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Afghan Resistance: Dialogue with an official of the Political Committee of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 31, 2009

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

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Afghan Resistance
Dialogue with an official of the Political Committee of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

The Political Committee of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan- TALIBAN


March 29, 2009

In the name of Allah

The Most Merciful the Most Compassionate

The comprehensive dialogue about the latest situations in the country with the official of the Political Committee of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Sheikh “Mu’tasem Aghakhan”, may Allah protect him, keep him safe and guide his steps.

Tuesday 24th February 2009 10:54

Q1: When was the Political Committee established within the framework of the Islamic Emirate? What were the reasons behind that? In addition, according to its responsibilities, what are the duties to be performed?

Answer: In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. All praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the ‘Alamin. Peace and prayers be on His best creation, Muhammad, and on all his family and companions.

Then, The Political Committee was established five years ago by the supreme command of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan when the attacks of the Mujahideen against the invaders increased tangibly. This was among the series of the administrative framework, which the supreme command set for the sake of organizing and developing its affairs; and among them was the Political Committee. When the Mujahideen accomplished their major goals against the extorter American forces, other bodies became ready to establish bonds with the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Thus, the supreme command saw the necessity to form the Political Committee to pursue such affairs. Consequently, the Commander of the Faithful gave an order to form such a committee to be able to organize matters in a reasonable way and a well-organized planning.

As for its accomplishments in regard to its responsibilities, the committee has accomplished many things, and I say to you, “We have been able to accomplish many positive results among which are: establishing mutual relationships with some countries and adopting mutual strategies to suppress the American plans which are based on widening its influence in Afghanistan and other neighbouring countries; and accordingly, we have been able to find the obstacles and consolidate our combats against their wicked goals, and many fruitful positive results have been accomplished.

In addition to that, the Political Committee of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has been able to strengthen its relationship with the neighboring countries, and has been able to reach high goals; and after the pattern of observing the political interests and remarks, we would prefer, for some time, not to shed light on how these goals have been accomplished, or to mention the names of those countries that we have strengthened our relationship with.

The committee has also preserved its cordial relationship with the effective parties inside the country to resolve our common problem, and we have accomplished very important goals.

Q2: Based on facts, we can see that the accomplishments of the Islamic Emirate in the military field and its resistance to the extorter American forces during the past seven years are of great importance, which exceeds the rest of fields, especially the political one; what is your opinion concerning the future development of the Islamic Emirate in the political field?

Answer: As it is well known that, the political accomplishments, with regard to contemporary considerations, follow the military ones. Whoever obtains military accomplishments is able to obtain the political ones. When Afghanistan fell as a prey for the military attacks of the enemy, the Islamic Emirate reacted in a defensive way, and was able by Allah’s Majesty’s grace to secure many accomplishments that even the enemy admitted them. These military accomplishments gained by the Islamic Emirate were the reason behind its political development. It is well known to everybody that problems and crises are not resolved either by force and continuation of war, or by considering political cautions only. Thus, both ways the military and the political should be followed at the same time to resolve the problem and put an end to the crisis.

Q3: Seven years of the Islamic Emirate’s intense defense against the aggressing American forces, gaining many accomplishments in this field, proving its force on the surface of the world, and the offer of many countries to establish relationship with it; what is the attitude of the Islamic Emirate in relation to establishing relationships with those countries? In addition, is the Islamic Emirate willing to take positive strategies towards their propositions?

Answer: No doubt, that the Americans and their allies carried out a barbarian attack on the Muslim Afghanistan, violating all the international and humane principles and decrees that are worldly recognized. And consequently, these extorter forces were able to overthrow the Islamic Emirate Regime in Afghanistan, which is the representative of its zealous people’s aspirations, in addition to killing the thousands of innocents of children, women and the disabled; and they were the reason behind destructing this country that is afflicted with disasters, and whose injuries didn’t heal up from the previous bitter wars, and its sufferings increased and its destructions were doubled as a result of this barbarian American attack.

Accordingly, our responsibility is to show our sufferings to the whole world and drawing the veil off the Americans and their barbarism; pursue negotiations with others; informing them of the current events in our country; shedding light on our sublime goals; asking them to support us political and military wise; and spare no effort to rescue our Muslim people and our deemed weak country.

We would like to attract the attention of the free independent countries, especially the Muslim ones, to our problems and the crimes that the Americans carry out against our unjustly treated people and our country that is afflicted with disasters. We also work on opening dialogue windows with whoever wants to deal with us and establishing relationships with them.

Q4: Does the Islamic Emirate still believe in pursuing its old policy about Afghanistan and the issues dependent on it?

