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Dr Javed Jamil’s “Muslims Most Civilised” series triggers international internet Debate

Posted by musliminsuffer on June 28, 2011

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

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Dr Javed Jamil’s “Muslims Most Civilised” series triggers international internet Debate

By Syed Adil


An interesting heated debate is going on these days in response to a long series of articles by the renowned scholar, Dr Javed Jamil entitled, “Despite Shortcomings, Muslims are Most Civilised”. In this series, Dr Jamil has produced massive statistics showing that in terms of the criteria of civilized existence, Western countries are far behind Muslim countries. He has used the following as the criteria of civilization:

    1. Security: incidence of murders (all types, not any particular category), sexual assaults, killings in other parts of the world (wars), abortions (all categories)
    2. Social peace: alcohol, gambling, prostitution, promiscuity, pornography,
    3. Personal: suicides, religiosity
    4. Family: Divorces and separations, Promiscuity, Children born out of wedlock, issues related to single parenthood; abuse of women and children; domestic violence;
    5. Human Development: Life Expectancy (both at birth and at conception), Education, Economic conditions

Taking one criterion in each chapter as the yardstick, he has produced international statistics to prove how bad the West is in terms of Security, Social Peace, Personal Happiness, Family Peace and Human Development. Muslims in comparison are far better on the basis of almost all criteria related to security, Social peace and family peace and are catching fast in the human development criteria including life expectancy, education and economic development.

The study has attracted huge debate on several yahoogroups including worldmuslimcongress, aplacefortruth, indianmuslims, NRI, Multiculturalism-Pluralism, GRP and thegoodindians.  Several international websites have also published the articles from the series.


Dr Jamil enumerates the aims of the study as follows:

“1. To contest the claim of the Western propaganda of its being civilized and Muslims being uncivilised;

2. To highlight the issues that are largely buried under the carpet by the motivated interests despite their playing havoc with the peace and security of human beings as individuals, families and society;

3. To bring Muslims out of inferiority complex in which they are being perpetually pushed by both friends and foes;

4. To make them realise that they need not blindly follow the Western models; and that qualities like education, good health and comfortable life are not the monopoly of any ideology;

5. To make them realise that despite their many qualities and admirable achievements at various levels, there are still many shortcomings, some of them very big, which they have to understand and address; they have to find their solutions within the parameters of Islam;

6. To make them realise that though they must try to achieve power in all rightful ways, they must never use that power to threaten, subjugate and control the mankind or monopolise human resources; and last but not least’

7. To make them convinced that their duties, assigned by their religion, are not limited to the improvement of their own lot; they must work for the benefit of the whole mankind; and it is their foremost duty to fight against the evils, injustices, exploitations and disparities at every possible level; and to develop programmes and policies that lead to prosperity without evil effects.”


The reactions to the series have been sharp, often acrimonious, with West sympathizers jumping into the fray. Failing to challenge the statistics, they have tried to attack Muslims for failing to achieve excellence in many fields including power.


America’s Kevin Barret, widely known for his work on 9/11 conspiracy has said that “Dr. Jamil’s work has the extraordinary merit of cutting through the Islamophobic hate speech of the Zionist media and putting matters in accurate perspective based on statistical realities rather than the impressionistic propaganda endlessly vomited out by Zionist media, Islamophobic “Christian” missionaries, etc” Criticising some Muslims who are blindly toeing the Western thinking, he added, “Muslims who come to the West and think it is so wonderful are living in a fool’s paradise. The corruption at the very highest level of power in the West is almost unimaginable; the people who rule the West make Arab dictators look like Mother Theresa by comparison. Google “Franklin Scandal” and “the Finders” and “Operation Artichoke” to get an inkling of what I’m talking about. “


Maurice Salaakhan, Human Rights Activist, USA, wrote that he was enjoying the series immensely, and sharing it with others and hoped that the series would soon be published as a book. David Robinson, a professor of social studies, said: “Dr. Javed Jamil’s article should leave no doubt that we live in a very imperfect world.  The statistics he has listed do paint a very bleak picture of man’s inhumanity to man and they should not be ignored.”

