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Bismi-lLahi-rRahmani-rRahiem. Assalamu\’alaikum Warohmatullahi Wabarokatuh!

Palestine We Will Never Forget video

Posted by musliminsuffer on September 14, 2010

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Palestine We Will Never Forget video

A look at the role of brave Palestinian women in the resistance. And the brutality of the Israelis.

A documentary that covers some horrible incidents reported from 2008-2010.
Palestinian female detainees, like their brothers in detention, suffer from the brutality of the Israeli Prison Authority. They are exposed to abuse, humiliation and are subjected to more than 20 forms of violations. They are tortured, beaten, harassed, insulted, tied up for hours under hot sun or under rain, deprived of sleep, isolated, punished with high fines for no reason, subjected to the continuous use of tear gas in their cells, continuously denied family visits and calls back home and letters are sent or distributed only once every 3 months. (There is more description at youtube)


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