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9/11 Flashback: 100% proof! Atta had a double 911 Israeli false flag

Posted by musliminsuffer on June 16, 2011

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

9/11 Flashback: 100% proof! Atta had a double 911 Israeli false flag

As mentioned earlier
3:58 Al Shehhi makes a wore transfer to Atta’s account.
4:56 Al Shehhi is on video in Deerfield Beach withdrawling from an ATM.
____Atta and Shehhi are seen together drinking at Shuckums which is in Hollywood Florida.

None of the reports claim Atta was drinking alone. And his bill for 3 Hours of drinking came to $48 dollars. Yet Atta was on a flight to Baltimore which left at 3:15

In order for these guys to be together in the same place assuming that drinking and driving is not an issue, they would have had started drinking at 2:30 in the afternoon at minimal and leave right away for the airport, for Atta to get on his flight. To drink for 3 hours, it would have to be in the morning not at night. The bar isn’t even open at such a time. Plus it was reported as “last Friday Night.”

Well later we have Atta and Al-omari seen together in Maine on Sep 10. They Went to two ATMs that night a gas station and a Walmart. Here is a picture of them at an ATM


Seems like they went out of their way to be on film. Next they are photographed together at the Airport going from Portland to Boston and then to NY.

There is no photo of them in Boston. However there was a bag supposedly Atta’s which never made it on the plane to New York, and this bag is full of FBI goodies. Conveniently there is a list of all 19 hijackers, and there are the plans for 911. Now just think about this. If you are about to die you really don’t need any luggage, however if you were going to fake some luggage, then why not just bring some clothes and normal things, why bring the plans of 911 and a list of everyone else involved? Why risk being stopped at the airport? If they opened your bag and saw what was in it the whole plan would be over.

Did he do it for fame? No. To do that he could have left it in his car or something. This was a bag that was meant to go up in flames as they crashed in New York. By chance it never made it on the plane. It is about as plausible as the inferno surviving passport found near ground zero which was also first reported to be Atta’s and later changed to Al Suqami’s.

Here is the kicker. Al-Omari is not dead. After the FBI named the wrong guy, based on a man with the same name in Florida wh owent to a flight school, they changed it to a new person and they changed the birth date too to make it match. They have a photo of this man. Well the second Alomari also turned out to be alive. He said his pass port had been stolen. Now wait a minute. If this man is alive and his passport was stolen…then just who the Hell was it that went out of their way with Atta to get photographed on Two ATMs and one Airport security video?

the new guy

Seems like a double to me. And given all the mysteries around Atta, him being in Florida and Maryland at the same time, him leaving a bag of goodies for the FBI, him being of Jack Abramoff casino ships, him being is a meeting in Prague (according to Israelis) where he gave anthrax to Iraqis, and him living literally next door to an Israel spy cell, we can conclude that Atta was set up. He had a double.

For there was no meeting in Prague. It impossible to be in two places at once. Leaving a bag of evidence that mysteriously doesn’t make the final flight is ridiculous, and living with an Israeli spy cell, and meeting with a Zionist super lobbyist who is now in jail, is much more fitting of the Mossad than Al Al Qaeda.

Then Israel gets caught in 2002 with a fake Al Qaeda ring in Palestine. The anthrax report that linked it falsely to Iraq came from Israeli sources. The first US paper to report on Anthrax which also made that claim was owned by the man who set up the governor of New Jersey with an Israeli national who landed a job as head of security for that state which is where the Israel truck bombers were found, where 1/2 of Al Qaeda was supposed to be and where the first anthrax was mailed from. The rest of the anthrax is sent from Florida where the other busted Israel spy ring was and where Al Qaeda was supposed to be. The letters with the anthrax also tried to blame Al Qaeda and they even mentioned Israel as their sworn enemy with America.

Some one sure was trying to get America to attack Israel’s enemies. It took years of goose chasing but finally it was determined that the anthrax did not come from Al Qaeda or Iraq and that its spores came from within the US. That story has Israeli roots as well.

And before the fire was out at the pentagon and WTC there came on every US news channel a fake video tape of dancing Palestinians. It turned out later that it was an old tape from a separate event. However there were people dancing on that day. They were Israelis and they were filming the event. They got caught in a van which tested positive for explosives and traced back to a company which turned out to be a front for the Israeli Mossad. The computers were confiscated and classified and the Israeli were released by Son of an ADL founder and a Zionist Rabbi, and dual citizen with Israel, Michael Chertoff.

The other reports of truck bombs and explosive devices that police found in white vans were left to disappear and be forgotten. After the live reports they were never mentioned again. The one New extensive investigation in tot he Israeli spy rings and the arrested dancers who knew to film an event before it happened, was blocked from airing and got yanked from Fox’s website.

Just follow along the lie that pushed this into Iraq and you discover that the Mossad Lawyer Lewis Libby and his Girl Friend Judith Miller spread the BS about VX gas and Anthrax, other PNAC Neocons reported the long list of other lies about WMDs. The most telling was the Niger forgeries which traced back to two men Franklin and ledeen one of which who got caught spying for Israel and worked for the office of Douglas Feith who we know met secretly with Israeli generals and formed a mirror group to one in Tel Aviv called the Office of Special plan which then served as a lie factory to try and justify a war with Iraq.

Come on now, we know where all the roads lead. All Roads Lead to Israel.

So who was playing the part of Atta and Alomari? Who really sent the anthrax? And who lefts those vans full of explosives?


-muslim voice-

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