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Media of Iraqi Resistance is the Second Pit

Posted by musliminsuffer on April 6, 2009

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

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Media of Iraqi Resistance is the Second Pit

Written by Administrator

Friday, 03 April 2009 22:07

Americans put themselves in a rather critical pit when they have decided blocking the media of the resistance in Iraq and imposing firm restrictions on Iraqi, Arabian and International press. Furthermore, they sneak to all websites belong to Iraqi resistance and shut them off. The objective of American political, as well as, military administration is to hide the voice of Iraqi resistance. Both had thought that these actions leave the space to their media and for that matter the public weather here in Iraq or on the international front will be receiving information from western or American media. Accordingly, the real situation will never be told and all the facts on the ground will be manipulated to serve the American administration.

We believe that policy of fear and torture against the media and blocking the free media of telling the truth, fired back against the American administration for the following reasons:

1.     Because of blocking policy and continues and sever monitoring, intellectuals, writers, educated individuals and communities looked in different available sources for the resistance news. Obtaining just a piece of information is considered as a big win and for that it will be circulated among them inside America and abroad.

2.     After the first and second year of war in Iraq news issued by resistance group meet fairly large acceptance by the general public. Credibility of news announced by the resistance is considerably increased over the past two years. That is because of the accumulation of loses and heavy casualties, and not to mention, the everyday stories about the psychological and mental diseases American solders sustain. American people watched and saw all these and release that they have been misinformed as far as war situation in Iraq concern.

3.     Restrictions and close monitoring and pressure exerted on the international media lead the media personal to search in different means enabling them to reach the public. They also have used audio and video tools to make their news available for everybody. This is why thousands of videotaped operations released lately.

4.     Arabic and general public showed high interest to obtain CD’s containing resistance operation.  Confidential reports are also widely distributed among people. Interested people are also following resistance news on available on website on the internet. They see there what they have not seen on the TV Channels, that give news issued by resistance media high creditability.

5.     The Americans are in fact pretend themselves as victorious and they want to write the history as if they are the winners. But the need of media and information by resistance and the confidence of resistance group of their ability to win the battle against have made them to daily report of their activities. These reports are real treasure for unveil the American lose in Iraq.

At the end and depending on these points the world knows that America use the media for their projects and wishes which lead them to manipulate the facts and cheating the American and international public.  Accordingly, America lost the media battle to resistance media exactly the way they have lost the war to the resistance. If America behaved differently and admitted the lose of the war, intellectual and politicians will find the way to save dignity of America over the first few years of war. And if that were happened thousands of American killed, injured or mentally disease soldiers will be saved. And for that matter probably America had escaped this current economical problem.

Information Office
Al-Rashedeen Army


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