Hold These Truths opposes this policy, which will end only when citizens demand it.

The USA, also, uses Israel to further the war agenda. Israeli politicians willingly play their part in the US war schemes, that necessitates many secret meetings between the two. Israeli citizens will eventually be blamed for wars in the Middle East and could one day become the victims.

Zionist politicians have their own political reasons for the unreasonable brutality which has been discussed in the Arab press. Israel wants to regain political control over the Philistines, so to their way of thinking, Hamas must go. This writer uses the biblical “Philistine” in place of the popular “Palestinian” to emphasize that Arabs are the historic occupants of the land, and they presently do not even have a state. Paradoxically, they are like the unarmed David, a stateless people wondering in the land of the Philistines, but with the slingshot, versus Israel, the militarist Goliath.

As a practical matter, Israel cannot kill all three or four million Philistines, although it has been officially considered.  And, Likud politicians will do it if they can.  Past Prime Minister Ariel Sharon actually stated he was capable and willing to kill all Palestinian Arabs if the Zionists could handle the world heat it would generate. Israel’s objective, instead, is to eliminate Hamas, so they can once again control the Philistines, as they have in the past, by controlling its leaders.

Israel with the help of the USA, trained Yassar Arafat to be its kind of Arab leader and helped him to become a billionaire. In exchange Arafat created a terrorist image for his peace-seeking people, but he never attacked Israeli political figures, as he would have done if he was their enemy.

Before the spasms of violence by Philistine youths in the 1980s called “Intifada,” the Arab population of some three million was in effect a low cost labor pool for Israel. Philistines did the menial labor and farming, commuting from gulags called refugee camps in Gaza and the West Bank. Israel could and did build industry around this desperate labor force much as Germany provided its war materials from slave labor camps populated by prisoners, many of whom were European Jews. This writer wonders if Zionists did not borrow the idea from the National Socialists (NAZI). South Africa was criticized and embargoed for using its black labor pool to build its industry, called Apartheid, but it never bombed the slums where the laborers lived.

Israel’s forced labor pool declined with the Intifada from the early 1980’s on.  The youth uprising started with Philistine children throwing rocks and the subsequent Israeli Defense Force policy of deliberate bone-breaking of children. Eventually the desperation led to human bombs.

The PLO’s role was that of a controlled terrorist…controlled in that it made lots of press, but never really gained any constructive ground for the Philistines. The PLO made everyone think Philistines were terrorists, but it never really harmed the government of Israel. As an example, the PLO killed members of the Israeli Olympic team in Munich, which only helped the Zionists with world sympathy.

Had the PLO desired to use its ample resources to hurt Zionists it could have organized general strikes, peaceful sit and other non violent methods of revolt.  It had lots of people who needed a way to participate, but it did not.  The PLO could also have been affective as a terror group by assassinating Zionist political and military leaders, or intimidated wealthy donors to the Zionist cause in New York, Paris, and London. This would have had an impact. Instead the PLO killed an aged couple on a cruse ship, slaughtered 20- year old Olympic athletes, and hijacked airlines from other countries making enemies out of them, and damaging the reputation of every Arab from every land. Arafat was left alone to live a lavish lifestyle in Paris, married a young wife there, and amassed an unknown personal fortune. Affectively he was an Israeli agent.

The Philistines knew all this, but the PLO had no competition until Hamas came along . Israel’s stated agenda is to get Mahmoud Abbas back in power as the Philistine leader. According to reliable members of the Arab Press Abbas’s term runs out on January 9. This gives Israel and the USA but one week to destroy Hamas so they can keep Abbas in power.

It should surprise no one that Bush has praised Abbas as a fine leader for the Palestinians.

On the first day of 2009 Israel bombed a 4 story apartment building in Gaza to kill one Hamas leader. They were willing to kill eight members of his family, all women and children, plus four more non-family members who lived in the same building! The USA networks did not report the event. And, the US Administration supports these Zionist acts of terrorism, as the President’s press release indicates. Unfortunately many Americans, especially evangelical Christians, choose to believe him.

Those who have been inside Gaza know Israel struck first, and Hamas’s response is only a token for lack of serious armaments. On December 29, 2008, on CNN, A united Nations official in Gaza, an English woman named Karen, stated she has lived in Gaza for six years, and whose job it is to organize distribution of UN purchased food. She set a Zionist friendly reporter straight. His loaded question was, “do the Gazans know that only Hamas is to blame for their sufferings?”

