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We are Not Terrorist or Criminals.We Just Want to be Left Alone.Why Is it So Hard For Washington DC to Understand?

Posted by musliminsuffer on May 25, 2011

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

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Monday, May 23, 2011

We are Not Terrorist or Criminals.We Just Want to be Left Alone.Why Is it So Hard For Washington DC to Understand?

It seems the Globalist want to start a fight or declare war on the people. These people are not in their rights minds. Despotism is a mental illness in my book because they can not seem to mind their own business.They are power freaks and control addicts. Not fit to be elected or appointed as dog catchers.They think they are royalty and know better than the peasants. We are subjects to them and not sovereigns. A sovereign scares them to death because it destroys the illusion of we need them for everything. When a person is left alone not being constrained by ridicules laws and regulations. He is capable of solving his own problems with no help from the government.What really frightens bureaucrats and big government politicians is we can do better if we are left alone.

It seems they do not want to leave us alone. When we travel on by airplane. We get subjected to intrusive unreasonable searches and seizures. Our personal space in violated. Now the TSA wants to take what they done so well nearly destroying the Airline industry scaring away customers.They want to go out on the city streets. They want to be in our supermarkets,shopping malls and bus stations. They even want to grope at a Senior High School Prom in New Mexico.If we dare protest these intrusive unconstitutional measures.We are domestic terrorists or extremist.

In the name of fighting the war on terror and drugs. They want to have cameras in our homes. The government wants monthly home inspections to see if our kids are well cared for and to see if we are not exceeding our carbon foot print in the name of stopping global warming. They want to watch ever move we make with cameras on every street corner. We take risk selling or buying raw milk and fresh vegetables at the farmers market. Only to see SWAT teams with their guns drawn telling us to put down the deadly tomato or we will be shot. Everything we are doing that does not bring harm to others is offending a control freak somewhere in Washington DC. It does not matter if we go to a health food store or want to buy a firearm at a gun show. They want to watch everything and know everything. Even our bank accounts and credit card transactions. They want to know all and see all. At the same time the government is very secretive when the people ask questions asking “Why?”.

The American people are so pissed. How does the government respond? They make fabricated Psychological designations making being angry at the government for getting into our personal space a mental illness or a psychosis.They classified Constitutionals, sovereigns, Gun Owners, People with the citizens militia, End The Federal Reserve Bank. Private Property rights advocates.people for states rights Home School activist,Anti war protesters. veterans, Libertarians, Constitution Party members, Secessionist , supporters of Ron Paul, fans of Bob Barr and people who advocated Pastor Chuck Baldwin for President. If we dare assert our God Given Rights, If we get outraged,We protest,redress our grievances. We are enemies of the state. A threat to the political establishment.. What is normal and human in how we react to such intrusions might be suspicious now. To oppose the policies of undeclared wars. They accuse of helping the terrorist. Up is down. Black is white. Evil is good righ6t is left and two plus two equals five. The reality of Washington DC is upside down. Out of touch with human nature. To speak for myself. I do not want to live out my life with eyes in the back of my head worrying about if the government is watching.It is none of their business how I live my life. As long I am not harming nobody’s life liberty and property.Than leave me alone.

The truth is I am sane. I am in my right mind. I will not apologize for being angry at the ever intrusiveness of the government  into my life. It is not a mental illness to feel threatened by government thugs. It is quite normal and healthy. We the people of the United States. We are not Criminals.Why because we do not want to steal from what does not belong to us or harm someone for our pleasure. We are not terrorist if we are defending ourselves from unlawful entry.It is a normal reaction and lawful. To label what is normal and part of our nature as evil or bad will not work. To put it in simple words for a pencil neck bureaucrat or a big government politician to understand.Here it is. We just want to be left alone. What is so hard about that?

Posted by realman2020 at Monday, May 23, 2011


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