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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Posted by musliminsuffer on June 29, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007.

  • Protestors in al-Fallujah demand Sunni collaborationist “National Accord Front” resign from puppet “Parliament” since it is doing nothing but legitimize the sectarian regime.
  • Iraqi Resistance organization threatens attacks on any members of the puppet “Parliament” who vote to pass US-sponsored law on Iraqi oil export.
  • US admits death of Marine in al-Anbar Province on Tuesday.
  • Woman, six children killed in US air strike on ash-Shuruqat Wednesday morning.
  • US helicopter gun ships destroy eight houses in al-Mawsil killing at least one civilian.

Al-Anbar Province.

Protestors in al-Fallujah demand Sunni collaborationist “National Accord Front” resign from puppet “Parliament” since it is doing nothing but legitimize the sectarian regime.

In a dispatch posted on its website Wednesday, Quds Press reported that hundreds of residents of al-Fallujah took to the streets on Wednesday to demand that the Sunni “Accord Front” deputies to the puppet “Parliament” resign.

The correspondent for Quds Press reported that the protest march set off from the al-Furqan Mosque and wound its way to the headquarters of the collaborationist Sunni sectarian “Islamic Party” in al-Fallujah – a headquarters that was burned down last year in protest against the pro-American party’s decision to vote for the American-imposed “Constitution” – which was written by American lawyer Noah Feldman.

The “National Accord Front” coalition was created in October 2005 and consists of the “Islamic Party,” the “General Council for the People of Iraq,” the “Iraq National Dialogue Council” and other Sunni sectarian parties and individuals who united under the claim that the way to protect Iraq’s Sunni population from the rampant Shi‘i sectarianism fostered by the United States, was to join in the American-run “political process” and participate in the regimes set up under American auspices. The coalition occupies 44 seats in the puppet “Parliament” and members also hold seats in the cabinet of puppet “Prime Minister” Nuri al-Maliki.

Shaykh Muhammad ‘Aftan, one of the organizers of Wednesday’s protest march, told the correspondent for Quds Press: “the deputies of the ‘National Accord’ have failed to lift the blockade imposed on al-Fallujah three years ago and it’s become clear that they are a plague on the Sunnis. Their participation [in the puppet regime and its political process] just gives legitimacy to the sectarian government, nothing else. The killing has increased, the expulsions of people continue and they cannot do anything significant about it. The constitution hasn’t been changed, the security situation hasn’t got any better, there are no public services, and they acknowledge in their speeches that they cannot push forward or hold back this government. So what are they staying in it for, then?”

Quds Press noted that the “Accord Front” joined the US-imposed “political process” promising in the last “parliamentary election” campaign at the end of 2005 to improve the security situation and public services and to change the constitution. Quds Press reported that in the year and a half since the “Accord Front” joined the US-run political process and then the puppet “governments,” the Sunni population of Iraq has seen no evidence of any improvement in their situation and as a result the popularity of the “Accord Front” has greatly deteriorated.


Iraqi Resistance organization threatens attacks on any members of the puppet “Parliament” who vote to pass US-sponsored law on Iraqi oil export.

In a dispatch posted at 9:19pm Baghdad time Wednesday evening, the Association of Muslim Scholars of Iraq (AMSI) reported that the Iraqi Resistance organization “The Brigades of the 1920 Revolution” denounced the draft “Law on Oil” currently before the puppet “Iraqi Parliament,” calling the measure “a tool to enable the United States to steal Iraq’s oil wealth.”

The AMSI reported that the 1920 Brigades issued a declaration in which they threatened to target any of the members of the puppet “Parliament” who vote for the bill.

The 1920 Brigades’ statement, which was published on the Internet, said that the law “poses a grave danger to our future and represents the attainment by the occupation of one of the goals for which it occupied our country.” The statement warned all those who play any role in the ratification of the bill that “we will regard them as complicit in this ignominious action and they will not escape the punishment of the Mujahideen.”

The AMSI stated in its report that Washington has been pressuring the puppet “government” and “parliament” in Baghdad to hasten the passage of the draft law and of other measures “to facilitate America’s vile aims in Iraq.”

The statement by the 1920 Brigades said that “by the grace of God, the occupation has been stumbling and has found itself in a mess” thanks to the accurate and deadly blows of the Iraqi Resistance. This has impelled the US to try to accelerate its drive to plunder our wealth by means of legalized international theft carried out by getting its puppet government and parliament to decree and ratify the so-called Law on Oil.”

The Brigades of the 1920 Revolution declared in their statement: “We will try by all means to prevent the theft of our resources via all possible routes.”

AMSI noted that Iraq has the third-largest oil reserves in the world

Unexplained car bomb explodes in Shi‘i district of Baghdad Wednesday night.

In a dispatch posted at 10:55pm Makkah time Wednesday night, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a car bomb exploded on one of the squares in the predominantly Shi‘i district of al-Kazimiyah in northern Baghdad on Wednesday evening.

Mafkarat al-Islam reported a source in the puppet security forces in Baghdad as claiming that at least 10 people were killed and 15 more were wounded in varying degrees of severity when an explosives-packed car that had been parked near ‘Abd al-Muhsin al-Kazimi Square exploded at 9:35pm local time Wednesday evening.

The source said that the explosion also damaged buildings and private cars on both sides of the road.

Resistance car bomb targets puppet police checkpoint on Baghdad bridge Wednesday afternoon.

In a dispatch posted at 10:55pm Makkah time Wednesday night, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that an Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded by a puppet police checkpoint on the al-Jadiriyah bridge in Baghdad on Wednesday afternoon.

The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the blast killed one puppet policeman and wounded five more of them, in addition to damaging a vehicle at the checkpoint.

Resistance bomb rips through puppet police patrol to the north of Baghdad Wednesday.

In a dispatch posted at 2:25pm Makkah time Wednesday afternoon, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that an Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded by a puppet police patrol near a crowded market in the as-Salikh area to the north of Baghdad on Wednesday morning.

The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the blast killed three puppet policemen and wounded 10 more of them. In an earlier dispatch posted at 1:32pm Mafkarat al-Islam reported eyewitnesses as saying that two patrol cars were burned up by the blast and that they had seen at least three badly burned corpses on the scene.

US admits death of Marine in al-Anbar Province on Tuesday.

In a dispatch posted at 11:29am Makkah time Wednesday morning, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the US military admitted that one more of its Marines had been killed in Iraq’s al-Anbar Province on Tuesday. In keeping with the standard American practice of concealing facts surrounding its losses in Iraq, the US statement offered few other details.

Salah ad-Din Province.

Resistance fighters ambush, kill three puppet policemen near Balad Wednesday.

In a dispatch posted at 9:10pm Baghdad time Wednesday evening, the Association of Muslim Scholars of Iraq (AMSI) reported that Iraqi Resistance fighters set up a dummy check point near the city of Balad, 80km north of Baghdad on Wednesday afternoon and ambushed puppet policemen.

The AMSI reported a source in the puppet police as saying that the road block set up by the fighters surprised three puppet policemen driving home from work in the Yathrib area. As they approached the Iraqi Resistance men sprayed the car with a hail of bullets, killing the three puppet policemen and setting their car on fire.


Woman, six children killed in US air strike on ash-Shuruqat Wednesday morning.

In a dispatch posted at 1:09pm Baghdad time Wednesday afternoon, the Association of Muslim Scholars of Iraq (AMSI) reported that US aircraft killed seven local residents in the area of ash-Shuruqat in northern Salah ad-Din Province on Wednesday morning.

The AMSI reported eyewitnesses as saying that US aircraft struck a house in the al-‘Aythah area of ash-Shuruqat, killing seven people, among them a woman and several children.

Quds Press quoted Captain Jum‘ah al-Jabburi of the puppet police as saying that a US helicopter struck a house in al-‘Aythah at dawn Wednesday, killing seven members of one family, all of them women and children. He noted that the American air raid completely destroyed their house and damaged the residences nearby. He had no information as to why the Americans struck the home.

Local residents told Quds Press that the bodies that they had dug out of the rubble of the house had all been completely crushed.


Resistance bomb kills five puppet policemen in Samarra’.

In a dispatch posted at 2:25pm Makkah time Wednesday afternoon, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a patrol of puppet “Iraqi Interior Ministry Shock Troops (Maghawir)” in the center of Samarra’, 120km north of Baghdad.

The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported Captain ‘Ali Muhammad ‘Ali of the puppet police as saying that a bomb that had been planted by the side of the road in the Jabaliyah area went off by a patrol of puppet “Shock Troops,” killing five of the puppet troops and tow other individuals. Captain ‘Ali said that after the bomb went off the “Shock Troops” on the patrol opened fire around the area, killing two civilian passers by and wounding two more of them.

Diyala Province.

Bomb rips through US patrol in al-Miqdadiyah Wednesday morning.

In a dispatch posted at 12:15pm Baghdad time midday Wednesday, the Association of Muslim Scholars of Iraq (AMSI) reported that a bomb exploded by a US patrol in the southern part of the city of al-Miqdadiyah, 85km north of Baghdad at 9am local time Wednesday morning.

The AMSI reported that the blast destroyed a US Humvee. No information on the nature or extent of casualties was available.

At-Ta’mim Province.

Resistance fighters ambush puppet police south of Kirkuk Wednesday.

In a dispatch posted at 8:10pm Makkah time Wednesday evening, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that Iraqi Resistance fighters opened fire on a puppet police patrol in an ambush near the city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq on Wednesday.

The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported sources in the puppet police as saying that Resistance men ambushed a puppet police patrol to the south of Kirkuk, killing four puppet policemen and wounding a fifth.

Ninwa Province.

US helicopter gun ships destroy eight houses in al-Mawsil killing at least one civilian.

In a dispatch posted at 2:51pm Baghdad time Wednesday afternoon, the Association of Muslim Scholars of Iraq (AMSI) reported that US helicopter gun ships attacked a large group of what it said were armed men after coming under small arms fire in the northern Iraqi city of al-Mawsil, the US military announced.

The AMSI reported the US aircraft destroyed eight houses, killing or wounding civilians on the pretext that armed men were in the area.

AMSI reported the American communiqué as claiming that the US helicopters cam under fire from 20 armed men at an intersection in the city as the aircraft were on patrol overhead. The CF helicopters responded to the ground fire, shooting missiles at the houses in the area. The US statement acknowledged that one civilian was killed and two more wounded by the shooting in the area and that eight houses had been destroyed. The US commander in the area apologized for killing civilians and blowing up their homes.



-muslim voice-

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The debased US’ occupiers go on with their genocide against innocent Iraqis

Posted by musliminsuffer on June 29, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

The debased US’ occupiers go on with their genocide against innocent Iraqis.

Al Moharer – Special reports from Al Sherqatt

June 28, 2007

Reliable sources ascertained to day that the bloodthirsty US debased occupiers continue to adding more crimes to their black and degraded short past.

Al Etha, a tiny, tranquil farmers’ village near Al Sherqatt, in southern Nineveh, north of Iraq, woke up this Wednesday 27th June to the US liberators’ Occupiers helicopters’ shells and bombings.

A young man who declined to give his name and identity for obvious reasons, explained: when the US democratic-bombers helicopters, left the place, the villagers discovered with horror that the US liberators leveled to the ground a quiet tranquil farmer home murdering all its mostly women and children inhabitants.

As usual, the US military issued no comment or statement, as the US goes on massacring Iraqis..while the West names Tony Blair, the war criminal, a peace envoy! These are the West’ values.