Reacting to Dr Jamil’s thesis that life expectancy should be counted from the time of conception rather than birth, Ozma Siddiqui of King Abdul Azeez University wrote, “Re-defining of life expectancy from conception instead of birth appears to be a more apt definition considering that so many foetuses never really live to see the light of day, but are sadly doomed to be wasted before they are born, and since this is either a physiological mishap or by intention, it is correct to use the point of conception as a starting point.”

 Mahboob A. Khawaja, the author of several publications including: “Muslims and the West: Quest for Change and Conflict Resolution”,said that “Dr Jamil’s work is a wonderful study that will puncture the Western claims of civilization”.

Nasir Jawed, Editor, Journal of Rabita-e Alam-e Islami, described the study as “path-breaking” that will “counter the propaganda unleashed against Islam and Muslims and will bring out Muslims from Inferiority Complex”.  Prof.(Dr.)Syed Shahid Akhtar Jafri of Giri Institute of Development Studies, Lucknow feels that “Such messages could have been efficiently delivered to Islamic world/momineen if our clergy was enlightened beyond the theological knowledge.” He suggested that “this message should be translated in all the possible languages and it should be sent to each mosque and madrasa of the world for explaining it among the masses as it is an urgent need to save our community from blindly following the western evil practices. “Khalid Faridi, writing on Worldmuslimconress forum said, “. One has to appeal to the goodness inherent in a human being and Dr. Javed does exactly that.” He said that “ Dr Jamil tells Muslims not be bogged down by the propaganda that ‘Muslims are the worst caste’ and, instead, reminds them that there is lot of good in them even in current scenario, and that they have to improve further..” Qamar Hasan, the renowned Dubai based journalist, admiring the research as of “huge importance” said that “We need such research and statistics; this will come handy to our future generations as reliable reference work.” Mamoon Al-Azami, of Department of Communities in Non-Member Countries, Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah described the work as “colossal” “which must be read with deep appreciation”.  Shahnawaz Mohammed of Toronto- Canada feels that “Dr Javed Jamil must be felicitated for showing the real face of east and west.” He said that “when Arrogance, superpower thinking, policing, naked liberty of society values,  misusing all natural resources, keeping poor and rich gap widen, all these on the name of democracy, it becomes  dangerous.“ Dr.M.Mukhtar Alam, social activist, feels that “It is such findings that strengthen my academic conclusion for the adoption of monotheistic framework for personal, local, national and global governance.”

M H Zulqarnain, another Dubaii based commentator, responding to a West sympathiser,  wrote on NRI Forum, “But the gentleman (and the rest of his kind) regard all those black holes of the west just as ‘aberrations’, while the evils among Muslims are in-built and enshrined in our faith . They are so determined to take us all (for a ride) to the western ‘heaven’ to enjoy the bounties of its civilisation –  full of freedom, justice, affluence, democracy, rule of law, freedom of expression, moderation, civil rights and amenities, and so on.” He added that “The problem is that the world now is informed enough to know the truth – as Dr Javed Jamil has been documenting for some time, and judge. Self flogging may be good up to a limit but not to the extent that it kills you. “

Kaeem Kawaja of the US felt that “The Americas and Europe represent the Western suburbs and the new lands of Islam, Muslims living in the old Muslim world must come to grips with the new reality of the future of Islam, that future will be based on the original message of Quran & Hadith to spread “masawaat” (equal treatment) and justice to all; not continuing the vested interests of some people incorporated into the Muslim social systems in the old world.”


Some of the interesting findings of Dr Javed Jamil’s work are as under:

1.                 the rate of murderous assaults in USA is more than 10 times that of major Muslim countries. Top fifty countries in terms of murder rates are mostly Western countries. It can also be seen from the list that the rate of murders in Muslim countries is lesser than that of the other important systems like Russia, China, India and African countries.

2.                 Out of top 50 nations in terms of the incidence of rape, the US, South Africa, France, Germany and Australia feature among the top 10. Out of about three hundred thousand incidences of rapes committed in top 50 countries, which is more than 95% of all the rapes committed all over the world, more than 210 thousand are committed in the “most advanced”, “peace loving” and “women-loving” nations of the world.

