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Bangladesh in Danger (!) USA, Israel, Indian plan against China & Russia

Posted by musliminsuffer on April 26, 2009

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

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— On Tue, 21/4/09, mosharraf khan <> wrote:

From: mosharraf khan <>
Subject: [odhora] Bangladesh in Danger (!) _ USA, Israel, Indian plan against China & Russia
Date: Tuesday, 21 April, 2009, 4:00 PM

Dear brothers & sisters,

Greetings from the heart of Bangladesh .

At present China , Russia & Iran are the only power in the world that could stop the imperialism and expansionism of USA , Israel & allies.

To control on them USA need a strong control on sub-continent. That’s why USA had attacked on Afghanistan and hence they are attacking on Pakistan and making Pakistan , India , Bangladesh unstable and trying to enter Bangladesh .

In this context, we, the peace loving people, especially South Asian observing the activities of Obama with a deep anxiety.

If USA can build a permanent military outpost (monitor & control) in Afghanistan & Bangladesh then there is a possibility of success of the plan. India is supporting the plan as it could be destroy its small enemy & competitor Pakistan and to fight against big power and competitor China simultaneously.

Mentionable that military cooperation between Israel & India with secret approval of USA is an open secret. USA has now come to help India in the name of atomic cooperation directly.

We all know that recently India & Zionist Israel have signed a big deal for military purposes. Israel has been working closely with Indian security forces in various filed including training, capacity building and other military and non-military activities from a long time.

In the next phase of this game of USA, Israel, India and allies is to sign agreement like TIFA, Taskforce, Corridor to India etc. For the success of the plan a weak Bangladesh is a dire necessity. So Army killings and destroying BDR may have link with the plan.

To the peace loving people and the Political parties of south Asia, please awake and find the roots of violence in Afghanistan , Pakistan , India , Sri Lanka , Nepal and Bangladesh . Only a few hundreds crores dollars grant may be destroy Pakistan , ultimately which will make south Asia unstable, the next battle field of the world.

Thanks & Regards,

Mosharraf Khokon
Poet, Organizer
Secretary General, WPM


-muslim voice-

5 Responses to “Bangladesh in Danger (!) USA, Israel, Indian plan against China & Russia”

  1. MT said

    mosharraf khan, why do you not take care of your own bangladesh and forget about others. If you give china to build military base in Dhaka or Chittagong, you are going to get in trouble

    If you want no danger in Bangladesh, better remain neutral, so it does not hurt security interests of any country.

  2. bhupati hindusthani said

    no one is going to belive your crap,
    china is the gratest threat to thw world,and india with the help of usa,israel amd european union will clear pakisthan first them sebsequently china.its the truth

  3. musab said

    i agree with mosharraf, but i believe what Allah has mentioned us in the Holy Quran.
    According to the Quran all states who conspire against nuslims are our enemies.
    Fron that context, for Bangladesh, we have enemies not only USA,UK,EU,Israel and India but also China,Russia and Iran.
    All of them are either killed Muslims directly or assisted to kill the muslims across the world.
    So as a muslim, i demand for Khilafah-the only ruling system prescribed by Allah to rule over mankind.
    Muslims need Khilafah now to rule the whole world and to stop all oppressions.
    Reject Democracy, work for Khilafah!

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