Answer: The policy of the Islamic Emirate, as it appears from its name, is based on Islam solid bases and its pure historical origins, and at the same time putting in considerations the conditions and situations of the present time. It built its policy, during its rule over the country, according to the issues related to the country on the principles of the pure historical Islamic origins and its intense bases, taking into account the political and national interests of the country, but there were some defects and points of weakness in several resources; this was according to the emergency unstable conditions; and we are now sparing no effort to redeem them and work on preventing them from happening again; and we are ready to attain mutual understanding with all bodies.

Thus, we are keen to adopt a mutual extensive Afghani strategy and negotiations with all the Afghani groups to reach fruitful positive results and undertake the necessary changes on condition that it does not contradict the Jihadi strategy and keeping the benefits of the Afghani people safe.

Q5: The Islamic resistance used to enjoy international political support during the Soviet invasion, but now it does not enjoy this support; what is the reason behind this from your point of view?

Answer: The international support for the Afghani resistance during the Soviet invasion used to take a gradual shape, and we think that the international support about the current resistance is taking the gradual shape as well.

At that time, when the attacks of the Mujahideen used to increase against the red army, the whole world became sure that the Mujahideen were able to resist the Russian forces, and then it supported the Mujahideen and helped them on the political and military level.

At the beginning of the barbarian American attack on Afghanistan no one ever thought that the afflicted Afghani people, with their empty hands, would resist the arrogant American forces that are well-equipped with the latest kinds of weapons and advanced military equipments. Yet, the Holy Jihad and the strong resistance that have been running for 7 years proved that the Afghani people are able to block the way in front of the crawling of the huge American attack, and they are able to do so not only inside Afghanistan, but they can paralyze the political American plans in the whole region; as defeating America in Afghanistan means its defeat in the whole region, that is because of its strategic position and because this zealous nation was able a short time ago to save the whole world from the communist Marxist snakes; and now it is able to save Afghanistan and countries of the region with the aid of Allah the Almighty from the sparks of the American forces. The whole world have realized the power of this nation and its Jihadi resistance to the aggressive American forces; thus, we can see that each country is now trying to establish political and military relationships with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and support it in the previously mentioned fields.

In short, the contemporary world is divided in relation to supporting the Holy Islamic Jihad into 3 sections:

First, the whole Islamic Ummah (people), which according to its creed and its religious responsibility is supporting the Islamic Jihad both physically and morally.

Second, the competing countries against the economic, military and political American strategies in the region; they are, and for the reason of weakening their competitor and blocking its advance in those fields, they support and sponsor the Islamic resistance.

Third, the free countries that do not like the growing up of the American arrogance near them; for the sake of protecting their interests, they support the Afghani resistance in the political and military fields.

What is worth mentioning here is that this formerly mentioned support takes a secret shape according to the terms of the contemporary situation and its harsh conditions; yet if the situation improved and the suitable conditions were secured, this support would gradually become tangible.

Q6: Because of the Islamic Emirate’s lack for the support of the world; or in other words, in spite of the world’s contradictory attitude towards its serious conditions, to what extent was the Islamic Emirate able to keep its political and military stances?

Answer: With focus on the historical events, we can perceive that the Afghans, no matter what the conflicts among them are, they put aside these conflicts when there is a foreign attack on the country. They adopt a unified strategy and choose one line against the aggressors. On this basis, if I said that the Afghans’ love for the Islamic Emirate increased more than that during its rule over the country, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration; because the Islamic Emirate at that time was fighting people of this same country, because the regime of our country was torn and the Afghani groups were fighting against each other; they divided the country into small countries, and each established an independent government in its district, and undertook anti-Islamic actions; So, in order to keep the unity of the country, restore its organized administration, to apply the Islamic Share’a (legislations), and due to the nation’s demand and its insistence especially to carry out the previously stated reformations, the Islamic Emirate has been established. But on the contrary nowadays, the Islamic Emirate has opened its Jihadi trench against the American aggressors and their allies. It is out of doubt that the Americans are considered among the fiercest enemies of Muslims creed and history wise; that is why each Afghani considers his urgent Jihadi trench is to defend his religion and his creed; he also considers his support an urgent legitimate responsibility and a belief-related obligation; for this reason the Islamic Emirate has gained the love and support of all the Afghans and people worldwide.

As for what you pointed at in relation to the illegitimacy of the Islamic Emirate, I’m saying that I do not agree with you; the inconsistency with the Islamic Emirate does not take an international shape. Those fostering this attitude are America and some of the countries that are related to it and follow its track, and consequently, apart from them, we can see that many of the world countries support the Islamic Emirate secretly, and this chain will widen in the near future in shaa Allah.