3.                 Out of the total number of around 160 million dead, more than 135 million have been killed in or by countries that are now the five big powers of the world, namely China, the US, the UK, France and Russia. The killings by or in Muslim countries form a very small percentage of the total killings, despite the fact that Muslims form about one fifth of the world population. Community-wise, 90% of violence has involved Christians, Buddhists and Atheists. While China and Russia hold the distinction for murdering their own people in maximum numbers for political ends, the credit of killing most people abroad goes to the US, especially during last 60 years. Contrary to the lie propagated by Western media, Muslims have been subjected to violence by others rather than the vice versa. Russia killed millions of Muslims in Afghanistan, America killed hundreds of thousands in Iraq and Israel killed thousands in its conflict with Arabs. In all of these resistance movements or liberation struggles, Muslims were killed in very large numbers, while they killed much less.

4.                 A total of 5529 Westerners including 2883 on 9/11 have been killed in all the attacks alleged against al-Qaeda. At least 919,967 people have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq since the U.S. and coalition attacks, based on lowest credible estimates.

5.                 In US about 40.6 percent of children were born to an unmarried mother in 2008, an increase from 39.7 percent the previous year. While teenage mothers accounted for 52 percent of extramarital births in 1975, they made up only 22 percent in 2008. More than 6 in 7 births to teenagers were non-marital. In Europe, the average has risen from one out of four in 1997 to one out of three children born outside wedlock. Nowadays, national figures in Europe range from 5% in Greece and 9% in Cyprus to 58% in Estonia and 64% in Iceland. In Britain the rate increased to 44% (2006) and further to 46 % (2009). In Muslim countries, unwed mothers are almost negligible if any.

6.                 50-70 million babies are aborted annually, mostly due to the vagrant sexual behaviours of their parents — and yet the claim of being civilised. The total abortion rate in most of the Muslim countries is less than 20 percent, and an overwhelming percentage of abortions in Muslims are within families with the consent of both parents. Not a single Muslim country features in the list of countries with highest rates of teenage pregnancies, which proves the success of family system in Muslim societies. The success of family system can very well be regarded as the biggest indicator of civilization because its failure leads to such a large number of health and social problems as are caused by no other reason.

7.                 … According to surveys, in the US about one in three children live in one-parent families and nearly 40 per cent live away from at least one biological parent. Out of 23 countries listed in terms of Single Parent families, all but South Korea are the proud members of the Western World. The level of Family civilisation in their societies is extremely low compared to most of the Muslim world.

8.                 An estimated 325000 US children of age 17 or younger are prostitutes, performers in pornographic videos or have crumbled to commercial sexual exploitation (University of Pennsylvania, Muslim societies are much more civilised in their treatment to children: They do not abort them as often as Westerners; most of the times they do it, it is for medical reasons; hardly if ever their children are the products of their lust rather than legitimate love; They do not leave them to live in single parent families; if at all they do it on account of the divorce or the death of a parent, the extended families provide them love and security; They do not sexually abuse children to the extent and degree of the West; They breastfeed them more often for the medically advisable period of two years, which is also what is prescribed in the Qur’an; There are rare chances of children in Muslim countries being pushed in sex trade.

9.                 This latter study put the average life expectancy of male homosexuals nearly 30 years less than the general male population. Another study showed that, on average, ever-married men outlived the ever-homosexually-partnered by 23 years in Denmark (74 yr. v. 51 yr.), and 25 years in Norway (77 yr. v. 52 yr.). Obviously, homosexuality is a threat to the whole mankind, and it is the biggest threat to the life of homosexuals themselves. Pure permanent homosexuality is extremely rare in Muslims. There is no possibility of Same Sex Marriages; Owing to severe legal punishments, gay movements cannot prosper in Muslim societies;

10.             While modern ideologies accept and promote prostitution and pornography despite their being the greatest threats to survival of humans, particularly women and children and family peace and social order, Islam has no place for them; Despite prostitution existing in several Muslim countries, it is nowhere, in terms of the number of brothels, revenues involved, number of prostitutes and number of customers, near the level that exists in most of the non-Muslim countries including Western countries;

11.              According to another study, more than 95% of Americans are promiscuous. Teenage birth rate list shows that all the 18 countries listed belong to the so-called “Civilized World”. Not a single Muslim country appears in the figure. It is clear that: Islam as a system does not accept promiscuity while the so-called Free World not only accepts it and legally protects it but also commercializes it despite huge health and social hazards associated with it. The promiscuity rate in Muslim countries is negligible compared to Western countries; the rate of polygamy in Muslim countries can be described only as extremely low compared to the rate of promiscuity in the Western Countries.

