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Rashideen Army – English Messages

Posted by musliminsuffer on April 17, 2009

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Rashideen Army – English Messages

By: AIM09 on: 16.04.2009 [11:33 ]

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“Rashideen Army” – who are they? This question has been answered in 2007 by Abu Mohammed al Zubaydi, Chief of the Political Bureau:

“We are a faction of the resistance, which is working to liberate Iraq, preserve its unity, and to destroy the American project with all its products, and the establishment of a justice state which does not exceed the human rights.“ (1)

Just some days ago, they announced their English Website – a very great step forward in their Media Work.
However, they already issued Speeches in English language many times before. Most interesting are the two major Releases: “Code of Silence” and “Bells of Danger”.



It’s the first time this Documentary is now available in High Quality and avi-Format. Those who already know this Video might also be interested in this one:


It shows their brave Operations against the Occupation, especially in the night (also High Quality for the first time). Regarding their Operations, there has been also an English Video:


They show how they cancel an IED Operation against US Vehicles if there is an innocent person nearby.
Rashideen Army is part of the “JIHAD AND CHANGE FRONT”, a group with a clear political programme and nine other Factions (including the “1920 Revolution Brigades”), fighting to liberate Iraq. As their leader in 2007, Adil al Zahawi, said:

”We believe that the expulsion of the occupation will provide a suitable ground for the Iraqis, and Iraqis experienced and learned important harsh lessons about the forms of ethnic and sectarian parties who came with the occupation, it can be beneficial to the Iraqis to choose the form of the State, which serve their religion and their country and the future generations, the Iraqis are capable to make the right choice.” (2)

It’s no problem that the quoted Interviews and released Videos are from 2007 and 2008. Just days ago, some Mujahedin of Rashideen Army issued a filmed Operation against the Occupation in Al Anbar Province, showing how their Mujahedin defeat the US Soldiers:


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