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Despite shortcomings, Muslims Most Civilised in the World -1

Posted by musliminsuffer on May 5, 2011

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

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Despite shortcomings, Muslims Most Civilised in the World -1

Dr Javed Jamil

Almost every civilisation claims itself to be the best civilisation of the world; and most of the societies tend to believe themselves to be more civilised than the others. The economic and political powers of the world, with their higher control on all forms of media, often succeed in convincing the people that they are most civilised of all.  As part of natural inclinations, the “most civilised” have also the habit of recognising the “least civilised”. The “least civilised” of course in most of the instances are those who are the biggest threat, in reality or in perception, to the “most civilised”. The clash in today’s world between the most and least civilised happens to be between the Western Civilisation and Muslim civilisation. The protagonists of Western Civilisation comprise hardcore atheists, non-practising Christians, practising Christians, Jews and some Hindus and Muslims, almost in the same order. The protagonists of Muslim Civilisation comprise mainly the believing Muslims with minuscule percentage of non-practising Muslims, with of course some appreciable differences in their beliefs and practices. The Western Civilisation boasts itself as the best civilisation and tries to prove Muslims as the least or at least one of the least civilised societies of the world. Their control on the institutions and all forms of media is so complete that the people in huge numbers believe their claims to be true. We will examine in this series of papers why their claims are ill founded and why Muslims, despite their enormous shortcomings and their incomplete acceptance of Islamic system, are certainly much more civilised than the Western world.  

When “civilisation” is to be considered, we will have to first examine the criteria of civilisation. Of course, Westernism has its own criteria, obviously the criteria being such as help it to make its claims look real. Not only the criteria need to be examined, the methods of determining these criteria are to be analysed. We will then examine the world statistics to determine who is standing where in terms of these criteria.

The proponents Westernism argue that Muslims are uncivilised because:

First, Muslims are the most violent people of the world. They are ruthless murderers who need no sympathy or understanding. Euphemistically perhaps, some have started arguing that while all Muslims are not terrorists all terrorists are Muslims.

Second, if Muslims are prone to indulging in violence, its roots lie in the very foundations of their religion that promotes violence against “unbelievers.”

Third, Muslims want to pursue their medieval culture and are not ready to accept the modern, “peace-loving” civilisation of the West. Muslim countries are undemocratic having no regard for human rights, particularly the rights of women and minorities.

Fourth, Muslims demonstrate mutual brotherhood, which endangers the very survival of the “civilised world.”

Fifth, Muslims are placed low in terms of developmental criteria, which normally mean Life Expectancy, Per Capita income, educational level, etc;

Sixth, Muslim societies have much lower status of women than Western societies.

The Western societies, they argue, are civilised because
1.      They have a system where society has total freedom;
2.      They have liberated their women;
3.      they are peace loving people who abhor violence;
4.      The lives of their people are healthier and happier with higher incomes, life expectancies and educational levels.

We will deliberate on each of these one by one. Let us first discuss the most important issue of violence:

Violence: Forms and Extent

The most notable campaign in recent years has been related to “violence”, mainly because presence or absence of violence is regarded the most important criterion of civilisation with West claiming that it abhors violence. Interestingly, “violence” has become a key word in their armoury only through a partisan definition. “Terrorism” to them is violence but “war against terror” is not violence, Killing of civilians by terrorists is violence but killing of the civilians by their forces is not violence, killing of “female foetuses” is violence (female foeticide) but killing of foetuses without the knowledge of their sex (abortion) is not violence, death sentence to criminals is violence but murders of common people is not violence or at least not a condemnable form of violence, and so on. Obviously, the violence that is related or can be indirectly related to religion or other factors not related to Westernism or is directed against the institutions of Westernism automatically becomes reprehensible and worthy of condemnation in harshest possible terms. To control this form of violence, all possible measures including full scale wars and invasions can be adopted. Every possible method will be employed to present this violence as barbaric. On the other hand the violence which is directly or indirectly related to New World Order is kept hidden and if at all there is a discussion on it, they are described as unavoidable or collateral damage, which need to be understood and managed.

See the following list of deaths caused by various reasons of violence in last 25 years:
1.   Alleged Terrorism by Muslims: Around 25000
2.   Alleged Terrorism by other communities including Hindus and Christians: Around 300000
3.   Wars (mostly waged or supported by West): Around 2 million
4.   Murders: 50 million
5.   Abortions (induced): 1 billion

(These are estimated figures based on international statistics, the references for which will be given when each of them is discussed in detail in coming pages.)

Are Muslims the most violent people on the face of the earth? If not Muslims then who are the most violent people?  We will examine this question in the next chapter. But it is clear from the above figures that the international response to various forms of violence has been nothing less than absurd.


Mission of Global-Right-Path is to Educate Muslim Ummah in the light of the Quraan and Authentic Hadeeth, to face all the internal and external challenges, as well as to become a Great Revolutionized Leader to work for Global Revolution to serve the humanity in a balanced way to stabilize the Global World.


-muslim voice-

2 Responses to “Despite shortcomings, Muslims Most Civilised in the World -1”

  1. filthy kafur said

    This man is dreaming!! What a fucking moron. I supposed a “Civilised” muslim is allowed to put people tied up on the ground and hack their heads off, and can still be civilised. Im not even going to argue other than to say over the muslim history, MILLIONS of people have been tortured and hacked to death, they even formed part of the Nazi Air Arm to destroy the Jewish race in the last war.

    This asshole is completely out of touch with reality, and i not wasting any more time teaching him. Hes a mulim, so hes bound to say what he says.

    • The important questions are (based on Facts and histories):
      1. If, jews/zionist is legal owner of Palestine land; why did jews/zionist grab that land by terror, steal and manipulation?
      2. Until 1946, there is jews/zionist colony in the Palestine land and they are 2% of the population, but today they take control over 80% more of Palestine land; how could they?
      3. Why are the jews/zionist constantly expeling, atrocitying, colonialazing, genoziding and butchering innocent Palestinian Peoples?
      4. Why are the jews/zionist buldozering and destroying the Palestine farm dan plantation, and then steal the land?
      5. Why do the jews/zionist so afraid against unarmed and defendless Palestine peoples; and jews/zionist have to use illegal and against international law ‘WMD’ weapons against them?
      6. If jews/zionist is in the right side, why did they always broke and violated all UN resolution?

      As ussual, you people just simply denied everything, and live in hollywood dream.

      Just for your information:
      Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,421,933″

      and remember all the fictims of Guantanamo Concentration camp, also Abu Ghraib Concentration camp and Baghram concentration camp.

      Do you dare to answer these questions:
      1. Who did the invasion to Afghanistan and slaughtered more than 25,000 Afghan innocent peoples? Did Arab and muslims do it?
      2. Who did the invasion to Iraq and slaughtered more than 1.5 millions Iraq innocent peoples? Did Arab and muslims do it?
      3. Who did the bombardment to south Lebanon and slaughter more than 5,000 innocent peoples? Did Arab and muslims do it?
      4. Who did the Gaza massacre and slaughtered more than 1,400 innocent peoples? Did Arab and muslims do it?


      After that, could you sleep in the night, without a single nightmare at all?

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