12.             About 140 million people throughout the world suffer from alcohol-related disorders. 100000 die in the US alone. In most of the Islamic countries, the problems related to alcohol are exceedingly low. Out of the 30 countries that have maximum consumption of alcohol, only Turkey appears at the end of the table..

13.             Gambling related problems are much lower in Muslim countries. All top 10 gambling nations are Western countries.

14.             The overall Life Expectancy of Muslims is high. It can be seen that the True Life Expectancy of top 25 Muslim countries is more than those of all the big powers. Even from the commonly followed definition of life expectancy at birth it is on the higher side, but with the changed definition (at conception), they beat almost all the fancied nations of the world including the big powers and countries like Japan, Australia, Canada and Singapore. This is despite the fact that the health infrastructure in Muslim countries is not as excellent as in Western countries. High life expectancy at birth as well as at conception along with a higher growth rate indicates that the system in Islamic countries, with Islamic prohibitions and permissions, which are naturally health-protective, is much more health friendly than in Western countries. —- The Life Expectancy at birth is good in most Werstern Countries; but it is almost nearly as good in top Muslim countries. In as many as 19 Muslim countries, the life expectancy at birth is more than 70 and it is more than 75 in 5 countries.

15.             It can be seen that the literacy rates in the Muslim countries is generally very good with Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan having about 99 pc literacy rate and ranked ahead of the US and UK, Uzbekistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei Darussalam, Kuwait, Palestinian Authority, Qatar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates have all a literacy rate of more than 90, Lebanon, Bahrain, Turkey, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran and Oman have the percentage of more than 80…. The per population number of secondary school students in Indonesia is better than the United States and almost as good as India. The same is true with Iran, which has a better percentage than almost every country in the list… A 2010 report by Canadian research firm Science-Metrix has put Iran in the top rank globally in terms of growth in scientific productivity with a 14.4 growth index followed by South Korea with a 9.8 growth index.[126] Iran’s growth rate in science and technology is 11 times more than the average growth of the world’s output in 2009 and in terms of total output per year,

16.             In top 5 ranking countries in terms of per capita income, there are 2 Muslim, both Arab countries, Qatar and UAE whose per capita income is more than the big economies like US, Australia, UK, France and Germany. There are 8 Muslim countries in the top 50 list. These include Saudi Arabia and Libya….The list shows Qatar at the top of the table with a growth rate of more than 16 and ahead of highly growing economies like China and India. Turkmenistan is at 7th place, Uzbekistan at 14th, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Turkey and Yemen on 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th. Other Muslim countries are also showing good rates. Western countries are not doing well. By 2025, Indonesia will be among six major emerging economies to account for more than half of all global growth, says a new World Bank report

17.             All 17 countries in terms of highest suicide rates are typical Western countries. Suicide is almost negligible among Muslims, which speaks highly of their mental calm as well as family peace and social equanimity. Most of the factors leading to suicides like extramarital sex, family disintegration, alcohol, gambling and sex related diseases are minimal if not totally absent in typical Islamic societies. Added to this, an unshakeable faith in God and Hereafter armour them with incredible patience, which helps them in facing even the most depressing situations. Mental peace has direct relation with the level of religiosity and the kind of religion.

The study so far shows that Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are among the top contenders for being the most civilised nation of the world. The performance of Turkey, Iran, Indonesia and Malaysia is also admirable. The Muslim countries that need attention are Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sudan.

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  1. muhammad Ramzan said


  2. Sadre Alam said

    A good effort …….true and reliable fact can not ignore because based on fact…..allah bless you…….

  3. Nissar Ul Ashraf said

    Really appreciable work. Muslims will come out of the trauma that they are backward and poor. Stastics shows that Muslims are powerfull and can do anything if the wish

  4. Muhammad Ali Shah Shuaib said

    Your work should be highly appreciated, jazakumullah.

  5. Zafar Iqbal said

    Dr Javed Jamil’s has done a tremendous job in terms of bringing in front the actual fact and figures of so called highly developed and civilised nations.

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