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Lahore Attack : Mossad & Co. strikes again

Posted by musliminsuffer on May 8, 2009

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

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Lahore Attack : Mossad & Co. strikes again

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Wednesday, 06 May 2009 13:20
“Al-Qaida is the top secret code name of special covert operations of the U.S. CIA, Israeli Mossad, British SIS, Indian RAW. Al-Qaida is a fake name, an imaginary illusion, a deceptive fraud, a fictitious hoax and a fraudulent scam of the unlawful war of terror, which is still being cunningly and clandestinely supported and promoted by the CIA, Mossad, SIS, RAW, and the Corrupt Mercenary Media (CMM) to frame, blame, defame, harm and kill Pakistanis, Kashmiris, Afghans, Arabs, Muslims and other innocent humans by falsely and maliciously labeling them as the Al-Qaida militants, extremists, or terrorists. Actually, Al-Qaida or Al-CIA-da is the CIA. Al-Qaida is the Mossad. Al-Qaida is the SIS. Al-Qaida is the RAW. Al-Qaida is the ISI. Al-Qaida is the CMM. The CIA, Mossad, SIS, RAW, ISI and the CMM are the real Al-Qaida or ‘the Evil 6′. For the sake of international peace, reform or abolish the CIA, Mossad, SIS, RAW and the ISI; oppose and expose the CMM; and end the illegal war of terror now to reduce global terrorism. Indeed, imperialistic military occupation of any country, state, or nation is state terrorism. Civil terror is a natural reaction to government terror.” – Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, president of JUD, Pakistan.

Army was the only Pakistani institution which was treated with utmost respect by the great majority of Pakistanis before its top general, allowed Bush Zionist administration to destroy its next-door Muslim nation of Afghanistan, which has many many centuries of political, social and religious relations with the people who call themselves Pakistanis since August 14, 1947.

His fatal decision brought the culture of terrorism, bombing and killing of innocents into Pakistan – whose greatest target happens to be Pakistan Army and Pakistan’s security forces. Before 2002 – there is no history of Pakistanis targetting military personnel. So, the question comes to mind: “Why and who are behind this terrorism?”

The answers can be found among the world powers and international vultures and national traitors, who doesn’t want the only Muslim nuclear country to become stable, prosperous and its four provinces to stay united – after the fifth province, East Bengal (now Bangladesh), was snatched away through Indian invasion in 1971.

All the terrorist attacks blamed on the so-called “Islamist groups”, such as the Lal Mosque Islamabad) carnage; Islamabad Marriott Hotel bombing; attack on Sri Lanka’s cricket team; bombing of mosque near Pakistan-Afghan border, and now the attack on Lahore Police Academy – one must remember, who trained and armed these so-called “Islamist terrorists” and use them against Russians in Afghanistan for America to become the ’sole world superpower’?

The reality is that behind the smoke-screen of “Islamist terrorism” – it’s foreign intelligence agencies like India’s RAW; Israel’s Mossad, America’s CIA and Britain’s MI6 – which all have the same agenda – to destroy the only Muslim nuclear power by paving the way to install fifth pro-USrael military dictatorship in Pakistan’s 62-year existence.

Ahmed Quraishi, a Kuwaiti journalist and host of PTV-News – in his March 30, 2009 column wrote:

“A second Mumbai-style attack in Lahore in less than a month, both targgeting Lahore, a city that has tradionally bore the brunt of Indian-inspired terrorism inside Pakistan.

The level of training of these people and choice of targets leaves little doubt that someone is trying to teach Pakistan a lesson. It’s baffling to see interior advisor, Rehman Malik, so eager to quickly pin the blame on groups such as Lashkar Tayyeba or Lashkar Jhangvi that were active in Kashmir struggle in the past and are dormant now……Why is Mr. Malik not willing to consider the possibility of Indian involvement? Is he afraid of upetting the Brits or the Americans?…Additionally where are those local agents of Indian intelligence that were arrested from various Pakistani cities in the past few weeks and months near both the Indian and Afghan borders?

The only country other than the US that has an elaborate Pakistan focussed intelligence set-up in Afghanistan is India. The Indians are actively using the chaos in Afghanistan to create a wedge between the US and Pakistan by actively supporting terrorist elements in Pakistan……

This is also the time to neutralize elements in Pakistani government such as President Zardari and Rehman Malik, whose assests, lives, and apparently loyalties lies outside Pakistan. Democracy cannot be allowed to become a Trojan horse for foreign powers to meddle in Pakistan.”

Jewish Lobby’s puppet, Barack Obama, on Friday threatened Islamabad for more US military strikes inside Pakistan territory unless they keep killing each other for Israel. And if they agree to that – he offered US$1.5 billion per year bribe (matching with Egypt’s to protect Israel from Hamas) for the next five years.

Pakistan Army mindset can be judged by Lt. General (retired) Ali Kuli Khan’s interview – taken by Rahimullah Yusufzai, which was published, October 5, 2006.



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