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PBB Kecam Penggambaran Atas Islam

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 31, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

PBB Kecam Penggambaran Atas Islam
Jumat, 28 Maret 2008 | 03:44 WIB

*JENEWA, JUMAT* – Dewan Hak Asasi Manusia PBB hari Kamis meloloskan sebuah
resolusi yang mengecam penggunaan media untuk “mengobarkan aksi kekerasan,
ketakutan atau sikap tidak toleran serta diskriminasi” terhadap Islam atau
agama-agama lain.

Resolusi itu disetujui oleh 21 dari 47 negara anggota dewan tersebut,
sementara 14 abstein dan 10 menolak, termasuk Slovenia atas nama Uni Eropa.
Dalam pernyataan yang menentang resolusi itu, utusan Slovenia mengingatkan
bahwa poin mengenai penistaan agama mengandung “acuan tegas yang bersifat
satu pihak terhadap Islam”.

Sejumlah media ‘Barat’ menjadi sorotan karena perlakuan mereka atas
permasalahan yang menyangkut Islam. Surat-surat kabar Denmark dikecam karena
mencetak kartun-kartun yang menggambarkan Nabi Muhammad.

Minggu, sebuah penyedia jaringan berita Amerika menyatakan telah membekukan
sebuah situs yang digunakan oleh anggota parlemen Belanda Geert Wilders
untuk memasang film anti-Islam, yang menyulut kecaman luas dan kekhawatiran
mengenai reaksi pembalasan.

Resolusi Dewan HAM PBB itu mengungkapkan “keprihatinan yang dalam atas
keadaan serius belakangan ini mengenai pengklisean yang disengaja terhadap
agama, pengikut mereka dan orang-orang suci di media dan oleh partai-partai
politik serta kelompok di sejumlah masyarakat, dan atas provokasi yang
berkaitan dan ekploitasi politis”.

Dewan itu juga sangat prihatin atas upaya-upaya yang mengidentifikasi Islam
dengan terorisme, kekerasan dan pelanggaran hak asasi manusia.

Source : *Antara*


-muslim voice-

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Americans groveling at the feet of their Jewish Masters

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 31, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Americans groveling at the feet of their Jewish Masters

By: atheo on: 30.03.2008

America is more than just the world’s most powerful military. It spends more on its military than the rest of the world put together. It is a hyper-power. Under these circumstances, it might be expected that american politicians, business people, religious leaders, as well as ordinary americans, would be determined to protect and enhance their country’s political, economic, and military, interests. It would hardly be surprising if they were prone to extreme displays of patriotism. What would be more natural than outbursts of american supremacism? And yet what is evident is the exact opposite of such expectations.

The phenomenon of americans grovelling at the feet of their jewish masters is certainly one of the most shocking historical phenomenon of the 21st century. Whilst america is a hyper-power, americans have sold their country and their souls to the jews-only state in palestine. They are traitors not merely to their own country but to themselves. This phenomenon affects virtually all americans – few seem immune to this zionist infestation. “That is the state of American politics today. The Israeli lobby has put together so much money power that we are daily witnessing US senators and representatives bowing down low to Israel and its US lobby.”

(Jeffrey Blankfort ‘The Israel Lobby and the Left: Uneasy Questions’ c.2004.)

  • American politicians are bought by america’s biggest jewish lobby, aipac. “Founded in 1959, with each passing year, the organization gets bigger and stronger. With a base in Washington, offices across the country, 85,000 energized members, a staff of 165, and a $33.4 million annual budget, AIPAC is at the pinnacle of a massive complex of Jewish organizations and Political Action Committees (PACS) across the country, from the national to the local, that are devoted to maintaining Israel’s privileged status in the nation’s capitol.” (Jeffrey Blankfort ‘Damage Control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine Conflict – April 2005). Aipac has bribed american politicians to vote in favour of policies that are in the interests of the jews-only state in palestine but contrary to america’s interests.

“The reason that the pro-Israel lobby has to give so much more money to the politicians than the other lobbies such as arms manufacturers, oil, etc., is that supporting Israel is arguably not in the US interest from any perspective and the contributions are necessary to buy the politicians’ cooperation.” (Jeffrey Blankfort’s comments on Mitchell Plitnick’s ‘Myth and Reality: Jewish Influence on US Middle East Policy’ May 24th 2005). Blankfort points out that, “In 2002, an Israeli-American, Haim Saban, donated $12.3 million to the Democratic Party. All of the arms industry PACs together gave $14 million to both political parties the same year. It was headlines when Enron was reported to have given the Republican Party $6 million over 10 years, but the item on Saban’s donation – twice as much in only one year – rated only a few paragraphs in the NY Times. Moreover, Mother Jones 400 list of the leading individual donors for the 2000 election showed that 8 of the top 10 were Jews, and 13 of the top 20, and at least 125 of the top 250 were Jewish. At that point I stopped counting. While these donors obviously had other interests besides Israel, “There’s only one thing members of Congress think is important to American Jews -Israel, Sen. Bernard Metzenbaum, told the 500 delegates to the National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council in 1991 (Forward, 2/22/91).” (Jeffrey Blankfort’s comments on Mitchell Plitnick’s ‘Myth and Reality: Jewish Influence on US Middle East Policy’ May 24th 2005).