A devastated dignified old lady who lost her three children in a previous US’ attack in this same farmers’ village of Al Etha said..the US bloodthirsty beast goes on with massacring Iraqis with the whores Media complicity and blessings. The Iraqi lady was shouting and howling: “Where are the so called human rights of the West! Is this what they call democracy.. What do they want from Iraqis! What bloodthirsty crusader Bush wants now. Why massacring innocents! We were left with no protection and under the mercy of this degenerated bloodthirsty ogre, the US”..The Iraqi living pieta, hitting her chest, was praying and begging : “Lord curse the debased US beast.. Lord, bless the Iraqi glorious Resistance, our only hope and the world’s hope to defeat the “Wahsh al amriki assafel” the debased US beast”… Amen! Amen!



-muslim voice-

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US Humanity Crime : Deformed Iraqis Innocent babies Cause By US’s WMD Depleted Uranium

Posted by musliminsuffer on June 29, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===


markfromireland, Gorilla’s Guides


June 27, 2007

13129 malformed children have been born in Iraq in the last five years. Their deformities have been caused by American Depleted Uranium munitions used in the American led 1991 “Desert Storm” war with Irak launched after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. The war saw heavy use of depleted uranium rounds by American and British forces and was followed by a punitive sanctions regime enforced by the United Nations primarily at America’s behest. The sanctions included preventing Irak from importing drugs for the treatment of cancers and birth defects. The current war on Irak was launched on the pretext that Irak was failing to comply with sanctions and had weapons of mass destruction.

Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.
–60 Minutes (5/12/96)

Source: “We Think the Price Is Worth It”

Does “peace” mean that your aunt does not weep as she talks of how the young couples she serves ask her after the X-Ray
Well is it a child or is it a monster?

And how she curses the Americans who littered our land with Uranium munitions and then denied us the cancer drugs. Because we needed to be,


We sand niggers who had been abandoned to the tyrant you had supported for years needed to be,


Source: Gorilla’s Guides » Blog Archive » What will we talk about today you and I?


According to the green zone government Ministry of Health the numbers of maimed children born with defects in Irak after the United States used over 940 thousand depleted uranium rounds in the war with Iraq in 1991 in the last 5 years is 13129.

The report from Al Melaf gives the statistics from a Ministry of Health briefing on the number of children born with birth defects since 2001 as 13129 in total.

The number of deformed children born last year was more than 1919.

Ninewa (Nineveh) province, has the highest number of children born maimed as 411.

Baghdad is next with 372 children born distorted.

Basra has seen the birth of 300 distorted children .

Between 30 to 40 children per month are born with defects attributed to their mothers inhalation of radioactive dust from depleted uranium rounds. The American army used depleted uranium during the last war and this was confirmed by a German team who visited Irak recently and were able to obtain a missile which proved after checking that the American forces used depleted uranium.

Editor’s note:

The full text of the report from Al Melaf contains interviews with parents and accounts their children’s deaths. I haven’t had the time to translate them. They can be found here.

Readers will recall that Albright was Secretary of State (Foreign Minister) under President Clinton. They may also recall that current American Senator and presidential candidate Senator Hilary Clinton was a willing participant in the Clinton “two for the price of one.” electioneering which helped bring her husband to the White House.

I have been unable to find any expression of concern by Senator Clinton either for the fate of the children affected by DU or the sanctions regime which denied cancer and other drugs to treat those children or even any expression of concern about the health of American soldiers in that war affected by DU dust. I did however find plenty of coverage of her remarks about how she would not withdraw American troops from Irak.

Senator Clinton’s campaign recently launched an campaign advertisement in which her concern for ex-President Clinton’s health was highlighted.

A video report Paying The Price: Killing The Children Of Iraq on this topic can be viewed below the link will open in a new window. The report lasts 1 hr 15 min 4 sec the film was made before America launched the current war on Irak.

Note to Americans : They don’t hate you for your freedoms they hate you for starving, maiming, and murdering their children.



-muslim voice-

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Islamophobia : Secret trials for terrorists, says US judge

Posted by musliminsuffer on June 29, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Secret trials for terrorists, says US judge

By David Nason, Chicago

06/28/07 ” The Australian” — — A TOP-RANKING US judge has stunned a conference of Australian judges and barristers in Chicago by advocating secret trials for terrorists, more surveillance of Muslim populations across North America and an end to counter-terrorism efforts being “hog-tied” by the US constitution.

Judge Richard Posner, a supposedly liberal-leaning jurist regarded by many as a future US Supreme Court candidate, said traditional concepts of criminal justice were inadequate to deal with the terrorist threat and the US had “over-invested” in them.

His proposed “big brother” solutions flabbergasted delegates at the Australian Bar Association’s biennial conference, where David Hicks’s lawyer, Major Michael Mori, is to be awarded honorary life membership.

“We have to fight terrorism with our strengths, and our strengths evolve around technology, including the technology of surveillance,” said Justice Posner, a prolific legal scholar who sits on the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

“Are there terrorist plots that are at a formative stage among the large US Muslim community of two to three million people? In the 600,000 Canadian Muslim population, are there people planning attacks on the US?

“What we have to do is discover the extent of the terrorist threat to the US. There is a danger, and it demands a rethinking of some of our conventional views on the limits of national security measures.

“We should think of surveillance as preventative, not punitive. We should think of controls that have nothing to do with warrants or traditional criminal justice to prevent abuses.”

Judge Posner said the US temper and culture could not sustain repeated terrorist attacks.

Melbourne QC Tim Tobin said it was a shock to hear such hard and isolationist positions coming from a judge known as a liberal thinker. While he was disturbed by the judge’s proposed crackdown on US and Canadian Muslims, he suspected the sentiment would be welcomed by the Howard Government.

Judge Posner raised the prospect of secret trials as a “tailored regime” to prosecute terrorists in cases where there was a concern about classified information going public.

Queensland SC Glenn Martin said he had been “jolted” by the address: “I hope we never have secret trials in Australia.”

Judge Posner said the US was “a law-saturated society where even non-lawyers tend to think ofproblems in terms of legal categories”.

“Criminal justice and war are the two responses we have to terrorism. Each comes with its own legal institutions and doctrines and regimes but the struggle against international terrorism doesn’t fit either very well.”

He said it was “quite misplaced” to suggest national security measures in force or contemplated in the US could endanger liberty and undermine the political system. This was because governments could no longer conceal what they did: “We have a very aggressive media and a huge and complex government where many people in the government are quite willing to talk to the press.”



-muslim voice-

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CIA Crime : Agency’s Strangeloves altered mind of a girl aged 4

Posted by musliminsuffer on June 29, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Agency’s Strangeloves altered mind of a girl aged 4

Robert Lusetich, Los Angeles correspondent


EASILY lost, on page 425, in the mass of the CIA’s notorious “Family Jewels” files is a short paragraph outlining “potentially embarrassing Agency activities”.

“Experiments in influencing human behaviour through the administration of mind- or personality-altering drugs to unwitting subjects.”

Of all the heinous acts committed by the CIA in the name of national security, these experiments, done on the agency’s behalf by prominent psychiatrists on innocent victims – including children as young as four – may be the darkest.

“We have no answer to the moral issue,” former director Richard Helms infamously said when asked about the nature of the projects.

The release of the Family Jewels documents revealed the CIA handsomely funded these real-life Dr Strangeloves and engaged pharmaceutical companies to help its experiments.

The agency appealed to Big Pharma to pass on any drugs that could not be marketed because of “unfavourable side effects” to be tested on mice and monkeys. Any drugs that passed muster would then be used, according to an internal memo, on volunteer US soldiers.

The Family Jewels files do not provide further detail into the numerous mind-control programs, such as MKULTRA, covertly propped up by the agency. In 1953, MKULTRA was given 6per cent of the total CIA budget without any oversight.

Only the tip of a large iceberg had been previously released by the CIA under Freedom of Information Act provisions.

Yesterday’s acknowledgments will comfort those who have long campaigned for truth and restitution.

The nature of the experiments, gathered from government documents and testimony in numerous lawsuits brought against the CIA, is shocking, from testing LSD on children to implanting electrodes in victims’ brains to deliberately poisoning people with uranium.

“The CIA bought my services from my grandfather in 1952 starting at the tender age of four,” wrote Carol Rutz of her experiences.

“Over the next 12 years, I was tested, trained, and used in various ways. Electroshock, drugs, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, and other types of trauma were used to make me complain and split my personality (to create multiple personalities for specific tasks). Each alter or personality was created to respond to a post-hypnotic trigger, then perform an act and (I would) not remember it later.

“This Manchurian Candidate program was just one of the operational uses of the mind-control scenario by the CIA.

“Your hard-earned tax dollars supported this.”

The US began these experiments after World War II when it made a grab for hundreds of Nazi scientists and doctors who had been researching mind control in concentration camps, fearing they would fall into Soviet hands.

US military intelligence leaders were paranoid that they were falling behind the communist bloc in the brainwashing race.

The programs, though carefully hidden, continued into the 1970s – when Helms ordered much of the documentation to be destroyed.

Some conspiratorial theorists believe the CIA completed its goal, initially outlined in the early 1950s, of altering a personality and having someone “perform an action contrary to an individual’s basic moral principles”.

The attorney for Sirhan Sirhan, Lawrence Teeter, has said his client was programmed to assassinate Robert Kennedy in 1968.

Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber, volunteered to take part in CIA mind-control experiments when he was a student at Harvard University in the late 50s.



-muslim voice-

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Gen Taguba Unveils Abu Ghraib, US Gulag – “The abused are only Iraqis!”

Posted by musliminsuffer on June 28, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Gen Taguba Unveils Abu Ghraib, US Gulag – “The abused are only Iraqis!”

K Gajendra Singh



Recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world : Preamble, Universal Declaration of Human Rights
“From the moment a soldier enlists, we inculcate loyalty, duty, honor, integrity, and selfless service. And yet when we get to the senior-officer level we forget those values.”
US Gen Antonio Taguba.
A senior US General in Iraq to Gen Taguba –” the abused detainees were ‘only Iraqis.'”
“US Soldier Sodomised Female Iraqi Detainee”. Former British Ambassador Craig Murray’s blog headline.
“–we violated the laws of land warfare in Abu Ghraib. We violated the tenets of the Geneva Convention. We violated our own principles and we violated the core of our military values. I believe, even today, that those civilian and military leaders responsible should be held accountable.” Gen Taguba
“It must always be remembered that whatever is happening in Iraq is the responsibility of US which led the illegal invasion of Iraq and continues forced occupation against the will of its people, acquiesced in by an impotent and dying United Nations under Sec Gen –What is his name !”-Author

June 27, 2007

Seymour Hersh , the well known US investigative journalist has done it again –methodically chipping away at United State administration’s blatant lies and spins to further unveil the torture and abuse of Iraqis at US created ‘Gulag’ at Abu Ghraib and US Administrations effort to muzzle an honest US voice .

In an interview with Hersh in New Yorker , Major General Antonio Taguba who led the first military investigation in 2004 into human rights abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq has bluntly questioned the integrity of former US Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, suggesting he misled the US Congress by downplaying his own prior knowledge of what had happened. Gen Taguba also claimed in the interview that President George Bush also “had to be aware” of the atrocities despite saying at the time of the scandal that he had been out of the loop until he saw images in the US media.

As usual the White House denied it and –”the President said over three years ago that he first saw the pictures of the abuse on the television,” added Scott Stanzel, a spokesman.

There has been little reaction in US main line media ie corporate controlled ‘ be the first ‘ purveyors of spins and lies. Or among honourable members of the US Congress who had sanctioned the illegal invasion of Iraq opening up the gates of hell on hapless Iraqis. As if the well documented US ugliness belongs to some one else . Even the US electorate’s demand last November to bring back US troops home from Iraq has been totally ignored. Some government of the people this!