Answering from her office in Gaza, Karen, the UN official, stated that her assistant, a Gazan, was killed that very day by an Israeli bomb while doing his job delivering food, and that it was Israel, not Hamas, who broke the six-month peace truce by keeping the border entrances sealed for months after the “truce” began.

She put the reporter in his place about who bombed first, noting she was in Gaza under attack several hours before Hamas retaliated with some sixty homemade rockets. She affirmed that Israel has destroyed Gaza hospitals, mosques, schools, police stations, and private homes, all based on the excuse of one lone homemade rocket the week before that hit no one, and did no damage. Our leaders know all this but the truth does not further their agenda.  The “Hamas hit us first” lie does.

Israelis often refer to Palestinians as “animals” in private conversation. Israel’s military started the slaughter by starving the Gazans in hopes the victims would blame and reject Hamas. When this did not work Israel trumped up a homemade, one rocket excuse to start bombing the Gaza City, and is still trying to blame Hamas. In summary, there are a few simple truths that Israel cannot stand, and that US politicians and the press never recognize:

1.  Hamas is the lawfully elected government of Gaza and the West Bank as well. It still has the respect of the people.  It not only has the right to lead but has the responsibility, which Hamas recognizes.

2.  Israeli and American officials lie about Hamas routinely, it’s strictly business to lie, and they are not ashamed when they are caught. A recent official Israeli statement claimed “Hamas came to power in a bloody coup.” In fact, the Palestinian election was supervised and certified to be fair and free by an international team lead by a former US President, James Earle Carter.

3.  Gazans do not train their children to be suicide bombers anymore than Americans do; “Human Bombs” are the product of lost dreams and the frustrations of 40 years of occupation. Some children who grow up without hope become dangerous adults. Anyone who goes to Gaza, as I did, will learn they are not trained to hate us, nor to carry bombs. They learn to hate by being bombed.

4.  Gaza children are considered a blessing. Most families have lots of them and half the population is sixteen or under. As an example, abortion is practically unknown in Gaza; but in Israel it is a government provided utility. It is fair to say the Gazans practice a life culture; Israelis practice a death culture.

5.  Gazans co-exist side by side, race and religion, Muslim and Christian, church beside mosque. Their Children often go to the same school, Hamas and Muslim kids with Catholic, Orthodox, and a few Baptists, until Israel bombs the school with US weapons. I have seen it and talked to the parents. A massive USA/Israeli propaganda campaign has the objective of convincing Christians that Muslims hate them.

The United States Agenda:
The annihilation of the Gazans is a step in a general war plan often referred to as the Neo-Con plan of Richard Bruce (Dick) Cheney, and Paul Dundes Wolfowitz and others. The war plan is called the Project For the New American Century (PFNAC), which seeks to engulf the entire Arab world into permanent wars of mass occupation. PFNAC postulates that more wars will bail out our staggering economy.

History shows serial wars always destroy the morality and the currency of the aggressor.  Your writer described this agenda in 1994, in a magazine feature story, Attacking Islam1. Gaza is viewed as a trigger to spread World War III against Islam everywhere. The Bush Administration wants Israel to pull the trigger on the Philistines and set the Islamic world off to violent retaliation in which the USA will quickly be “forced” to be involved.

We Hold These Truths appeals to those who consider themselves moral and spiritual to speak out, making the cause of the Philistines a moral issue.  Many of us want to be involved but are frustrated about finding an effective venue. We have chosen America’s churches as our target because theirs is the biggest block of voters. The Philistines are not allowed to choose their leaders; we are, and there is no excuse for or silence or assent.

Christian Zionists, not corrupted politicians, are the biggest obstacle to peace in the USA. America has an almost uncountable number of churches that meet regularly, but most do not fulfill the role that Christ gave them, to stand for decency.

Our general rule is, go after World Zionist’s base of support. We for our part have taken on well over sixty churches and national religious groups. The Roots of Christian Zionism DVD explains our program from top to bottom. 2

Don’t forget our own children and families…our total influence is required. That means your children’s’ war and kill games that always seem to make the enemy to look like an Arab, should go. Tough job?…it does not get easier. Jesus Christ never said it would. If you don’t know what to do, help us.3

1 Attacking Islam.
2 Roots of Christian Zionism (Bookstore)

3 Rally to Oppose the Israeli Killings of Palestinians in Gaza, Chuck Carlson speaks to a Muslim rally on You Tube:

To open a pdf file with pictures and captions that can be used to make your own fliers go to:



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