Q 7: We can see that the attitude of the Islamic Emirate in regard to resolving the Afghani crisis is the withdrawal of all the foreign troops with no conditions or prerequisites; and on the other hand we can see that those foreign forces stress holding talks with the Islamic Emirate and putting weapons aside; with regard to those contradictory positions, do you have a reasonable resolution to that crisis?

Answer: The Americans and their allies propose desperate solutions that are away from facts and applications to solve the Afghani crisis; moreover, they are not comprehensible to the human mind. They do not want to resolve the problem of Afghanistan, and they do not allow the Afghans to establish their genuine Islamic regime, as well as they do not want the Muslim Afghani nation to choose for themselves the life of security, happiness and stability under a strong Islamic regime.

If the Americans are willing to resolve the crisis and put an end to the problem in a reasonable way, they should at first show their readiness to withdraw their forces from this afflicted country without any conditions or prerequisites.

Then at second, they should take an immediate decision to close all its detention camps inside and outside Afghanistan, whether secret or known ones, because they were built mainly to extremely punish and torment the Mujahedeen, but rather to kill them under torture.

Then at third, they should respect the Mujahideen and never to mention their names in a so inappropriate eschewed names and cancel all the lists of names that they have arranged to mock the Mujahideen and prosecute them. These conditions are built on facts to resolve the crisis of Afghanistan, and at the same time it is reasonable and logic; so the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is proposing these conditions to resolve this dilemma.

And as for what the Americans and their agent regime in Kabul say about the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate that they have handed over their weapons to them, it is something that does not agree with reality but rather impossible. To hand over someone’s weapons to his enemy and at the same time proceed with the war is something unacceptable to the human mind; because this would lead to him to dismount his power and destroy himself; Allah, the Almighty has forbidden Muslims from doing so as He says, “Do not throw yourselves into destruction…”. The second issue is that the Islamic Emirate refused this proposition when it was living under the pressure of the Americans and their allies when it was experiencing a critical situation, how can it be convinced with it nowadays after Allah’s blessings have caused them to gain many successes in the political and military fields?! It is now experiencing a powerful strong situation, and it is not at all conditions ready to accept such a concession; and is never contented to hand over its weapons in return for high positions in the traitor regime. The Islamic Emirate seeks ruling the country to establish the genuine Islamic regime and not to occupy high positions in an agent one.

Q 8: What is your analysis in relation to the role of the Islamic Conference or the other Muslim countries with regard to Afghanistan?

Answer: We welcome all the peaceful attempts from whatever party as far as it is for resolving the crisis of our case; yet, we would never allow anyone to interfere in our internal issues. We have said before, and we are saying now, “The basic source of the Afghani crisis is the presence of the foreign forces, and whoever wants to secure security and improve the situation in Afghanistan has to save no effort to convince the aggressors to withdraw their forces without any conditions or prerequisites; we also say that securing stability and peace and improving the situation in the country when no foreign forces are present is the responsibility of the Afghans and it is their religious duty.

It is out of doubt that the Afghani nation is capable of securing peace in the country and organizing its affairs after the withdrawal of the foreign forces from it. Securing peace in the country, defending its women and keeping its creed is the job of the Afghans and not that of the foreign forces. The Afghans were able to do so during the British war and during the Soviet invasion, and they are capable nowadays during the barbarian American attack on this country. All the Afghans consider Afghanistan their real homeland and their real dwelling, and securing peace in it is a duty related to their belief.

Yes, what the Afghans need is to let their case and the pain of their cries reach the ears of the whole world; and what the Islamic Conference, the Muslim countries and the United Nations should do is to defame the barbarism and injustice caused by the Americans against the Afghans, to condemn America’s attacks which result in horrible massacres and never choose to be silent on those savage deeds.

There is no doubt that what the Americans do of horrid attacks and inhumane actions against the wronged Afghani nation are not acceptable by any human being or by any creature that has a little mind; accordingly, the Islamic Conference, the Muslim countries, the United Nations and all the free countries should perceive their responsibility and moral duty and do whatever they can to stop the American attacks and their unjust airstrikes against the wronged Afghani nation.

Everybody in our contemporary world knows that there are principle, international rules and positive regulations for the UN that are related to the life of human beings, their dignity and their companionship and defending their nobility of descend. These regulations necessitate others to care for and respect them; besides that the responsibility of the whole world regarding them, inclusive of the Americans, are equal without any discrimination.

The UN organization, the Islamic Conference and all other human rights organizations are responsible for carrying out these regulations and caring for them, and they have to apply them overall world equally with no discrimination. They should not make it inclusive of the deemed weak and afflicted nations away from the tyrant powerful forces like America and its likes.