Such things were to be expected after an invasion launched to grab Iraqi oil . The men should be impeached and tried for misleading the world and the American people .The naked ugly truth is being slowly but relentlessly being exposed .Libby’s conviction , illegal doings of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. and a Vice President who even claims immunity from the law of the land . Verily USA has created a lawless jungle abroad and at home too.

The New Yorker interview has only amplified what was partially known .Gen Taguba, who investigated Abu Ghraib, confirms details of the abuse not previously known thus publicly giving them official authority . It also confirms that the torture was sanctioned from the top.

Not part of the interview , but General Janis Karpinski has testified that she saw a memorandum on “Interrogation techniques” pinned to the wall by military intelligence at Abu Ghraib, signed by Defence Secretary Rumsfeld himself. Karpinski was at the top of the line of command of the guards – the military police – but not the interrogators. Doubtless more of the details of the war crimes at Abu Ghraib, and of extraordinary rendition and Guantanamo, will continue to emerge in the next few months as the war party in Washington becomes totally discredited.

Sexual aggression is not really about sex or gender, but about power: the powerful humiliating the powerless .

The General’s 53-page report, first written in February 2004 , had found Iraqi detainees in a cellblock of the notorious Abu Ghraib prison outside Baghdad subjected to “sadistic, blatant, and wanton criminal abuses” at the hands of their U.S. jailers. The abuses included sodomizing of prisoners, pouring cold water and chemicals on naked bodies, threatening detainees with rape and dog attacks, hitting them with chairs and broomsticks and locking them in isolation without food, water or a toilet for three days. The report also found a virtual collapse of the command structure in Abu Ghraib with Army reservists being urged by military intelligence and CIA employees to “set physical and mental conditions for favorable interrogation of witnesses.”

Chairman of the Joint Cheifs of Staff Gen Richard Myers had then denied the contents to the media but gave conflicting answers . And when pressed, he acknowledged that he had not even read the report.

Gen Taguba noted that Rumsfeld not only denied advance knowledge, but even denied afterwards having seen Taguba’s report or knowing what had happened. Rumsfeld testified before Congress that he had no idea of the extent of the abuse.

“He’s trying to acquit himself and a lot of people who are lying to protect themselves,” the magazine quoted Taguba as saying, referring to Rumsfeld’s May 7, 2004 testimony in the Congress.

Taguba affirmed , “There was no doubt in my mind that this stuff”­the explicit images­”was gravitating upward. It was standard operating procedure to assume that this had to go higher. The President had to be aware of this.” He said that Rumsfeld, his senior aides, and the high-ranking generals and admirals who stood with him as he misrepresented in the Congress what he( Rumsfeld) knew about Abu Ghraib had failed the nation.

The photographs that became public at the time of enquiry and created worldwide reprehension, revulsion and condemnation – showed US jailers humiliating inmates who were naked, hooded, on leashes or piled into a human pyramid.

Gen Taguba said that other material not yet public or mentioned in trials included a video showing “a male American soldier in uniform sodomising a female detainee”. The first wave of images also included images of sexual humiliation between a father and his son.

Gen Taguba also added he was ordered to limit his inquiry into the conduct of military police at the jail even as he became convinced they had a green light from higher up. “Somebody was giving them guidance but I was legally prevented from further investigation into higher authority. I was limited to a box.” He declares ,”Even today … those civilian and military leaders responsible should be held accountable.”

Gen Taguba was victimized for doing his duty as he was subsequently forced to retire early. His conclusion was that he was being punished for honest investigation. “They always shoot the messenger,” Gen Taguba told Seymour Hersh. “To be accused of being overzealous and disloyal – that cuts deep into me. I was being ostracised for doing what I was asked to do.” And he did that as an honest and upright officer and as a decent human being .

The politicians in the Congress could not care less. A Quinnipiac University poll this month found Congress with an approval rating of just 23 percent. “People voted for change. But they don’t think they got it,” said Peter Brown, an assistant director of the poll. A Gallup poll last month had put Congress’s approval rating at 29 percent. The number had fallen to 21 percent last December, just when Republicans were sent packing by the electorate.

Some extracts from the New Yorker interview ;

“Here . . . comes . . . that famous General Taguba­of the Taguba report!” Rumsfeld declared, in a mocking voice. The meeting was attended by Paul Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld’s deputy; Stephen Cambone, the Under-Secretary of Defense for Intelligence; General Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ( J.C.S.); and General Peter Schoomaker, the Army chief of staff, along with Craddock and other officials. Taguba, describing the moment nearly three years later, said, sadly, “I thought they wanted to know. I assumed they wanted to know. I was ignorant of the setting.”
In the meeting, the officials professed ignorance about Abu Ghraib. “Could you tell us what happened?” Wolfowitz asked. Someone else asked, “Is it abuse or torture?” At that point, Taguba recalled, “I described a naked detainee lying on the wet floor, handcuffed, with an interrogator shoving things up his rectum, and said, ‘That’s not abuse. That’s torture.’ There was quiet.” Rumsfeld was particularly concerned about how the classified report had become public. “General,” he asked, “who do you think leaked the report?” Taguba responded that perhaps a senior military leader who knew about the investigation had done so. “It was just my speculation,” he recalled. “Rumsfeld didn’t say anything.”
Rumsfeld also complained about not being given the information he needed. “Here I am,” Taguba recalled Rumsfeld saying, “just a Secretary of Defense, and we have not seen a copy of your report. I have not seen the photographs, and I have to testify to Congress tomorrow and talk about this.” As Rumsfeld spoke, Taguba said, “He’s looking at me. It was a statement.”
At best, Taguba said, “Rumsfeld was in denial.” Taguba had submitted more than a dozen copies of his report through several channels at the Pentagon and to the Central Command headquarters, in Tampa, Florida, which ran the war in Iraq. By the time he walked into Rumsfeld’s conference room, he had spent weeks briefing senior military leaders on the report, but he received no indication that any of them, with the exception of General Schoomaker, had actually read it. (Schoomaker later sent Taguba a note praising his honesty and leadership.) When Taguba urged one lieutenant general to look at the photographs, he rebuffed him, saying, “I don’t want to get involved by looking, because what do you do with that information, once you know what they show?”–
On January 20th, the chief of staff at Central Command sent another e-mail to Admiral Keating, copied to General Craddock and Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez, the Army commander in Iraq. The chief of staff wrote, “Sir: update on alleged detainee abuse per our discussion. DID IT REALLY HAPPEN? Yes, currently have 4 confessions implicating perhaps 10 soldiers. DO PHOTOS EXIST? Yes. A CD with approx 100 photos and a video­CID has these in their possession.”
In subsequent testimony, General Myers, the J.C.S. chairman, acknowledged, without mentioning the e-mails, that in January information about the photographs had been given “to me and the Secretary up through the chain of command. . . . And the general nature of the photos, about nudity, some mock sexual acts and other abuse, was described.”
Nevertheless, Rumsfeld, in his appearances before the Senate and the House Armed Services Committees on May 7th, claimed to have had no idea of the extensive abuse. “It breaks our hearts that in fact someone didn’t say, ‘Wait, look, this is terrible. We need to do something,’ ” Rumsfeld told the congressmen. “I wish we had known more, sooner, and been able to tell you more sooner, but we didn’t.”
Rumsfeld told the legislators that, when stories about the Taguba report appeared, “it was not yet in the Pentagon, to my knowledge.” As for the photographs, Rumsfeld told the senators, “I say no one in the Pentagon had seen them”; at the House hearing, he said, “I didn’t see them until last night at 7:30,”wen asked specifically when he had been made aware of the photographs.
US Army – A veritable Mafia
Taguba got a different message, however, from other officers, among them General John Abizaid, then the head of Central Command. A few weeks after his report became public, Taguba, who was still in Kuwait, was in the back seat of a Mercedes sedan with Abizaid. Abizaid’s driver and his interpreter, who also served as a bodyguard, were in front. Abizaid turned to Taguba and issued a quiet warning: “You and your report will be investigated.”
“I wasn’t angry about what he said but disappointed that he would say that to me,” Taguba said. “I’d been in the Army thirty-two years by then, and it was the first time that I thought I was in the Mafia.”
A former high-level Defense Department official said that, when the Abu Ghraib scandal broke, Senator John Warner, then the chairman of the Armed Services Committee, was warned “to back off” on the investigation, because “it would spill over to more important things.” A spokesman for Warner acknowledged that there had been pressure on the Senator, but said that Warner had stood up to it­insisting on putting Rumsfeld under oath for his May 7th testimony, for example, to the Secretary’s great displeasure.—
In January of 2006, Taguba received a telephone call from General Richard Cody, the Army’s Vice-Chief of Staff. “This is your Vice,” he told Taguba. “I need you to retire by January of 2007.” No pleasantries were exchanged, although the two generals had known each other for years, and, Taguba said, “He offered no reason.” (A spokesperson for Cody said, “Conversations regarding general officer management are considered private personnel discussions. General Cody has great respect for Major General Taguba as an officer, leader, and American patriot.”)
Richard Armitage, a former Navy counter-insurgency officer who served as Deputy Secretary of State in the first Bush term, recalled meeting Taguba, then a lieutenant colonel, in South Korea in the early nineteen-nineties. “I was told to keep an eye on this young guy­’He’s going to be a general,’ ” Armitage said. “Taguba was discreet and low key­not a sprinter but a marathoner.”
General Taguba is a slight man with a friendly demeanor and an unfailingly polite correctness. “I came from a poor family and had to work hard,” he said. “It was always shine the shoes on Saturday morning for church, and wash the car on Saturday for church. And Saturday also for mowing the lawn and doing yard jobs for church.”

The Perfidious Brits are equally guilty in Iraq ;

The Brits too are very much in the business of torture ..The reserve stiff upper lip keeps the ugliness under covers but too much has happened and the world has seen enough .

Robert Fisk of ‘The Independent who “had seen British military brutality in Northern Ireland had hopes that things might have improved but the heart wrenching case of Baha Mousa , who died of abuse and torture , proved that the dark, sinister ways employed by the British in the Irish conflict have continued . He concluded that something had gone terribly wrong in the British Army in southern Iraq.

British Playing football with human beings

Fisk went to see Kifah Taha, who was beaten so badly by British troops in the presence of Baha Mousa with terrible wounds in the groin. Baha Mousa, son of a policeman Daoud Mousa in Basra , British area of occupation died from the brutal injuries he received in British custody, was a young, decent man who worked as a receptionist in a Basra hotel. Daoud Mousa and others will carry the grief of their son’s killings or rapes of their daughters with them for ever.

Fisk was told how “the soldiers would call their Iraqi prisoners by the names of football stars – Beckham was one name they used – before kicking them around the detention headquarters in Basra. There were stories of Iraqi prisoners being forced to kneel on sharp stones, of being kicked and punched in the groin, the kidneys, the back, shoulders, forced to sit with their heads down lavatory holes.”

There’s an old rule of thumb applied to armies in the field said Fisk. “If you find out about one abuse, you can bet there were a hundred others that will never be revealed. New stories of “forced disappearances”, hostage-taking and torture in British custody are emerging from Basra. US troops are still being questioned about unlawful killings and torture in Iraq. If one girl is raped and murdered and her family slaughtered by a US unit south of Baghdad – all of which is true – how many others have died in circumstances we shall never discover?”, added Fisk.

But there would be blow back too. Accounts would be settled.

American detainees in Iran

For Americans, it would be a surprise to see the word “detainee” suddenly appear in a different country, in a different context , this time to a group of Americans. After all, “detainee” is the word the Bush administration coined to deal with suspected terrorist captives who, they argued, should be subjected to extra-legal treatment as part of the Global War on Terrorism. As feared the terminology is, being turned against American citizens under detention in Iran now.