  • American politicians prefer to fund the jews-only state in palestine rather than improve conditions for americans themselves, “Over the years Congress has been at the ready to give Israel additional funding, even when money has been unavailable for essential domestic programs, as happened in 2002 when the Senate, after defeating a bill that would have provided $150 million for inner-city schools that had been impacted by 9-11, turned around and tucked an additional $200 million for Israel into the Homeland Security Bill as if Israel had been targeted that day and not New York and Washington.” (Jeffrey Blankfort ‘Damage Control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine Conflict – April 2005).
  • The bush administration allows aipac to write legislation which is then passed by the jewish-owned congress. “And they also write the legislation that Congress passes regarding the Middle East. For example, the recent Syrian Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act, which was passed a couple of years ago and which lead to what we see in Lebanon and Syria today was written by AIPAC which later bragged about it. It is not a secret. The only people that pretend they don’t know it is the Left. It’s on AIPAC’s website, it is in their publications.” (Jeffrey Blankfort quoted in Réseau Voltaire ‘The Chomsky/Blankfort Polemic’ February 20, 2006).
  • Successive american administrations pretend that aipac is not a lobby for a foreign government even though that is precisely what it is. “In every hearing in the Congress that involves Middle East issues, you have staff members of AIPAC sitting in these committee hearings. No other lobbies, foreign lobbies, have this privilege.” (Jeffrey Blankfort quoted in Réseau Voltaire ‘The Chomsky/Blankfort Polemic’ February 20, 2006).
  • The jewish-owned american congress has frequently passed legislation, written and promoted by the jewish lobby, which boosts the political or military interests of the jews-only state in palestine whilst undermining the economic interests of the united states, “as a result of pressure that pro-Israeli groups were able to exert on Congress, a set of antiboycott laws was passed that severely limit US business in the Arab world. As a result, American companies and the United States economy suffer an estimated $1 billion loss per year.” (Professor Cheryl Rubenberg quoted in Jeffrey Blankfort ‘Damage Control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine Conflict – April 2005).
  • American presidents have provided military protection for the jews-only state in palestine which has alienated arab/moslem countries thereby undermining america’s economic interests. In 1973, president nixon airlifted weapons to the jews-only state in palestine to help it defeat arab armies even though he must have known this would result in economic retaliation. The arab countries organized an oil embargo which threw the american, and global, economies into a decade long recession.
  • American presidents have initiated boycotts against other countries in favour of the jews-only state in palestine even though this undermined the interests of america’s biggest multi-national corporations. In 1995, president clinton banned american energy companies from investing in iran to exploit the country’s vast fossil fuel reserves. The consequence has been that over the last decade america’s oil industries have lost out on hundreds of billions of dollars in profits. For more details please see ‘How the Jewish Neocons are Bleeding America to Death’
  • Israelis currently control vast slabs of the bush administration. “The neoconservatives … control the Office of the President, the Office of the Vice President, the Department of State, the Department of Defense, and the police-state apparatus known as “Homeland Security.” (Paul Craig Roberts ‘Outfoxed by bin Laden’ February 21, 2005). Wayne madsen has suggested they’re aiming to take control of the super secret National Security Agency (NSA) – America’s premier electronic surveillance body. “What has some NSA officials worried is that with pro-Israeli neocons now engrained within the CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), State Department, and National Security Council, NSA is ripe for penetration by Israeli intelligence. With outside contractors now permeating NSA and a major Israeli espionage operation being discovered inside the Pentagon, once again there is a fear within NSA that foreign intelligence services such as the Mossad could make another attempt to penetrate America’s virtual “Fort Knox” of intelligence treasures and secrets.” (Wayne Madsen ‘The neocon power grab at NSA and an attempt to stifle the press’ May 24th 2005).
  • In the past, america’s foreign policies were designed to promote the interests of american multi-national corporations around the world. However, in the aftermath of the collapse of the soviet union, the jews-only state in palestine, and its israeli supporters in america, have taken complete control of america’s foreign policies in the middle east. America’s middle eastern foreign policies are almost exactly the same as those pursued by the jews-only state. But even this was not enough. In recent years israelis have acquired such extensive control over the bush administration they have focused america’s foreign policies almost exclusively on the middle east whilst ignoring foreign policy issues in south america and the far east. Over the last few years, a number of south american countries have undergone a political transformation which poses a considerable threat to american interests and yet the bush administration virtually ignores these developments because the israelis in his administration are concerned solely with the interests of the jews-only state in palestine. “The passionate attachment to Israel, the dual loyalty felt by many Americans -whereby Israel’s interests are put on the same or higher level than U.S. interests – has come back to haunt the United States through the agency of a President willing to adopt the most extravagant dreams of right wing Israelis and pro-Israeli hawks. The result is that the full might of the world’s only super power has been dragged into Israel’s service despite the costs, and the dangers and the folly of such a policy. Attachment to Israel has come back to haunt America by enabling a decisive shift in U..S. policy away from helping to preserve the peace and security of the world and turning the U.S. into an aggressor nation, just as Israel has been and continues to be.” (Ronald Bleier ‘Invading Iraq: Converging u.s. and Israeli Agendas’ April 2003).
  • Successive american presidents have refused to recognize the existence of the jews-only state’s nuclear weapons. As far as american politicians are concerned the jews-only state in palestine is not a nuclear power. “The U.S. government has never acknowledged that Israel possesses nuclear weapons, even though the world knows otherwise, thanks to the whistleblower, Mordechai Vanunu. (London Sunday Times, Oct. 5, 1986) The continuing policy of denial can only hinder efforts to “rein in” Israel in the event of a nuclear crisis. One could hardly imagine a more explosive mix.” (Mark Gaffney ‘Will Iran Be Next?’ May 8th 2003).
  • The american military seems willing to sacrifice its own troops, and their own honour, to fight wars for the benefit of the jews-only state.
  • There is no such thing as a wasp military industrial complex. There is however, what blankfort calls a the Military-Industrial-Israeli complex, “In other words, what JINSA represents can best be described as the Military-Industrial-Israeli complex.” (Jeffrey Blankfort ‘A War for Israel’ c.2003).
  • Tens of millions of american christians have become zionists who now believe in the judaic god of vengeance not the christian god of forgiveness. They care more about the jews-only state in palestine than their own country. See, ‘The Prospects of a New Race War’
  • American oil companies allowed their country to be pushed into an invasion of iraq they didn’t support. Perhaps even more remarkable is that america’s gigantic multi-national oil companies failed to protect their vast investments in new orleans because the bush administration was more concerned about providing tribute payments to the jews-only state in palestine – despite the fact that both george bush and dick cheney have connections to the oil industry. See the chapter ‘Katrina Exposes the dominance of Zionism over America’s Oil Industry’ in The Amazing Spectacle of America’s Self-Destruction: Zionists and Katrina (Part Three)
  • American trade unionists invest their pension funds in the jews-only state in palestine and thus have an economic incentive for supporting the racist state even at the expense of palestinian workers. “While not officially part of the lobby, since the establishment of Israel in 1948, the AFL-CIO has been one of its most solid cornerstones. It has provided millions of dollars for pro-Israel Democrats; it has blocked all international efforts to punish Israel for its exploitation and abuse of Palestinian workers, and it has encouraged its member unions to invest millions of dollars of their pension funds in State of Israel Bonds, thereby linking their members’ retirement to the health of the Israeli economy. Over the past year, the lobby has cemented ties with the Christian evangelical right, which gives it clout in states where there are few Jews and access to hundreds of thousands of new donors to Israel’s cause.” (Jeffrey Blankfort ‘The Israel Lobby and the Left: Uneasy Questions’ c.2004). When the jews-only state launched an illegal invasion of lebanon, june 6th 1982, it was supported by the AFL-CIO which took out a full page ad in the NY Times, declaring “We Are Not Neutral. We Support Israel!” paid for by an Israeli lobbyist with a Park Avenue address.” (Jeffrey Blankfort ‘Damage Control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine Conflict – April 2005).
  • American universities also invest funds in the jews-only state in palestine and thus have an economic incentive to propping up the apartheid state. “investing in Israeli companies and in State of Israel Bonds of which US labor union pension funds, and many states and universities have purchased hundreds of millions of dollars worth. These purchases clearly obligate those institutions to lobby Congress to insure that the Israeli economy stays afloat.” (Jeffrey Blankfort ‘Damage Control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine Conflict – April 2005).
  • American lefties have been duped by the chief rabbi of the left, noam chomsky. These neo-lefties blame their own country for what the jews-only state in palestine is doing to the palestinians rather than ariel sharon and the racists in the likud party, “He (chomsky) would have us believe that Israel’s occupation and harsh actions against the Palestinians, its invasions and undeclared 40 years war on Lebanon, and its arming of murderous regimes in Central America and Africa during the Cold War, has been done as a client state in the service of US interests. In Chomsky’s world view, that absolves Israel of responsibility and has become standard Chomsky doctrine.” (Jeffrey Blankfort ‘Damage Control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine Conflict – April 2005). Chomsky is to the left what richard perle is to the right. See also
  • America’s peace movement refuses to criticize the war-mongering apartheid state in palestine. Jeffrey blankfort provides one of many examples of the attitude of the neo-peaceniks, “Rabbi Arthur Waskow, a long-time activist with impeccable credentials, assured the Jewish weekly, Forward, that United for Peace and Justice, organizers of the February 15th anti-war rally in New York, “has done a great deal to make clear it is not involved in anti-Israel rhetoric. From the beginning there was nothing in United for Peace’s statements that dealt at all with the Israel-Palestine issue.” (Jeffrey Blankfort ‘The Israel Lobby and the Left: Uneasy Questions’ c.2004). See the article, ‘2004: The Year of the Traitors’
  • America’s liberals have been duped by the holocaust industry. It’s bad enough that jews profit from the tragedy that befell the jewish people during the second world war. But it’s even more amazing when the holocaust industry makes americans feel guilty for what happened to the jews in order to push them into supporting the racist jews-only state.
  • Given that america is a hyper-power what is so remarkable about america’s leaders is their slavish devotion to another country, their identification with another country, their public expressions of loyalty to another country, and perhaps most shocking of all, their willingness to lay down their lives for another country. The following is just a smattering of examples which suggest americans are suffering from a total collapse in their national identity.

Daniel Inouye.
“In September 1991, with the war over, the Bush administration presented AIPAC with its greatest crisis since the battle with Ford. In the midst of the administration’s efforts to assemble the cast for what became the Madrid “peace conference,” much to the consternation of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, Israel sprang a surprise on the President–a demand for $10 billion dollars in US guaranteed loans over a five year period. Congress, of course, was ready to jump through Israel’s hoops again over the opposition of President Bush. Angered at Israel’s demand and fearing, perhaps, that approval of the loan guarantees would allow Israel to withdraw from the conference while antagonizing the Arab invitees, Bush asked Shamir to postpone the loan application for 120 days, and made its approval conditional on Israel freezing Jewish settlements. When Bush indicated that he was going to ask for the delay, Arens recalled, “Sen. Daniel Inouye D-HA was not equivocal at all. He said, ‘I am putting on my yarmulkle; we’re going to war.” (It was no coincidence that his first paying job after getting out of the Army after WW 2 had been as a salesman for State of Israel Bonds).” (Jeffrey Blankfort ‘Damage Control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine Conflict – April 2005).

Tom Delay.

President Bill Clinton.
“I would die for Israel.”

Kay Arthur.
Kay arthur is a popular “Christian Zionist” author and minister, who blurted out, “I love America. But if it came to a choice between Israel and America, I would stand with Israel.” (Quoted in Justin Raimondo ‘Putting Israel First’ March 6th 2005).

Nancy Pelosi.
Pelosi seems perfectly willing to push the world into a third world war to protect her beloved jews-only state, “The greatest threat to Israel’s right to exist, with the prospect of devastating violence, now comes from Iran. For too long, leaders of both political parties in the United States have not done nearly enough to confront the Russians and the Chinese, who have supplied Iran as it has plowed ahead with its nuclear and missile technology.” (Nancy Pelosi quoted in Joshua Frank ‘Israel Comes First: Pelosi at AIPAC’ May 31, 2005).

In conclusion, the neocons, israeli traitors living in america, control the american media, the republican and democratic parties, (not forgetting many fringe parties such as the green party), congress, the pentagon, the office of homeland security, the cia, the defence intelligence agency, the state department, the national security council, and the presidency. “The Congress, the Executive branch, state and local governments, and national and local media have all come under the influence of the Jewish “lobby’s” pro-Israel agenda to the point that none or few dare to criticize Israel or its US representatives.” (James Petras ‘The meaning of war: A heterodox perspective’ January 2005).

It is as if americans have totally lost sight not only of their country’s national interests but their national identity and their patriotism. It’s almost as if the zionists have hypnotized them into becoming their devoted slaves. Americans have become the world’s white niggers, eunuchs to the court of the terrorist, war criminal, ariel sharon. Americans even seem willing to sacrifice their own freedoms, their own constitution, their own values, the values of western civilization, solely in order to serve their racist jewish masters. The scale of jewish indoctrination of americans is so staggering that americans can’t see what a laughing stock they are, what ridiculous idiots they’ve become. It can be suggested that as a result of the west’s proxy zionist invasion of iraq, western civilization can now be portrayed by the man on the cross – you know, the one with the electrodes attached to his legs and arms.


-muslim voice-

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Stop the U.S. and Zionist War Against Sudan

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 31, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Stop the U.S. and Zionist War Against Sudan

by David Rolde, Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts – October 2006

The United States has been waging war against Sudan for the past 15 years, and we need to stop it. Just like with Iraq, the U.S. war against Sudan is a war for oil and a war for Israel. The proposed invasion of Sudan is based on lies. The lie of accusing the government of Sudan of “genocide in Darfur” serves the same function as the lie a few years ago accusing the government of Iraq of “possessing weapons of mass destruction”. The U.S. government, and its allies the Israeli and UK governments, are the real world champion purveyors of genocide and possessors of WMDs.