The UN should not leave those powerful countries to do whatever they want toward the deemed weak wronged nations.

The Islamic Emirate is capable, with the help of its nation, to secure stability and peace in Afghanistan, and the Emirate gave the most marvelous examples regarding this issue during its rule over the country, and the Americans acknowledged it as well. It is in no need for forces belonging to the Islamic Conference, nor those of the UN, nor those of the NATO to be able to secure stability and peace in the country; on the contrary, we call upon the Islamic Conference and the UN to use their authority and power against the Americans to convince them to withdraw their forces from Afghanistan.

The Islamic Emirate assures that, and for the sake of its Islamic Afghani interests, is willing to agree and deal with all parties, whether the UN, the Islamic Conference, the neighboring countries or with the other countries of the world or the other independent institutions. From here, the Islamic Emirate reminds the UN that it has approved the massacres of those insane criminal savage animals under the light of its worldwide regulations and international law according to its international competence.

We can see that the free world nations, inclusive of the Americans themselves, admit the ugliness of the wars of the assassin Bush and the danger of his multiple crimes, and there are lots of evidences and documents to prove this issue. The UN should submit Bush- the war culprit- to the International Criminal Court to sue him in relation to his crimes against the wronged nations.

Q 9: It has been recently spread that there are negotiations to resolve the crisis of Afghanistan with the mediation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; what is your opinion in relation to the role of the Saudi Kingdom about this case?

Answer: There is no doubt that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoys an unrivaled history and it has the honor among the Islamic world, because Prophet Muhammad (peace and prayers be upon him) established the unique Islamic community and the first Islamic country that has no like in the history of humanity; in addition to this, the Qiblah (direction) of the Muslims is there, which is considered the symbol of the unity of Muslims and there is also the mosque of our prophet Muhammad (peace and prayers be upon him). Besides that, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, both as people and as a country, supported the Mujahideen with human and Islamic assistance during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. In addition, we are here looking forward to it to support the Mujahideen and assist them Islamic and moral wise. We call for the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its zealous nation, and on top of them is the servant of the two mosques “King Abdullah bin-AbdulAzeez”, may God keep him safe, to perform his Islamic duty toward the case of the Afghani nation and the rest of the nations of the deemed weak occupied Islamic lands. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia should defend, with its good-heartedness, the cases of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and other Muslim countries. It should stand by them and help those Muslims whose countries are being occupied both financially and politically; because Allah, the Almighty, has bestowed it with His open generous sources of livelihood and with the pure sound beliefs. Therefore, in order to thank for this Divine blessing, it should support the deemed weak Muslim nations worldwide. It is not hidden to anybody that the Arabs, with their power, have supported the Muslims since the dawn of Islam until now; and we as well hope that they stand by us and support us in all what we need in order to render our Jihad victorious and to resolve our crisis.

Q 10: As you know that, the Americans on Obama’s arrival to the ruler’s position are willing to adopt new strategies toward the international issues and toward the case in Afganistan in particular; in addition that Obama has presented a gift to the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan which is taking a decision to close down Guantanamu detainee camp; what is expected from the Islamic Emirate in return to Obama’s decision?

Answer: Obama’s decision to close down Guantanamu detainee camp is not considered a positive development, because we can see thousands of innocent Afghani detainees spending their gloomy days in prisons like Bagram, Qendahar, Paul Sherkhy and others. We can consider closing down Guantanamu detainee camp a turning point in the American politics and a positive result if the detainees there were freed and sent home to their sons and homes; but the situation is not like this, the detainees are to be sent to other prisons, and this will never benefit the detainees nor relieve their sufferings. If a detainee spends his days in dark prisons away from his family and relatives, then there will be no difference between Guantanamu and other prisons. Obama is talking of closing down Guantanamu detainee camp and on the other hand assures pumping more forces to Afghanistan. Thus, Obama’s adoption of these implausible strategies signals that he is planning a hot bloody war strategy, which will result in the destruction of many of his haughty forces counter to the Holy Afghani Jihad God willing.

Q 11: The NATO is calling on the Taliban to join the negotiation process and is pressing its call; to seize such an opportunity, to what extent can the Islamic Emirate benefit from it?

Answer: If the country members in the NATO considered the Islamic Emirate a political and military power, they should first accept their prevailing demands and positively respect them. The demands of the Islamic Emirate are to push away the American forces and those of the NATO, which have transgressed Afghanistan, and invaded it opposing the entire worldwide standards and the international agreements, in addition to the fact that they perform criminal acts against our wronged nation, which lead to the martyrdom of women, old people, and children in an inhumane way, by using their devastating aircrafts, their advanced tanks and their destructive missiles. As a result of their savage acts which they have performed since they occupied Afghanistan, a hundred thousand of wronged innocents were martyrs; on basis of committing such savage acts, they have to withdraw their forces from Afghanistan as quickly as possible, because the main reason for founding crises and hindering issues is the presence of the foreign forces in the country. If those forces withdraw, the problem will be solved, the case will end, and peace will prevail.

