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To all the morons who say Palestine never existed

Posted by musliminsuffer on January 4, 2009

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

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To all the morons who say Palestine never existed

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Ever here some fool say that Palestine was never a state? Or even more ridiculous, that Palestine never existed?

If you are one of the many idiots who say that I say to you:

That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Palestine was a State even in My Grandmother’s life time. Of all the Jewish Prime Ministers only one has ever actually been born in Israel.

Even in Biblical times Jews never made up more than 3% of the population. Palestine is pronounced Falestine, if you go there no one says Palestine. It comes from the word Philistine you know the people the Jews were always writing about killing in the Bible. Note the Story of Samson who supposedly killed 1,000 Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey before a woman Delilah tricked him and cut off his magical hair which gave him super strength.

Yes, I am not making that up.

“And she made him sleep on her knees; and she called for a man,
and she caused him to shave off the seven locks of his head:
. . . and his strength went from him.”
(Judges 16:19)

This is the kind of crap that Jews try to pass off as history. Christians believe it too yet basically none of them have bothered to read it since they were being brainwashed as small children and had it read to them.


He also supposedly killed a lion with his bare hands and also carried the gates of a city he destroyed away on his shoulders and also got water from the ground after praying to god because he was thirsty after he killed 1,000 men. Awe how nice of the Jewish god to give water to his favorite mass murderer. Read the book of Judges it’s full of all kinds of fanciful fairy tale bullshit.

You can’t make up shit more wacky than the Bible stories.

Ok here is the flag of Palestine before 1916

Palestine was under Ottoman and British occupations and also Roman but under Rome (who they kicked out) and in between occupations they enjoyed autonomy.

The Bible is pure BS. Moses didn’t free Hebrew slaves, Cyrus the Great did and that is a historical fact. Moses is copied from the Misis mythology in Egypt as are the trinity gods Isis, Ra and El (Israel) and Horus aka the Jesus myth. History vs Religion

Cyrus the Great (c.600–529 bc) King of Persia, founder of the Achaemenid Empire in Persia. He overthrew the Medes, then rulers of Persia, in 549 bc, defeated King Croesus of Lydia (c.546 bc), captured Babylon (539 bc) and the Greek cities in Asia Minor. Although he failed to conquer Egypt, Cyrus’ empire stretched from the Mediterranean to India. He delivered the Jews from their Babylonian Captivity, sending them home to Palestine. His decree, held in the British Museum, is regarded as the first declaration of human rights.

-World Encyclopedia (that’s a real encyclopedia not wiki [however even wiki agrees on this])

It was a Persian King Cyrus the II who freed the Jews from what is now Egypt but at the time was part of the Babylonian empire. The ancient Jews were saved by ancient Iran. Cyrus entered Babylon (now Baghdad) and replaced an unpopular king, a King who worshiped the Moon god Sin rather than the more popular god Marduk, the Harvest God (whom the famous Hanging Gardens was made for). The People wanted the king to worship Marduk not Sin so they welcomed Cyrus in ridding the corrupt king. The Persians did not believe in slavery so all the slaves in the Babylonian kingdom were set free not just the Jews.

That’s right it was Cyrus not God who freed the Jews from Egypt. And they were lead by an Egyptian (not a Jew and yes that river in the basket story is nonsense) into what is now Palestine/Israel. There, the nearly all male force, (because slaves were usually men used for labor and the women probably opted to stay prostitutes rather than wonder around in the desert) immediately began their long stint of raping and murdering and constant warfare. Read the 4, 5, 6th books in the Bible and get a feel for the blood craze and if you really want something sick read Leviticus and learn the details about sacrificing animals and sleeping with your own daughters and all the laws that would result in you being put to death (by very creative means) if you broke them.

Now contrast the World Encylopedia with what Zio-Wiki tries to say about Palestine. Here is the world encyclopedia.

