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Are Taliban more barbaric than the Western forces?

Posted by musliminsuffer on April 27, 2009

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Are Taliban more barbaric than the Western forces?


I’m a Pakistani


A pixilated and unclear video of a girl getting flogged by three bearded men, a supposed to be a spy / informer getting executed by men in black masks while hundreds of people watch, a reporter getting kidnapped and later beheaded, engineers from various parts of the world working in remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan getting abducted, sometimes for ransom, sometimes for world attention and sometimes to get captured comrades freed…

This is the world we live in and this is the world we see and hear on our televisions. Our minds are hammered with facts convincing us that Taliban are vicious barbarians out to kill anyone who comes in their way… Taliban are blood thirsty for all non-Muslims… Taliban will kill any Muslim who supports infidels!

Are Taliban not humans? Does Islam actually preach hate? Does Islam want Muslims to loot, plunder and destroy lives and property of others? Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) never preached anything like this. According to Islam, Jihad is an extremely systematic and civilized form of protest and war, where no unarmed civilian can be killed or assaulted. A civilian’s property cannot be rampaged or damaged. Non Muslims in Islam have freedom to practice their faith within an Islamic state. Women in Islam have always played important roles in decision making, actually fighting wars, in business and social sectors. Islam has never professed men to imprison women behind closed walls. Education (and modern education) is mandatory for all Muslims, men and women.

So who are these Taliban that the media is showing us all the time? They can’t be Muslims, because everything they are doing is un-Islamic, they are going against the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PHUH). Are they creations of anti-Muslim states? Have they been created to destabilize Muslims nations which want to stay moderate?

Now let’s examine some leaked evidence of what the western nations do in Muslim countries, particularly Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan… People are arrested without evidence or proof. They are shifted to unknown locations, stripped of clothing and human dignity, beaten, sexually assaulted, forced to behave like animals, kept in severely harsh conditions, their faith insulted in the most horrific manner, Holy Quraan is trashed, flushed and kicked around. Men are tortured to the extent that hundreds have actually died of internal bleeding. For west stripping clothes off might not be a big thing, a western man would actually feel happy to go around naked on a beach or a park, they have created nudist areas for the very purpose. For the western people have casual sex is also not a big deal, going to the bar or a pub and finding a new sex partner is normal thing. Living together, accepting gay culture and disrespecting religion are all part of the new western society… again! This kind of social behavior to any sensible human being who has evolved, who has been educated, who has had exposure to religion and religious teaching would be very… barbaric!

For a common man in a Muslim country, western civilization of today, is something that totally defies the teachings of Islam (or any other religion for that matter). A common Muslim would not go to the extent to attack the Western nations, but would definitely want that the western nations do not export their social culture to Muslim countries through media or otherwise. A common Muslim would want to protect his family from such western influences.

There are many good things in Western culture too but unfortunately, the good part gets dwarfed by social “freedom” culture. America is the cause of such cultural intervention. If we look at the Indian sub-continent, the British ruled over this region for over two hundred years yet they never criticized the religious beliefs of the people.

But for Americans, it is unacceptable that people do not accept their beliefs, their moral standards and their social systems. For them Islam has become a symbol of oppression. But Americans need to understand that the whole world does not want to be Americanized… some nations and cultures want retain their religious and cultural values. They basically want the USA to get out of their countries and stop interfering.

At this point the whole western world starts screaming that Pakistan’s nuclear assets would go into the hands of the extremists… but in the short history of nuclear warfare, which nation has been stupid and cowardly enough to actually use an atomic bomb, killing millions of innocent civilians including women and children?… USA… UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the only nation stupid enough to use such weapons against another country. Which nation was psychotic enough to systematically eliminate a race and that too in the most torturous and horrific manner… GERMANY… the Germans under the leadership of Hitler killed millions of Jews, mercilessly.

Some questions I want to ask are:

How many people were killed by Saddam Hussein and how many have been killed because of G W Bush?

Was it actually worth killing millions of innocent people as a revenge for 911?

Which country in the world still practices invading other countries by force?

Is declaring war against a weaker country and invading it not barbaric?

So judging from the past records and historic facts, USA and Western countries are the most dangerous elements on this planet. We should try and disarm USA as they lack the sense and judgment to posses WMDs. And Europeans need to be tried for extreme crimes against humanity and racial discrimination.

So Taliban might not be the most civilized creatures on this planet… but USA and western countries also need to do some soul searching and realize that barbarianism exists in many forms…



-muslim voice-



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