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Former Parlamentarian Speaks on Iraqi Resistance

Posted by musliminsuffer on April 28, 2009

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Jürgen Todenhofer traveled to Iraq as an unembedded journalist and gives an inside look at what is the Iraqi resistance in his new book:
Why Do You Kill? The Untold Story of the Iraqi Resistance.
His firsthand observations reveal the myths and realities behind the resistance fighters and the terrorists and Todenhofer tries to set the record straight by talking directly with those who fight the occupation.


What are the major myths associated with the Iraqi resistance?

I went to Iraq a year and a half ago and met with the resistance. They told me all they wanted because there were no machine guns, officers, or U.S. soldiers around. I think it’s important to listen to the other side. When I was there, I felt ashamed. I had the impression that because we don’t see the other side, we don’t know enough about the misery of the Iraqi people. We have no idea what the resistance is. It’s difficult to give a figure because nobody knows for sure how many they are. I would compare the Iraqi resistance with that of the French resistance during the German occupation. It’s composed of everyone: bakers, students, teachers, workers, farmers, etc. (…)

Where would journalists need to go in terms of reporting accurately of what’s going on in Iraq?
There are two things I believe. Western journalists should talk with the resistance. It’s not difficult to know where they are. I spoke with the leader of the resistance and it’s possible for other journalists to do so. They also have to go to the neighboring countries where they can meet many of these people. I think that’s an obligation. You will never meet al-Qaeda, but it’s probably more likely to talk with the Iraqi resistance. You’ll get incredible stories from these people because they know what’s going on in Iraq.
The second thing I’d suggest is American politicians need to talk with the resistance, not just Nouri al-Maliki. When the Americans left Vietnam, they spoke to the Viet Cong resistance. When the French left Algeria, they spoke to the National Liberation Front. The Americans have to speak with the Iraqi resistance for many reasons. al-Maliki is part of a collaboration government and all collaboration governments are kicked out once the occupation troops are gone. It was the case in France, Vietnam, and Algeria. This government wants at least 50,000 troops. Americans should speak with (and for) the resistance. It’s in their hands and they are ready to make open a new chapter without hate.



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