Sudan, the geographically largest country in Africa and the home of 35 million people, has been devastated by U.S. attacks for the past 15 years. In the early 90s the U.S. government declared Sudan to be a “state sponsor of terrorism” because the government of Sudan does not support Israel. The U.S. government imposed sanctions against Sudan.

The U.S. sanctions and trade boycott escalated in severity several times during the 90s and 00s and damaged the Sudanese economy causing immense human suffering. Throughout the 90s the U.S. government armed and funded the SPLA rebels in the south of Sudan in a war against the Sudanese government, and against rival southern groups, in which millions of persons were killed or displaced. Millions of southern refugees fled from the SPLA and now live in Khartoum, the northern capital. The culmination of U.S. support for war in Sudan was the so-called “Sudan Peace Act”, signed by George W Bush in 2002, which allocated one hundred million dollars per year to the SPLA.

One notable episode of the US war against Sudan happened in 1998 when the U.S. government of Bill Clinton, with a missile strike, destroyed Sudan’s only pharmaceutical plant, the al-Shifa plant near Khartoum. This rendered Sudan unable to produce needed human medications to treat endemic diseases such as malaria and also veterinary medicines needed by Sudan’s livestock industry which is a major part of the livelihood of the people of Sudan.

In 2004, during the U.S. presidential election campaign, the U.S. government started leveling false allegations of “genocide” against the Sudanese government in regards to the new civil war in Darfur in the west of Sudan. The U.S. media and pro-imperialist “human rights” organizations (such as Human Rights Watch which is controlled by billionaire George Soros and the Council on Foreign Relations) falsely portrayed the conflict in Darfur as a slaughter of Black Africans by a “White Arab” Sudanese government. In reality it was a civil war among many armed groups, some of which were supported by the US and Israel, fighting over limited resources in an impoverished region. Nearly everyone in Sudan is a Black African. And nearly everyone in Darfur is a Black African Arabic-speaking Muslim. The numbers cited for the “genocide” in Darfur were inflated estimates of how many people might die from famine and disease.

This year the propaganda against Sudan in the United States has intensified again. On April 30, 2006, the U.S. government in conjunction with U.S. Zionist groups, staged a large pro-war rally in Washington DC. U.S. congresspersons, as well as members of the Bush administration, spoke at the rally calling for the war against Sudan to be escalated by sending in an invasion force of U.N., NATO or U.S. troops. Nearly every pro-Israel group in the USA has anti-Sudan propaganda on the front of their website. In Massachusetts an example of a Zionist group doing pro-war activism is the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of Greater Boston.

The anti-Sudan rhetoric is no different than the rhetoric that the U.S. government uses against other countries that the United States is attacking. One aim of U.S. attacks against Sudan is to gain or maintain control over Sudan’s natural resources: notably petroleum but also uranium, other minerals, gum arabic, and the Nile River which supplies water to Egypt. China currently has access to oil from Sudan, and the U.S. government wants to cut China off. Destabilizing and impoverishing Sudan serves American and Israeli hegemonic interests to make sure there are no prosperous independent nations in the Middle East and North African regions.

But within the United States the anti-Sudan rhetoric is useful for more than just getting Americans ready for more overt war against Sudan. Anti-Arab and anti-Muslim rhetoric regarding Sudan is part of the general anti-Arab and anti-Muslim propaganda that is used to gain U.S. domestic support for the war in Iraq, continued U.S. support for Israel, and the so-called “war on terror”. Zionist groups in the United States have been purveying anti-Arab propaganda regarding Sudan for many years before the Darfur war, making false claims about “slavery” in Sudan. Slave redemption efforts in Sudan have been shown to be a hoax. Divesting from Sudan is a Zionist anti-Arab counter-proposal to the idea of divesting from Israel. Lies about Arabs divert attention from efforts to end Israeli apartheid in Palestine.

On September 1, 2006, the US rammed a resolution through the UN Security Council calling for tens of thousands of UN troops, ostensibly “peace-keepers” but really an imperialist invasion force, to be sent to Darfur to replace the current smaller US-puppet African Union force. On September 17, Zionists and other pro-war Americans held an anti-Sudan rally in Central Park in New York City. The keynote speaker at the rally was Madeleine Albright, Clinton’s Secretary of State, who is infamous for having admitted that the Clinton administration and the UN had killed half a million Iraqi children through the sanctions in the 90s but nevertheless defending the actions against Iraq as worthwhile. Rally attendees were asked to wear blue hats to signify their desire to send “blue helmet” UN troops to invade Sudan. These UN troops would not be “peace- keepers”. We can see the likely outcome by looking at Haiti where, in 2004, the US deposed the legitimate government and then sent in a UN occupation force which has terrorized the country and brutalized the Haitian people. When foreign UN soldiers get to Darfur and can’t determine which Black Arabic-speaking Muslims are the “bad Arabs” and which are the “good Africans”, the UN troops will kill people indiscriminately. The Sudanese people will rightly resist. The situation will escalate. US warmongers will call for sending more troops, including US troops, and bringing the war to Khartoum. It will be a disaster. The US war against Sudan needs to be stopped and reversed now.

Anti-war activists are not working hard enough to stop the US and Zionist war against Sudan. The current threats against Sudan are just as serious as the threats against Iran. Anti-war activists should be focusing more effort to stop the war against Sudan and to work against US imperialism in Africa in general – the current war against Sudan is just one manifestation of centuries of European colonialism and neo-colonialism in Sudan and Africa. The situation for the people of Sudan will improve once foreign intervention in Sudan stops.

David Rolde


BAZA Boston Anti Zionist Action

US Jews leading Darfur rally planning

“Save Darfur”: Evangelicals and Establishment Jews


-muslim voice-

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The Opium Brides of Afghanistan

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 31, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

The Opium Brides of Afghanistan

In the country’s poppy-growing provinces, farmers are being forced to sell their daughters to pay loans.
Photos: Teru Kuwayama (left); Veronique de Viguerie / WPN

Flowers of War: Afghan soldiers during an attack on Taliban fighters guarding a field (left); a once-prosperous family, struggling after losing its poppy income, was forced to give away their daughter, pictured

By Sami Yousafzai and Ron Moreau | NEWSWEEK

Apr 7, 2008 Issue

Khalida’s father says she’s 9­or maybe 10. As much as Sayed Shah loves his 10 children, the functionally illiterate Afghan farmer can’t keep track of all their birth dates. Khalida huddles at his side, trying to hide beneath her chador and headscarf. They both know the family can’t keep her much longer. Khalida’s father has spent much of his life raising opium, as men like him have been doing for decades in the stony hillsides of eastern Afghanistan and on the dusty southern plains. It’s the only reliable cash crop most of those farmers ever had. Even so, Shah and his family barely got by: traffickers may prosper, but poor farmers like him only subsist. Now he’s losing far more than money. “I never imagined I’d have to pay for growing opium by giving up my daughter,” says Shah.

The family’s heartbreak began when Shah borrowed $2,000 from a local trafficker, promising to repay the loan with 24 kilos of opium at harvest time. Late last spring, just before harvest, a government crop-eradication team appeared at the family’s little plot of land in Laghman province and destroyed Shah’s entire two and a half acres of poppies. Unable to meet his debt, Shah fled with his family to Jalalabad, the capital of neighboring Nangarhar province. The trafficker found them anyway and demanded his opium. So Shah took his case before a tribal council in Laghman and begged for leniency. Instead, the elders unanimously ruled that Shah would have to reimburse the trafficker by giving Khalida to him in marriage. Now the family can only wait for the 45-year-old drugrunner to come back for his prize. Khalida wanted to be a teacher someday, but that has become impossible. “It’s my fate,” the child says.

Afghans disparagingly call them “loan brides”­daughters given in marriage by fathers who have no other way out of debt. The practice began with the dowry a bridegroom’s family traditionally pays to the bride’s father in tribal Pashtun society. These days the amount ranges from $3,000 or so in poorer places like Laghman and Nangarhar to $8,000 or more in Helmand, Afghanistan‘s No. 1 opium-growing province. For a desperate farmer, that bride price can be salvation­but at a cruel cost. Among the Pashtun, debt marriage puts a lasting stain on the honor of the bride and her family. It brings shame on the country, too. President Hamid Karzai recently told the nation: “I call on the people [not to] give their daughters for money; they shouldn’t give them to old men, and they shouldn’t give them in forced marriages.”



-muslim voice-

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Ayat-Ayat Setan Salman Rushdi Dijadikan Drama di Jerman

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 31, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Ayat-Ayat Setan Salman Rushdi Dijadikan Drama di Jerman,
Sabtu, 29 Mar 08 14:01 WIB

Masih ingat dengan buku Satanic Verses (ayat-ayat syetan) Salman Rushdie? Kolumnis Inggris asal India, yang pernah memicu kemarahan dunia Islam lewat buku yang menghina Islam itu kini mulai menjadi pembicaraan hangat lagi. Buku itu kini akan ditampilkan dalam bentuk drama di Jerman.

Organisasi Islam dan para tokoh Islam Jerman telah memberi masukan untuk membatalkan proses drama yang diambil dari buku ayat-ayat syetan itu. Ali Kizilkaya Jubir Dewan Kerjasama Islam yang merupakan organisasi Islam terbesar di Jerman menekankan agar pihak panitia Hans Otto Theatre di Potsdam Jerman membatalkan acara drama ayat-ayat syetan itu. Dalam keterangannya ia mengatakan, “Pentas drama itu akan menyakitkan perasaan umat Islam.” Ia menambahkan bahwa umat Islam tetap menghargai kreasi seni dan kebebasan, tapi ia meminta agar hal itu tetap berada dalam bingkai menghormati perasaan umat Islam dan tidak menyakiti sesuatu yang dihormati dalam Islam.