We call upon the Americans and the member countries in the NATO to think deeply about resolving the crisis in Afghanistan and say to them, “This crisis will not be resolved by the Taliban joining the agent government or joining the proposed negotiations by the traitor regime, but the main solution is related to the withdrawal of the foreign forces from this country; because the zealous genuine Muslim Afghans will never accept the ruling of foreigners over the country.

Q 12: All the parties sharing in the internal and external crisis in Afghanistan believe that it cannot be solved with the use of force, so it must be solved through entente; what is your proposition to find a way out of this crisis?

Answer: Yes, we told the Americans a long time ago that the use of force is not a suitable way to solve the problem, but the Americans were deceived at that time with their financial and technological power, and they were not ready to accept any peaceful solutions, but they started their savage attack on Afghanistan violating all the civil and international regulations. When they attacked Afghanistan with their force by waging war, the Islamic Emirate was forced to react in the same way to defend honor. It sees resistance as the only way to defeat them, and it decided therefore to pursue resistance and Jihad against those extorter forces to force them to withdraw from this afflicted country. It also sees that because these forces are localized in Afghanistan there will be no other way to solve the problem except with Jihad and resistance. It also sees that when it can force those transgressing forces to step back by the resistance of the Mujahedeen, then the Islamic Emirate can carry out effective plans and programs over the whole country. It will then propose this issue and will negotiate with the other Afghani parties about assigning the future political regime for Afghanistan; but now it sees that the only way to drive the Americans and their allies away is to pursue resistance and Jihad against them. In addition to this, the political committee for the resolve of the Afghani crisis has invited the parties involved and negotiated with them, and has started a call upon people, who have stood by the Americans because they have been deceived by the false American slogans and their shining pretense to join the political committee of the Islamic Emirate; and our call has succeeded to a great extent and it has had a great positive effect.

Q 13: If we searched for the historical cases that were in dispute and read them with deep thought, we would perceive that those cases were not solved through political means and the parties involved did not reach the desired results like the case of Palestine, Kashmeer and others; what is your opinion in relation to such cases? Which one do you see better: the political or the military solution?

Answer: Each case has folded in itself several dimensions. If the case is related to the attack of an enemy on another country to overthrow its regime, then it is natural that the only reaction toward it is to react in the same way, which is the use of force against that enemy; in such a case, the military solution is the only preferable way to solve the problem. Allah (subhanahu w ta’ala) has guided His Mu’men people to use this way and said, “Then whoever transgresses the prohibition against you, you transgress likewise against him.”

Starting from this point, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has preferred the military solution because the country has been experiencing the situation where the transgressors attacked it, and because it has been facing war, battles, and occupation. Accordingly, it has preferred such a solution, and in addition to military resistance, it is willing to solve the problem with negotiating with the Islamic Conference, the UN and other effective parties. It is willing to make those parties understand the fact that the Afghans did not go to houses and homelands of others to attack them, but it is the Americans who occupied their land and attacked their holy places until they forced them, to preserve their genuineness and their freedom to defend their creed and religion, to carry out the military resistance and wage wars against the transgressors.

Q 14: According to historical facts, we can see that Muslims opened other countries through Jihad and force; and that the centre of Islam, Mecca, has been opened by military force; we can also see that Islam ruling over other countries has been through military forces as well; Isn’t the military solution the suitable way to preserve the sacred places of Muslims and their law, to restore the extorted lands and to defend their countries and their homelands? Isn’t this solution better than the political one?!

Answer: Yes, this is an admitted fact to everybody, and every one assures that the establishment of the roots of the Islamic law came as result of sacrifices and fedayee acts; it is undeniable as well that defending and preserving the sacred Muslim places and their genuine legislations need more sacrifices and fedayee acts.. Muslims should consider the military solution more likely if they want to restore their extorted lands. They should make all the necessary preparations to accomplish these honorable intentions and dearly loved goals.

The Islamic Emirate, according to the Divine guidance and the study of historical incidents, believes that its religious responsibility and obligatory religious duty is to defend its country, establish the Islamic law, and root it in the country, to throw away the invaders and to strengthen its military force. Yet, in addition to this, it does not see the dismissal of political agreement and the peaceful call so as not to let people think that the Islamic Emirate focuses only on war and developing issues far beyond the military politics. In addition to our military attempts, we call upon others to sit around the table for negotiations to solve the problem and this will have a positive fruitful results.

