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The issue of Racism between Zionism and the Apartheid ideology

Posted by musliminsuffer on April 30, 2009

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The issue of Racism between Zionism and the Apartheid ideology

Salim Nazzal


April 28, 2009

This is a quick and generalized paper, which gives evidences of which might explain why the Zionist regime has been more capable of resisting the pressures of the culture of human rights and self determination while the apartheid regimes have vanished.

Despite the similarities between the white Racist regime, in earlier South Africa and those of the Zionist regime, in terms of the oppressive policy against the natives, there are seven major differences: the first, white Europeans immigrated to Africa without a prior plan to the country and to the natives. Their immigration was rather spontaneous, guided by wide colonial thought rather than of a well theorized racist ideology decided from before. The construction of the racist regime was done through a process in the history of their domination there. Zionists arrived in Palestine from day one armed with comprehensible ideology, unambiguous policy, from which its aims were to transfer Palestinians.

The most dangerous thing was that Zionists linked the Jewish existence in Palestine with murdering Palestinians, thusly creating a Paranoia of Life and death strategy, which is always ready to justify the horror towards Palestinians. This paranoiac thinking has become the melting pot of the Israeli society today, where fear of others has become one of the characteristics of its society. The result of this is that it oppresses any rational thinking in the Israeli society which might emerge with new ideas towards reconciliation with Palestinians. The Israeli officer in the massacre of Kufr Qasim which took place in 1956 was not only proud of what he committed of murder but summarized the Zionist worldview: “In killing of any Arab here (in Palestine) we save the life of an Israeli, and by killing Arabs outside we save Israel“!

The problem with this suicidal thinking is that it is a blinding mechanism which closes all other alternatives towards finding a peaceful formula based on coexistence on equal footing. Thusly the Zionist formula which says that “Jews live and the Palestinian die” is a direct contradiction to the other alternative which says that Jews live and Palestinians live too.

The second difference is that the white Afrikaner wanted to exploit the natives of the country, but they did not send the natives into exile, the Zionists wanted the total removal of the natives following the Zionist copy of the final solution. The dangerous thing in this thinking is that Zionists did their very best to negate the existence of Palestinians while the whites never denied the existence of native Africans. At first they said Palestine is an empty land waiting for them. Then Golda Maier (prime minister of Israel in 1973) declared that Palestinians never existed, and at the end with Menahem Pegin (prime minister of Israel in 1978) who declared that the real Palestinians are the Jewish European immigrants and not Palestinians.

In so doing Zionist used three interconnected methodology, which its aim to remove Palestinians from the Past, Present and Future: the first is to oust Palestinians from history by claiming that European Jews are the real Palestinians, and second by using the physical removal of Palestinians and third in insisting on the Jewishness of the state of Israel which means that there is no place to non Jews.

The letter written in allegorical language posted by a Zionist who visited Palestine to investigate the possibility for a Jewish state expressed the status of Palestine as a country populated by its folk. “The woman is beautiful but it is married with another man!” History showed us that Zionists decided to murder the “husband” but one thing they did not calculate on was that the “husband” has got enough sons and daughters to resist.

Third, unlike Zionists the white regimes in South Africa and Rodecia lacked the “tragic factor” or the “drama factor” to play on. Consequently the white Africans lacked a Jewish and sympathetic lobbyist which could influence the foreign policy of countries like the United States and Europe .The American Jewish professor Norman Finkelstein who himself lost close relatives in the holocaust is required reading on this subject: “The Holocaust industry: reflections on the exploitation of Jewish Suffering” and “beyond Chutzpah: on the Zionist misuse of anti-Semitism and the abuse of history.

The fourth difference is the handing of the apartheid regime to its nuclear capacity to the new regime.
But in the case of Israel it is extremely doubtful that this would happen peacefully as the state of Israel owns a recite of three dangerous combinations that never existed in the history before: A, the atomic capacity which Zionist sources call the doomsday weapons, B, a hateful sentiments towards Arabs and Muslims and suspicious ideology to the entire world, C, a suicidal mentality which Zionists call the Samson factor.

Fifth, Zionists invented perhaps a new rule in war, a position which stands against all logic and is called: “kill and cry”, whenever Zionists murder Palestinians they present themselves as the victim. A perfect example is when Goldamaeir used the most Hippocratic words ever uttered in the history of the politics of hypocrisy, and which I doubt one could find equivalent hypocrisy in modern politics for. “We will never forgive Arabs that they obliged us to kill them!!

Sixth, Zionist froze the Palestine and Middle East history, as if nothing has occurred in that place since the Roman Empire. They only wanted Palestine to be seen as geography and thusly froze its history at a certain point of which it fit their ideology. This is clear in the Zionist utterance when they refer to the ancient nations of the region as if they still existed now, while the simple fact is that these nations were melted in the main stream of variations of the Arab culture. In the present time and despite the significant changes which took place in the last 20 years regarding the world recognition of the Palestinian rights; as to the question of human rights and self determination, Zionists are not able to see these developments.

They froze the holocaust as if it is a constant event and not a horrible historical event of which Jews must be the first to draw conclusions from. Yet the fact remains that it has and is being used in the opposite direction, to oppress Palestinians and to silence the critics against the Zionist oppressive policy.

Seventh, the white Afrikaner did not have the culture of the “chosen people” despite the racist policy, which they ran over centuries and despite the failed attempts by a few theologians to legitimize apartheid through theology. While Zionism is based partly on the Jewish religious notion of the chosen people. It has secularized this notion to legitimate its existence in the “backward region”, which they will bring “civilization” to but, as we see the retreat of the rational thinking and the rise of Jewish fundamentalism it is no doubt that Zionism has fed this notion. The policy of oppressing Palestinians and the insistence on “Jewishness” of the state had contributed in the rapid strength of the religious fundamentalism which was indirectly planted by Zionism, and which leading to the creation of a Taliban Jewish state in the region which might lead to a total confrontation between Muslims and Jews.

The policy which Zionists implemented until today goes in perfect harmony with the rhetorical guidelines of political Zionism in which its content can be summarized in a few words, Terror, Terror and more Terror, with the goal being to impose facts on the ground. How to validate Zionism when it denies Palestinians their basic rights to live on their land, how to validate Zionism when it confiscates Palestinian land and gives it only to Jews, How to validate Zionism when it makes only streets and housing for Jews, how to validate Zionism when it views Jews as a superior race and Palestinians are but “insects and sub humans”? How to validate Zionism when its everyday policy’s is based on violence, discrimination and prejudice towards native Palestinians?

Indeed, we are dealing with a unique case of racist ideology, which is a blend of Nazism and apartheid, the modernizing of bronze age history to fit the modern concept of nationalism, Paranoiac politicized thinking, modern and dynamic forms of apartheid but undoubtedly more dangerous. A weird contradiction of the absence of rational thinking at the same time having the most advanced technology of which aids them to commit genocide. More severely, the illusion that with force they can impose facts all the time as if all occupants in history were brainless and they are the only occupants which could avoid the fate of all occupations.

Galileo asserted once all truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.

The problem is when the truth about Zionism atrocities is known and well documented at the UN and the human rights organizations yet Zionists and their friends in this world are not willing to listen to the sound voices which seek to find a peaceful solution based on the international law and the principles of justice.

* Dr. Salim Nazzal is a Palestinian-Norwegian historian in the Middle East, who has written extensively on social and political issues in the region. –

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