Sekretasis Umum Dewan Tinggi Islam Aiman Mazyek juga menyerukan agar kaum Muslimin di Jerman tetap menjaga diri untuk tenang dan menahan diri. Ia meminta pada waktu yang sama agar umat Islam tidak bereaksi melakukan pelecehan terhadap kesucian agama lain, baik tokoh maupun keyakinannya.

Salman Rushdi di 1989 telah memicu kemarahan dunia Islam dengan buku Satanic Versesnya. Pemimpin Iran waktu itu, Khumaini, telah mengeluarkan fatwa yang berisi menghalalkan darah Salman Rushdie. Setelah itu, Salman Rushdie bersembunyi selama sembilan tahun, untuk menghindari serangan bunuh sebagai efek dari dikeluarkannya fatwa itu. (na-str/iol)


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Christian Rage and Muslim Moderation

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 31, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===


Christian Rage and Muslim Moderation
Christopher Dickey

Despite recent provocations against Islam in the West, many Muslims seem weary of the same old tit for tat.

Newsweek Web Exclusive
Updated: 11:35 AM ET Mar 27, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI, an exiled Egyptian journalist, a bleach-blond Dutch parliamentarian and Danish cartoonists all have something in common with a Teddy bear named Mohammed. They have been at the center of that seething storm called Muslim rage in the last few months, and, with the exception of Mohammed T. Bear, they appear to be testing that anger to see if it will erupt… yet again.

If it does, the crisis could peak just as Benedict begins his visit to the United States in mid-April. As he preaches world peace before the United Nations, once more we’ll witness scenes of books and flags and effigies burning in the world of Muslims. If precedent holds, rioters may die in Kabul, a nun could be murdered in Somalia, a priest might be gunned down in Turkey. All this is all too predictable, as provocateurs like the peroxide blond must certainly know.

And yet, this time the shockwaves may amount to nothing more than ripples. If the satellite networks allow their lenses to zoom back from the book burners, they may discover there’s no raging crowd there, just the usual collection of unemployed malcontents on any street in Karachi. And what is most important, we may find that the Muslims of this world are just as weary of this sorry spectacle – “maybe even more so” – than the Christian, Jewish and secular publics in the West.

There are several signs of change, and not always from the usual suspects.
In Turkey, the once militantly secular government is now dominated by the AK Party, which has Islamic roots and recently passed a constitutional amendment that ended the ban on women wearing Muslim headscarves at state universities. Yet the same government is supporting theological scholarship intended to modernize – and moderate – traditional Islamic teachings. An initiative run out of the prime minister’s office is re-examining interpretation of the Qur’an itself as well as the Hadith, or sayings of the Prophet. Fadi Hakura, an expert on Turkey at Chatham House in London, recently told the BBC, “This is kind of akin to the Christian Reformation. Not exactly the same, but if you think, it’s changing the theological foundations. ”

In Lebanon, Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah once was known as the spiritual leader of Hizbullah and of its suicidal shock troops, who blew up American Marines and diplomats in Beirut in the early 1980s. Today, instead of calling the faithful to arms in response to perceived Western insults, Fadlallah calls on Muslim intellectuals, elites and religious scholars to work through the media and political organizations as well as “legal, artistic and literary” channels.

Fadlallah tells the faithful that the goal of Westerners who commit “aggressions against the Muslim world’s sacred symbols” is to create a rift between Muslims and Western societies – and to isolate those Muslims who live in Western societies. He decries those Muslims he calls takfiri who claim they are fighting heresy with violence. He says they play into the hands of Islam’s enemies. He even calls for “a united Islamic-Christian spiritual and humanitarian front.”

In Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah was pushing an agenda of political and religious moderation even before he assumed full control of the country in 2005. The kingdom still holds to the ultraconservative Sunni religious dogmas known as Wahhabism, and the monarchy’s legitimacy is tied to its custodianship of Mecca and Medina, the two holiest sites in Islam. That won’t change. But Abdullah has fired 1,000 of the Muslim prayer leaders on the government payroll and decreed that the 40,000 who remain must be retrained to make sure they are not stoking radical violence.

Yes, there may be less here than meets the eye. When I talked to Hakura on the phone Wednesday morning, he cautioned that the Turkish rethink of Islam is rooted in national traditions and might be a hard sell in the Arab Middle East. Fadlallah may be enthusiastic about reconciliation with Christians, but on his Web site he still presents himself as an implacable foe of what he calls Israel’s “Zionist project that is based on violence, arrogance and despise [sic] of other countries.” A highly placed Saudi friend assured me the other day the so-called “retraining” of Saudi Arabia’s retrograde imams really would be more like “a dialogue” to discuss the best ways to preach.

Islam, like any faith, has plenty of violent fools and fanatics. Certainly it is hard to credit the judgment or intelligence of anyone in Sudan connected with the arrest of British expatriate schoolteacher Gillian Gibbons a few months ago. You’ll recall she made the nearly fatal mistake of letting her class of seven-year-olds in Khartoum name a Teddy bear Mohammed. To the kids, many of whom were named Mohammed themselves, the name just sounded friendly and cuddly. Sudanese authorities claimed Gibbons was inciting religious hatred and insulting the Prophet. Eventually she apologized and they released her—against the wishes of the mob calling for her death.

But even with many qualifications and reservations, in my view the conciliatory trends in Islam make an interesting contrast with renewed provocations coming out of Europe.
There’s no use wasting much space on the Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders, the dyed blond with ugly roots who is promoting a film he says will prove his belief that “Islamic ideology is a retarded, dangerous one.” What to say about a politician reminiscent of Goldmember in an Austin Powers film who claims the Qur’an should be banned like Adolph Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”? No Dutch television network will show his little movie, and it seems nobody has seen it, but Wilders promises he will put it on the Internet before the end of this month. I suggest he wait until April Fools’.

Danish cartoonists and editors previously unknown to the wider world garnered international attention when they published caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in 2005 that brought on bloody riots in several Muslim countries in 2006. Having sunk once again into obscurity, the editors decided to publish one of the cartoons again last month, reportedly after the arrest of an individual plotting to kill the cartoonist. Great idea. Take one man’s alleged crime and respond with new insults to an entire faith.

The most problematic event of late, however, was Pope Benedict’s decision to baptize the Egyptian journalist Magdi Allam in Saint Peter’s on the night before Easter, thus converting a famously self-hating Muslim into a self-loving Christian in the most high-profile setting possible. Perhaps Benedict really thought, as the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano opined, that the baptism was just a papal “gesture” to emphasize “in a gentle and clear way religious freedom.” But I am not prepared to believe for a second, as some around the Vatican have hinted this week, that the Holy Father did not know who Allam was or how provocative this act would appear to Muslim scholars, including and especially those who are trying to foster interfaith dialogue.

Ever since 2006, when Benedict cited a medieval Christian emperor talking about Islam as “evil and inhuman,” and the usual Muslim rabble-rousers whipped up the usual Muslim riots, more responsible members of the world’s Islamic community have hoped to restore calm and reason. And now this. “The whole spectacle, with its choreography, persona and messages provokes genuine questions about the motives, intentions and plans of some of the pope’s advisers on Islam,” said a statement issued by Aref Ali Nayed, a spokesman for 138 Muslim scholars who established the Catholic-Muslim Forum for dialogue with Rome earlier this month.

Bishop Paul Hinder, the Vatican’s representative in Arabia, was reluctant to criticize the pope, of course, but when I reached him in Abu Dhabi Wednesday morning he clearly had reservations about the way Allam was received into the Church. He said that local Christians took him aside at Easter services and asked him “why it had to be done in such an extraordinary way on a special night.” Hinder contrasted Allam’s conversion to Catholicism with former British prime minister Tony Blair’s, which “was done in a private chapel.”
“What I cannot accept is if it is done in a triumphalistic way,” said Hinder. That is, if Allam were not declaring only his personal beliefs but intentionally demeaning the faith of Muslims. Yet it is hard to read the spectacle of his conversion otherwise, because that’s exactly the tone in which Allam writes. He has made his career portraying Islam as a religion that terrorizes. Allam says he has lived in hiding and in fear for years because of reaction to his columns in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra, which regularly denounce excesses by Muslims and praise Israel. Allam converted to Catholicism, he says, as he turned away from “a past in which I imagined that there could be a moderate Islam.” Speaking as if for the pope, Allam told one interviewer in Italy, “His Holiness has launched an explicit and revolutionary message to a church that, up to now, has been too prudent in converting Muslims.”

Allam claims he is hoping his public embrace of Catholicism will help other converts to speak out in public. But that hardly seems likely. The more probable scenario is that others will feel even more vulnerable, while Allam’s books, like many Muslim-bashing screeds that preceded them, climb the best-seller lists.

Unless – and this really would be news – the Muslim world just turns the page.

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Posted by musliminsuffer on March 31, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

From: Babra


We Must Stay In Iraq And Die To Protect Israel

“A premature withdrawal from Iraq would endanger Israel,” John McCain said Wednesday in a major foreign policy speech.


We Must Protect Israel From Iran

Iran, which backs Shi’ite hegemonic aspirations in Iraq, would “view our premature withdrawal as a victory and the biggest state supporter of terrorists, a country of nuclear ambitions and state of desire to destroy the state of Israel..”


These Clowns Agree

Top Israeli officials have also said that a hasty U.S. withdrawal from Iraq would endanger Israel. Both Democratic candidates, Sens. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Barack Obama (D-Ill.), have called for phased withdrawals from Iraq.


Israel Has Suffered Enough

McCain implied that Bush has ignored Israel as a valiant ally. Israel is an example of a shiny democracy in a sea of terrorists.