The Iranian government currently holds in custody Haleh Esfandiari, Kian Tajbakhsh, Parnaz Azima, and Ali Shakeri, Iranian-American scholars and activists accused of being spies and/or employees of the U.S. government intent on fomenting dissent and disruption within Iran. (A fifth American, Robert Levinson, a former FBI agent engaged in business of an unknown nature in Iran, disappeared on March 8th.) The four are reportedly behind bars at Tehran’s notorious Evin prison, meant for political prisoners including human rights activists. The Americans had abducted 6 Iranian diplomats in Kurdistan from the Irbil Consulate arousing much anger and dismay in the Kurdish regional government.

Any way who carries out US overt and covert policies of regime change inside Iran , for which the Congress regularly apportions many tens of millions of US dollars .

Sexual sadism of Western culture –In peace and war
At the time of hearings in May 2004 ,Katharine Viner wrote in ‘The Guardian’ about ‘The sexual sadism of our culture, in peace and in war” She had received some horrific photographs from Iraq, depicting ” the sexual abuse of women by US servicemen. On some, chadors were hitched up over the women’s heads. On others, the women were naked while they were raped by groups of men. —– They make you sick to your stomach. And they look strangely familiar – like the XXX films in hotel rooms, like those “live rape!” emails sent to internet users, like porn.

“–We know that such images exist, because a US government report confirmed it. And we know that Iraqi women are being raped throughout the country, because both Amal Kadham Swadi, the Iraqi lawyer, and the US’s own internal inquiry say that abuse is systemic and widespread. We also know this because all wars feature the abuse of women as a byproduct, or as a weapon. The ancient Greeks considered rape socially acceptable; the Crusaders raped their way to Constantinople; the English invaders raped Scottish women on Culloden Moor. The first world war, the second world war, Bosnia, Bangladesh, Vietnam – where the gang rape and murder of a peasant woman by US soldiers was photographed in stages by one if its participants.

“The poses, the large numbers of men to one woman, the violence – they have all the hallmarks of contemporary porn. Indeed, there is suspicion that the photos are part of a gruesome new trend There’s a difference, of course, between the making of pornography for money and the photographing of pornographic poses as war trophies: the consent of the woman involved? But to the consumer of these images, there’s no way of knowing if there’s been consent or not. They look the same.”

In February,2004 US soldiers were accused of raping more than 112 colleagues in Iraq and Afghanistan — seem to have to prove that they are one of the guys by sexually humiliating the only people less important than they are: Iraqi prisoners, of whatever sex. It’s a chilling lesson, that women can be sexual sadists just as well as men. Just give them the right conditions – and someone weaker to kick. It’s proof that sexual aggression is not really about sex or gender, but about power: the powerful humiliating the powerless.?

==appear on pornographic websites. They will be used for sexual gratification.– Of course we are horrified by these images. But we should be horrified too by their familiarity, and how much they tell us about our own societies.”

Pornography is worth tens of billions dollars business in USA .Is this the civilization the rest of the world in envious of as US leaders constantly proclaim ie superiority of their civilization .

Conclusions ;

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche , 19th cent German philosopher , inspired by Plato’s Utopia aka Republic , in turn inspired the evil genius and 20 th Cent political philosopher Leo Strauss , at whose feet sat the still influential Neo-Cons and Zeo-cons , stated that Christian love and piety was an outcome of fear. The fear of the strongly built neighbour or the fear of a criminal from a policeman .

Nietzsche believed that it was not possible that a man could genuinely feel universal love, perhaps because of his self-created halo of a ‘noble’ man . That was perhaps meant for two combatants or knights matching their valour on level ground, not like F-16 bombers against kids armed with slingshots or rudimentary guns .

Many in the West are not even ashamed describing the US “victory” over Iraq in 2003 an example of military valour when US defence expenditure was S$ 450 billion vs Iraq’s 2.5 billion after US-UK implemented sanctions had decayed Iraqi defences .The sanctions also killed half a million children of malnutrition according to UN reports. .

Kemal Ataturk , the great strategician ,would have laughed his head off at this spurious claim. Even Montgomery who believed that 4 to one superiority was enough when attacking .Only ignoble deeds by ignoble men shine in the US led West .The so called western ‘noble’ is now likely to be a poor American from rural areas, a high tech brute ensconced in his armour afraid to come out of his humvee against motivated bombers with just their body to sacrifice against all odds . Would Nietzsche have called the bombers ‘noble’!

The noble martial combat was over after the second siege of Vienna in late 16th century , when high tech killing started taking over from Janissaries valour. The final result now is the complete take over of the US by consumerist Military Industry complex , which gobbles up as much in ‘defence ‘ expenditure as the rest of the world put together ,of which the generals and soldiers are consumers paid for by the people of America and now of the world with an iniquitous economic order where in US just prints greenbacks . US power has morphed into world financed-techno-barbarian brute.

In his book on what Bertrand Russell calls history of Western Philosophy ( West has generally produced linear thought , its real philosophers are ridiculed ) he quotes from Shakespeare’s King Lear , on the verge of madness

“I will do such things –
What they are yet I know not – but they shall be
The terror of the earth.
( Exactly what the top US leadership has achieved in Iraq and threatens doing more of the same. )

This is Nietzsche’s philosophy in nutshell. Donald Rumsfeld’s unknown unknowns or Bush’s all options including tactical weapons when there is no danger of an Iranian nuke in near future .No wonder a worried and wizened El bardai in Vienna called for a control on ‘crazies ‘in USA.

Russell says there are two sorts of saints, saints by nature and saints by fear. The first have spontaneous love of mankind. Because to do so gives him happiness and the second , a frightened man afraid of fear. ( Western leaders like Henry Kissinger , Dick Cheney ,Tony Blair would fit the bill )

It is existential fear of Jesus Christ’s saying turned devilshly on its head .Do not do unto others what you would not like done unto you . The fear what Iran would do after 5 years or ten years .What Iraqis would do . Would Assassins emerge from the Middle East and Asia or Muslim citizens in Europe and Black Muslims in USA . What north Korea with nukes and missiles threatened to do to stop a menacing US. Humans and the world has now been reduced by USA to lawless jungle.

Leo Strauss was an admirer of the British Empire and Winston Churchill as an example of the will-driven statesman. Recent Churchill admirers are ; the extinguished poodle Tony Blair and lame duck George Bush . After being part of killing of over 666,000 Iraqis Blair said history will judge him. He has been judged and the Brits would pay the price .If the Brits could not remove Blair early enough ,then why blame poor Iraqis for not removing late President Saddam Hussein of Iraq , and why .Whom , now faced with acute security deficit and instability Iraqis miss , even Shias. And perhaps in their hearts the Americans too. Certainly before March 2003 USA was a hyper power , a phrase rarely used now for a degenerated ogre .

The use of deception and manipulation in current US policies flow directly from the doctrines of the Leo Strauss (1899-1973). His disciples including Paul Wolfowitz and other Neo-conservatives who have driven much of the political agenda of the Bush administration. Wolfowitz, acknowledged that the evidence used to justify the war was “murky” and added that weapons of mass destruction weren’t the crucial issue anyway. Grabbing Iraqi oil for nothing was !He had told US Congress that Iraq’s development would be financed by Iraq oil revenues ( which US is trying to gift to US multinationals ). Paul also tried to finance his love nest from the World Bank funds and refused to resign when caught with his hand in the till or where ever it should not have been.

Another Neo-Con Douglas Feith recently told one Wolf Blitzer ( the kind of kid glove questions he poses , he could do with some media tutorials ) on CNN , that US was justified in attacking Iraq over WMDs etc even if the US allegations proved to be untrue .Now listen , Feith added that last year if he had no car accident did not mean that he should not take out car insurance this year .So “operation Iraqi freedom” was an insurance policy ! Some Straussian reasoning . On mere suspicions one could attack another country .Suppose some one is reading a book on fundamentals of nuclear Physics. Attack his country according to Straussian or Feith logic . Even Taimur lung , in those lawless days ,attacked only if sure of a threat building up, not on suspicions alone .Wolf the Blitzer was so easily convinced . These are West’s top journalists!

In Plato’s Republic the citizens are divided into three classes, the common people, the soldiers and guardians. Only the last have political power and naturally are smaller in number ( Three percent of US population) . For the first time the guardians can be elected by the legislators or voters , then it becomes hereditary ( In India it is now well established – once elected then family dynasties are established .Indians also want dynastic succession for jobs ) In USA the corporate masters , ideologues and hangers on are the guardians. Without a draft now , cannon fodder or soldiers are mostly composed of young men from poor and rural communities , almost without even protective gear as some had complained to Rumsfeld in Iraq . The common people are the rest of US population, Hispanics , the Blacks and other poor folks who continue to live in Katrina ravaged areas. And the rest of the world

Curiously it was the Ottoman devshirme ( slave household ) system which approximated to the Plato’s Utopia .The Sultans recruited non Muslim and hence Christian youths from the empire and beyond extending up to the gates of Vienna ,aged between 12 to 18 years , circumcised them and brought them up as strict Muslims and gave them the best of the education. The most meritorious ,( Indian Foreign and Civil Services in old days ), worked in the Sultan’s Topkapi Palace and were later appointed to the highest posts eg grand viziers ( 70% were slaves ), military commanders and governors etc .The rest formed the shock elite corps of Janissaries -terror of Christian Europe .The system started collapsing once the merit system began leaking and Janissaries even maintained contacts with their families and their children started getting into devshirme system ( Dynasty in jobs ).The Janissaries soon became the terror of the Sultans and deposed and even killed some of them . The Ottoman empire which had lasted for six hundred years declined and fell.

Did the US system reach its zenith of power and now lie exposed an abyss of cheating, chicanery , corruption ,hypocrisy and total lawlessness .

The current direction of US led Western civilization , if you can call it so, is hurtling along retrograde evolution of human animal ; away from the divine and spiritual moorings and identity as all religions discovered intuitively over millennia to a world of heedless and headless consumerism like an unerring laser to wards self destruction, Nuclear bombs and cold nights or climate catastrophes and apocalypse.

K Gajendra Singh, served as Indian ambassador to Turkey , Azerbaijan, Jordan, Romania and Senegal. He is currently chairman of the Foundation for Indo-Turkic Studies. Copy right with the author. E-mail:



-muslim voice-

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The Four Biggest Myths about the US War Against the People of Iraq

Posted by musliminsuffer on June 28, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

The Four Biggest Myths about the US War Against the People of Iraq

Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

June 27, 2007

Lies about Iraq are easily disproved. The myths die harder. Bush lied about Iraq in order to attack and invade. The many myths, however, have to do with the geo-political significance of Iraq, US motives and incompetence, and the nature of the resistance to the illegal US occupation.

Myth #1: Iraq is a failed State.

Iraq is not a failed state, it is a state all but destroyed by the US occupation.

The Failed States Index 2007 published by The Fund for Peace and FOREIGN POLICY magazine states that not all “failed states” “suffer from international neglect”, citing the attention that has been given Iraq and Afghanistan. FP stops short of the obvious conclusion: both states cannot be said to have failed but are prevented from succeeding because of the nature of the “international attention” with which both states have been afflicted. Both nations are described as the two main fronts in a global war on terror but, in both instances, terrorism is said to have increased as the wars have lost focus.

In both cases, the US went to war upon bogus evidence, in the case of Iraq, a pack of blackhearted lies. As the PBS Frontline documentary so accurately points out, there was no “insurgency” in Iraq until the US occupation disbanded the Iraqi army and drove the Baathist party underground with a de-baathification order. Until that time, the Iraq military had been overtly pro-US.

