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The US-India-Mossad Connection

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 4, 2009

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Another devious plan to disable Pakistan

Asif Haroon Rajar
Pakistan Daily

Sat, 28 Feb 2009

Both Israel and India aspire to become unchallenged military powers of Middle East and South Asia respectively. The USA provides the requisite backup support to accomplish their ambitions. In order to retain their regional ascendancy both have paid particular attention towards modernising conventional and unconventional military means far outmatching their neighbours. Apart from building their military power it becomes necessary for the duo to ensure that none of its neighbours acquires any weapon system superior to its own or is in a position to flex muscles or unite to pose a credible challenge.

Above all, they over ensure that no Muslim country can possess nuclear capability and be in a position to avert blackmailing and bullying tactics. In other words, both desire weak and subservient states doing their bidding. Nuclear capability with any country is a death knell for their megalomaniac aspirations and hence a binding necessity to prevent its acquisition.

Iraq was the first Muslim country which was fast moving towards acquiring nuclear capability. Once Iraq got fully embroiled in war with Iran, Israel destroyed the Iraqi nuclear plant at Osirak in 1981. Later on, the USA helped in decimating Iraqi conventional military power through First and 2nd Gulf Wars and reducing the most powerful military machine of the Arab world to a mere counter insurgent force. Having already neutralised Egypt through the Camp David Accord, Israel emerged as the unchallenged military power of the region. The suspected nuclear program of Syria was destroyed by Israeli planes.

Israel is now worried about Iran which it suspects is developing a weapons grade nuclear program with the active assistance of Russia. Iran’s well-developed delivery means and the aggressive stance adopted by the Iranian leadership against Israel add to its woes. Tel Aviv is not in a position to cause any harm to Iran on its own and is therefore persistently pestering the USA to destroy Iran’s nuclear plants. Unless these nuclear facilities are destroyed, Israel would always remain insecure and even hesitant to go full out against the Iranian backed Hezbollah and Hamas, the two radical groups who have seriously compromised the authority of Israeli military power for the first time. Ever since the rise of Islamists in Iran, the USA has been resorting to covert means to bring the regime down and replace it with moderate reformists. It had pumped in millions of dollars during the last elections in Iran to affect a regime change but failed. It has also failed to coerce, isolate or entice the leadership to abandon its nuclear program in return for monetary benefits. The CIA is however still busy carrying out covert operations through Iraq and Baluchistan where it has cultivated a Sunni Iranian group Jandullah for carrying out sabotage and subversion in neighbouring Zahidan province. Shamsi air base in Baluchistan is still in use by US troops for monitoring Iran.

As far as India is concerned, it is faced with a nuclear Pakistan which is presently an ally of the USA in the ongoing war on terror. Pakistan has never accepted the hegemony of India even when it was non-nuclear and had gone to war with India in 1948, 1965 and in 1971. The Kargil conflict in summer of 1999 had the potential of getting converted into a full blown war with possible nuclear overtones. Nuclear Pakistan is a common threat to both India and Israel since the latter feels that either it could transfer nuclear technology to any of its Arab neighbours or come to the aid of a Muslim country embroiled with it. It also fears that Islamic militants might steal nuclear bombs and pose a threat to its existence. Because of a commonality of threat perceptions, both India and Israel are working in tandem in pursuit of common objectives.

The duo has developed close military, economic, and nuclear ties and Israel is now the biggest arms supplier to India. Both have been vying to destroy Pakistan’s nuclear facility at Kahuta since the 1980s. Having discerned that its destruction through a surgical strike is risky because of the efficient and credible response system of Pakistan, the duo has been trying to disable Pakistan’s nuclear capability through indirect means.

The occupation of Afghanistan in the aftermath of 9/11 provided a godsend opportunity to India and Israel to give practical shape to their nefarious plan of disarming Pakistan. From 2002 onwards RAW, Mossad with the active collaboration of the CIA and FBI have been undertaking subversive activities inside Pakistan from Kabul to weaken all the protections around nuclear assets and hijack them at an opportune time without having to wage a war. The godfather USA helped its chief operators by winning over Gen Musharraf and opening up the western border for undertaking clandestine operations in selected regions. The trio then set about weakening Pakistan’s state institutions through a wilful and well orchestrated propaganda campaign. India has always used propaganda warfare as an instrument to achieve its ends. The vilification campaign was intensified from 2005 onwards and it gained momentum in 2008 onwards. The targets chosen were the army and the ISI since the plotters knew that without sufficiently enfeebling these two institutions it would not be possible for them to achieve their objectives.