Israel Is Our Natural Ally

He repeatedly cited Israel as a natural ally in a coalition of democracies. “Today we are not alone,” he said. “There is a collective powerful voice in Turkey and Israel.”


full article


What An Insult

To have to listen to this nonsense. To see this ‘Bucket of Bolts’ toddling around Israel promising to let thousands of Americans die for Israel. Social Security and Medicare are on their last legs, the Zionist fiat money scheme is crashing, but this fool wants real Americans to die for Zio-Garbage.



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A Messiah for our time

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 29, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

A Messiah for our time

Khushwant Singh




Saturday , February 16 , 2008

Prejudice is like poison. Unless purged out of one’s mind in early stages, it can spread like cancer and make one incapable of differentiating between right and wrong. Of the many kinds of prejudice, the worst is to believe that one’s own religion is superior to all others, which may be tolerated but never taken seriously or accepted as equally valid as one’s own. The most misunderstood of the major religions today is Islam, which, after Christianity, is the second most widely practised religion in the world. It also gains more converts than any of the other religions. Prejudice against Islam was spread in Christendom from the time Muslims gained dominance in the Middle East, North Africa and Spain. Christian crusaders failed in their missions to crush Islam in its homeland but continued to vilify its founder, Mohammed. The emergence of militant Islamic groups like al-Qaida and taliban gave them reasons to do so. The attack on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington on September 11, 2001 provided fresh ammunition to vilifiers of Islam. Since then Islamophobia has been deliberately spread throughout the non-Muslim world. The two principle contentions of the anti-Islamists are that Islam was spread by the sword and that its founder-prophet was not the paragon of virtue that Muslims make him out to be. It can be proved by historical evidence that Islam was not forced upon the people; it was readily accepted by millions because it offered them new values, principally equality of mankind and rights to women that were unheard of in those times. In countries like Indonesia and Malayasia, Islam was not forced on the population by Muslim invaders but by Muslim missionaries.

Muslims are extremely sensitive to criticism of their Prophet. A popular adage in Persian is: ba khuda diwaana basho, ba Mohammed hoshiar! ­ “say what you like about God, but beware of what you say about Mohammed.” They regard him as the most perfect man who ever trod upon the earth, a successor of Adam, Moses, Noah, Abraham and Christ. He was the last of the prophets. If you honestly want to know how Muslims see him, you ought to take a good look at his life and teachings, which he claimed had been revealed to him by God. It would be as wrong to judge him by the doings of al-Qaida and taliban or by the fatwas periodically pronounced by Ayatollahs and half-baked mullahs. You do not judge Hinduism of the Vedas and Upanishads by the doings of Hindus who, in the name of Hindutva, destroy mosques, murder missionaries and nuns, vandalize libraries and works of art. You do not judge the teachings of the Sikh gurus by the utterances of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and by the murder of innocents by his hooligans. Likewise, judge Mohammed by what he taught and stood for and not by what his so-called followers do in his name.

Mohammed was born in Mecca in 570 AD. He lost both his parents while still a child and was brought up by his grandfather and uncle. He managed the business of a widow, whom he later married. She bore him six children. He took no other wife until she died. He was 40 years old when he started having revelations while in trance. They proclaimed Mohammed as the new messiah. Such revelation kept coming at random, sometimes dealing with problems at hand, at other times with matters spiritual. They were memorized or written down by his admirers and became the Quran, which means recitation. It should be kept in mind that Mohammed was not preaching ideas of his own but only reiterating most of what was already in the Judaic creed. Allah was the Arabic name for God before him. Similarly, Islam was ‘surrender’ and salman was ‘peace’. Mecca was the main market city of the Bedouin tribes. They gathered at the Kaaba, the huge courtyard with the black meteorite embedded in it during two pilgrimages ­ the bigger Haj and the lesser Umrah. Mohammed accepted Judaic traditions regarding food which is halaal (lawful) or haraam (forbidden, such as pig meat), names of the five daily prayers and circumcision of male children. Mohammed only asserted the oneness of God that did not accept of any equal such as the stone goddesses worshiped by different tribes. Mohammed never forced people to accept his faith and indeed quoted Allah’s message of freedom of faith. “There must be no coercion in matters of faith ­ la ikra f’il deen.” Further: “And if God had so willed, He would have made you all one single command; but He willed otherwise in order to test you by means of what He has vouchsafed unto you. Vie, then with one another in doing good works!”

As might have been expected, Mohammed’s mission roused fierce hostility. Many attempts were made to assassinate him but he had miraculously escaped. Ultimately, in 622 AD he was advised to flee from Mecca to Medina. This is know as the Hijra (emigration) and recognized as the beginning of the Muslim calendar. Meccans made a few attempts to capture Medina but were ousted. Muslim armies led by Mohammed triumphed and returned to Mecca as conquerors. By the time Mohammed died in Medina in 632 AD, the Arabian peninsula was united as a confederacy of different tribes under the banner of Islam.

Most of the ill-founded criticism against Mohammed is directed towards the number of women he married after the death of his first wife, Khadijah. This has to be seen in the perspective of Arabian society of the time. Tribes lived by warring against each other and looting caravans. There were heavy casualties of men, creating serious gender imbalance. Widows and orphans of men killed had to be provided with homes and sustenance. Otherwise they took to prostitution or begging. So they were given protection by being taken in marriages. Also, matrimonial alliances were a good way of creating bonds between different tribes. Mohammed did nothing not acceptable to his people. He went further: he was the first teacher to proclaim that the best union was a monogamous marriage and fixed the maximum limit to four, provided a man could keep all of his wives equally happy ­ which was most unlikely. The pertinent verse in the Quran reads: “And if you have reason to fear you might not act equitably towards orphans, then marry from among other women who are lawful to you, even two or three or four; but if you have reason to fear you might not be able to treat them with equal fairness, then only one.” Bear in mind that at that time polygamy was the norm in patriarchal societies all over the world.

To make a beginning in clearing your mind of anti-Muslim prejudices, I suggest you read Karen Armstrong’s Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time. Armstrong is the leading writer on comparative religions today. She is not Muslim. (END).

From: “G.Waleed Kavalec” <
Subject: [Islam_1_God_1_Religion_1_Truth] Excellent article from The Telegraph


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The sermons of cowards

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 29, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

The sermons of cowards

The west is squandering authority on democracy and human rights: it fails to practise as it preaches

By Kishore Mahbubani

The Guardian, Friday March 28 2008

Something remarkable has happened in the struggle for greater freedom and democracy. The world’s most powerful nation and the traditional beacon for democracy, the United States, has slid backwards. One of the world’s poorest nations and the world’s most populous Islamic state, Indonesia, has moved distinctly forward. And yet western discourse largely ignores this development, as evidenced by the sweeping speech on democracy delivered by the foreign secretary, David Miliband, last month.

The first flaw of western discourse is its inability to practise what it preaches in this respect: to speak truth to power. This is revealed in the reluctance of western governments to discuss the most catastrophic reversal in the field of human rights: the decision by the US government to defend the use of torture. In the evolution of human rights there have been two quantum leaps: the first was the universal abolition of slavery; the second, the move towards abolishing torture.

Ten years ago, if anyone had suggested the US would reintroduce torture, the answer would have been “impossible!” Yet the impossible has happened. Amnesty International has described Guantánamo as “the gulag of our times”. Despite their history of condemning human rights violations, no western nation has condemned the US government for Guantánamo. Miliband’s speech rightly applauded several brave Burmese people for standing up to the military government. They spoke truth to power, and at great personal risk. Sadly, even though he faced no personal risks, Miliband could not muster the courage to speak truth to power regarding Guantánamo.

Even more tellingly, in the US there has been a broader reversal on many civil rights issues. In the face of threats from terrorism, the population has, in effect, accepted a reduction of civil liberties, symbolised by the Patriot Act. In so doing, Americans have revealed that in a crunch they behave no differently to other societies. When they feel threatened, they too are prepared to sacrifice civil liberties – thus providing a new negative role model for others.

The second flaw in western discourse is the refusal to recognise its track record of double standards in the promotion of human rights and democracy. When a western country has to choose between promoting its values or defending its interests, interests always trump values. No western country promotes democracy in Saudi Arabia. Too many interests would have to be sacrificed in doing so. But in states such as Burma and Zimbabwe, where no major western interests are at risk, values can take primacy. When Tashkent agreed to host a valuable American military base in the battle against terrorism, the British ambassador, Craig Murray, was forced to resign in protest against the silence of his government on human rights abuses in Uzbekistan.

We are moving toward a more intelligent world. Globally, the number of highly educated people, especially in Asia, has never been higher. They can now make well-informed judgments about what the west does with human rights. Hence, while the west conducts a self-congratulatory conversation on the subject, the rest of the world sees an emperor with no moral clothing.

The third flaw in western discourse is that when presented with a choice between doing good and feeling good, the west almost always chooses the latter because it costs less. Burma exemplifies this best. History teaches that sanctions and exclusions have never succeeded in transforming societies. Engagement and dialogue over time lead to change. The tragedy of 20 years of isolation of Burma has done no good, even though the politicians of the west have felt good condemning the regime.

A prominent Burmese intellectual, Thant Myint-U, grandson of U Thant, the former UN secretary general, wrote in the International Herald Tribune: “What outside pressure can bring about democratic change? And why, after nearly two decades of boycotts, aid cut-offs, trade bans and diplomatic condemnation, are Burma’s generals apparently more in charge than ever before? Are we really looking at Burma – a country of 55 million people – in the right way?”