Q 15: All Muslims, including those in Afghanistan, have been able to engage in wars against their enemies and have been able to obtain great victories at the military level; yet in the field of policy and dealing with others, they have been far beyond the victors; what is the reason for their delay in the political field from your point of view?

Answer: When the Mujahideen carry out the holy Jihad against blasphemers and invaders according to the Divine instructions, and when they defend their creed and sacrifice themselves in return for preserving their religion, honor and money, then Allah with His great blessings and His ample mercy will render them victorious and will create defeat in the hearts of their enemies for their fate to be destruction and death. Allah, the Most-Sublime, when He ordered Muslims for Jihad, He ordered them to unite and agree, as He says, “And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah and be not divided among yourselves.”

Thus, all Muslims should carry out this wise order in the same way they carry out other ones. There is no doubt that Muslims has been able to secure wonderful victories in the field of combat and Jihad all through their history, but they have not been able achieve worthy victories in the fields of policy, because of their disputes and their breakup into conflicting groups. In addition to this, the enemy is watching these cases and is saving no effort to cause national, verbal, and racial conflicts, and so carrying out its wicked plans among them. If Muslims want to achieve victory in all the fields of life, they should discard controversies and choose to be in one side, because unity and agreement are the main reason for victory and achievement of their goals and at the same time for security of victory and perpetual honor. Allah, the Most Sublime, in relation to unifying the word of Muslims, says, “Verily, Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in rows as if they were a solid structure.” He as well forbade them from internal conflicts and disagreements, which may lead to their disunity and separation, as He, the Most Sublime, says, “And do not dispute lest you lose courage and your strength depart, and be patient. Surely, Allah is with those who are As-Sabirin.”

The reasons behind what Muslims face nowadays of crises, hardships, calamities, and disunity are their disagreement and disunity. Muslims should save no effort to secure unity among them. Restoring their time-honored glory and their late dignity, is tied up with their Islamic unity. We call upon Allah to unite all Muslims in the whole world, amen.

Q 16: Is the Jihad in Afghanistan against the Americans and their allies bound to the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate only or there are other Afghani groups carrying out Jihad against the transgressor invaders?

Answer: As it is well known that the Americans has completely attacked Afghanistan, and that Afghanistan is the homeland for all Afghans; so they all consider Jihad against the transgressors their religious Afghani responsibility, and they consider it an obligation on them all; according to this obligation, they collectively defend their religion and their homeland.

Today, and after all this long period of time Jihad against the extorter American forces and their allies has covered the whole country. Its circle has widened in a noticeable way. Besides the Taliban, there are also the zealous sons of this country, because the Afghans in general are not willing to accept the foreign ruling over the country; for instance, brother sheikh Anwar al-Haq Mujahed, the son of the outstanding Jihadi figure and the leader of the Islamic party Muhammad Yunus Khales, may Allah bless him, his successor and others of his sincere brother Mujahideen of his organization are carrying out Jihad under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate; in addition to this, we have the famous salient Jihadi personage , the leader of the Islamic party zealous sheikh Mujahed, the Engineer Qalbuddin Hekmatyar, whose solid Jihadi attitude deserves appreciation and respect. In addition to this, there are many of the sincere Mujahedeen, who belong to other Jihadi parties and who were carrying out Jihad against the red army to defend their creed and religion are today carrying out Jihad under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate against the Crusaders defending their homeland, creed and religion.

The Islamic Emirate is sparing no effort, and works day and night on reaching a mutual positive agreement with those people who have been affected by the hollow slogans of the Americans and their wicked conspiracies. It hopes that they will stand by their brother Mujahedeen.

Q 17: Most of the people think that the Islamic Emirate, during its rule over the country, was against modern education and especially educating women; to what extent is this true from your point of view?

Answer: I do not agree on this at all and I say that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was not against modern education, but on the contrary and in spite of its hard circumstances at that time was caring for it; it opened all the schools and universities in the country and prepared all the curriculums for them, putting in the mind the fact that all the learning institutions had been closed before the Islamic Emirate because of internal conflicts and sectarian wars. More than that, most of them were destructed because of those wars; according to this, the sons and daughters of this afflicted country were deprived from education. As for educating women, the Islamic Emirate cared for it in accordance with the hard conditions of that time, and was able to secure the means for their medium and higher education in the biggest countries of Afghanistan like the capital Kapul, Quendahar, Mazar, Hirat, Jalal Abad and others. Women were learning different sciences, especially medicine; and as for primary and preparatory schools, the Islamic Emirate secured some public and private ones in an organized way in spite of all the hardships it was experiencing.

