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Posted by musliminsuffer on March 17, 2009

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===


One of my favourite fellow Bloggers, of the Irish 4 Palestine Blog is being harassed by zionists….. WHY??? Perhaps for her honest blogging regarding the situation in Palestine and who is to blame for it..
Following is a post she just wrote explaining the situation. Please leave comments on her blog offering your support.


This is a nasty group of Zionists, run by a man who was arrested for Child Molestation AND convicted of terrorist Pro-Israel bombings in New York in 1984. I wrote a blog about them and their group. They had a televisions show in New York and that was removed as well for hateful content. Now they are targeting my blog at WordPress because I reported the truth about them from their own website, in their own words coupled with information on the internet of this man’s arrest for child molestation see my post HERE.

And here is what WIKI says about them as well:

The Jewish Task Force (Hebrew: הימין האמיתי, HaYamin HaAmiti, lit. “The Real Right Wing”) is a Kahanist organization[citation needed] in the United States that raises money for the claimed purpose of funding radical right-wing Jewish groups in Israel,[1] puts on television programs through local-access cable and runs a website with the stated goal of saving Israel, America, and The West.[1] JTF is run by the former national chairman of the Jewish Defense League, Victor Vancier, who is also commonly known as Chaim Ben Pesach, and previously as Chaim Ben Yosef. In October of 1987, he was sentenced to 10 years in Federal prison for taking part in a series of bombings in the New York area since 1984 to protest Soviet treatment of Jews.[2][3][4] The group defines itself as “fighting to save America and Israel from Islamic terrorism.”[1] Unlike most Kahanist organizations, which take positions only on issues related to Israel, JTF also has an American agenda; it wishes to stop what it calls the “Third World invasion of America”[1] and is against America becoming what it calls a “Third World banana republic”.[1] JTF’s messages have also caused it to be condemned for alleged racism,[5][6] and has been condemned by the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center.[7]

Here is where they are discussing working to remove my blog from WordPress:

See here from their message forum today LINK HERE:

While searching for some JTF Videos on I found an Anti JTF / Anti Chaim ben Pesach Website.
Shalom brother GWBTH,


I have a very good Irish friend whom of course supports Israel and the Jewish people and he tells me that support for Islamic Nazism/Islamofascist Jihadism and of course hatred of Israel, antisemitism/Jew-hatred is HUGE over there.

The so-called “electronic-intifada” and the “International Solidarity Movement” which flaks for the Arab Muslim Nazi terrorists is obviously MASSIVE over there as evidenced by the plethora of websites based in Ireland supporting these Jihadist quranimals.

I will write to my Irish friend and will see what he says about this retard.


Thank you!

It’s important to fight against these Websites.

Is it possible to proceed against the Website owner/founder?? They called Chaim ben Pesach “child molester”!
If someone would call me that I would report it to the police.


Shalom brother GWBTH,


I heard you can write an e-mail to WordPress saying that the blog is racist and engaging in hate-speech and they will probably take it down. Many pro-Israel/pro-Jewish sites were taken down that way by the Arab Muslim Nazis.

It is time for JTF’ers to fight back and defend Chaim as well as JTF by “flagging” that Jew-hating, lying bastard’s blog..

It means a lot to me to defend JTF and specially Chaim ben Pesach! It’s really insolent to insult Chaim and say things about him which are not true!
I will contact WordPress.

To these groups FREE SPEECH and publishing facts of record are not allowed. Please support this blog against Zionist censors!



-muslim voice-


  1. irish4palestine said

    Many thanks for the solidarity:)

  2. Yep, looks like you will ALL have to deal with some mean nastty Jews… LOL life SUCKS for YOU.

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