The paradox here is that engaging Burmese generals will require political courage from western politicians. They will have to justify this to their own people and perhaps pay a political price as a consequence. To avoid any risk, western politicians heap praise (as Miliband does) on Burmese dissidents, lauding their courage – while simultaneously demonstrating their own moral and political cowardice.

The time therefore has arrived for a new discourse between the west and the rest on freedom and democracy. In December we will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This may well provide an opportunity for the west to change course; nothing can or will prevent it lecturing the world on human rights. But it could nevertheless learn to do something new: to listen to the voices from the rest of the world.

· Kishore Mahbubani is the author of The New Asian Hemisphere: The Irresistible Shift of Global Power to the East, and will speak at the London School of Economics next Tuesday


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Orthodox Jew pretends to be “Muslim terrorist”!!!

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 29, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Orthodox Jew pretends to be “Muslim terrorist”!!!

How obvious do they have to get before people wake up? They are running out of muslim shills so now they are “converting” to “radical Islam” and then scaring people with mainstream media. Just like Adam Gadahn.,2933,341811,00.html

NEW YORK, N.Y. — On any given day, log on to and a host of startling images appear:

— The Statue of Liberty, with an ax blade cutting through her side;

— Video mocking the beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl, entitled “Daniel Pearl I am Happy Your Dead 🙂 “;

— Video of a puppet show lampooning U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq;

— The latest speech from Sheikh Abdullah Faisal, an extremist Muslim cleric convicted in the UK and later deported for soliciting the murder of non-Muslims.

Even more surprising is that isn’t being maintained in some remote safe house in Pakistan. Instead, Yousef al-Khattab, the Web site creator, runs it from his home in the New York City Borough of Queens.

And, because al-Khattab enjoys the First Amendment right to freedom of speech, all the authorities can do is watch.

Formerly known as Joseph Cohen, al-Khattab is an American-born Jew who converted to Islam after attending an Orthodox Rabbinical school, which he later described as a “racist cult.”

The 39-year-old New York taxi driver launched with the mission of “preserving Islamic culture,” “calling people to the oneness of God” and asking them to “support the beloved Sheik Abdullah Faisal, who’s preaching the religion of Islam and serving as a spiritual guide.”

In 2003 Faisal was convicted in the U.K. for spreading messages of racial hatred and urging his followers to kill Jews, Hindus and Westerners. In sermon recordings played at his trial, Faisal called on young, impressionable Muslims to use chemical weapons to “exterminate unbelievers” and “cut the throat of the Kaffars [nonbelievers] with [a] machete.”

Authorities believe Faisal’s sermons have influenced 2005 London transport bomber Germaine Lindsay and “shoe bomber” Richard Reid, who attended mosques where Faisal preached.

At times, al-Khattab’s postings are farcical, such as a picture of him holding the book “Nuclear Jihad” with a wry smile on his face. Other messages call for radical Muslim rule worldwide.

Al-Khattab claims the Sept. 11 terror attacks were an “inside job,” and he blames U.S. foreign policy for spawning the terrorism that carried out the attacks.

He calls Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped and beheaded in 2002 by Islamic extremists in Pakistan, “a convicted spy.”

“I could care less about Daniel Pearl,” al-Khattab said in an interview with “I’m happy to see that he’s gone.”

The content changes constantly. One reason is that the fast flow of information allows messages to spread through cyberspace quickly. Another, terrorism analysts say, is to make it difficult for law enforcement to monitor the site.

Despite his radical anti-Western views, al-Khattab says he does not support terrorism of any kind.

Yet, claims to be the official site of “North American representatives” for Sheikh Faisal, and it appears dedicated to spreading his radical doctrine.

He says Faisal “never said to kill innocent people” and was unjustly imprisoned. He says the real terror organizations are the U.S. Army, the CIA, and the FBI — and the National Coast Guard, “to a lesser extent.”

According to RevolutionMuslim, Faisal — who was deported to his native Jamaica in 2007 — is now receiving donations solicited on the site, including money for a new laptop and DVD burner to spread his message.

It’s not illegal to post these messages or collect money for Faisal, but it would be if Faisal were designated a terrorist by the U.S. government. He currently is not listed on any government terror list; a Department of Justice spokesman could not confirm or deny if Faisal is being investigated for any terror related activity.

RevolutionMuslim may look amateurish when compared with other extremist Web sites, but it is no less of a threat, says Mia Bloom, political science professor at the University of Georgia’s School of Public and International Affairs.

“It may lead people who become radicalized by it to turn to other, more dangerous Web sites,” such as those run by terrorist organizations, she said.

Bloom characterized al-Khattab’s message as “narrow” and “misinformed” and said he is attempting to “proselytize or radicalize people who share some of these same ideas.”

“[He] has obviously been duped or is duping others because that’s not what Islam preaches,” she said.

On his site al-Khattab appears to condemn the very democracy that guarantees him the freedom to express himself — a freedom he cites in a disclaimer on his homepage:

“We hereby declare and make absolute public declaration that operates under the first amendment right to freedom of religion and expression and that in no way, shape, or form do we call for war against the U.S. government or adhere to the enemies of the United States elsewhere.”

Under the law FBI spokesman Richard Kolko said it is difficult to bring criminal charges against the operators of Web sites like unless specific threats are made against an individual or individuals.

Kolko while not speaking directly about RevolutionMuslim said radical sites like these are not often prosecuted.

“It’s usually a First Amendment right if they don’t cross the threshold of making any threats,” said Kolko. “There’s nothing we should or could do.”

“Until the rhetoric reaches the point in which it’s no longer protected speech under the first amendment, it’s hard to stop it,” said security expert, Harvey Kushner.



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The 9/11 Stand Down in 2 Minutes

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 29, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

The 9/11 Stand Down in 2 Minutes

Thursday, March 27, 2008

NORAD, responsible for intercepting errant aircraft over the U.S., has a standard operating procedure for scrambling planes for interception which takes less than 15 minutes.

They did this successfully (on time) 129 times in 2000 and and 67 times between September 2000 and June 2001.

Yet, on September 11th, they failed to do their job 4 times in a single day:

You might think that the military couldn’t find the hijacked planes because the hijackers turned off the transponders. However, a former air traffic controller, who knows the flight corridor which the two planes which hit the Twin Towers flew “like the back of my hand” and who handled two actual hijackings says that planes can be tracked on radar even when their transponders are turned off (also, listen to this interview).

As a former senior air force colonel said:

If our government had merely [done] nothing, and I say that as an old interceptor pilot—I know the drill, I know what it takes, I know how long it takes, I know what the procedures are, I know what they were, and I know what they’ve changed them to—if our government had merely done nothing, and allowed normal procedures to happen on that morning of 9/11, the Twin Towers would still be standing and thousands of dead Americans would still be alive. [T]hat is treason!

Norad’s stand down on 9/11 was so blatant that Norad has been forced to give 3 entirely different versions of what happened that day, as each previous version has been exposed as false. When someone repeatedly changes his testimony after being caught in lies, how believable is he? The falsity of Norad’s explanations were so severe that even the 9/11 Commission considered recommending criminal charges for the making of false statements.

In addition, Dick Cheney monitored flight 77 for many miles as it approached the Pentagon — one of the most heavily-defended buildings in the world — and yet ordered that the airplane not be intercepted (confirmed here). Given that Cheney was in charge of all of the war games and coordinated the government’s “response” to the attacks on 9/11 — apparently including Norad (see this Department of State announcement, this CNN article, and this essay) — Cheney’s orders regarding flight 77 seem to be part and parcel of the Norad stand down.



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Posted by musliminsuffer on March 29, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===



Surprise attack MY ASCII!!!!!!A reader sent in this photo, taken at the Military Heritage & Aviation Museum in Punta Gorda, Florida. (In the photo at their website, the front page can be seen just below the sign reading “PEARL HARBOR”)Clearly, more was known about the impending attack than FDR indicated in his “Day of Infamy” speech.



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The Mystery of American Foreign Policy

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 29, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

The Mystery of American Foreign Policy

Why are we propping up the pro-Iranian Maliki faction in Iraq?

March 28, 2008

The recent increase in fighting around Basra, which is rapidly spreading to Baghdad, has the punditariat in a lather. Their sacred Surge has turned into a mere splurge – of resources, lives, and misplaced hope. Well, I could have told you that, and, indeed, I did. But never mind the chattering classes, their delusions of American omnipotence, and my own unfortunate penchant for self-congratulation. What’s really fascinating about this story is how it underscores the central mystery of our Iraq war policy: why in the name of all that’s holy are we supporting the pro-Iranian parties and factions in the Iraqi government, whilst Our Glorious Leader is coupling Tehran and al-Qaeda as “twin” evils to be fought and defeated in Iraq?We have placed our chips on the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, whose party, Da’wa (Islamic Call), in alliance with the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), now known as ISCI, was one of the few Iraqi resistance groups to refuse all U.S. aid in the run-up to the invasion, and wasn’t all that cooperative as the occupation regime was established. Together with their partners in government, the Da’wa Party, SCIRI/ISCI took refuge in Iran during the Ba’athist era and received military aid and training from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. The extension of Iranian influence into Iraq was a direct consequence of the Iraq war, and the recent visit of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Baghdad has underscored this and provided plenty of grist for those who are pointing at the so-called Shia Crescent with alarm.

It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this. The original plan of the neocons was to install Ahmed Chalabi, their own personal Iraqi puppet, but that soon fell through – and Chalabi, it turned out, had strong links to Iranian intelligence agencies. Accused of divulging American secrets to Tehran, Chalabi had his Iraq headquarters raided by Iraqi and U.S. personnel. Unfortunately, the horse was already out of the barn.