De-Baathification didn’t really pay attention to the lessons of de-Nazification. The Army War College actually had studied this in the fall of ’02 and made the point in a study that de-Nazification was very carefully done from the very bottom up. They went into each village, and they talked to anti-Nazi people about who the Nazis had been, and they compiled information at the village level.
L. Paul Bremer did the opposite. He comes in at the very top and issues a sweeping rule that really doesn’t even have information about who are Baathists, why they were Baathists, and who wasn’t a Baathist. It’s really just almost a casual imposition on the society that’s not particularly informed about the nature of Iraqi society. I think the occupation of Germany was much more an excuse than real analogy. …
Thomas E. Ricks, Author, Fiasco

Paul Bremer, meanwhile, takes the rap for the de-Baathification order.

The mistake I made was turning it over to the Governing Council. I should have turned it over instead to a judicial body of some kind. The Governing Council, in turn, turned it over to Chalabi. I did not turn it over to Chalabi. It is true that once the Governing Council took it over, they started interpreting the policy, implementing the policy much more broadly, and we had to walk the cat back in the spring of 2004.
L. Paul Bremer

There was reason to believe that the US had achieved its objectives in Iraq and US forces could come home.

So I said, “Well, Charlie, what do you think?” To the best of my memory, Charlie said, “Well, if you do this, you’re going to drive 40,000 to 50,000 Baathists underground by nightfall. The number is closer to 50,000 than it is [to] 30,000.”
Lt. Gen. Jay Garner (Ret.)

That was, indeed, the expectation among troops on the ground and on the streets of Baghdad. But, typically, a dispatch by Arab News itself was no closer to understanding the long term effect of “de-baathification” than the US media.

AAmir Taheri (Arab News-Saudi Arabia): The US-led coalition has achieved all its principal objectives in Iraq: The Baathist regime has been dismantled. Democracy seems to be flourishing after several local elections, a constitutional referendum, and two general elections. A one-party system has been replaced with a pluralist one with more than 200 political groups and parties.

It is a mistake, therefore, to conclude that Iraq, since the fall of Saddam, has always been dominated by Iran-linked fundamentalist Shia parties, though The Existentialist Cowboy was critical of that outcome. US ineptitude created the “insurgency” more properly characterized as a guerilla war against a foreign occupation.

No consensus was ever reached, and no clear plan ever devised. Hovering over this entire process was the figure–seldom acknowledged, almost never mentioned–of Ahmad Chalabi. Time and again, during the months leading up to the invasion and for months thereafter, the representatives of the Vice President and Pentagon officials would introduce ideas that were thinly veiled efforts to put Chalabi in charge of post-invasion Iraq. Immediately before the invasion, the effort took the form of a proposal, put forward insistently and repeatedly, to form an Iraqi “government in exile,” comprised of exiles and Kurdish leaders. These exiles would then be installed as a new government once Baghdad fell. My CIA colleagues were aghast. It was as though Defense and the Vice President’s staff wanted to invite comparison with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, when Russian troops deposed the existing government and installed Babrak Karmal, whom they had brought with them from Moscow.
‘A Slow-Motion Car Crash’, Time

But for the utter incompetence of the Bush administration, it need not have been that way. Billions of dollars in development and security have already been wasted because the bucks were not backed up with a functioning government, leaders with the support of the Iraqi people, viable plans to address the basic needs of Iraqi citizens. Running water, electricity and other demands on infrastructure were sorely lacking. The US occupation did not merely break a nation, it’s continuing omni-presence most certainly militated against Iraqi progress toward independent and productive state-hood.

But Bremer’s side of the story doesn’t really help his case.

…any thought of using the old army was undercut by conditions on the ground. Before the 2003 war, the army had consisted of about 315,000 miserable draftees, almost all Shiite, serving under a largely Sunni officer corps of about 80,000. The Shiite conscripts were regularly brutalized and abused by their Sunni officers. When the draftees saw which way the war was going, they deserted and, like their officers, went back home. But before the soldiers left, they looted the army’s bases right down to the foundations.
So by the time I arrived in Iraq, there was no Iraqi army to disband. Some in the US military and the CIA’s Baghdad station suggested that we try to recall Hussein’s army. We refused, for overwhelming practical, political and military reasons.
Paul Bremer

It must be pointed out, however, that there “…was no thought of using the old army” primarily because of Bremer’s order. Moreover, the timeline of events clearly shows that the first “attacks” did not occur until after the De-Bathification order and the army dismantled.

“Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error.”
­Cicero [1]

Had the US intended to rehabilitate Iraq, one would have thought that the Bush administration would have had a plan. We must conclude, therefore, that rehabilitating Iraq had never been planned because it was never high on the Bush agenda. The theft of Iraqi oil most surely was.

That brings up another myth:

Myth #2: Bush failed in Iraq because he never defined what it meant to win.

I’ve almost fallen for that one myself. In fact, Bush, or, perhaps Dick Cheney, most certainly defined success in Iraq but neither man dare reveal it to the world. It is nothing less than the grand theft of Iraqi oil. It is highly doubtful that the meeting of Dick Cheney’s Energy Task Force was brushing up their geography with the detailed maps of Iraqi oil fields.

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption and abuse, said today that documents turned over by the Commerce Department, under court order as a result of Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit concerning the activities of the Cheney Energy Task Force, contain a map of Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, refineries and terminals, as well as 2 charts detailing Iraqi oil and gas projects, and “Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts.” The documents, which are dated March 2001, are available on the Internet at:
Cheney Energy Task Force Documents Feature Map of Iraqi Oil Fields, Commerce & State Department Reports to Task Force Detail Oilfield & Gas Projects, Contracts & Exploration, Saudi Arabian & UAE Oil Facilities Profiled As Well

Cheney met with his energy sponsor in 2001. The meeting was attended by executives from the oil and gas industries, including Anadarko Petroleum’s Robert Allison and then-Enron Chairman Kenneth Lay. It is fair to conclude that Bush had been assigned the task of waging war on Iraq, indeed, the Middle East, on behalf of the energy giants which supported this presidency. That brings up Another myth.

Myth #3: Iraqis are better off without Saddam, an evil dictator.

They are worse off under Bush, an evil dictator. Two words -Abu Ghraib -have shut up Bush’s “rape room” rhetoic.

“The Iraqi people are now free. And they do not have to worry about the secret police coming after them in the middle of the night, and they don’t have to worry about their husbands and brothers being taken off and shot, or their wives being taken to rape rooms. Those days are over.”
–Paul Bremer, Administrator, [Iraq] Coalition Provisional Authority, Sept. 2, 2003
“Iraq is free of rape rooms and torture chambers.”
–President Bush, remarks to 2003 Republican National Committee Presidential Gala, Oct. 8, 2003
“There was an announcement by the Iraqi Governing Council earlier this week about the tribunal that they have set up to hold accountable members of the former regime who were responsible for three decades of brutality and atrocities. We know about the mass graves and the rape rooms and the torture chambers of Saddam Hussein’s regime. We welcome their decision to move forward on a tribunal to hold people accountable for those atrocities.”
-Bush Press Secretary Scott McClellan, White House press briefing, Dec. 10, 2003

Evil is a word I used never to use. Evil is found in the most selfish motives of humankind, motives strong and utterly devoid of empathy. Evil is found in Hitler’s boast that he had waged war against the Jew in full view of the world. It is likewise found in the sordid deals cut between Dick Cheney and the robber barons of big oil to whom he auctioned off the United States of America. If Bush had better intentions ever, he compromised them for oil and vainglorious conquest, truly a Faustian pact.

Myth #4: The US is opposed by a terrorist insurgency!

Evil is the only word to describe the conditions of Abu Ghraib which the US began to fill following the infamous “be-Baathification Order” and the dismantling of the Iraqi army. When the US, in various and numerous ways, began the theft of Iraq’s very nationhood a legitimate resistance began to resist. For there efforts they were labeled “terrorist” though there had been no such resistance prior to US missteps, US crimes, US ineptitude.

Given the illegitimate nature of what has become one of the world’s great and ongoing war crimes, the cells of Abu Ghraib were filled again. There is no need to recount the horrors save to say that the illegitimate regime of George W. Bush bears the responsibility. George, you had best run and hide. When your term is over, an international movement is afoot and organized to track you down and bring you to justice for war crimes.

Bush was caught flat-footed with the very first “insurgent” attack. Having gone to the well so many times, it is not surprising that Bush would do so again. The attack was a “terrorist” attack, it was said, when, in fact, it was the guerilla resistance to an illegal occupancy throwing down the gauntlet. The word “terrorist” was chosen by Bushies because it implies illegitimacy. A guerilla on his own homeland, opposing an illegal occupancy is not merely legitimate, he has the moral high ground. He has as much moral legitimacy as did George Washington. In fact, most of the resistance to the US is neither terrorist nor an insurgency.

“If I were an American, as I am an Englishman, while a foreign troop was landed in my country, I never would lay down my arms — never! never! never!”
-William Pitt the elder quotes (British Statesman 1st Earl of Chatham, Viscount Pitt of Burton-Pynsent, byname The Great Commoner, 1708-1778)

Iraq did not ask to be occupied and the US occupation cannot be justified after-the-fact, though many have tried. Saddam was a bad man, they say. If the US occupation had been benign, that argument would still have been fallacious but more palatable. The brutal nature of the US occupation subverts the idea that the US is somehow absolved ex post facto! There was hope among Bush die hards that a good outcome might counter-balance a failed and evil beginning. That did not happen. Until Bush orders a complete pullout of US troops, the failed war against Iraq is his tar baby. Tragically, Bush’s reasons for staying in Iraq are as evil as his reasons for invading. Don’t expect a happy ending. There isn’t one.


Additional resources:


-muslim voice-

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Iraqi Women Resist Return to Sectarian Laws

Posted by musliminsuffer on June 28, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Iraqi Women Resist Return to Sectarian Laws

by Ellen Massey

As Iraq struggles to define its future, there is one important group that has been largely left out of the process: women.

But they are refusing to be left behind. With little international support or media attention, a network of more than 150 women’s organizations across Iraq is fighting to preserve their rights in the new constitutional revision process.

As part of a campaign to garner international support, the Iraq Women’s Movement sent a letter in May to U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and another to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon expressing concern over the constitutional review process taking place and calling for international support for their effort to preserve women’s rights in Iraqi law.

“As women face escalating violence and exclusion in Iraq, they have been marginalized in reconciliation initiatives and negotiations for government positions,” the letter noted.

“Even with the shy and insignificant pressure exerted by the UN and other international donors/players on the Iraqi government and politicians to fulfill minimum obligations of Security Council Resolution 1325, the action taken has been a sequence of disappointments….”

Passed in 2000, Resolution 1325 emphasizes the importance of women’s participation in conflict resolution and peace-building processes. A second resolution, 1483, applies this conviction specifically to Iraq.

More than three years ago, the United States was instrumental in overturning an amendment to the interim constitution that would have lifted protections for women and children. U.S. and international pressure, and Iraqi women who took to the streets, succeeded in defeating the provision, which was contradictory to many other parts of the constitution.

Following that triumph, women turned out in record numbers for the 2005 election. They secured 33 percent of the seats in the National Assembly but remain woefully absent from other influential branches of the government, according to a 2006 report from the Iraq Legal Development Project.

The effectiveness of previous international pressure has spurred the women’s movement in Iraq to call the world’s attention to this issue once again, but there has been little acknowledgment of their effort so far. The office of the UN secretary-general has released only a very general statement about the review process since the Iraqi Women’s Movement sent their letter on May 21. Pelosi’s office has not yet recognized the letter publicly.

Hanaa Edwar is a leader of the Iraqi Women’s Movement and founder of the Iraqi al-Amal Association, a national civil society group based in Baghdad. She is campaigning against Article 41, a provision buried in the text of the draft constitution that places personal status laws under the influence of religion, sect, or belief. These are the laws that administer marriage, divorce, inheritance, child custody, and how religious courts settle disputes among Muslims, Christians, and Jews.