Palestine Territory in the Middle East, on the e shore of the Mediterranean Sea; considered a Holy Land by Jews, Christians and Muslims.Palestine has been settled continuously since 4000 bc. The Jews moved into Palestine from Egypt c.2000 bc but were subjects of the Philistines until 1020 bc, when Saul, David, and Solomon established Hebrew kingdoms. The region was then under Assyrian and, later, Persian control before coming under Roman rule in 63 bc. In succeeding centuries, Palestine became a focus of Christian pilgrimage. Muslim Arabs conquered the region in 640. In 1099, Palestine fell to the Crusaders, but in 1291 they in turn were routed by the Mamluks. The area was part of the Ottoman Empire from 1516 to 1918, when British forces defeated the Turks at Megiddo. The Balfour Declaration encouraged Jewish immigration. After World War I, the British held a League of Nations mandate over the land w of the River Jordan (now once again called Palestine). Tension between Jews and the Arab majority led to an uprising in 1936. World War II and Nazi persecution brought many Jews to Palestine, and in 1947 Britain, unable to satisfy both Jewish and Arab aspirations, consigned the problem to the United Nations. The UN proposed a plan for separate Jewish and Arab states. This was rejected by the Arabs, and in 1948 (after the first of several Arab-Israeli Wars) most of ancient Palestine became part of the new state of Israel; the Gaza Strip was controlled by Egypt and the West Bank of the River Jordan by Jordan. These two areas were subsequently occupied by Israel in 1967. .

Another encyclopedia says

In the Bible, Palestine is called Canaan before the invasion of Joshua; the usual Hebrew name is Eretz Israel [land of Israel]. Palestine is the Holy Land of Jews, having been promised to them by God; …

source Even the Bible admits that The Philistiens were living there for Joshua invaded it and the Jews self proclaimed the land by say that lol GAWD promised it to them. Sorry but you can’t just write a book saying god gave you land that people were already living in and then start murdering everyone there.

If you want you can go read the bs that wiki writes.

There you have it Zionism is as old as Judaism with a certain swath of people believing that God granted then land which only their ethnicity could live on. The Samson story and countless others praise the murder of Philistiens/Palestinians.

Please see this to look at current conditions.

Truth is Israel didn’t exist until 1947 and it is Israel that is wiping Palestine of the map. YOu may want to see this as well The Myth of the “Generous Offer.” it seems to be another common Zionist mythology. Like Occupation 101 says, Prisoneers might mke up 90% of a jail physically but the 10% control everything. And that is what was being offered.

And finally you probably get sick of running into Zionist who talk about the “Security Fence” AKA the Apartheid Wall please send them here.

Here is an excerpt

Israel openly is building what senator Hillary Clinton calls a security fence, but is in reality an apartheid wall. First off, the wall, and it is certainly a wall, is not even on the Green line. It is not on Israel’s boarder; it cuts deep into the West Bank, effectively creating a land grab by cutting off a portion of Palestine from the rest of it. They are sandwiching a swath or territory between the Israeli boarder and the apartheid wall which is already being peppered with racial/ethnic settlements of religious fanatics who hold the ridiculous belief that “God” gave then the land they are stealing and murdering people to take.


PS GO DIGG our 911 theory and give thumbs down to all the zionist comments. We already made the front page yesterday.

And if you want to dig this article on Palsetine do so here this story

“Palestine never existed It was just land between two rivers where no one lived and god gave it to his chosen people…in other news the Americas were empty when the Europeans arrived and Native Americans are a myth made by the Liberal media.” -Official White Horse Source.

Click for 1851 map showing Palestine

Click for 1864 map showing Palestine

Click for 1866 map showing Palestine

Click for 1887 map showing Palestine

Warning this one is graphic


-muslim voice-

14 Responses to “To all the morons who say Palestine never existed”

  1. The Truth said

    When people say Palestine never existed, they are referring to what YOU are calling Palestine, idiot.

    The “PALESTINIAN” people never existed as they do today, THAT was a creation of one YASSIR ARAFAT.

    Also, it is ignorant to say population of Jews was always under 3%, also a fallacy. That is not even the case right now, further proving yourself wrong.

    Palestine existed insomuch as a name existed, much like your website has a name. But just because your website’s name is “muslimsuffer” does not make it that actual truth (though i am not suggesting that they dont, because they are).

    Point being, the notion of a “Palestinian” people is just as modern as the state of Israel, and for the first time in history we have “second and third generation refugees” whereas other people MOVE. There is a big difference between your lies and others. Palestinians WERE NOT kicked out of Israel. They choice to leave. Why then are there Palestinians within the borders of Israel?

