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Despite shortcomings, Muslims Most Civilised in the World – 7 baby killing

Posted by musliminsuffer on May 23, 2011

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

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Despite shortcomings, Muslims Most Civilised in the World – 7 baby killing

Civilised versus Uncivilised Sexual Behaviour (contd)

50-70 million babies are aborted annually, mostly due to the vagrant sexual behaviours of their parents — and yet the claim of being civilised.

Dr Javed Jamil*

Till now we have seen that
1. In terms of murder rates, Western World outscores the Islamic World by a massive margin;
2. In terms of rapes, Western World leaves Islamic world far behind;
3. In terms of killing humanity through wars, West has no parallel in the world; Muslim world is of course nowhere near.
4. In terms of killing innocent civilians, the alleged Islamic terror has killed around 4000 Westerners and the proved war against terror by West has killed more than 1 million Muslim civilians.
5. In terms of children born out of wedlock, almost half of the coming Western generation is of children born out of wedlock. This is extremely rare in Islamic World.

If a country or region is truly civilised, all human beings particularly women and children should be safe and secure. But the New World Order created by the West has spawned a kind of feminism, which allows for large-scale commercialisation of sex, which in turn leads to huge violence against women and children. The most painful violence is of course the killing of children before they are born. The campaign to legalise abortions began in the West and a large number of countries except most of the Muslim countries now legalise abortions. In Muslim countries, abortions are allowed only for certain purposes that include medical reasons and when a baby is a product of rape.

The new sexual morality espoused and promoted by the big business, especially the global merchants of sex annihilated all the barricades in the way of free sex. Marriage or any other formality, age, gender, place, time and previous relation—all paled into insignificance for the purpose of a sexual encounter. The only restriction that the legal framework put, albeit without making it effective in practice, was the consent of the two individuals seeking sex. If both agree, nothing can stop them. They would be advised however to take precautions as far as possible not to let their ecstatic love drift to an unwanted fruition. This can devastate their own career, they would be told, and also the country’s economy. Never mind though. If despite precautions, a woman conceives, she need not unduly worry. The state is there to provide whatever she needs for a safe abortion: legal permission, social protection and free services. Private clinics, in their own way, are looking to provide the best.

And with abortion begins the sad story of children being killed and abused for none of their faults. An estimated number of about 70 million of children are caused to perish before their birth every year. Staggering figures from all accounts. Figures that must put the whole mankind to shame and must jolt from head to toe every person with conscience. But where is the mankind? What we know of the mankind today is that it is a kingdom of human beasts seeking pleasure and nothing but the pleasure, whatever the consequences. And this is not just the pleasure of the whole mankind at the cost of other creatures. It is for the gratification of the strong among men who have mastered the science of eradicating all that can directly or indirectly become impediments in their stupendous march towards an unstoppable fun and entertainment. What then if for this majestic plan, few millions of partially formed human fleshes are to be discarded! They are of course just the humans-in-making, not humans themselves. And they are the weakest obstacles as well.  Flowers must be protected, proponents of abortion seem to argue, but there is no plausible reason why tears should be shed if buds are nipped to “save the mankind from undesirable consequences”. Big movements are organised against the killing of animals and the extinction of rare species, against the uprooting of plants and deforestation, and also against the destruction of historical monuments and sites. These have the backing and support of one or the other elements of power. But a notable global campaign against the unceremonious killing of millions of humans-in-making cannot be allowed to gather momentum. The cronies of the Big Business are always there, fully armed with the arsenals of “sophisticated” logic and money to thwart any such development. Still, we are forced to believe that we are living in a civilised world that cares for the human rights. And those that shout at the top of their voice for the human rights happen to be those who silently preside over most of these killings. The only voices audible in the all-pervading eerie silence are of those that are concerned merely and specifically with the killing of female foetuses, as if the killing of a male foetus is justifiable but not that of a female. Ironically, female feticide, not feticide in general, is regarded a genuine issue at the global level. It is agonisingly but amazingly true that an abortion not based on gender discrimination is normally not even labelled feticide. To join the fray against female feticide is considered a noble cause on account of it being part of the global movement against the gender-discrimination. But criminal silence on the abortion of male children is no discrimination in their eyes on the similar ground. I do not purport to say that the sordid practice of female feticide does not invite the concern it does. Female feticide is outrageously abominable, and must be condemned in the strongest possible words. But the murder of a baby is murder and the sex of the baby cannot increase or decrease the ghastliness of the crime.


Various international sources estimate that 50 to 70 million foetuses are aborted annually. (

Women who obtained legal abortions in 1995 were predominately white and unmarried. As in 1994, one fifth of women who obtained legal abortions in 1995 were adolescents (aged less than or equal to 19 years); 33% were aged 20-24 years. (Reported by: Statistics and Computer Resources Br, Div of Reproductive Health, National Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, CDC). 1,370,000 abortions occur annually in the U.S. according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute.