But “there is no unity across sects or even within sects” on the rules that govern family and women’s status, Edwar noted.

Warning that the current language could “deepen the sectarian issues in this society,” Edwar added: “We feel that this is not a women’s demand, it is a national demand. This is important for national security.”

“National security” is a term that the U.S. Congress knows well, and the Iraqi women appealed to the issues that are keystones of U.S. policy in the Middle East. Their letter to Pelosi asks for “help in preventing Iraq from taking the identity of a religious state,” and includes a reminder that, “any destabilization in the state of law, economy, and security in Iraq can reflect on the security and stability of the whole region.”

Mary Trotochaud, an activist who has worked both on the ground in Iraq and with lawmakers in Washington, told IPS, “This movement originates from three generations of women who had really strong rights.”

Iraq’s progressive women’s rights laws began when the “personal status laws” were included in the 1959 Constitution. In 1970, women were formally guaranteed equal rights and additional laws ensured their right to vote, attend school, run for office, and own property.

Iraq has also ratified a series of international treaties that guarantee equal rights for all, including the International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights and Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights that protect the pluralistic nature of Iraqi society and offer unprecedented protections to women in an Arab country.

Yet Iraqi women still faced considerable historical obstacles to their political participation, including Ba’ath policies that disenfranchised them and Saddam Hussein’s strengthening of Islamic and tribal traditions in an effort to consolidate power in the 1990s.

“These are human rights issues that we’re talking about that we should be advocating all the time in all countries,” Trotochaud said. “We shouldn’t be shy about saying that.”

The most recent campaign to preserve these rights began in 2003 in the wake of Hussein’s fall and the dissolution of Iraq’s existing legal, political, and economic systems. Women’s groups began springing up around the country and organizing to advocate for their rights and participation in the new constitution and government.

The network of groups held regional and national meetings and met with parliamentarians and officials across sect and party lines. “When the time for constitutional conventions came, women were already organized,” said Trotochaud, who was living in Iraq at the time.

However, the spiraling violence has taken its toll on the campaign. “The sectarian divide has gotten big enough that people who have worked together in the past don’t work together now,” she added.

The constitutional review process has labored on for the past six months with few signs of progress. Debate remains bogged down in issues like the disposition of Kirkuk, an oil-rich city in the northern, Kurdish-dominated region; the distribution of national wealth; and de-Ba’athification.

Article 41, which places family law under religious and tribal traditions, is still in the drafts of the constitution, and women’s rights in the process remain a backstage issue.

Edwar said that the Constitutional Review Committee has been granted another month to complete its work. Refusing to be discouraged by the lack of international attention, she looks at the delay as an opportunity to advance the movement’s goals of ensuring that women’s rights and family law will be included in her country’s new constitution and that civil society will be a part of the process.

The Iraqi Women’s Movement has submitted its own language to the review committee for consideration to replace the objectionable Article 41. It says that, “The Iraqi state should ensure that personal status laws should be organized according to law.” Edwar said they were often met with support for the Movement’s appeal but that “women’s issues are one of the compromise issues among politicians.”

There is likely little that will stop the political maneuvering in the run-up to the referendum on the new constitution. But Edwar made clear that the Iraqi Women’s Movement will continue its campaign to preserve human rights until the very last moment and she represents a political force that will keep women’s rights on the political agenda for years to come.

As stated in their letter to Pelosi, “Our hopes in our nation are big, but our trust in our women’s resilience has no boundaries.”



-muslim voice-

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Israeli Apartheid is the Core of the Crisis

Posted by musliminsuffer on June 28, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

There Has Never Been a True Left in Israel

Israeli Apartheid is the Core of the Crisis


It is unethical to blame Israel’s 1967 occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem for events in Gaza. At the heart of the factional violence in Gaza and the political crisis in the Palestinian leadership lies the constant marginalization of a voice which poses an ethical challenge to an uncritically accepted presumption. Sadly, but hardly surprisingly, initial reactions to the situation have used it to further marginalize this voice.

The presumption challenged is that it is morally acceptable to have a state whose legal structures assign preferential stake to all those who pass some test of Jewishness. It is not surprising that the Israeli right wing rejects this challenge. But why is the message also rejected by those Israelis, and their Western supporters, who claim to be concerned about human rights?

It is true that some Israeli left wingers refer to the post-1967 occupation as an apartheid regime. There are good reasons for such comparison with the old South African system. In the Occupied Territories, Palestinians are subject to arbitrary military regulations, while Israeli settlers are governed by Israeli law. It is no accident that the barrier being built by Israel in the West Bank is called by Israelis the “gader hafrada”. Like the Afrikaans word “apartheid”, the Hebrew word “hafrada” means “separation”. The Israeli barrier separates Jewish settlements from Palestinian villages, usually also separating those villages from their farmland.

But the apartheid label should not be restricted to the post-1967 occupation. There is a more fundamental form of apartheid, of which the occupation is but a manifestation.

Apartheid in historic Palestine originated, and has persisted, in the ideology of creating a state in which Jews would be separated from non-Jews in terms of their stake in the political community. It was an apartheid mentality that nourished the desire of establishing and maintaining a state with a Jewish demographic majority and character. The well-planned ethnic cleansing, in 1948, of 750000 indigenous people was apartheid practice par excellence. It is apartheid which prevents the expelled and their descendants from returning: this apartheid denies residence to expellees from my former home district, the Galilee, but grants it, not just to Israeli-born Jews like me, but to Jews all over the world. It is apartheid law that creates a wall of discrimination between Jewish and Arab citizens of the Israeli state. It is an Apartheid mentality that prompts some Israeli Jews to view their Arab fellow-citizens as a “demographic threat”.

When “Israel’s right to exist” is used as a litmus test for moderation and pragmatism, the subtext is that it is reasonable for apartheid practices which are at the core of the state as currently constituted to be allowed to continue. Thus, those who mouth this mantra, and those who try to limit the apartheid label to “the occupation”, are complicit with the apartheid inside pre-1967 Israel.

Tough questions need asking. Does not moral condemnation directed against the post-1967 occupation and its apartheid practices both conceal, and thus entrench, the apartheid mentality that lies at the core of the Israeli state? Is the argument merely about the boundaries of the area in which apartheid can have free play, or should criticism be directed at such practices wherever they exist?

If Israel demolished the concrete wall and withdrew to its exact pre-1967 limits, would the self-described Israeli left-wingers agitate against the continuance of apartheid inside those borders? If not, what makes apartheid inside the pre-1967 borders acceptable? If the notion of Jewish statehood necessitates apartheid, why is this not subject to the same challenge as South African apartheid? These are questions that ought to be canvassed among the Israeli “left”.

The truth is that there has virtually never been any real “left” in Israel. So-called left-wing Israelis share their right-wing compatriots’ support for the state ideology.

Any moral condemnation which restricts its ambit to the post-1967 occupation is at best simplistic, at worst misleading. By focusing on “the occupation”, it serves to entrench the apartheid ideology which is central to the essence of the Israeli state.

The economic and diplomatic boycott imposed on the elected Hamas government, which has resulted in the recent violence in Gaza, was intended to force it to accept Israeli apartheid. Only when the world is ready to call by its true name the premise upon which Israeli statehood is based, will it not take violence to advance a morally coherent and credible criticism of Israel.

The denial of this core apartheid, of which the Gaza violence is a symptom, must stop. We should say it loud and clear. The apartheid system which lies at the core of Israeli statehood should be dismantled. It is unethical to rationalize the apartheid notion of a Jewish state. It is not consistent to be a friend of Israel, thereby endorsing its apartheid-based statehood, while criticising its apartheid practices in the Occupied Territories. Apartheid should have no sanctuary in any future vision of two states for historic Palestine.

Only when this realization sinks in will it be possible to envision a stable political solution–a single state over all historic Palestine– in which redress can be made for past injustices and equal citizenship provided for all, Arabs and Jews.

Oren Ben-Dor teaches legal and political philosophy at the School of Law, University of Southampton, UK. He can be reached at:



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Posted by musliminsuffer on June 28, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===


How will history remember the Holocaust, historic horror or historic hoax? It depends on whether or not World Zionism controls the history?

For decades, most people accepted the Holocaust as true. There were some doubters. Internet search engines like Google or Yahoo cited thousands of articles, affirming or doubting it. But that’s over. Like the mass media the search engines are now entirely owned or controlled by zionists. (Where do they get the financing?) A tsunami has swept across the search engines, purging all but Zionist sites, universally claiming that 6 million Jews were butchered in “nazi death camps” between 1940 and 1945 and that all questioners are anti-semites. Why did Zionism feel it necessary to launder the search engines? Is the Holocaust vulnerable? What is the true history?

Today, Zionists claim there were 17 million Jews in 1940 and 11 million in 1945, a loss of 6 million. You see it everywhere, in the schools, movies, television, radio, newspaper, history, literature and on thousands of monuments and memorials throughout the Zionist world. And now on the internet. Note this number has remained constant for over a half century.

It must be understood that the word “Jews” as used in this article primarily refers to a race of Khazars from Asia, called “Asiatics” by Benjamin Franklin. Today in Europe and America, Khazars constitute the majority of “Jews” (cf. Benjamin Freedman). And a majority of Khazars are Zionists.

Modern Zionism is a highly organized political movement; it is not a religion. It is focused on its “ladder” to world domination and is extremely well financed. The Holocaust is its heart and soul. It originated in the 1800’s backed by Rothschild and demanded its own nation in Palestine. In 1916 England promised this in the the Balfour Declaration, prepared by Rothschild and Brandeis, to bring US into World War I for England, but reneged. It took universal sympathy for the Holocaust after World War II to induce the nations to turn over part of Palestine to the Zionists in 1948. But there was a danger, the flag of Israel was hung on a Holocaust flagpole. The Holocaust also produced the Holocaust Industry in which hundreds of billions are collected for the “victims”, their descendants and for Israel ad infinitum. Finally, the Holocaust is probably the greatest political cudgel in history. And World Zionism will stop at nothing to crush all investigations or questions about the Holocaust. What’s their problem?

Wikipedia is a well known encyclopedia on the internet, sympathetic to the Holocaust. Yet comparing its “Holocaust” article with its “death camp” articles produces major problems. We’ve all heard of Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau, Treblinka, etc., names that cause a shiver of dread and horror even today, thanks to constant Zionist media repetition and reinforcement. But there are also many other camps: Bergen-Belsen, Belzec, Chelmno, Jasenovak, Majdanek, Sobibor, Sachenhausen, Sangerhausen, Flossenburg, Grini, Klooga, Landsberg-am-Lech, Flöha, Oranienburg, Hamburg-Neuengamme, Mauthausen, Natzweiler, Ravensbrück, Maly Trostinets and Theresienstadt. Much of the information is based on Zionist estimates, documents and testimony with little hard evidence.

According to Wikipedia, 3.8 million people died in the following “extermination camps…80 to 90% were Jews or half of the Jews killed in the Holocaust”:

Auschwitz 1.4 million deaths X 85% or 1.2 million Jews

Treblinka 870,000 deaths X 85% or 740,000 Jews

Belzek 600,000 deaths X 85% or 510,000 Jews

Jasenovak 600,000 deaths X 85% or (Few Jews)

Chelmno 320,000 deaths X 85% or 272,000 Jews

Majdanek 360,000 deaths X 85% or 306,000 Jews

Sobibor 250,000 deaths X 85% or 212,000 Jews

But when you read the Wikipedia articles on the individual camps, significant discrepancies begin to emerge, as shown in the following abstracts:

In 1989 Auschwitz corrected its monuments and reduced the number of deaths from 4 million to 1.1 million yet the 6 million total never changed (the savings at Auschwitz were picked up in other camps). Also, the International Red Cross and detailed German death records indicate that only about 150,000 died at Auschwitz of whom 30,000 were Jews. Wikipedia ignores or dismisses such records. (Compare with 1.2 million above.)

