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Iraqi Resistance and Arabic Summit in Doha

Posted by musliminsuffer on April 2, 2009

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Iraqi Resistance and Arabic Summit in Doha



March 30, 2009

The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMSI) wrote a letter to the Arabic Summit in Doha, asking them to recognize the will of the Iraqi people to end the Occupation and also not to ignore the brave Iraqi Resistance. Then, the “Jihad and Change Front” issued a letter to the Summit, too:

“We ask you to meet your responsibilities to Iraq as the issue is still articulated in the protection of Arab national security … and remember that the Iraqi Resistance has resisted all the forces of Occupation for the past six years, and touched upon the seventh year, we have to stand alone. (…)” (1)

Now, the “Political Council of Iraqi Resistance” also addressed the Summit with an open letter (2), signed by “Ali Jubouri, the General Secretary of the Council”. It is the first time they mention this name, however, he asked the Summit to invite a delegation or a spokesman from the Iraqi Resistance to have direct talks on the issues of Iraq.

What does this mean to the future of Iraqi Resistance?

A) The fronts are more and more united, with a clear political programme.

There are very little differences between the Political Council and the Jihad and Change Front. Also the third important Front, HCJL, has addressed the Summit earlier. By looking for international support they have to unite their solutions for the questions and put aside eventual disagreements.

B) The Resistance is looking for international support:

Abu Wael, the Sheikh of one of the groups that founded the Political Council, explained in December 2008:

“The political relationship matters do not affect the military Jihad work, but it supports it and strengthens it. The meaning of Jihad is not just the fighting, but there must be fruitful results that the Mujahideen can pick. As for shedding of blood without any results, that is not what is meant by Jihad. Everyone should know that the care taken by these countries to support and form relationships with the Mujahideen is proof of the strength of the Mujahideen and that they are the ones that represent the Iraqi people. Whoever objects to these kinds of relationships, only wants to fight and destroy without any results and is not aware of the objectives for which Jihad was started.” (3)

Also, the foundation statement of the Political Council states:
“We call Arabs, Muslims, peoples of the world and the international community to do their duty towards the Iraqi people to achieve the legitimate goals, and establish good relations with the world based on common interests, and dealing with the international bodies to serves the interests of Iraq and its people.” (4)

C) The Resistance must be accepted

Now, as the next year of the Occupation of Iraq begins, new chapters of Resistance will be written. Some argue that the Resistance is “over”, but every Spokesman from all the groups denied this:

“We carry out about 50 to 75 Resistance operations per month over the Iraqi territory, despite all the obstacles facing the work of resistance, including spies, cameras and remote-controlled aircraft, and this figure represented only by us, whom we are a part of the Political Council of the Iraqi Resistance.”
– Dr. Hafiz (JAAMI)

Now, even if the Arab Summit does not decide to listen to the Iraqi Resistance yet (while he is still strong and important), they have to do so soon because of the Iranian plans for Iraq, because of the popular support for the Resistance inside the Arab World and the growing relations between the Iraqi and Palestinian Resistance (5).

May God bless all the brave Fighters inside the Resistance against Injustice, Oppression and Imperialism and give them Victory!

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