    Your ignorance and lies, while allowed in the Q’uran, are abhorant to those who know. Furthermore, who did Mohammed, peace be upon him, go to visit? If you want to claim Muslim, you cannot deny Moshe. Only one man in all prophecy and legend ever spoke to G-d on earth, and that was Moshe. Mohammed ascended to heaven and spoke to the prophets, namely and most importantly Moshe.

    Who is the most mentioned person in the Q’uran? Moshe.

    Your venum spewing lies will end one day, and I hope that peace will resume the region. But it will not so long as you continue to believe the lies that have slaughtered your own people for so long. So long as you put terrorist leaders in your people’s stead, acting as their voice, then terror will ensue–ON BOTH SIDES.

    Yassir Arafat invented the notion of hijacking and using a plane for terror—-he is the true father of Sept 11. Yet you bastards praise him as a saint? He shot babies in the head. Hamas does the same! Peace for Palestine, Peace for Palestinians, Peace for Jews, and Peace for Israel.

    No More Lies.

    No More Hate.

    No More ignorance.

  2. Rick Head said

    well that evidence sucked like a muslim sucking pig tits for satifaction tryin to confuse Philistine to be Palestine, when we know history records it in the time of the romans as the land of judaea, an later changed it in reference to Pagans who never followed allah at all but Dagon, many of the muslims today still act like they follow dagon, so get a grip an wake up maybe u should become the 1st muslim pope, maybe u will be loved more

    • Is this man called himself civilized peace loving christian ? No wonder, how hypocrite he is!

      How can Jews claim a historic right to Palestine, when Arabs have been the overwhelming majority there for nearly 1300 uninterrupted years?

  3. jumpygrouch said

    The fact that the Zionists and Jews in Israel are guilty of serious crimes against the Palestinians does not change the fact you obviously do not know of the history of the land which always was under rule of some other force, the latest being the Ottoman empire and the British. furthermore, you say that muslims suffer, when they believe in slavery to this day and many actually own slaves. what do you really know about the muslim world outside of the US? I’m not writing this to defend Israel. I’m writing this to let you know that there is always bad behavior on both sides. Let’s all start to admit that, and that the people have to change first, so that the government will be forced to change. The people of Israel have to decide they want to live as a multi-religious state, in peace, and then we will see changes over there. As long as each side insists on being “right” then there will be no peace.

  4. HUMAN said

    I can’t see why jews should have a state on the palestinian land?? If it’s because they are convinced that Jews (Zionist or not) have the right to live in a place where they lived thousands of years before, expropriating the current population, then the same rule should be applied to everyone: Assyrians, Babylonians, Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, etc.
    Or because it’s indicated in THEIR holy books (which are valid only for its believers and not for the whole world)????
    Infact, everything came from an unfair international agreement that the West made in compensation for Holocaust survivors!! I have to ask WHY ONLY Holocaust survivors?? Napoleon is probably responsible for less deaths than Hitler?And Caesar? And the Holy Inquisition? And the crusaders? Shall we talk about the extermination of American Indians???
    It’s totally inconvenient and crazy. this what you call a ”state” is an ILLEGAL CRIMINAL STATE!!..

  5. dave said

    the zionists will get there come uppance believe me,,no amount of money will save them,

  6. Palestine Never Existed said

    First off, Cyrus the Great is in the Bible, you ignorant dolt. Secondly, Palestine NEVER existed. Never in recorded history is there ANY mention of an established city-state called “palestine.” Also, your beloved Yasir Arafaggot was EGYPTIAN. Historically (look it up, morons) Jews have been in that region for THREE THOUSAND YEARS. You dirty raghead terrorists haven’t been around anywhere near that long. Haha, right now the superior Jewish military is bombing the shit out of all you filthy ragheads. God Bless the war on all you worthless pieces of shit.

  7. ry said

    Why did you remove my name from MY work? This is Ryan Dawson

  8. Marti said

    Can their be a bigger moron then this idiot in the world I don’t Think theirs non this guy takes the cake of the biggest idiot that ever existed. He just said that naitive Americans never existed u guess my friend Emmanuel from the north American tribe he never existed also and I’m talking to an imaginary person really?? Shut the fuck up you Islamic lefti dick wad!!!

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