In Treblinka, The Höfle Telegram listed 713,555 Jews killed up to the end of December 1942. With the addition of 1943 transports listed in Yitzhak Arad’s book, one may arrive at the figure 800,000. (Compare with 740,000 above.)

At Belzek, at least 434,500 Jews were killed. (Compare with 510,000 above.)

The Jasenovac Memorial Area keeps a list of 69,842 names of Jasenovac victims: 39,580 Serbs, 14,599 Roma, 10,700 Jews, 3,462 Croats as well as people of some other ethnicities. (“The world’s eminent authority on Holocaust victims, Yad Vashem Center, claims 600,000.”)

In the Chelmno camp, at least 152,000 people were killed, mainly Jews from the Lódz Ghetto. (Compare with 272,000 above.)

According to the official Majdanek State Museum about 300,000 inmates passed through the camp, over 40% Jews. The most recent research by the Majdanek Museum indicates that there were 78,000 victims, 59,000 of whom were Jews. (Compare with 306,000 above.)

At least 250,000 people were killed in Sobibór. The victims were mostly Jews from Poland.

The deaths listed for the remaining sites do not come close to another 3.8 million, much less 80 to 90% Jews. Some samples are:

The total number of deaths at Buchenwald is estimated at 56,545 with little mention of Jews.

At Bergen-Belsen, an estimated 50,000 people died there, up to 35,000 of them dying of typhus in the first few months of 1945.

Of the roughly 30,000 wartime victims at Sachsenhausen, most were Russian prisoners of war.

At Maly Trostenets Yad Vashem currently estimates the number killed as 65,000 while German historian Christian Gerlach estimates the number to be in the range of 40,000-60,000, mostly Jews from Minsk.

At Ravensbruk, about 30,000 to 40,000 women and children perished there, mostly Polish, few Jews.

Various historians place the total death toll in the four main camps of Mauthausen, Gusen I, Gusen II and Gusen III at between 55,000 and 60,000.

Over 200,000 prisoners were housed in Dachau of which nearly one-third were Jews; 32,099 prisoners are believed to have died in the camp and almost another 10,000 in its subcamps, primarily from disease.

At Dachau signs now read that the facilities were never used as gas chambers to murder anyone. In fact, there’s no evidence that any “death camps” used poison gas, gas chambers or gas ovens to kill. Yet Wikipedia lists millions of Jews murdered in every camp in poison gas chambers that could hold thousands of people at a time. This is necessary to account for the number of deaths, “75% of all European Jews”.

Wikipedia also states that 11 million people died in the “death camps”, almost the same number of non-Jews as Jews. How does this fit with the claim that 80 to 90% of the deaths in the principal “death camps” were Jews. Millions of non-Jews have just disappeared. Finally, Wikipedia states that the first credible news of the “death camps” arrived in the West around D-Day, June, 1944, yet the Holocaust Industry is still trying to collect reparations from America for its failure to intervene at an earlier date in the European War on behalf of the Jews.

An important objective study, which is suppressed, is the 1948 report by the International Red Cross, covering its activities during World War II (1942-1945) in the camps maintained by the German authorities. They were allowed to deliver over one million parcels of food, clothing and medicine to the inmates. It stated their efforts were hindered not by the Germans but by the Allied blockade of Germany and the dire situation in Germany during the final months of the war was due to “the barbarous aerial warfare of the Allies” (carpet bombing). It also states that large numbers of “the three million or so European Jews avoided internment altogether”. Did they say 3 million? (It seems there was a massive migration of Jews out of Europe in the 1930’s to America and in the 1940’s to Israel.) There is no mention whatsoever of genocide, gas chambers, death showers, poison gas, etc.; quite the contrary.

In lengthy books about World War II written by Churchill and Eisenhower, there is not a single mention of Jews being genocided in Nazi “death camps”.

Qualified engineers inspected the “death camps” and stated that the facilities were showers and could not be used as gas chambers and that the alleged deaths were “impossible”. They were imprisoned.

There is ample testimony of eyewitness inmates which belie the existence of “death camps”. They are suppressed or imprisoned.

The Nuremberg trials were hate theater orchestrated by the Zionists under the London Agreement. Testimony was obtained by torture. German generals were castrated by constant kicks to the groin.

In 1933 Samuel Untermeyer said there were 14 million Jews in the world. By 1940 this exploded to 17 million (an astonishing racial fecundity) and then imploded to 11 million in 1945 due to the Holocaust. But in an article in 1948, Hanson Baldwin, the war expert of the New York Times, said there were then 15 to 17 million Jews in the world, almost the same number as 1940.

Earlier demographers said that there were 14 to 15 million Jews during the period of the “Holocaust”. Today there are less than 14 million, about the same number as in 1933. Almost half are now in the United States, twice the number of 1920.

Here’s how Wikipedia explains the discrepancies:

“Deniers often use the ‘Four Million Variant’ as a stepping stone to leap…to the idea that the Holocaust was a hoax perpetrated by a [Zionist] conspiracy. They hope to discredit historians by making them seem inconsistent. One must wonder which historians they speak of, as most have been remarkably consistent in their estimates of a million or so dead. In short, all of the denier’s blustering about the ‘Four Million Variant’ is a specious attempt to envelope the reader into their web of deceit, and it can be discarded after the most rudimentary examination of published histories.”

Then why are Zionists still using the 6 million number, knowing it is “specious”? Millions of non-Jews died, too. The numbers don’t make sense. Do Zionists fear any inquiries will prove there was no Holocaust at all and thus “stone wall” all inquiries? It’s like the Protocols. In the 1930’s they had a Swiss judge (Meyer) declare the Protocols a forgery but this was reversed on appeal. Yet Zionism still claims the Protocols are a proven forgery. The “web of deceit” is clearly Zionist.

According to one article, “The carnage of World War II surpassed that of World War I. German war losses alone were estimated at 7 million, about half of whom died in battle. Ruined, defeated, and divided into zones of occupation, a much smaller Germany emerged in 1945 with a population about the same as in 1910.” (Russian losses were immeasurable; it bore the brunt of the German Army.)

After the war, millions more Germans died by starvation and disease in a ruined society, and 1.5 million German soldiers died in Eisenhower’s Andersonville-like death camps, under the infamous and barbarous Morganthau Baruch Plans. American soldiers were then, as in World War I and today, the unwitting rapiers of Zionist hatred and greed. Note the commanders of the Allied Army in Europe, Eisenhower and Clark, were Jews.

Apparently, Zionists will stop at nothing to crush all inquiries of the Holocaust by every possible means. Their reach and fanaticism is awesome. They have a “million eyes” watching everything and everybody (cf. the Protocols). What are they afraid of? Is the Holocaust a “house of cards”? If it falls, so does Zionism, Israel and the lucrative Holocaust Industry. And, despite the conditioning of the Zionist media monopoly, people everywhere are waking up to its deceptions.

Then will the Zionist Era and its Protocol Chaos together with its perpetual wars, panics, poverty, depressions, revolutions, aggressions, assassinations, false flags, monopolies, debt and demagoguery come to an end./? The slaughter of mankind, cease and Peace, rule./?

Spread the word on all the sites, forums and message boards. There should be an objective investigation of the Holocaust, free of the influence of France, Britain, and America. AIPAC now requires all US Congressional candidates to first pledge their loyalty to Zionism. Zionists rule Washington absolutely (London and Paris, too). Never have a people been swept by so many armies of secret police. Where is our loyal military? The world wonders!

Acknowledgment: This information was obtained from an uncensored internet.

Men can never be secure from tyranny, if there is no means to escape it till they are perfectly under it and therefore, they have not only a right to get out of it but to prevent it. John Locke

Memorial Day, 2007
D. Cassidy



-muslim voice-

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Massive increase in Israeli ethnic cleansing

Posted by musliminsuffer on June 28, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===


Massive increase in Israeli ethnic cleansing

Israel expels record number of east Jerusalem Arabs

Sun Jun 24, 6:06 AM ET

Israel cancelled the east Jerusalem residence permits of a record number of Palestinians in 2006, effectively expelling them from the city, the human rights groups B’Tselem said on Sunday.

A total of 1,363 Palestinians had their residence permits withdrawn last year compared with just 222 in 2005, the watchdog said, basing its figures on interior ministry statistics.

The figure exceeded even the 1997 total of 1,067, the previous highest since Israel occupied Arab east Jerusalem in the 1967 Middle East war and then unilaterally annexed it.

Palestinians in east Jerusalem have the status of permanent residents of Israel, the same status granted to foreigners who settle in the Jewish state.

“Israel treats Palestinian residents of east Jerusalem as immigrants, who live in their homes at the benificence of the authorities and not by right,” B’Tselem said.

“Treating these Palestinians as foreigners who entered Israel is astonishing since it was Israel that entered east Jerusalem in 1967.”

The watchdog said that a common pretext cited by Israel for withdrawing residence permits was the holding of a foreign passport enabling the Palestinians to emigrate.

“It seems that the interior system has an information system allowing it to identify those Palestinians who hold foreign passports so that their status as permanent residents of Jerusalem can be withdrawn,” B’Tselem spokesman Sarit Michaeli told AFP.

“The injustice in this policy stems from the fact that an Israeli can have several passports and spend his life abroad without anyone questioning his status as an Israeli national.”

Permanent residence gives the holder the right to live and work in the city and vote in municipal, but not parliamentary elections.

But unlike citizenship, it is only passed on to the holder’s children if the holder meets certain conditions.

Since 1996, Arab residents of east Jerusalem have had to prove that they live, work and pay taxes in the city to maintain their residence permits.

A total of 245,000 Palestinians live in east Jerusalem alongside more than 200,000 Jewish settlers.



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Afghan opium production ‘soars’

Posted by musliminsuffer on June 28, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Afghan opium production ‘soars’


By Imogen Foulkes

BBC News, Geneva

Opium production in Afghanistan is soaring out of control, the annual UN report on illegal drugs says.

Opium poppies
Afghanistan produces 92% of the world’s illegal opium, the UN says

The World Drug Report says more than 90% of illegal opium, which is used to make heroin, comes from Afghanistan.

It says cultivation of opium poppies increased dramatically in the country, despite the presence of more than 30,000 international troops there.

The report says Afghanistan is unlikely to regain real security until the production of illegal drugs is tackled.

Facts and figures
2007 World drug report
Most computers will open this document automatically, but you may need Adobe Reader

In the 1980s, Afghanistan produced some 30% of the world’s opium, but now that figure has more than tripled, the UN document says.

It says that Helmand province alone cultivates almost half the world’s illegal opium.

Thomas Pietschmann, the report’s author, says production in Helmand has now outstripped that of entire countries.

“The province of Helmand itself is around 70,000 hectares under cultivation, which is three times the total area under cultivation in Myanmar (Burma).

“So only one province, three times as important as the whole of Myanmar, the second-largest opium-producing country,” Mr Pietschmann says.

Graph showing soaring opium production in Afghanistan

The report says that while global co-ordination of drug law enforcement has improved, traffickers of heroin from Afghanistan and of cocaine from Colombia are now targeting new routes in Africa.

The UN says this threat must be addressed immediately if Africa – already struggling under the burden of HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and malaria – is to avoid the serious health damage caused by drug abuse.

The report also shows that the overall market for illicit drugs remained relatively stable in 2005-2006.


