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‘Osama bin Laden dead’ photo deemed a fake

Posted by musliminsuffer on May 3, 2011

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

‘Osama bin Laden dead’ photo deemed a fake

Two big giveways suggest a hoax as world awaits official proof of his death

By Eliot Sefton

LAST UPDATED 12:31 PM, MAY 2, 2011

A photo purporting to show Osama bin Laden after he was killed by US special forces (above right), which has been circulating online today and used by some newspapers and TV stations, is most likely a fake, according to American security officials. They have warned the media that it is a hoax.

There are two giveaways:

First is the position of the head. If you ignore the horrific wounds, it is clear that is exactly the same as in a stock Reuters photo of Osama bin Laden (above left), seen countless times in recent years.

Second is the colour ‘jump’ between the bearded face and the skin tone.

Both suggest that the image has been Photoshopped, and not that well.

It is assumed the US authorities will release an official image showing the al-Qaeda leader dead before too long – if only to lay to rest any conspiracy theories that he was never killed at all in the CIA-led attack on his compound near Islamabad, Pakistan. 


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