The trio worked on following objectives:

One, dupe the Pakistan leadership by promising carrots, peace with India and solution to Kashmir.

Two, cultivate important officials in various government departments, media and legal fraternity.

Three, inject secularism and remove the notion of Jihad, project militancy as the main threat to the existence of Pakistan and accentuate a secular-Islamist divide.

Four, stoke ethnic tensions, sectarian strife, and aid insurgencies.

Five, create divisions within the society and polarise it politically.

Six, defame the army and then create a wedge between the army and the civil government.

Seven, create misgivings, frustration, disillusionment, fear and despair among the people.

Eight, cripple state institutions and render the nation headless and disoriented.

Nine, weaken the economy and make Pakistan subservient to IMF.

Ten, deny the Pakistani army and the ISI any role in protecting the nuclear arsenal.

Eleven, make Pakistan ungovernable and a failing state.

Twelve, justify the entry of US-Nato forces into Pakistan to save Pakistan from its takeover by militants and to take nuclear assets into their safe custody.

While India established a string of Pakistan-specific consulates in Afghanistan, RAW was given huge funds to accomplish its mission of destabilisation of Pakistan. It recruited, trained and launched agents into Baluchistan, Fata and Swat. Likewise, Mossad set up camps in Badakshan to launch its agents into areas which had already been made restive by the CIA as a consequence of forced introduction of Pakistani troops into Fata and the CIA-FBI combine playing a double game. Afghans, Chechens, Uzbeks, Caucasians and disgruntled elements within Pakistan were trained in a manner that they could easily mix with locals. Some of the Hindu agents of RAW were caught and found uncircumcised. The tasks assigned to the agents were to create lawlessness and to defame the Taliban and to keep militancy boiling.

After making the peaceful areas restive, ironically, increasing militancy in nuclear-armed Pakistan has become one of the major causes of worry for USA. Madeline Albright said that Pakistan is an international migraine. Continuous drone attacks killing innocent people and the meddlesome role of RAW and CIA has in fact given a migraine to Pakistan. It must be remembered that the CIA was instrumental in fomenting Jihadism and militancy in Pakistan in the 1980s which is the cause of most of the suffering of the people of Pakistan. The illegal occupation of Afghanistan in 2001 together with the oppressive policies have triggered militancy in the region. In nuclear-armed India, neither the USA nor any other country stoked extremism and militancy. Yet the level and scale of militancy in India far outweigh Pakistan. While Hindu-Muslim riots in India are a regular phenomenon, in Pakistan the Hindus have never been persecuted. Whereas the Hindu extremists are intolerant towards all the minorities living in India and are always looking for an excuse to butcher them, in Pakistan all minorities are treated more fairly.

Indian Muslims are looked at with suspicion and they live in perpetual fear. The hatred of Hindu Rightists and Leftists against them is so intense that they treat them as second rate citizens and yearn to kill each one of them. The recently released film Slum dog Millionaire has exposed the wretched state of affairs of Indian Muslims and has become a cause of embarrassment for India. No religious party in Pakistan seeks the destruction of India while the Hindu extremist parties have often voiced their wish to nuke Pakistan. There has not been a single incident of theft of nuclear material in Pakistan but several cases of theft have taken place in India and yet the western world brazenly says that Pakistan’s nuclear assets are in danger of getting stolen by extremists. Hindu extremists are so intolerant that they cannot even see their sports teams getting defeated by aPakistani team.

The newly appointed Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke undertook a visit to Pakistan, Afghanistan and India to tie up loose ends of a planned joint military operation from both sides of the Durand Line. In this US-Nato-Afghan-Pakistan troops would be taking part under the overall command of the US or Nato with a focus on the strip along Pakistan-Afghan border. This operation would enable foreign troops to gain entry into Pakistan and to establish a military base in Fata under the guise of providing protection to nuclear assets. Looking at the list of objectives set against Pakistan, alot of ground has already been covered by our adversaries. Having come out of the Mumbai trap unscathed, it is now to be seen how our leaders will respond to this devious plan aimed at disabling Pakistan.



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