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US ‘biggest terrorist of all,’ says UK professor

Posted by musliminsuffer on June 23, 2011

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

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US ‘biggest terrorist of all,’ says UK professor

Publish Date : 31/03/1390 – 19:38

US 'biggest terrorist of all,' says UK professor

London, June 21, IRNA — British professor Rodney Shakespeare believes a world without terrorism can be achieved by non-aligned countries if they are prepared to stand against the “bullying” of the US and its allies.

“The world is full of organised terrorism. I refer to the continual terrorism of America’s serial wars on Islam which amount to a third world war – Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria (for which war preparation is now being made),” said Shakespeare.

“It is time to point out to the world that the US is the biggest terrorist of all,” he told IRNA ahead of this weekend’s international conference being hosted in Tehran.

The conference is being attended by representatives from some 80 countries. It is entitled ‘A World Without Terrorism’ seeking a comprehensive approach against terrorism at international level.

“It is achievable if the Non Aligned Movement shows some guts – that means standing up to the bullying of the USA and its allies e.g. the UK,” said Shakespeare, who is a barrister and lecturer.

He said that it is 10 years since the US launched the so-called war against terrorism but that “the situation has been made worse.”

“America is now hated throughout much of the world: it is no longer genuinely furthering its own national interests. All that has really happened is that the American industrial-military complex has massively benefited from the spending while many innocent lives have been lost,” the professor said.

After the hosting of so many conferences on the scourge of terrorism, he suggested that a fresh approach was need to tackle the root cause.

“The root cause is the riba-based financial system and its control by Wall Street and the City of London. A new riba-free economics is necessary to end organised terrorism,” Shakespeare said.


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