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Media Blames Al-Qaeda Knowing Pro-Israeli Extremists Conducted Oslo Attacks

Posted by musliminsuffer on July 25, 2011

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Media Blames Al-Qaeda Knowing Pro-Israeli Extremists Conducted Oslo Attacks

Alexander Higgins' photo , Jersey City Civil Rights Examiner

July 24, 2011

Murdoch's Paper The Sun Runs Story Blaming Al-Qaeda 24 Hours After Pro-Isralei Extremists Arrest For Oslo Terror Attacks
Murdoch’s Paper The Sun Runs Story Blaming Al-Qaeda 24 Hours After Pro-Isralei Extremists Arrest For Oslo Terror Attacks

The Sun, July 23rd

Video: Fox News Runs Stories Blaming Al-Qaeda For Oslo Knowing Pro-Israeli Extremists Conducted Terror Attacks

The Fox News big story of the day on July 23rd was the Al-Qaeda Terror attack on Oslo while the station knew that right-wing pro-Israeli extremists were responsible for the attacks

Video: Fox News Runs Stories Blaming Al-Qaeda For Oslo Knowing Pro-Israeli Extremists Conducted Terror Attacks

Even after right-wing pro-Israeli extremists have been arrested for the Oslo, Norway terror attacks the corporate media still runs stories blaming Al-Qaeda which is a lie that originated from the CIA.

When the story of the Oslo terror attacks first hit the news, I reported immediately that the attacks had the signature of an Al-Qaeda false flag. Knowing the Norway is a pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli country I outlines several reason in that article stating that while the attacks had an Al-Qaeda signature it made no sense for Al-Qaeda to have launched the attack.

Scouring the news, It was soon reported by a CIA counter terrorism expert that an Al-Qaeda affiliated Muslim took responsibility for the bombings. After reading a translation of the the groups statement I called bullshit because the group never claimed responsibility for the bombings.

The truth was the CIA analyst the media was quoting sensationalized the statements from a so-called “terrorist” organization to make it appear they claimed credit for the Oslo bombings.

So I called him out for lying about what the group said.

Regardless even though the story was a lie put out by the CIA the media ran with it.

Corporate Media Runs False CIA Story Stating Muslim Group Claimed Responsibility For Oslo Bombings

The CIA falsely claims a Muslim “terrorist” organization has claimed responsibility for the Oslo, Norway bombings and the corporate media is printing their lies.

Read more…

So then I called out the media for running the lie.

Soon after I reported the CIA analyst claim the Muslims group accepted responsibility was a lie and called out the organizations who were running the story news organizations immediately tried to save face and redacted their stories that Al-Qaeda was behind the attacks.

Eventually, the CIA analyst redact the story on his own website were he originally made the claim.

However, even though it has been well known since on July 22nd that the CIA’s claim Al-Qaeda not true and in fact the opposite was true — that right wing pro-Israel extremists were behind the attacks — news outlets continued to run the story that Al-Qaeda is behind the attacks.

As shown in the image attached on the top left of this page, the front page of the Rupert Murdoch owned newspaper, The Sun, ran a massive headline on July 23rd that read ‘AL-QAEDA MASSACRE – NORWAY’S 9/11’.

Along the same lines, similar headlines stories were ran all day long on Telivision news stations.

The video attached to the top left of this page shows guest host Laura Ingraham, filling in for Bill O’Reilly, running the same lie on July 23rd.


As Moral Low Ground reported the terror attacks blamed on Muslim extremists was Fox News big story of the day.

Filling in for regular host Bill O’Reilly, guest host Laura Ingraham, a reactionary firebrand known for her rabid opposition to the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque,” took the helm of The O’Reilly Factor for Friday’s (pre-taped) show. The Norwegian terror attacks were the day’s big story, and Ingraham addressed them during the ‘Back of the Book’ segment:

“Two deadly terror attacks in Norway, in what appears to be the work, once again, of Muslim extremists.” 

Only problem is, the horrific attacks, which have killed more than 90 people, were not the work of Muslim extremists. They were carried out by a Christian extremist, a right-wing Muslim-hater who targeted Norway’s left-wing government and a youth camp run for supporters of the progressive Labour Party.

This is just one more example of corporate news is censored, controlled, and paid for by the U.S government and running stories that are known to be nothing more than propaganda lies.

It is truly sad we live in a world were police conceal evidence about the assassination of Princess Diana, our governments smuggle missiles and military equipment to drug cartels, steal bodies of 9/11 victims and at the same time bully media outlets into not reporting on industrialized police corruption spread across 3 continents.

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