In any case, what the neocons – who knew (and know) nothing about Iraq or the Middle East – didn’t anticipate was the awakening of the Shi’ite giant, whose rising took the form of Iranian-born Shi’ite religious leader Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the Shi’ite version of the pope. It was he who scuttled the neocon-devised “caucus” system, which would have convoked assemblies of handpicked U.S. stooges in the provinces, who would, in turn have elected a national constituent assembly, with the result easily manipulated by Washington’s expert ventriloquists. Sistani called his followers out into the streets, and that’s when things really started to veer out of Washington’s control.

When Chalabi’s shenanigans were exposed to the light of day, and his extensive interactions with the Iranians were revealed, a theory was floated by several in the intelligence community that we were basically suckered into the Iraq war by its chief beneficiaries, the Iranians. Using their chief asset, the double agent Chalabi, they and their neocon allies fed us ersatz “intelligence” via the various Iraqi “defectors” rounded up by the Iraqi National Congress and paraded across the front page of the New York Times by Judith Miller and her editors.

“One of the most sophisticated and successful intelligence operations in history” is how one intelligence officer described the run-up to the invasion of Iraq to a Newsday reporter. Looked at this way, U.S. policy in Iraq begins to make a kind of twisted, Bizarro World sense.


From the very beginning, U.S. policymakers were determined to go after militant Shi’ite leader Moqtada al-Sadr, the son of a prominent cleric, whose Mahdi Army is the only significant indigenous opposition to the pro-Iranian militias and the Tehran-influenced central government. Sadr is critical of both the U.S. and the Iranians, and, as such, represents a direct threat to the occupation and the Iraqi status quo. U.S. efforts to paint the Sadrists as tools of Tehran backfired for lack of evidence, and are, in any case, counterintuitive – as Sadr is an ardent Iraqi nationalist who decries the country’s breakup and opposes all foreign influence.

The consolidation of a strong Iraqi state is the last thing the Americans want, for that would threaten their occupation and lead to their swift exit from the country. It is also in the Iranian interest to keep Iraq divided and stop the nationalist Sadr and his brutal militia from taking power in Baghdad. And, as Robert Parry points out, another factor played a key role in tricking us into war:

“Israeli governments have long made a high priority out of forging alliances with countries like Iran on the periphery of the Arab world to divert Arab antipathy that otherwise could be concentrated on Israel. Plus, Israel and Iran had an important enemy in common: Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. Both Israel and Iran had a lot to gain by convincing the United States to remove their hated adversary.”

As Parry notes – and professors John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt showed in their trailblazing book, The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy – the neoconservatives, strategically positioned inside the national security bureaucracy, and the Lobby pushed this agenda, touted Chalabi, and relentlessly campaigned for war with Iraq. Parry’s review of the long-standing ties between the Israelis and the Iranians is quite educational, and it explains a lot about what is happening in Iraq today – and, perhaps, what will happen tomorrow.

I think I pretty much summed up here the scenario that is now unfolding:

“I have to laugh when I hear criticisms from the Democrats and the growing number of antiwar Republicans in Congress who complain that we don’t belong in Iraq any longer because, you know, it’s a civil war. This is largely seen as an unintended consequence of the American invasion – but what if it was intended?

“It would, after all, make perfect Bizarro ‘sense.’ If, instead of trying to build a stable, democratic Iraq, you’re trying to wreak as much destruction as possible and turn Arab against Arab, Muslim against Muslim, and the Kurds against everyone else, then the invasion and occupation of Iraq was the right thing to do.”

That was last May, when the Surge was being hailed as the solution to all our problems in Iraq, and it’s little wonder that this strategy is now being pronounced a failure. What you have to understand, dear reader, is that, in the Bizarro World alternate universe we seemed to have slipped into, failure is success.

At the end of John McCain’s Hundred-Year War, when whoever is president declares “victory” and hightails it out of Iraq, some subversive soul will remind us of King Pyrrhus’ lament:

“Another such victory over the Romans, and we are undone.”


I‘ll be speaking in Rockport, Maine, on Monday April 21 (a Monday), at the monthly luncheon of the Mid-Coast Forum on Foreign Relations, at Chez Marcel restaurant in the Samoset Resort. The program lasts from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., including a brief soiree for socializing, my talk – “The Middle East: Turning the Page on U.S. Foreign Policy” – a question-and-answer session, and luncheon. Call 207-236-8288 for more information.

I’ve been blogging up a storm over at the new, completely revamped Taki’s Magazine, where I say all the naughty things they won’t let me get away with at At any rate, go check out this one, in particular. I’m having major fun with the graphics.

~ Justin Raimondo



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Thanks to Muslims’ Slave Geert Wilders!

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 29, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

From: Ahumanb
Subject: Thanks to Muslims’ Slave Geert Wilders!

Thanks to Muslims’ Slave Geert Wilders!

His recent anti-Muslim racist film “Fitna” on the Quran can be considered as a Million-Dollar Advertisement on behalf of Muslims! Non-Muslims are, in fact, helping Muslims to spread the Message of the Quran – no matter what it is! Because after publishing his film, more and more Dutch people are going to Islamic centers to learn about the Quran, out of curiosity, and many of them are converting to Islam! The same was happened after 9/11 drama performed by Bush-Cheney terrorist gang. Because Quran is indeed a Revelation from God.

So, non-Muslims are working as true slaves of Muslims! Good job indeed! But can’t pay for that, sorry!

“The future religion of the educated, cultured and enlightened people will be Islam.”
— George Bernard Shaw


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Lagi, Penghinaan Islam di Belanda

Posted by musliminsuffer on March 29, 2008

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

=== News Update ===

Lagi, Penghinaan Islam di Belanda

” Muslim yang tinggal di Belanda harus menyobek setengah dari Al Qur’an,
Jika Muhammad tinggal di sini (Belanda) sekarang, aku akan menyuruhnya
keluar dari Belanda dengan belenggu” (Geert Wildert Pemimpin Freedom Party

Belanda secarai tradisional dikenal sebagai negara yang paling liberal di
Eropa. Sekarang, negara itu menjadi pusat kampanye yang penuh kedengkian
untuk menghina Islam dan kemuliaan Al Qur’an. Belanda dan negara-negara
Barat lain, yang mengklaim sebagi negara yang menjunjung tinggi persamaan
(equality) dan keadilan (justice), namun nilai-nilai itu tidak berlaku bagi
kaum muslim. Penyiksaan, penculikan, dan penahanan tanpa bukti, banyak
menimpa umat Islam , atas nama perang melawan terorisme.

Perjuangan umat Islam untuk membebaskan negerinya dari penjajahan pun
dituduh sebagai tindakan ilegal dan dicap terorisme. Sering kali konvensi
Genewa dan hukum internasional tidak berlaku, kalau berkaiatan dengan umat
Islam. Tampak dari sikap negara ­negara Barat terhadap penyiksaan yang
dilakukan AS dan sekutunya. Barat cenderung diam menyaksikan bagaimana AS
melakukan waterboarding dengan cara menenggelamkan tertuduh di air, yang
sesungguhnya bertentangan dengan konvensi Genewa. Sekali lagi itu tidak
berlaku, ketika sang tertuduh adalah muslim dan dicap teroris. Semua aturan
berlaku bisa berubah kalau sudah berhubungan dengan Islam dan muslim,
seperti pernyataan Tony Blair : ” “the rules of the game are changing.”

Di Belanda, Geert Wildert, anggota parlemen Belanda dan pimpinan Partai
Kebebasan Belanda, ngotot akan tetap memutar film yang menghina Al Qur’an
dan Rosululllah SAW. Wilder mengatakan Al Qur’an adalah buku fasistis yang
menyebarkan kebencian dan kekerasan. Dia juga menyerukan agar Al Qur’an
dilarang , sebagaimana dilarangnya Mein Kampf , buku Hitler. ” Muslim yang
tinggal di Belanda harus menyobek setengah dari Al Qur’an, Jika Muhammad
tinggal di sini (Belanda) sekarang, aku akan menyuruhnya keluar dari Belanda
dengan belenggu”, hina Wilder.

Pernyataan Wilders itu dimuat di surat kabar De Pers, Selasa
(13/2).”Orang-orang Muslim yang ingin hidup di Belanda, mereka harus
melempar setengah Al-Qur’an dan menjauhi para imam (masjid), ” ujar Wilders.
Lebih lanjut Wilders mengatakan bahwa Islam itu berbahaya dan membawa misi
kekerasan terhadap masyarakat. Ia juga menegaskan, kalau saja Nabi Muhammad
saw masih hidup, niscaya ia akan dicap sebagai ekstrimis dan harus diusir
dari Belanda karena akan dianggap sebagai sumber tindak terorisme.

Di bagian lain komentarnya, Wilders mengatakan, Islam adalah bahaya terbesar
yang akan mengancam Belanda dan kemanusiaan. “Jika jalan-jalan di Belanda,
maka tidak akan terasa ini di negara Belanda, ” ujar Wilders terkait
pemandangan di Belanda akhir-akhir ini di mana banyak ditemui muslimah
berjilbab, Muslim yang berjenggot dan menara-menara masjid yang bermunculan
di Negeri Kincir Angin itu.

Wilders bukanlah anggota parlemen Belanda pertama yang menyerang Islam.
Beberapa tahun yang lalu , pendahulunya Ayaan Hirsi Ali, mencari popularitas
dan jabatan politik dengan menghina Islam. Politisi Belanda kelahiran
Somalia ini mengecam Islam sebagai agama terbelakang dan merendahkan wanita.
Dia juga menuduh Rosulullah saw sebagai orang yang sesat karena menikahi
Aisyah ra yang masih kanak-kanak. Tidak kalah keji, di menuduh Rosulullah
saw itu pervers (mempunyai kelainan seksual).

