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The Iraqi Resistance on the Anniversary of US Invasion

Posted by musliminsuffer on April 13, 2009

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

The Iraqi Resistance on the Anniversary of US Invasion



April 12, 2009


While the illegal US Occupation enters it’s 7th Year and after they killed thousands of brave Mujahedin and after they arrested hundreds of families in order to break the strong will of the people, the Iraqi Resistance again spoke to the whole world.
The most powerful Organizations are the “Political Council of Iraqi Resistance”, including the Islamic Army of Iraq and Hamas of Iraq, and “Jihad and Change Front”, including the 1920 Revolution Brigades and Rashideen Army.

The “Political Council of Iraqi Resistance” writes:

“… The invasion of Iraq left only massive destruction in the country’s infrastructure, shredding the communal net of the Iraqi community and planting sectarianism between its sons which resulted in killings, displacement and actions that will leave its negative after effects in the heart of the Iraqis for a long time. Adding to more than a million martyrs who went as victims to this invasion and what happened to Iraq from emissions that led to the emergence of all types of killings, its causes and types that were not known in Iraq before the invaders entered it. (…)
It was only natural that from this invasion a resistance will be produced which defends this country and the people from its injustices. (…)
From this stand we call upon the proud, patient and injured Iraqi people to wrap around the resistance that came from the womb of this nation (…)
We call the factions of the Iraqi resistance to continue the attacks against the invaders and increase their attacks against them until they leave submissively from our country and learn a bitter lesson in respecting the sovereignty of other countries and the dignity of the nations. This is a great service that the resistance offers to its nation and to all the nations all over the world.”

The “Jihad and Change Front” writes:

“There is no promised democracy and no true witness, no able political movement and no constitution, no justice and no fairness, no rebuilding and no security, no freedom, no leader and no independence. (…)
However by the will of Allah (swt) and then by the will of the people and our power against the occupation, we will rebuild this nation after it has been liberated by the last foreign soldier no matter how much it costs us, how many more big sacrifices and no matter how long or short a time it takes. (…)
The Iraqi resistance is now facing two duties: One they must end this occupation and force it to leave by increasing against it the military pressure. Two, to undermine everything that the occupation achieved and its projects and all those that helped them in these dry years. (…)”

This statement has been issued together with three smaller factions: “Jaish al Fatiheen”, “Asaeb al Iraq al Jihadiyyah” and “Jaish al Mujahideen al Murabiteen”. They are publishing a joint statement for the first time.

The full Statements (in English) can be Downloaded here:

The Iraqi Resistance will confront the criminal Occupation as long as they keep standing in Iraq. They are the ones who represent the Iraqi people, they are the ones who have a clear vision and they are the ones who will win this war, even if western media corporations continue their support for the barbaric US Army by censoring everything related to the Iraqi Resistance.

Antiimperialist Media
12 April 2009

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