As for the obligation of educating women, it is as obligatory as that of men. Consequently, the Islamic Emirate believe that educating men and women is among the necessary obligations of life and should be cared for according to the honorable Islamic Share’ae (legislations). As to what you have mentioned about the world’s criticism of the Islamic Emirate, I say, “If one tenth of the current aids which the corrupted government pay for the corrupted administration in Kapul had been paid to the Islamic Emirate during its rule over the country, it would have been able to open all schools and universities for men and women in an organized way. It would have been able to accommodate them to the worldwide standards. However, unfortunately, the world’s aids, which they pay to the agent government, have fallen as a prey to embezzlement and corruption without the people benefiting from them.

Q 18: It is understood from your speech that education is necessary for men and women, and you consider it one of the priorities of the Islamic Emirate, but we hear from some international mass communication that the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan are closing schools and educational institutions down, but rather burn them down in some cases; what is your opinion about that?

Answer: This is not true. Spreading those rumors is among the false allegations of the enemy, because most of the Mujahideen in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan are enthusiastic about learning; they know the importance of learning and culture; in addition to this, the Islamic Emirate during the ruling of over the country was dedicating a large budget every year for building learning institutions. So how could its Mujahideen destroy its science institutions, which they have built with their own hands or by the foreign independent institutions?! We also say about those rumors, “We have informed the Mujahideen and ordered them to detain and sue those who burn down those learning institutions; and they have achieved fruitful positive results on the basis of our commands when they arrested some people who did not belong to the Mujahideen and who were carrying out those corrupting acts; and they confessed during the interrogations that they were employed by some American systems to carry out those savage acts on return for big compensations.

On this basis we say, “The main source of all calamities and afflictions are the Americans; they are not contented with destroying our schools, but rather they kill our afflicted people and shed their blood in a savage way; in addition to destroying their houses, but rather destroying all the countries by their advanced rockets and deadly airplanes.”

Q 19: As you know, the Afghani nation belong to many Islamic doctrines and schools, i.e. the Salafy, the Hanafy and the Muslim Brothers in addition to the Sectarians (She’ae). What is the attitude of the Islamic Emirate toward those schools and doctrines?

Answer: Afghanistan is the homeland for all the Afghans. They should choose the brother-like life and cooperation among them. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan acknowledge the rights and respect of all those who belong to all the different Islamic schools and doctrines without any discrimination. It sees that they are all equal on all rights, and it wishes for all the people in the country under the rule of a unified Islamic regime a respectable life with complete security and permanent stability.

Q 20: Karzay’s agent government and some of the international bodies claim that the source of finance of the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate and their main income is the drug trade, so they are working on increasing its fields and smuggling it, do the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate perform such acts?

Answer: All these rumors are away from facts, because the attitude of the Islamic Emirate is not obscure to anybody. It completely forbade growing drugs, trading in drugs and smuggling it in the whole country during its rule over the country. Unfortunately, in spite of what it did in regard to this serious issue, it was not welcomed by the international community. The policy of the Islamic Emirate is built on the bases and principles of Islam, and Islam does not permit anybody to use those harmful materials; so how can the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan tolerate its Mujahideen to perform such acts that are contradicted by Islam?! If we consider facts and understand them, we will know that the Americans and their agent government have the upper hand on growing and trading in drugs, as growing drugs was resumed twice the amount after the savage American attack on Afghanistan, and the westerners themselves have admitted this fact and pointed out that the officials of the agent government in Kapul are trading in drugs.

In spite of all these confessions and the corruption of the current agent government, the UN and some of the countries have reinforced their relationship with this corrupted administration and have been helping it financially and military wise. The reinforcement of such relationships and granting aids are being maintained at the time while this administration is immersed in many kinds of administrative corruption, i.e. drugs, embezzlement, bribery and economic and social corruption. If we looked deeply at these facts, we would find that these countries, which support it, are in fact the same ones reinforcing the administrative corruption. Consequently, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan call upon the UN and all the countries in the world to stop supporting this illegal administration and cut relationships with it, and they should grant these aids to the genuine representatives of this nation, who are the “Taliban” and establish relationship with them.

Q 21: What is your message and advice to Muslims everywhere?

Answer: I direct my call to our nation and Muslims in general to observe the Divine directives and the Prophet’s Hadith (sayings) to resist the colonial plans and paralyze their idol goals to protect the Muslims from their wicked conspiracies, as the haughty ones in this world wish to entrap Muslims in Hell with their satanic schemes and they work day and night on entangling them in disunity and depriving them of mutual trust.