Ironisnya, dengan mengklaim dirinya sebagai mantan muslimah, dia kemudian
dianggap pakar bicara tentang Islam terutama tentang pandangan Islam
terhadap perempuan. Dia juga diberikan ruang sebagai ahli Islam di lingkaran
akedemis, menerbitkan buku, dan menulis sebuah cerita untuk film menghina
Islam yang berjudul “Submission”. Dalam film itu dia menuduh Al Qur’an
mendorong kekacaun dan pemerkosaan terhadap seluruh anggota keluarga. Film
yang bertujuan menghina Islam ini menayangkan seorang muslimah yang sholat,
tapi berpakaian tembus mata dan di tubuhnya tertulis ayat-ayat Al Quran.
Gara-gara film ini, sutradaranya Theo Van Gogh dibunuh oleh Muhammad Buyeri
yang tidak rela agamanya dihina.

Hirsi Ali diusir dari Belanda setelah ketahuan memalsukan permohonan
kewarganegaraan Belandanya. Paspor Belandanya pun pernah dicabut. Dia pun
mundur dari parlemen Belanda. Ketika tiba di Belanda tahun 1992 , dia
mengaku lari dari perkawinan paksa saat Somalia dikoyak perang. Dia kemudian
mendapat simpati dan memberikan kredibilitas bagi kebohongannya tentang
Islam, seakan-akan dia mengalami langsung sebagai wanita yang ditindas oleh
Islam. Kebohongannya pun terbongkar. Dalam sebuh program televisi Belanda ,
anggota keluarga Hirsi mengatakan mereka tidak mengetahui adanya kawin paksa
tersebut. Bahkan Hirsi sebenarnya bukan tinggal di Somalia, tapi hidup
nyaman di Kenya selama 12 tahun.

Meskipun terbukti berbohong dengan pengalamannya, Hirsi masih dianggap
memiliki otoritas oleh Barat bicara tentang Islam. Setelah meninggalkan
Belanda, dia kemudian bekerja sebagai pakar pada lembaga riset neo
konservatif American Enterprise Institute (AEI) di AS dimana dia tinggal

Pemerintah Belanda pernha mencoba menggolkan rancangan undang-undang yang
melarang penggunaan niqab (cadar) di tempat umum. Meskipun ruu ini gagal,
Wilder kembali berusaha mengkampanyekan larangan bercadar ini. Wilder
menambah daftar panjang lain hal-hal yang perlu dilarang untuk Muslim,
termasuk Al Qur’an, niqab dan kewarganegaraan Belanda untuk muslim.

Umat Islam memang memiliki pengalaman buruk dengan negara Belanda. Selama
lebih kurang 350 tahun negara ini menjajah negeri Islam Indonesia. Sejarah
mencatat perlakuan tidak berprikemanusiaan yang dilakukan oleh Belanda.
Mulai dari tanam paksa, kerja paksa, sampai pembunuhan masal.

Pengalaman yang sama pernah dirasakan muslim Bosnia. Pemerintah Belanda pada
desember 2006 telah memberikan penghargaan kepada pasukan Perdamaian PBB
asal Belanda yang telah menyerahkan Srebrenica kepada Serbia selama perang
Bosnia tahun 1992-1995. Serbia kemudian melakukan pembantantai masal pada
bulan Juli 1995 setelah Belanda menyerahkan kota besar itu kepada serbia.
Lebih 8000 muslim terbunuh. Dalam sebuah vidoe tampak jenderal Mladic
tersenyum memberikan hadiah kepada panglima perang Belanda Col Tom
Karreman. Kemudian Col. Karreman melakukan tos bagi kejayaan jenderal Serbia

Penghinaan terhadap Islam seperti ini terus berulang dan sudah sejak lama
terjadi. Hanya Khilafahlah yang akan mampu menghentikan mulut kotor mereka
sehingga benteng Islam tetap terjaga dan dilindungi oleh tentara Khilafah.
Karena itu, tidak seorang musuh pun akan berani mendekati bangunan Islam,
apalagi memanjatnya.

Penghinaan terhadap Islam sama dengan mengumumkan perang. Khilafah akan
mengerahkan pasukan, rudal, dan artilerinya supaya orang yang ingin menghina
Islam itu melupakan niatnya. Bahkan kaum kafir pun tidak akan pernah berani
lagi menghina Islam, karena takut kepada Khilafah dan reaksinya, hingga
Khilafah tidak perlu mengerahkan pasukan!

Sejarah Khilafah jelas telah menunjukkan hal itu. Bukti pemeliharaan
Khilafah terhadap Islam dan kaum Muslim jelas nyata sekali, bukan hanya
terhadap orang yang menghina Islam dan Nabi Islam, Nabi Muhammad saw.,
bahkan terhadap penghinaan pada sesuatu yang lebih ringan dari itu. Kisah
seorang wanita yang dihina oleh orang Yahudi di pasar mereka pada zaman
Rasulullah saw., lalu mereka diperangi dan diusir (dari Madinah).Kisah
seorang wanita yang dihina oleh orang Romawi sehingga Khalifah langsung
memimpin sendiri pasukan untuk memberi orang-orang Romawi pelajaran hingga
terjadilah penaklukan kota Amuriyah.

Mereka yang berupaya menyerang makam Rasulullah saw. pada masa Khilafah
Abbasiyah, yaitu ketika Nuruddin Zanki menjabat sebagai wali (gubernur) Syam
pada tahun 557 H, dan atas sepengetahuan Khalifah, Nuruddin pun bertolak ke
Madinah untuk menangkap dan membunuh mereka, yakni orang-orang Nasrani yang
menyerang makam Nabi saw., sebagai bentuk pembelaan kepada Rasulullah saw.
Saat itu mereka, orang-orang Nasrani itu, telah menggali lorong dari sebuah
rumah yang berada di dekat masjid Rasulullah saw, untuk bisa mencapai makam
Beliau saw.

Bahkan saat dalam kondisi lemah sekalipun, Khilafah tetap menjaga Islam dan
kaum Muslim. Khilafah tetap mampu menghembuskan ketakutan dalam hati kaum
kafir penjajah. Bernard Shaw menyebutkan dalam memoarnya, bahwa pada tahun
1913 M, yaitu pada zaman Khilafah Utsmaniyah sudah lemah, dia dilarang
mengeluarkan kisah yang berisi penghinaan kepada Rasulullah saw. Lord
Chamberlin melarangnya karena takut terhadap reaksi duta besar Daulah
Khilafah Utsmaniyah di London.

Sesungguhnya ini adalah perkara yang serius, tidak main-main, wahai kaum
Muslim. Sesungguhnya sesuatu yang bisa menghalangi penghinaan terhadap Islam
itu sudah jelas dan bukan sesuatu yang tidak diketahui, yaitu: Khilâfah ‘alâ
minhaj an-nubuwwah­Khilafah yang mengikuti metode kenabian. Khilafah inilah
yang akan melindungi tanah dan kehormatan. Khilafah merupakan kewajiban,
bahkan kewajiban yang paling utama. (Farid Wadjdi)

BOX : Umat Islam di Belanda

Ditengah kincir angin yang menjadi mascot negeri Belanda terdapat sekitar
200 masjid dan pemandangan wanita memakai di jilbab di berbagai kota besar
di negara ini, bukanlah hal yang aneh. Dari 15,6 juta penduduk Belanda,
sekitar sejutaan diantaranya adalah muslim atau 4 persen dari seluruh
penduduk. Dan Sejarah umat muslim di belanda bisa diurut dari tahun 1960an,
saat mana pemerintah Belanda mendatangkan tenaga asing, kebanyakan dari
kawasan mediterian karena kekurangan tenaga kerja . Imigran Turki dan Maroko
kemudian adalah pembawa syiar Islam di Belanda.

Sebagaimana tempat lain di Eropa, Islam menjadi agama yang sangat menarik
bagi banyak orang Eropa. Tidak heran kalau pertumbuhan Islam di Eropa
termasuk di Belanda cukup pesat. Hal ini membuat pemerintah Belanda
khawatir. Tidak heran kalau upaya stigmatisasi negatif terhadap ajaran Islam
pun dilakukan . Termasuk tuduh teroris.

Dalam konferensi persnya dengan kantor berita ‘REUTERS’, Tajebe Gostra,
koordinator nasional untuk pemberantasan terorisme di Belanda menyatakan,
“Di sini, Belanda, kami menyaksikan kecenderungan yang semakin kuat terhadap
fundamentalisme di kalangan kaum muda. Kaum muda nampaknya begitu cepat
dapat menganutnya”

Ada sejumlah faktor yang mendorong percepatan jumlah kaum Muslimin di
negeri Kincir Angin itu. Di kalangan elit warga ibukota Belanda, ternyata
59%nya tidak meyakini satu pun agama. Sebab mereka Belanda umumnya mengalami
kemunduran yang cukup signifikan, khususnya di Amsterdam. Hal itulah yang
mendorong banyak gereja dan yayasan- yayasan agama umat Nasrani tutup atau
menjual aset-aset mereka, lantaran kian merosotnya jumlah jama’ah mereka.

Sebaliknya, banyak para pengamat percaya bahwa saat ini agama Islam sedang
menyebar dengan cepat, karena kalangan Muslim sangat respect terhadap
ajaran ajaran Islam dibandingkan dengan para pemeluk agama- agama lainnya.
Faktor lainnya, karena kecenderungan kaum Muslimin memiliki banyak anak.
Selain itu dakwah Islam sangat gencar merekrut pemeluk-pemeluk baru,
khususnya mereka yang berasal dari etnis minoritas Afrika atau mereka dari
kelompok atheis alias tak beragama. (dari berbagai sumber)


-muslim voice-

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