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Why are Muslims ‘terrorists’, while Christians, as a rule, ‘fundamentalists’?, hate-promotion Zios ask

Posted by musliminsuffer on July 27, 2011

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

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Why are Muslims ‘terrorists’, while Christians, as a rule, ‘fundamentalists’?, hate-promotion Zios ask

Publication time: 25 July 2011, 15:20

This question was posed by a Zio French magazine Mediapart. It says:

“For years, we impose very strict definitions: all of the Muslim” militants “- are” terrorists and fanatics, “and all Christian militias – are” extremists or fundamentalists”.

Any war is, first of all, a war of words.

When Christian anti-Muslim groups organize pogroms in Nigeria, they are invariably called “religious clashes”, but when a similar is undertaken by the “Nigerian Taliban”, then everyone is talking about massacres and terror….

When a Norwegian kills a hundred of people, we are talking about fundamentalists, but when a man of darker complexion living in the Caucasus kills Russian soldiers, that is immediately labeled as “terrorism”.

When Dupont Lajoie kills migrants in France – it is a manifestation of mental disorder.

When two planes hit the towers of New York, we are talking about a terrorist attack, but when drones strikes in Afghanistan every day, killing people – it’s just a job the U.S. military has been tasked to do.

And so it goes…

The repetition of certain cliche words is intended to develop a conditioned reflex in humans. When “we” fire on “terrorists”, then we are programmed to say to ourselves: “Well, it serves them well, those no-gooders!”

When “they” blow up a bomb amongst “us” and we are “offered” massive increase in police and less freedom, and we are programmed to say to ourselves: “Well, that’s the way it is.”

According to the magazine, both kinds of “militants” should be to be equaled in terms of language to describe them. All of them, Christians and Muslims are to be called “terrorists”, because they both “fight against Secularism, Openness, Cooperation, Collaboration, Religious Mixture…”, Satanic Democrats write in their Zio garbage magazine.

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  1. irfan said

    well said

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