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One Last Drill Before the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11?–The Secret Terror Exercises of Amalgam Virgo 1 & 2

Posted by musliminsuffer on August 26, 2011

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

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One Last Drill Before the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11?–The Secret Terror Exercises of Amalgam Virgo 1 & 2

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

President Bush said repeatedly there were no warnings of any kind … “Never in anybody’s thought process … about how to protect America did we ever think the evil doers would fly not one but four commercial aircraft into precious US targets … never.”

National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice said: “I don’t think that anybody could have predicted that these people would take an airplane and slam it into the World Trade Center, take another one and slam it into the Pentagon, that they would try to use an airplane as a missile … even in retrospect there was nothing to suggest that.”

June 2001 – NORAD conducts Amalgam Virgo 01 and Amalgam Virgo 02, the latter of which involves two simultaneously hijacked commercial airliners. Fighters are to respond and consider shooting down planes.

August – September 2001 – NORAD practices for hijackings of planes from the states of Utah and Washington.

September 2001 – Pentagon officials, including US generals, are warned not to fly and cancelled trips for the morning of September 11

From a rather well researched article by Dr. Matthew Robinson, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Appalachian State University titled:


Operation Amalgam Virgo is a CINCNORAD joint task counter-terrorist and field training exercise (FTX) carried out in Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida on early June 2001. NORAD sponsored the multi-agency planning exercise involving the hypothetical scenario of a cruise missile or UAV launched by a terrorist group . Osama Bin Laden was pictured on the cover of the proposal for the exercise. Key military players involved in the exercise also included personnel from the 1st Air Force battalion, the U.S. National Guard, the U.S. Reserve forces, and the U.S. Navy.


Several naval ships including the USS Yorktown and the Navy Aegis cruiser were dispatched to the Gulf of Mexico as part of the multi-service anti-cruise missile operation. Military land personnel from the 1st Air Force also engaged in gathering radar information on low-level targets by using the Joint-Based Expeditionary Connectivity Center (JBECC), a mobile shelter capable of being deployed to high-risk regions while providing early warning signals on cruise missile attacks

From Wikipedia

Way too many coincidences to just be written off by the REAL 9/11 perps as simple military drills.

Amalgam Virgo Exercise & Co.–The Secret Terror Excercises

“We couldn’t possibly have known this.”

“We didn’t know that airlines are subject to this kind of attack.”

It’s almost one year after the attack on America and we know that these kinds of statements had been a lie.

But the most damning evidence that something was known was the enactment of at least eight to ten bio- or regular terrorist exercises during 2000 and 2001.

The last big one took place in June 2001 and another CIA exercise was confirmed for the day of September 11th!

“In what the government describes as a bizarre coincidence, one U.S. intelligence agency was planning an exercise last Sept. 11 in which an errant aircraft would crash into one of its buildings.”

It was not the only one of its kind. During 2000-2001 the US Government organised various exercises regarding possible terrorist attacks.

The article goes on to list NINE more scenarios, including these:

From July 12-13, 2000, James Woolsey, ex-CIA director was part of yet another CFR “conference” called “The Next Financial Crisis: Warning Signs, Damage Control and Impact.”

This was played out before a high-powered audience of 250 people, comprised largely of bankers, investors, corporation officials, and policymakers, mostly from the United States, but also from Europe, of the possibility that the U.S. stock market, and potentially the world financial system would undergo a melt down.
(Searching on on 4 Sept 2002, for the string, “The Next Financial Crisis: Warning Signs, Damage Control and Impact”, produced a link to, however this directory and all its contents no longer exist.
A copy of the cached file still resident on google as of 9/4/02 is available in the linkscopy subdirectory.)

This was the bankster gangsters at those ‘Too Big to Fail’ Zionist owned, Jewish run Wall Street banks getting together to put the final touches on their plans to loot TRILLIONS of dollars out of our pockets, since they knew Americans would be too scared to pay attention to the pillaging and plundering.

And this:

On Nov 3, 2000, Don Abbott (Command Emergency Response Training, eFilms) organised a simulated crash on the Pentagon with miniature planes and a model of the Pentagon.

Military District of Washington – News: Contingency planning Pentagon MASCAL exercise simulates scenarios in preparing for emergencies

Washington, D.C., Nov. 3, 2000 — The fire and smoke from the downed passenger aircraft billows from the Pentagon courtyard. Defense Protective Services Police seal the crash sight. Army medics, nurses and doctors scramble to organize aid. An Arlington Fire Department chief dispatches his equipment to the affected areas.

Don Abbott, of Command Emergency Response Training, walks over to the Pentagon and extinguishes the flames. The Pentagon was a model and the “plane crash” was a simulated one.

11.3.2000_Simulated_Pentagon_AttackJust don’t try the original link below, because it’s been tossed down the ‘Memory Hole.’

Story and Photos by Dennis Ryan, MDW News Service

“The page cannot be found. The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”

What the Hell is an “Amalgam Virgo?”

The exercise’s name, “Amalgam Virgo,” is a weird combination of the word ‘Amalgam,‘ which can refer to several different meaning; in chemistry; dentistry as a filling, “Amalgam Comics,’a physical location, as in Amalgam, Gauteng, South Africa, but here’s my favorites:

Amalgam (Marvel Comics), fictional character in the Marvel Universe

Amalgam, a fictional organization in Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid

Amalgam is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe, a hero who is known to go through the timestream and absorb the traits of dying mutants, so that part of them can still carry on the quest for mutantkind. She first appeared in Uncanny X-Men Annual #16. This was also the issue in which she offered Archangel “The Choice;” a decision to allow her to absorb the mutant’s features.

Full Metal Panic!, often abbreviated to FMP!) is an ongoing series of light novels written by Shoji Gatoh and illustrated by Shiki Douji. The series follows Sousuke Sagara, a member of the covert anti-terrorist private military organization known as Mithril, tasked with protecting Kaname Chidori, a spirited Japanese high school girl.

The origin of the word amalgam is from the Medieval Latin amalgama, “alloy of mercury (esp. with gold or silver),” perhaps an alteration of L. malagma “poultice, plaster,” probably from Arabic al-malgham “an emollient poultice or unguent for sores (especially warm)”, perhaps from Greek malagma “softening substance,” from malassein “to soften” from malakos “soft”.

The Greek meaning of the word has some interesting angles: malagma “softening substance.” As softening the hardened steel beams at WTC 1,2 & 7?

And the word “Virgo,” AKA the ‘Virgin.’

Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac, which spans the zodiac between the 150th and 179th degree of celestial longitude. Generally, the Sun transits this area of the zodiac between August 23rd to September 22nd each year.

Virgo’s astrological sign covers the date of the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.

CFR Bankers Plot Coup And Genocide 7-25-00


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