Reasons of abortion include

  • 25.5% of women to postpone childbearing.
  • 21.3% of women cannot afford a baby,
  • 14.1% of women have a relationship issue or their partner does not want a child.
  • 12.2% of women are too young (their parents or others object to the pregnancy).
  • 10.8% of women feel a child will disrupt their education or career.
  • 7.9% of women want no (more) children.
  • 3.3% of women due to a risk to foetal health
  • 2.8% of women due to a risk to maternal health

(Statistics and Computer Resources Br, Div of Reproductive Health, National Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, CDC)

It can be seen that in most of the cases it is an uncivilised kind of sexual relationship, with no restraints whatsoever that leads to pregnancies and as the couples are not ready to bear the responsibility of their actions and their desire of enjoyment in life without any kind of interruption, they simply kill the human being which has just started its life in the womb of his or her mother. More than 50 million deaths of human beings, and yet it is regarded as a sign of “Development”.

The following is the list of the countries with maximum number of abortions.

Abortions (most recent) by country
Showing latest available data.
Rank  Countries                                Amount  
# 1       Russia:                                  2,766,360       
# 2       United States:                         1,210,880       
# 3       India:                                       596,345          
# 4       Japan:                                     343,024          
# 5       France:                                    161,129          
# 6       Italy:                                        134,137          
# 7       Germany:                                97,936            
# 8       Bulgaria:                                 97,023            
# 9       Cuba:                                      83,963            
# 10     Hungary:                                 76,957            
# 11     Canada:                                   70,549            
# 12     Sweden:                                  37,489            
# 13     Israel:                                     15,509            
# 14     Norway:                                   13,672            
# 15     New Zealand:                          11,173            
# 16     Finland:                                   9,884  
# 17     Greece:                                   1,216  
# 18     Iceland:                                   807     
# 19     Poland:                                    559     
            Total:                                      5,728,612       
            Weighted average:                 301,505.9


In contrast to the Western System, Islam has the most civilized rules about abortions. Abortions are permissible if the pregnancy threatens the health of mother or child itself. And it makes sure that sexual behaviour remains civilized with no sex permissible outside the boundaries of marriage. The result is that the abortions by choice are relatively rare among Muslims. The total abortion rate in most of the Muslim countries is less than 20 percent, and an overwhelming percentage of abortions in Muslims are within families with the consent of both parents; abortions due to sexual misdemeanours of the girls are extremely rare. This is also clear from the following table which shows the countries with the highest number of teenage pregnancies and abortion rates.

Teen birth and abortion rates, 1996
per 1000 women 15–19[9][10][11]
Country birth
Netherlands 7.7 3.9 11.6 33.6
Spain 7.5 4.9 12.4 39.5
Italy 6.6 6.7 13.3 50.4
Greece 12.2 1.3 13.5 9.6
Belgium 9.9 5.2 15.1 34.4
Germany 13.0 5.3 18.3 28.9
Finland 9.8 9.6 19.4 49.5
France 9.4 13.2 22.6 58.4
Denmark 8.2 15.4 23.6 65.3
Sweden 7.7 17.7 25.4 69.7
Norway 13.6 18.3 31.9 57.4
Czech Republic 20.1 12.4 32.5 38.2
Iceland 21.5 20.6 42.1 48.9
Slovakia 30.5 13.1 43.6 30
Australia 20.1 23.9 44 54.3
Canada 22.3 22.1 44.4 49.8
Israel 32.0 14.3 46.3 30.9
United Kingdom 29.6 21.3 50.9 41.8
New Zealand 33.4 22.5 55.9 40.3
Hungary 29.9 30.2 60.1 50.2
United States 55.6 30.2 85.8 35.2

Not a single Muslim country features in this list, which proves the success of family system in Muslim societies. The success of family system can very well be regarded as the biggest indicator of civilization because its failure leads to such a large number of health and social problems as are caused by no other reason.  The leaders in the list are of course all Western countries.  Still they claim to be civilized. If the situation is so horrible however, it does not mean that Western societies are inherently corrupt but that the System there encourages/permits people to seek pleasure without caring for the consequences.

*  Dr Javed Jamil is Executive Chairman, International Centre for Applied Islamics, and Chief Editor, “Islam, Muslims & the World”. He is also author of more than a dozen books including “Islam means Peace”, “The Essence of the Divine Verses”, “The Killer Sex”, “Rediscovering the Universe”, “The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism” and “Islamic Model for Control of AIDS”. Also has more than 200 articles and papers to his credit. He can be reached at


Mission of Global-Right-Path is to Educate Muslim Ummah in the light of the Quraan and Authentic Hadeeth, to face all the internal and external challenges, as well as to become a Great Revolutionized Leader to work for Global Revolution to serve the humanity in a balanced way to stabilize the Global World.


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  1. Ayesha Zaman said

    Asslam o alaikum! jazzak Allah for being such an eye opening and mind broadening source of inspiring truths and bitter realities there by making the vision of Muslim Ummah strong about their beautiful religion. that is really a complete code of conduct in life! may peace be upon you ameen.

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