Related News :
1. Afghanistan now nearly ‘a narcotics state’
More than three years after a pro-U.S. government was installed, Afghanistan has been unable to contain opium poppy production and is “on the verge of becoming a narcotics state,” according to a presidential report. The report said the area in Afghanistan devoted to poppy cultivation last year set a new record of 206,700 hectares, more than triple the figure for 2003. When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, opium production was nearly halted. So, how come the Taliban is terrorist, then!!! Now there is a bumper crop. Look for the quiz on Afghanistan further down.

2. The Truth About The USA, Drugs and Afghanistan
“Before 1980, Afghanistan produced 0% of the world’s opium. But then the CIA moved in, and by 1986 they were producing 40% of the world’s heroin supply. By 1999, they were churning out 3,200 TONS of heroin a year ­ nearly 80% of the total market supply. But then something unexpected happened. The Taliban rose to power, and by 2000 they had destroyed nearly all of the opium fields. Production dropped from 3,000+ tons to only 185 tons, a 94% reduction!”

3. Who benefits from the Afghan Opium Trade?
The United Nations has announced that opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan has soared and is expected to increase by 59% in 2006. The production of opium is estimated to have increased by 49% in relation to 2005. The Western media in chorus blame the Taliban and the warlords. The Bush administration is said to be committed to curbing the Afghan drug trade: “The US is the main backer of a huge drive to rid Afghanistan of opium… ”

4. UN Report Says Afghan Government Protect Drug Traffickers
KABUL (AP)–Afghanistan’s criminal underworld has compromised key government officials who protect drug traffickers, allowing a record opium trade that won’t be stamped out for a generation to flourish, an ominous new U.N. report released Tuesday said.\ACQDJON200611281353DOWJONESDJONLINE000662.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked〈=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

5. Afghanistan’s opium crop at an all-time high
The question is why. Under Taliban rule, which began in the late 1990s, Afghanistan just about kicked the growing habit by 2001. After five years the Taliban is slipping back in, but poppy production has grown by leaps and bounds. According to the Washington Post, “Opium production in Afghanistan, which provides more than 90 percent of the world’s heroin, broke all records in 2006, reaching a historic high despite ongoing U.S.-sponsored eradication efforts, the Bush administration reported yesterday.

6. Drug mafia, CIA blamed for sacking of Afghan governor
KABUL: In a country flooded with narcotics traffickers and corrupt government officials, one of Afghanistan’s few remaining ‘clean’ governors, Mohammed Daud, has been removed from his position, and many are blaming the drug mafia and the CIA for his abrupt dismissal.

7. Heroin is “Good for Your Health”: Occupation Forces (US) support Afghan Narcotics Trade Multibillion dollar earnings for organized crime and Western financial Institutions.
The occupation forces in Afghanistan are supporting the drug trade, which brings between 120 and 194 billion dollars of revenues to organized crime, intelligence agencies and Western financial institutions.


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U.S. holds 19,000 terror suspects : US War Crime

Posted by musliminsuffer on June 28, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

ACLU: U.S. holds 19,000 terror suspects

Published: June 25, 2007 at 7:03 PM

WASHINGTON, June 25 (UPI) — The United States currently is holding about 19,000 terror suspects, a human rights group said Monday.

“It is estimated that there are currently about 18,000 detainees held in Iraq, over 660 in Afghanistan, and about 375 at the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay,” the American Civil Liberties Union said in a statement.

Most of those detainees “do not have access to attorneys or family members, and, under terms of the Military Commissions Act eliminating habeas corpus protections, have been denied the right to challenge their detention in civilian courts,” the ACLU said.

“In addition, it has come to be known that the CIA is engaging in the unlawful practice of ‘extraordinary rendition’ — the kidnapping of foreign nationals for detention and interrogation in secret overseas prisons in countries where it is known detainees are routinely tortured or abused,” the human rights group said.

The Democratic-controlled 110th Congress has launched a more energetic oversight of the detainment programs in the war on terror. But the Bush administration says the current policies are essential to prevent terror groups reorganizing to carry out more deadly attacks.



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How Can Bush Free Iraq When He Brings Tyranny To America?

Posted by musliminsuffer on June 28, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

How Can Bush Free Iraq When He Brings Tyranny To America?

By Paul Craig Roberts


The Washington, DC, think-tank, The American Enterprise Institute, camouflages its purpose with its name. There is nothing American about AEI, and the organization’s enterprise is fomenting war in the Middle East against Israel’s enemies. Its real name should be The Likud Center for Middle East War.

AEI has the largest collection of warmongers in America. AEI “scholars” have agitated for war in the Middle East for years. A moronic president and 9/11 gave them their opportunity. Now that the US invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have failed, the AEI warmongers are conspiring with Vice President Cheney to foment war with Iran.

Writing in the Washington Note, Steven C. Clemons reports that Cheney is working with the AEI warmongers to short-circuit the efforts of Bush’s secretaries of defense and state to find a diplomatic solution. Clemons reports that one former high level national security official describes the Cheney-AEI conspiracy as possibly an act of “criminal insubordination” against President Bush.

Now that the Democrats have betrayed their mandate of last November to end Bush’s war against Iraq and given Bush carte blanche to continue the gratuitous bloodshed, the neoconservative plan, spearheaded by Vice President Cheney, to initiate aggression against Iran, is back on the front burner.

Disinformation is being fed to the media that Iran is responsible for attacks on US troops in Iraq. This disinformation is routinely reported without skepticism by the American media in the face of challenges from experts. For example, a recent British report concludes: “few independent analysts believe Tehran is playing a decisive role in the sectarian warfare and insurgency.”

While the Cheney/AEI conspirators strive to whip up American anger at Iran with lies and disinformation, they are doing everything possible to provoke Iran. The warmongers have planted the story in the media that the US is conducting covert operations against Iran. The US Navy is conducting “exercises” off Iran’s coast. The US military in Iraq has violated diplomatic privilege and kidnapped Iranian officials in Iraq despite protests from the Iraqi and Iranian governments. The US government is stirring up more trouble in Lebanon by setting extremist Sunnis against Iran’s Hezbollah ally. In short, the US government is doing everything possible to start a war with Iran. Bombing Iran, perhaps after a contrived “false flag” operation, is the next step.

Bush continues to tell his favorite lies that he is bringing “freedom and democracy to Iraq” and that Muslims hate us because of our “freedom and democracy.” He continues to make these inane assertions even as he ignores the will of the American people and destroys habeas corpus, the foundation of civil liberty.

Bush ignores the will of the people as expressed in last November’s congressional elections and as expressed in opinion polls. The New York Times/CBS News poll released May 24 shows another sharp drop in public support for Bush and his war. America is “seriously off on the wrong track” was the response of 72 percent of the public.

President Bush, the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party have proved to the entire world that the American people have no voice. The American people have no more ability to affect their government’s policy than inmates in a gulag would have.

What do people in other countries think when they hear Bush prattle on about “freedom and democracy” while he ignores opinion polls and election results and detains people without warrants, tortures them, and puts them before military tribunals in which they are denied even knowing the evidence against them? Bush has contrived a situation for defendants in which no defense is possible. In Bush’s America, people can be executed on the basis of hearsay and secret evidence. If this is “freedom and democracy,” what is tyranny? Recent polls show that the majority of the American people are no longer fooled, no matter what politicians say and media report. The election last November demonstrated the electorate’s lack of support for continuing the war.

The problem is in implementing the will of the people. Democrats in Congress are not only recipients of AIPAC, oil industry, and military-security complex payoffs just as the Republicans are, Democrats are also behaving very cynically. They believe that it is Bush’s policy that gave them control of Congress in November and that by continuing to let Bush prevail, they will clean up on a larger scale in 2008. They believe that their antiwar base has nowhere else to go.

Their cynical logic is probably correct as far as it goes. Bush is being blamed for the war and its failure. The longer this goes on, the worse the situation for the Republicans. Prior to Bush’s invasion of Iraq, I wrote in a column that the unintended consequences of an invasion would be the destruction of Bush, the Republican Party, and the conservative movement. It has taken longer than I thought, largely because of Americans’ blind desire for revenge for 9/11, but the prediction is on track.

The problem with the Democrats’ cynical logic is that allowing Bush to prolong the war in Iraq increases the chances that Cheney, Israel, and the neoconservatives can contrive a war with Iran. Most experts, and many in our own military, think that a war with Iran would go very badly for us, endangering our troops in Iraq by exposing them to more intense attacks from the more numerous Shi’ites, who would be armed with Iranian weapons that can neutralize our tanks and helicopters, leaving our fragmented and divided troops isolated and cut off from supplies and retreat routes.

The pending disaster would play into Cheney’s hands. With America faced with the loss of an army, Cheney and the neoconservatives would likely succeed in convincing Bush to nuke Iran. Cheney and Rumsfeld have already changed US war doctrine to permit preemptive nuclear attack against non-nuclear powers. Surprised by the inability of the US military to prevail in Iraq and by Israel’s military failure against Hezbollah, the neocons concluded that the only way to establish US/Israeli hegemony over the entire Middle East is to nuke Iran. The neocons believe that using nuclear weapons against Iran will demonstrate to the Muslim world that they have no alternative but to submit to US hegemony.

The Democrats are far from being alone in lacking the vision to see the abyss into which their cynicism is leading us. With the corporate media serving as propaganda ministry for the administration, Cheney will be able to whip up enough fear and anger to convince the American people that the use of nuclear weapons was imperative.

Bush’s popularity will return as he prevails over the enemy and tells Americans how he saved them from Iran’s nuclear weapons. The Democrats’ cynicism will have destroyed them and opened new avenues to destruction and violence.


-muslim voice-

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Dictatorship : FBI to restrict student freedoms

Posted by musliminsuffer on June 28, 2007

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

FBI to restrict student freedoms

Submitted by Canada IFP on Sun, 2007-06-24 06:58.Americas | United States | News

US university students will not be able to work late at the campus, travel abroad, show interest in their colleagues’ work, have friends outside the United States, engage in independent research, or make extra money without the prior consent of the authorities, according to a set of guidelines given to administrators by the FBI.

Federal agents are visiting some of the New England’s top universities, including MIT, Boston College, and the University of Massachusetts, to warn university heads about the dangers of foreign spies and terrorists stealing sensitive academic research.

FBI is offering to brief faculty, students and staff on what it calls “espionage indicators” aimed at identifying foreign agents.

Unexplained affluence, failing to report overseas travel, showing unusual interest in information outside the job scope, keeping unusual work hours, unreported contacts with foreign nationals, unreported contact with foreign government, military, or intelligence officials, attempting to gain new accesses without the need to know, and unexplained absences are all considered potential espionage indicators.

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to monitor their colleagues for signs of suspicious behaviour and report any concerns to the FBI or the military.

“What we’re most concerned about are those things that are not classified being developed by MIT [Massachusetts Institute of Technology], Worcester Polytech [Worcester Polytechnic Institute] and other universities,” Warren Bamford, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston office, told the Boston Herald. “It’s to make sure these institutions receive training…[on] what spies look for. There are hundreds of projects going on that could be useful to a foreign power.”

“My understanding is that what the FBI is proposing is not illegal, but it does raise questions about the chilling effect in regard to academia,”Chris Ott, Communications Manager of the ACLU of Massachusetts told WSWS. “What will it mean about feeling free to pursue information? People on the campuses will be afraid to ask questions or take on the investigation of certain areas, say, for example, nuclear energy. ”

University administrators have expressed their appreciation of FBI efforts.

“It was a very nice offer,” Robert A. Weygand, vice president for administration and a former Rhode Island congressman told the Boston Herald. “We are taking it under consideration.”

Last year the FBI initiated the College and University Security Effort (CAUSE), in order to establish an “alliance” between the Federal agency and academic institutions.

According to the FBI, through CAUSE, Special Agents in charge meet with the heads of local colleges to discuss national security issues and to share information and ideas.



-muslim voice-

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