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JAAMI – Interview with Dr. Abdullah Hafez, Iraq Resistance

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 13, 2009

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

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JAAMI – Interview with Dr. Abdullah Hafez, Iraq Resistance



March 11, 2009

Political Council of Iraqi Resistance (PCIR)

Islamic Front of Iraqi Resistance (JAAMI)

Interview with Dr. Abdullah Hafez

This Interview was published in Arabic on 9th March 2009. Here are just some excerpts translated into (bad) English, however, the most important points are:
1.) The Resistance does not participate in the ‘political process’ under Occupation
2.) They reject the Iranian influence
3.) The Government didn’t solve any problems (Millions Refugees, thousand imprisoned, Sectarian Militias…)
4.) They welcome Obama’s withdrawal but question its seriousness
5.) The Iraqi Resistance will be victorious because:
– the last year was not a decline of attacks but a time of review and restructuring
– there are enough weapons stored for years
– they develop new weapons and will announce a new Missle soon (range 25km)
– the Occupation improved it’s techniques (including spies, cameras and remote-controlled aircraft, and this figure represented only) and there is still no support for the Iraqi Resistance from any other country, so if they announce to carry out 50-75 Operations a month in Iraq this is a very good success as they are just one of the Iraqi Resistance factions

Below a Translation (Please tell us if an official translation can be found):

Hafez al-called U.S. troops to be pulled out of Iraq:

“The US troops have occupied Iraq and destroyed all the infrastructure, (…) they have to recognize the country to its people, and not hand him over to the regional powers who seek to control Iraq.”

„Today there are 100 thousand detainees, and 4 million displaced persons and refugees, and 2 million displaced within Iraq, before the Government to proceed with any reconciliation, it must work to restore the is the legacy of the occupation forces », stressing that the Iraqi resistance,« is not against anyone, and we want to coexist with all the components of Iraqi society without discrimination and, therefore, we reconciliation, and this is our first day, and I repeat again, but we do not want reconciliation with the lackeys occupation.”

“The armed factions of the Resistance will not participate in the political process under occupation.”

„The US troops are not serious about withdrawing from Iraq, but will be limited to the withdrawal of its mechanisms, and will continue to control Iraq through the largest embassy in the world, that will be in the heart of Baghdad, which will include more than 3 thousands of employees, in addition to the economic control, and control of security and intelligence, and this is what we reject, as I have resisted the American soldier who wears a military uniform, they will resist and civil unacceptable by the Iraqis.”

On the military situation of the Iraqi resistance factions, particularly in the wake of the marked decline of its operations recently, Hafiz said:

“It is not true that the image of the Iraqi resistance is at a critical position, on the contrary, during the past three months, the pace of operations have lead to the rise, which is recognized by the U.S. military statements, What happened during the past year, is that it was a year of review and restructuring, in addition to some of the problems that have occurred in the resistant work in Iraq, as we gave an opportunity for other projects, which sought to overlap with the project of Jihad in Iraq, and we believe that the fruit of our work in the past year have begun to appear, and therefore will see more of the factions during the next.”

He maintained that the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, carried out about 50 to 75 per month over the Iraqi territory „Despite all the obstacles facing the work of resistance, including spies, cameras and remote-controlled aircraft, and this figure represented only by us, whom we are a part of the Political Council of the Iraqi Resistance.”

“The declaration of Obama’s withdrawal is a victory for the Iraqi Resistance, which we would have liked, however we question the seriousness of American withdrawal from Iraq and its implementation mechanisms, as stated by Obama.”

No ammunition had started running out:
“A lot of weapons exist, and we have specialized research centres to develop and manufacture weapons, and weapons from the former Iraqi army are still there, it is enough for ten more years, as well as the possibility to import arms from out of Iraq.”

“We will announce the manufacturing of a new Missle very soon and use it during the coming period, with a range of 20-25 km”

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