Muslims should consider these destructive conspiracies, and their rulers should depend completely on their Muslim people by using them only in defending their homelands and to not to keep them away from them because of the tendentious schemes of the enemy; all Muslims should defend their homelands and should work on securing peace and security and responding to the commands of the responsible Muslims regarding defending the country, securing peace on it and saving its identity. They should keep away from the acts that force their rulers to seek the help of Kafirs (infidels) and thus helping them with their schemes and conspiracies. The crises and problems in the Muslim countries between rulers and their people and the current situations are paving the way for the enemy to have authority, and to wipe away the Islamic identity and its powerful supremacy.

There is no doubt that the American policy, which is based on enmity and which they present to people under the cover of democracy and development, will destroy the whole world especially the Islamic one. This policy carries with it a bitter chaotic message as we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan. Therefore, if the Muslim countries are willing to secure peace, security and growth in their countries and the neighboring ones, they should focus their efforts on saving their countries from chaos and corruption, on defeating the schemes and intrigues of the Americans and others, and on saving no effort to spoil their tactics.

Accordingly, they should support their brothers, the Mujahideen in Iraq and Afghanistan who are carrying out Jihad against the Americans and their allies, because the military Jihad has been opened in Iraq and Afghanistan, and defending this Jihadi frontline is considered as a defense for the Islamic Ummah (people) in general and for the wronged oppressed nations in particular. Gaining victory in this frontline is considered as victory for all the Mujahideen in the Muslim world against the savage American forces; and their failure in this trench, God forbid, is considered a failure of the whole Ummah in front of the Americans. Jihad and resistance found in Afghanistan and Iraq against the transgressor Americans and their allies have shaken the throne of America, and will lead to eradicating its sovereignty in the whole world in shaa Allah. Because of the Mujahedeen’s sacrifice acts, they have been able to cause shameful defeat of the enemy and have given them an unforgettable lesson for centuries to come. They have been able with the power of their Iman (belief) and the deep-rootedness of their creed to paralyze their modern technology and their military developed equipments. In general, we can say that the resistance of the Mujahideen has made the tyranny and haughtiness of America subject to mockery and sarcasm; so, the rulers of the Islamic countries and those of the free independent ones should benefit from such a valuable occasion and to support and defend the Mujahideen for their people and people everywhere to get rid of the evil of America and its master conspiracies. What deserves mentioning is that the Afghani Mujahedeen, with the support of Allah the Almighty, are everyday taking a step forward to reach their sublime goals, which are the defeat of the American Territory and the establishment of a Muslim government over their country. Thus, the whole world should value their accomplishments, as they have the moral right to be respected, and support them.

At last, we wish for the establishment of Allah’s Share’ae (legislations) all over our countries. Assalam alikum w rahmatullah w barakatuh (Allah’s peace and blessings be upon you).

Identification card of Mullah “Mu’tasem Aghakhan”:

Sheikh Mulla Mu’tasem Aghakhan, is the son of Abdul-Sattar Agha, was born in 1350 a.h (1976) in Nelgham, Benjuay in the state of Qandahar.

His education:

He finished his primary and preparatory studies in schools of his district and was educated at the hands of big Sheikhs in Qandahar and the southern states. He was not able to pursue his higher education because he was busy with Jihad. He had his share in the Jihad against the red invasion and joined many fortified borderlines in Qandahar.

Joining the Tliban:

Brother Aghakhan has been considered one of the active leaders in the Islamic movement of Taliban since it was founded. He is one of the most reliable sincere men of the leader of the movement Mujahed Mullah Muhammad Umar. He is acknowledged among the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate as the active man of political experience and superior administrative competence. During his Jihad, he joined many fields of Jihad and was attacked fiercely for three times, however, Allah the Almighty cured him. During the rule of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan he occupied the following positions:

· The chief of the private diplomatic body of the supreme leadership in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
· The minister for finance in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
· The chief of the administrative bodies all over the Islamic Emirate.

Directly after the savage American attack on Afghanistan he did not rest at home, but carried out the military Jihad against those forces. He provided the military, financial, cultural and religious support for many times, and there were important positive fruitful results of his deeds.
Nowadays he occupies the chief of the political body of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The members of the website of the Political Committee have carried out this comprehensive dialogue to shed light on the attitude of the Islamic Emirate toward the current political issues on the Afghani and international level; they present it for noble readers in general and for the dear ones in particular.

This dialogue has been carried out with the Sheikh by Ahmad Mukhtar in the county of Jizab in the State of Aurzjan, which has been under the control of the Mujahideen for four years now, and has been administered by the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Allah Akbar and supreme dignity is of Allah, His Messenger and Mu’mens (believers).

The Political Committee of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan- TALIBAN

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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